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2 years ago

I brought my ~6 year old cat here for vaccinations and a general wellness check. She’s a very finicky cat (doesn’t particularly like to be handled, very vocal, anxious, etc.) and Dr. Laubstein was great with her. I had concerns about her vomiting and he was able to give me possible solutions and explanations for why it might be happening. He was gentle with my girl and didn’t rush the exam. I also appreciated his honesty when I asked whether I should schedule a dental exam for her (he said he didn’t think it was necessary); I know there are stories you hear about vets recommending “unnecessary” procedures for a profit. The receptionist and vet tech that I interacted with were great and personable as well, I’m happy to have found a reliable vet office that really seems to care for it’s animal patients that I can go to for many years to come.

Dawn K

2 years ago

We recently brought our ten year old dog to their practice due to the fact he had a growth on his gum line . I found the staff to be extremely unfriendly…borderline rude. They said they could remove the growth and gave us an invoice of $1,245.00. I told them we would call them back to schedule his appointment. They ended up removing the growth, but told us it was down to his bone and would need specialized surgery. I don’t understand why they didn’t take an X-ray before the removal, so we would have known the seriousness of his condition. The growth started growing back before he had even finished the antibiotic. Had we known the full extent of his situation we would not have opted to go through with the first surgery. We have been taking our animals to Beacon Vally for years, and this is not the first time we were disappointed in their care. We are in search of a new Veterinary Hospital for the future care of our animals.

Jennifer Gallo

2 years ago

I have been bringing my pets here for many many years. Today left a very bad taste in my mouth and I will be taking my pets elsewhere moving forward. Our dog ( who is a very young , very high strung and sometimes anxious girl) was experiencing somewhat of an urgent medical situation or so that is what my teenage daughter thought. My daughter was very nervous when she called and brought her in to see the vet and due to it being urgent forgot to give her the sedatives we would normally give her prior to her visit. When the doctor came in the room our dog was super nervous and scared. The doctor made very little attempt to evaluate her , then loudly stated he couldn't help her and left the room - dismissing my crying daughter and sick dog. Thank you to the vet tech who did tell my daughter to give our dog benadryl and keep an eye on her - your kindness is appreciated - however being dismissed and left untreated by the doctor is enough for us to leave the practice. This could have been easily handled by offering to give my dog a sedative and then evaluating her. I am very disappointed and disheartened by these events. Please treat your patients and owners better in the future!

Tasha Bush

2 years ago

We have been going to this vet for 10 years. They have provided wonderful care to my cat on numerous occasions and fit us in on very short notice for urgent care. The prices are very fair and they don't nickel and dime you like some other places.

Angel Rodriguez

2 years ago

They take good care of the dog ????

Dayna Chyung

2 years ago

I called because I’m brand new to the area and my German Shepherd is very ill and I was told I’m sorry we don’t take new clients? Really why do you have a website why do you advertise? The compassion was awful I was very upset the way I was treated. They didn’t care that my dog could possibly die. That was very eye-opening. Please don’t ever call them because they’ll turn you away. I didn’t know that they were so wealthy that they didn’t care about animals. Now I know

Anilton Aviz

2 years ago

Everyone has always been friendly. The new Covid system works well.

Michael K.

2 years ago

My family and I have been using Beacon Valley Animal Hospital for over a decade now. They staff has alway been very helpful and caring towards my family and pets. I was recently there with both my cat and dog and the staff worked with us to try and make the situation less stressful for my pets. The visit for both animals was a fair price. The staff also called to follow up with test results in a very timely fashion.

Mike Rehm

2 years ago

To the owner of beacon Valley animal hospital Your staff should be trained better in customer service and quality of care from the animal to the owner of the animal, I have never been treated so poorly after 14 years of service to your facility a loyal customer, there shouldn't of been 40 minutes of our time on disagreeing with each other on the wrong placement of words I choose and those words were can I have a replacement of medication due to my home burning down and loosing all...very in considerate staff

Stefanie L.

2 years ago

very disappointed with beacon valley. My husband has been taking his dog there for 14 years and unfortunately recently was treated very poorly. We had called to inform that a recent filled prescription for the dog was gone due to a significant house fire in which we had lost everything. walked out of the burning house with just the clothes on our backs.he called to inform of this and asked if there was any way they could help out and replace the medicine due to the fire. Darlene, one of the secretaries informed him yes and he could come down to pick up. she did not state on phone at any time, there would be the re-charge of the pills. the next day, my husband arrived to pick up. he was told there was a charge ($60) b/c he used the word "replaced". after explaining the situation again to staff as well as the Dr. Brian Laubstein, they insisted they could not compensate and appeared to care less that we have no house and almost lost our lives as well as our pets. Due to this resistancy and lack of empathy and professionalism by the staff at Beacon Valley, we will be taking the dog elsewhere.

Dan Passarelli

2 years ago

I never do this and the only reason I take the time now is so that maybe other pet owners can be spared the incredibly sub-standard service of veterinarian Brian Laubstein. We’d used BVAH for our previous dogs and were very happy with the service provided then by Dr. Patricia Burke. We wanted to continue with her with our new GSP puppies. Turns out, Dr. Burke stopped practicing, so we deferred to her former partner Brian Laubstein. First visit was for immunizations and boosters. We mentioned to him that we had gotten littermates, what he called twins. He mentioned that he had gotten “twin” puppies before. Naturally, I asked if he had any advice to offer to better handle the challenge. His reply, “don’t get littermates”. Not very professional, even less helpful. That’s how this whole ordeal started. Second go-round, we were scheduled to bring our female Jane in for spaying. A few days prior, she developed a cough. Out of precaution, we called the office a day ahead to let them know. They asked that we bring her in for a check up. About 3 minutes after the dog was brought into the building, he called and told us she had a kennel cough and she was going on antibiotics. As her brother was at home, we asked if he was likely to get it, and Brian said it was pretty certain, so both dogs started 10 days of antibiotics. Charge: $160.00. Ten days later, symptoms persisted. We called back, told Brian the situation. His solution was to prescribe another antibiotic for another ten days, for both dogs. Charge: $100.00. Mind you, this is after he had allegedly given them the kennel cough vaccine. It led to nearly three weeks of cooped up puppies on two cycles of drugs, as he had prescribed the wrong antibiotic the first time, and charged us for both. Strike two. Final straw...our female dog Jane gets well enough for her spaying appointment (May 11). We bring her in, surgery goes as planned. When she got home, we noticed there were no stitches or staples, only glue on her outer incision. Thought that was odd, especially because as Brian had cared for both dogs already, he would remember she had a brother at home, and...they’re PUPPIES. No cone, no drugs, just advice to try and keep the two puppies away from each other as much as possible. Surgery was on Tuesday, and after 5 days of keeping the dogs away from each other, Jane lay down on the floor, stretched on her side, and the outer incision, with only glue on it, split wide open. Everything we read indicated that we should get her to a vet ASAP to avoid infection. So on Sunday morning (May 16), we went to the 24 hour vet hospital in Newtown. Four hours and $490.00 later, the poor dog gets a half dozen staples, cone, antibiotics and sedatives. On Tuesday (May 18), I called BVAH to tell them the situation. The vet tech Terri, who was always great, heard the story and sympathized. Expecting that when he heard what had gone down, Brian might give a call, see how the dog was, maybe even offer to refund some money to offset the emergency costs. Nothing. No call, no concern for the animal, zero. To advice, poor immunizations, bad diagnoses, over prescription of antibiotics and a botched surgical job in the first 6 months of having these pups with us. Needless to say, we’ve decided to bring our dogs to another vet. I imagine that many other people got pets during the pandemic and might seek service at BVAH. I would say try to find someone other than Brian Laubstein, as he demonstrated very little care and precise decision making in treating our dogs. Our dogs are great, in spite of how they've been cared for. DP May 28, 2021.

Maryssa Tedder

2 years ago

I'm not sure if my experience is largely because of COVID- but I chose this practice for my new puppy and could never get the "warm and fuzzy" feeling from them. Generally, the care provided was good. Basic level of customer service. I couldn't tell you how they handled or interacted with my pet, since I was not allowed inside. I understand this was due to the pandemic, but as I began interviewing other practices after restrictions for the vaccinated were changed- those places were far more excited and willing to offer information on having owners come in with their pets. When I asked Beacon Valley (twice) I got a generic "no time soon" response at a time when others were already allowing owners in and restrictions had changed. Just didn't make me feel wanted or secure in having my pet continue to be seen there unfortunately. I only started calling others after there seemed to be no end in sight with them. I will add they recently sent an email saying they are allowing vaccinated owners ONLY to come in. But this is a month+ following other practices and certainly too late to retain us since we've already switched.

Rebecca Lewis

2 years ago

The staff at Beacon Valley takes great care of our precious babies and the staff is always friendly and accommodating!


2 years ago

The doctors and staff are very friendly. They've been the vets I've trusted with caring for my pets for over 24 years.

JoAnne DiCicco

2 years ago

Dr. Brian and his staff are excellent with my senior dog. Highly recommend!

Richard Bonacum

3 years ago

Very pleasant experience. Doctor was very knowledgeable and caring as well as the stafg

Ronald Laone

3 years ago

Nice folks very good with pets.

Donna Ray

3 years ago

Would not see my cat due to not being able to handle her. Took her to two other vets on two different occasions and neither one had any problems seeing her. The other vets were very kind to me. When asked for my dogs records they made a rude on comment on them about me leaving cause of not seeing my cat. That was not professional in my opinion. My cat had nothing to do with my dog. I had been going there for years.

Phoenix P

3 years ago

The staff are very kind and patient. They handle your dog with care and will listen to your concerns while offering their best advice.


3 years ago

The tech really gets along well with pups. I do not like that I can not accompany my pet into the appt. during this COVID crisis. I think that at least one person should be allowed in with there pet. Communication over the phone was not as effective. Also I was not given a follow up appt. as the doctor said one would be scheduled for me. It was quit expensive for a routine appt. almost $400 ????

Wilton Rodriguez

3 years ago

Very friendly staff, Super personable and compassionate they make you feel invited and welcomed. The doctors are very respectful of your precious fur babies. Other than the VCA you will not find a better vet in the area. If you love your pets and you like being treated like a human being then this is the place for you!

Stacy Maida

3 years ago

Dr. Bryan is plain out awesome. Very professional, considerate, respectful, simply a very good Vet????

Sonia Irizarry

3 years ago

The vets have been excellent with all my pets. Been going there for over 25 years

Shannon L

3 years ago

Absolutely wonderful Veterinarian office. Has been a client since the '90s with Dr. Brian Laubstein

Rochelle Hickey

3 years ago

I don't have a pet there yet but they take such good care of Harlee my friends dachshund my dog will be going there soon

Ray Maida

3 years ago

Dr. Bryan is plain out awesome. Very professional, considerate, respectful, simply a very good Vet. Very reasonable prices.

Ralph Nappe

3 years ago

UPDATE: The office staff squeezed us into their schedule. My dog needed emergency surgery. I was a mess not knowing how this would turn out. Again Dr. Brian is amazing. My little girl is doing great. Thank you to the staff who were so supportive and to the doc for his vast experience and professionalism. Dr. Brian has been our pet’s doctor for over 17 years. He is caring and always professional. After all this time, he never acts like it’s just a job. When our Minpin passed my wife was so upset she couldn’t put him down. Brian suggested looking for a pretty urn and he’d take care of the rest. We not only got back some ashes, we got a little clay imprint of our little one’s paw. My rescue is now ill and I’m sure Dr. Brian will take good care of her no matter what the outcome. The staff is always friendly and professional. Prices could be a bit lower, but I’ll gladly pay the fees for this high level of care. Thank you all for caring about my little fur babies. Customer for life.

Ashely Steisel

3 years ago

Vets and vet techs are awesome. Also lowest prices I have found around.

Concetta joy Palmieri

3 years ago

Louie 1st time visit this morning ..very pleased how they welcomed us and very professional !Dr.and Staff very caring and easy to talk to !

ariel rivera

3 years ago

Excellent place beautiful kind staff and doctors are awesome I will never take my pet's nowhere else thank you Beacon Valley ur #1.

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