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Charlie Burns

2 years ago

I switched to Fenton River over a year ago when my dog needed ACL surgery. I was referred to Dr. Morey and I was amazed by the level of care my dog received from the entire staff. I will never go anywhere else.

Collin Santos

2 years ago

Very pleasant and accommodating staff. Brought our new yet aged pup to the Stafford location today and they were experienced and professional. Will definitely return to Fenton River Veterinary Hospital.

Hayley Smith

2 years ago

I am a first time pet owner and had no idea what to look for when picking a vet. We picked Fenton River because it’s close by and we are so glad we did! The staff is pleasant and caring. They take great care of our kitten Tony. When we took her in to get spayed, I was a little nervous, but they were so kind, helpful, organized, and professional. I left feeling confident that she was good hands. Definitely recommend.

Nick Merisotis

2 years ago

Lets just say if I moved to California, I'd still make the drive to this vet. Love these people!


2 years ago

The whole family brings all of our pets here! The owners and doctors take time to talk about anything and everything you are concerned with! Don't hesitate to call and schedule

Charlotte MacDonald

2 years ago

Doug just had his one year check-up and I just want to say how wonderful and knowledgeable Dr. Audrey and her vet technician were. When Doug was on the exam table he was shaking a little, but they knew exactly how to distract him and efficiently do what they needed to do while keeping him calm and feeling safe. We are so grateful for finding this vet.

donna Calvanese

2 years ago

Fenton River veterinary hospital is full of remarkable, compassionate vets and staff. Dr Heidi Morey performed a tooth extraction for our dog. I was very nervous about putting my dog under anesthesia. She did a fantastic job with the surgery but also showed such compassion for us as owners. The entire staff made me feel comfortable with the surgery and showed how much they care. Kristen, the vet tech was outstanding and went above and beyond to make sure our dog received special care as well as attending to my needs as a nervous owner. I recommend them to family, friends and anyone who loves their pets and wants to find a truly special practice to help care for them!


2 years ago

Just rude. Tried to call the tolland location and make an appointment and they are booking six weeks out for new patients, which is fine, but I have a pet I am concerned about. Didn’t seem to care whatsoever about my pet and my concerns. Going elsewhere.

Emilie Surapine

2 years ago

I brought my puppy to Fenton River for her spay procedure. They treat my dog just like their own, and I feel so comfortable bringing her there. They go above and beyond to make sure she’s not scared calm. They are always excited to see her. I highly recommend Fenton River to all my friends and family.

Frank Wilson

2 years ago


Xian Clere

2 years ago

Fenton River Vet in Tolland has been amazing. I stumbled across them accidentally after having a bad experience at another local vet. I had 2 occasions where my dog couldn't walk. The second visit required my 65lb lab to be carried into our car. When I arrived for our emergency visit, there were 3 staff in the lobby. They knew I was coming and all 3 of them dropped what they were doing to carry our lab into the office for assessment. He is OK for now and receiving treatment for his ailments. I have found medication prices and office visit costs to be extremely competitive and reasonable. We have found our new regular vet from now on! I believe it was Dr DelTosta and Dr Wojtkowski who saw our dog and they were so kind. Chelsea was also very attentive and helpful with our dog. This was an excellent experience. The biggest surprise was a couple follow up calls the day after our dog's visit. I've never experienced that with any other vet. I understand they will soon be a 24hr operation, which is badly needed in this area. There are not many 24hr vets around.

Melanie Ramsey

2 years ago

I have had a few pets over the years and been through quite a few vet offices and this place blows my mind every time I’m there. I recently got a puppy and I had quite a few people suggesting Fenton river. I decided to try them out. I absolutely love this place in Tolland. The staff actually care about the animals and get to know them. Everyone is so nice and professional. They aren’t over priced. I can’t say enough good things about them. My puppy milo loves them too. I’ve had my mom switch her cat over to them as well. If I could leave 10 stars I would. Best veterinarian facility in Connecticut!!!

Tracy Aforismo

2 years ago

Fenton River Vet was one of the best. Compassionate and knowledgeable care that is hard to find. Every single person I interacted with was kind, efficient, and friendly. All around good vibes. If you are looking for a vet for your pet, look no further.

Itzia Perez

2 years ago

Thanks to both Dr. Heidi and Dr. Scott Morey and their amazing staff for helping my little guy Benji for his hip and leg surgery! Making him feel comfortable and loved the entire time. We are thankful for this amazing veterinary! ????

Jackie Bossie

2 years ago

This was my 2nd visit with my dog (who is not a fan of the vet) and I am truly impressed as well as a customer for life! I was able to get an appointment same day, the vet and vet techs were amazing. Everyone was very kind, professional and knowledgeable. I am truly grateful as I have a large dog who has to be muzzled at his appointments and the team here does absolutely everything they can to make him comfortable. Thank you so much!

Jennifer Fredo

2 years ago

Dr Brown was very compassion & professional with putting our fur baby to rest....I'd recommend them to every pet owner I know❤

Linda Obedzinski

2 years ago

This is the place you want your beloved pet to be treated in an urgent situation. Knowledgeable, kind, and gentle staff work well with the animals and the humans. I was SO impressed with how they cared for my ailing rabbit.

Rakesh Gupte

2 years ago

This is a great place to take your four legged loved ones. Staff and Vets are awesome. Appointments are quick to schedule and very professional service.

constance wallace

2 years ago

I love it because I can go in with Meggie my puppy. She is afraid of vets and get realy scare if I don't go in. They are all very pleasant people to do business with.


2 years ago

Terrible communication. I ordered medication for my dog under my fiances name, and they declined our first order and called him and said we needed to reorder it under my name, so I placed a second order as requested. They then called me and left a voice message days later and said they couldn't send us the order, when I called back they didn't know who left the message and they would call me back.. they never did. Then TODAY someone called and left a VM saying that they needed to verify my address/name, so I called back, they said that person was gone but they would put my order through... I told them I had already been charged and wanted to ensure they wouldn't be sending the order again. The girl responded by saying "I think we charge you before we process your order" LOL OK. After this phone call I go out and check the daily mail, MY FIRST ORDER WAS IN MY MAILBOX!!!!!! So now I have a second order on the way and had been charged twice when I checked my credit card account. I called the office back and no one could help me, they told me I needed to call "myvetstore" to get a return, to which I told them it was their fault and they needed to make this right! Still no one would help, but said the manager would call me tomorrow..... I cant believe the lack of competence and communication in the office. Will not be going back after this. Ordering medication for your pet should not be this stressful....

Joni S

2 years ago

Dr. Katie P was extremely calm, knowledgeable, sympathetic, and trustworthy. I have recommended her to many people as she made a very difficult day for me a bit easier to settle with because she was able to provide me with information needed to make my decision and also reassure me that I did not go wrong. I have spoken to others that have had appointments with her and they feel the same. She was early, took her time, and was so gentle. I can’t say enough good things about her. I was able to put my dog down in his bed at his home and am so thankful because he was so scared and miserable in the vet offices he has been to in the past. Reasonable pricing and highest quality service and staff.

Laurie Surprenant

2 years ago

Fenton River has been nothing short of amazing in helping us help our pup Jack cross the rainbow bridge at home today where he was most comfortable. Compassion, kindness, and respect are words that cross our minds. They gave us time with him, did not rush us and treated him with the respect his worn out 16 yr body and mind deserved. Thank you from 2 grateful pup parents.

Brianna Sotnick

3 years ago

I live about 45-30 minutes away from Fenton River and still recommend them to everyone I know. I use them for my horses, dogs, and cat. My parents started using them for their dogs, and even with my dad being handicap and unable to make appointments, they came to the house to help in need.

Becka Shane

3 years ago

I've been with Fenton River pretty much from the beginning for the last 6 years and am sad to see a decline in service and quality employees. I do have to srart off with saying Crystal is everything that a vet receptionist should be and more, I hope they pay her as much as the vets themselves. I started off using them for my horse originally with Dr. Morey (both of the Moreys are fantastic). My horse also saw Dr. Gardner who I could not speak more highly about, she has exceptional customer service skills, and she's always quick to reply with questions amd gives thorough explanations, leaving an impression that she is very knowledgeable and easy to trust. Dr. Brown came off as very inexperienced with horses as he wanted to tube my horse in the aisle with the barn door open instead of going into a stall for everyone's safety. He liked to use big words to sound more intelligent but left a similar impression that you would get from a used cars salesman. Then when I got my first dog things started to get worse, they started expanding and adding on more vets. We saw Dr. Zulik who is a bit old school, but she absolutely knows her stuff. My first truly bad experiences was with Dr. Plante, she completely ignored my concerns regarding my dogs health and told me that my dog needs a job (probably one of the worst things you can say to a dog trainer) I told her that my dog very much has a job and she proceeded to talk over me and recommend snuffle mats. I later called the manager to complain about my visit and ended up talking to Scott after hours and he determined the tests that needed to be done to provide a diagnosis and get my dog back on track. Fast forward to today when I bring my other dog in for her annual, the vet tech, I believe his name was Vaughn, I spoke with him over the phone (curbside) and said that I did not want her vaccinated but wanted a titer test instead. He said he was new and didn't know what that was so I explained it to him and he said he would have the Dr call me to discuss it since he didn't know much about the test. I also mentioned to him that my dog is currently rehabbing from a muscle injury so to please have the doctor skip the hip flexing part of the exam so as not to aggravate the muscle. When I get the call from the doctor, she tells me that they updated her vaccine and what great range of motion she has in her hips and asks how her leg is because she was seen several months ago for lameness, so I highly doubt anything I said to the tech got passed along to the vet. This is not the first time, but now the second time a service has been done to my dog without my consent. When my dog gets brought out to me I have to ask this very same tech to wear his paper thin excuse of a mask properly because he's incapable of doing so on his own. I've always found every other vet tech to be very competent in their job but today I lost what little trust I had remaining for this company.

Meg D

3 years ago

I’ve spent more time here than I would have liked in the last year, but I can say that all of the vets at Fenton River go above and beyond. They are always extremely responsive via phone and email, even after hours. They are very patient and easy to talk to & will problem solve with you/explain all of your options. I know that if I have a question or concern, no matter what time, they will get back to me ASAP.


3 years ago

We have well over a dozen animals ranging from cats and dogs to goats and reptiles. After another vet told me my cat couldn't have surgery on his eye I brought him the Fenton River for a second opinion. Not only could they do his surgery with heart safe medicine but they also gave him new thyroid medication that he had been struggling to take. We have since switched all of our animals over and couldn't be happier with the service we have gotten!

Rex ?

3 years ago

I lost hope and was completely defeated to find help and just plain oh compassion for my pet bearded dragon and then I found Fenton River ! This was the third vet I been to within the last 30 days ???? and I decided to give it one last try to take him somewhere to get help . Let's just say I'm so happy I did , this office left no stones unturned and treated me with such compassion . I was blown away with the treatment we received and the price I paid . I would have paid 2x that amount for service I received. It was the first time I left a vet appointment for my pet not in tears and hopeful and grateful . I wish I found them sooner . I drove almost a hour away and let me tell I will again because I will never take any of my pets anywhere else . Thank Fenton , the people who work here a amazing !!!!

Lauren Haberman

3 years ago

I woke up Sunday morning and found my dog, Riley, laying down and unwilling to move. I called and left a message and one of the vets called me back. He was kind, and he asked me a lot of questions about what was going on. I finally was able to get Riley into my truck and bring him here. When I got there, the staff was quick, helpful, and friendly. Unfortunately, Riley had fluid surrounding his heart and we had to put him to rest. Although, I was, and still am, devastated and mourning the loss of my best friend, I couldn’t have asked for a better deliverance of the news (no one ever wants to hear that as it is). They let my whole family come in and say their goodbyes and we never felt rushed. When it was time, they allowed us to have a couple of people in with him. Even though I knew the day would come, I never wanted to think about it. It was as terrible as I imagined it would be, but the tech and the vet explained the process thoroughly and were very warm and kind through my inconsolability. I miss my boy more than anything right now but I am thankful I picked the right place to take Riley.

lynn oconnell

3 years ago

I had them out to see my mare for health certificate and two shots. The vet was informative and very nice but EXTREMELY OVER PRICED. We have a lot of very informative and knowledgeable veterinarians in this area that have reasonable rates, that help horse owners to provide the best for thier horse. This was the first time I used this vet as they are close to home. BEWARE IF YOU USE THEM $$$$$

Melissa DeMaria

3 years ago

Cannot say enough about the compassion and care we were given for an at home euthanasia for our Great Dane. His whole life he was TERRIFIED of any vets office we went to and we hoped we could find a place to put him down right at home. The vet and vet tech were both professional and compassionate and just so so considerate. Would absolutely recommend Fenton for ALL services (other family members use Fenton and highly recommended to us).

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