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Alexandra Mauro

2 years ago

Went with friend to pick up a puppy I will add the puppy care is very good. However when it comes to reptile care its extremely disappointing they had an adult bearded dragon in 15 gallon tank with no room to move and absolutely no knowledge what so ever on there care. I ended up bringing her home and she is limping on her front leg the sold me an injured reptile for a pretty penny might I add but I just wanted her to have proper care so I didn't care I called about her limping they siad they wouldnt notice becuase they don't let them walk around ever they should stick to what they know and reptiles are not it!

Phyllis Goldberg

2 years ago

Adopt don't shop!! Shut this place down!

Jimmy Scholl

2 years ago

Great pet store. They have a lot of nice puppies. We bought our puppy from them.


2 years ago

Let me start by saying I've been a dog owner for 2 decades and am fully impressed with this place. It's extremely clean, not to mention the employees are super friendly and knowledgeable which made the process easy. They were 100% upfront about the medical background of the pup we chose and the fact that they back their pups made the decision to take a chance easy. Today (2 days after purchase) I took our new furbaby to OUR Vet and she received rave reviews and a clean bill of health. If you are purchasing a dog I highly suggest paying Safari Stan's a visit.

Lucy Vasquez

2 years ago

This is the best place to buy a dog, the customer service is friendly and extremely helpful. I was helped with what supplies is needed to get for my new dog

Bailey Lyons

2 years ago

The puppies are extremely well taken care of and the staff is so knowledgable! All the puppies look so happy and healthy and the people in the kennel are on top of these puppies too!

George Yacoub

2 years ago

Got our little guy Joey from this place. Great service. Even stayed open late for us so we can drive to grab our buddy. Can't get any better than the service we got. Would definitely recommend.

e jackson

2 years ago

They would be a 5 star If they move Pepe from by the door. I wanted to look at the puppy's , but I had to go because I had a few reactions to the ????

Cortney Hutchinson

3 years ago

This store sells puppies from abusive puppy mills. The Vizsla puppy they have now is proof that they don’t do their due diligence. Shame on you!

Amy Ogle

3 years ago

PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE A DOG FROM HERE. Their dogs come from puppy mills, confirmed. Please do your research and never purchase from a pet store.

Beatriz Cabrera

3 years ago

Love all the animal's but i don't like the snake

Carla Rojas

3 years ago

Got my Nephews Shipoo from here and he’s the happiest pup ever ♥️

Michelle Velazquez

3 years ago

im stuck paying 7,800 with interest for a dog because it’s ridiculously high interest. not worth it do not “finance” a dog from them

samantha Taylor

3 years ago

The staff here were amazing and very knowledgeable. We are so in love with our new bunnies !

Track Daniels

3 years ago

I really like the service there I got my second dog in my life but my fiance got her first dog. Bailey was a very helpful individual she was on queue she knew exactly what to say how to say it she knew all of the ins and outs and helped us find our new family member which is a Boston terrier and we named her taze.


4 years ago

I got an adorable Labrador puppy from this place. He is very healthy and getting him was so easy! Would recommend.


4 years ago

The place was clean and the Employees were so nice also so helpful

Tigi Thomas

4 years ago

New pet store and was pleasantly surprised. It is extremely clean, very well staffed and the owner was very forthcoming in describing their process of visiting breeders and selecting puppies. Good selection of healthy pet food.

Roxy Waters

4 years ago

The sale of dogs and cats does not protect the animals. Every other pet store in Stamford doesn’t sell animals. Get a rescue.

jacek glowania

4 years ago

I got my adorobale best shiba inu from here best store ever


4 years ago

I decided to stop in myself since I never judge a store off negative reviews. In my opinion pet stores are Good addition to our neighborhood and I rather support a small business family owned store that adds value to our community. A brick/mortar store relies on Customer satisfaction to be successful business. Safari Stan’s facilitates the best pet ownership experience, relying on customer satisfaction. I did try the rescue option from our local shelter which was a nightmare; be prepared to take on behavioral problems; with no history on the dog and take on the responsibility of any illness. I tried looking online and you have be carful of Internet scams that want you to wire money. Next I tried rescue groups in CT and they don’t answer or know specific questions of where the puppy came from and make you fill out of their lengthy questionnaire. These “non profit” are just another business who know how to work the system; they use words to play with your emotions and guess what you just paid money and purchased a puppy. These rescue dogs/puppies have come from somewhere; rescue fill a huge demand and they buy puppies and dogs bred in horrible condition that are not regulated and sold at auction. Now back to Safari Stan’s, I spent 3 hours Victoria. I was amazed at the knowledge and time they spent making sure I understood that I was taking home a new born baby. The place was clean, no bad odors and they had a good variety of pets from birds in open cages so tamed to hop on your finger, a smaller hamsters, Betta and reptile collection, and fonts to say hi to Pepe. From talking to staff I was amazed at the thought that goes into making sure how well the pets are cared for. They have a huge selection of puppies and it was nice to see the staff behind the scenes being attentive to the puppies. The puppies were happy and healthy. I did some shopping around, the prices on their puppies are similar to other pet store but they include a kit of relevant stuff like a crate, food, housebreaking aids, rope toy, grooming session, 30 day insurance and more. The additional supplies I got were average retial prices and they do offer a couple of financing options. Google it yourself folks; Connecticut Pet Stores are heavily regulated; have buying standards to get puppies from regulated breeders. State law requires the puppies to be checked and cleared by a licensed veterinarian before they offer them for sale. Connecticut law includes care standards at the store, veterinary treatment, socialization, among other things. Private breeders and internet sellers have no regulation or oversight at all. If your puppy gets sick after purchase, the store offers good warranties, but Connecticut has lemon laws that protects consumer and the store includes a free veterinarian office visit at any of 3 locations. This place makes sense, the staff are amazing, they are with you from start to end, their knowledge on puppies, breed standards and they offer fact-based advice. You can’t train people this; you can see the passion and dedication in the staff. It’s sad to read negative reviews, about buying from pet stores raising concern and provides no data, photos to back her story. You are nothing but a Bully! If you were really concerned about the animals then you would have done the right thing and file a complaint with the department of a. You probably have no knowledge on breeding standards and never left your computer screen to know what a USDA licensed breeder is. Too bad we can look this up on google. I did like the fact that the store invests in their staff meeting their breeders and they have picture of their trips and videos on their breeders on Facebook and albums. Honestly I’m happy with my choice and recommend anyone to stop in and see yourself. This is a serious commitment, It like taking a new born baby home, let them rest, adjust to their new environment and build up their immune systems before exposing them to the outside world. So do your research, and what you are comfortable with to add a new family members.

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