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Jacquelin Sanders

2 years ago

This experience left me leaving in tears. I am a health care worker and single parent who works Monday through Friday. I had to take the day off to travel to their hospital for an appointment I made for my cat Brewster. There were TONS of miscommunication gaps. It was my first experience looking for and taking my cat to a groomer. What was interesting was that I found out about this place at the petco on central Avenue in white plains, New York and had learned that I would have to find a place that specializes in order to get my cat a hair cut. He’s a long haired Persian. When I had first called in to make an appointment I expressed that I was interested in getting my cat a haircut. I personally DON’T believe in getting my cat neutered or that he should ever get his nails cut since it is his way of defense. He never scratches furniture and uses his nails to climb up his 7 ft. cat tree. I had to take an entire day off of work so that I can accommodate around their business hours. My experience over the phone was completely different in person. The women at the front desk weren’t very friendly. It was then that I found out that the only service they can provide is the lion hair cut. I thought that during my initial phone call during the appointment set up that my message was clear about what service I needed to be done. Either way I verbalized at the front desk that I had already bathed him and that I do not wish for his nails to be trimmed. That is when I found out according to women at the front desk that the only service they will provide is the lion hair cut. No one had mentioned that over the phone. The women then proceeded to show me a picture of an example of what that would look like. At this point the women at the front desk felt it was necessary to bring out the groomer. The groomer stated verbally that that was the only option until a client sitting at the waiting area over heard my concerns and explained that I could tell the groomer what it is that I would like modified. At this point I felt the groomer didn’t want to deal with us. I was given a sheet to fill out that had asked what modifications I would like specified just like the lady in the waiting area had explained rather than the groomer. On that same sheet I checked no for bathing and no for sedating since I had already bathed him at home and feared sedating him. I later then received a phone call that my cat unfortunately could not get groomed. That was totally fine with me but then the groomer continued to say that the experience was so bad that she couldn’t even get to trimming his nails!!! I panicked a little since I had mentioned that that was something I didn’t want done. At this point I felt it was necessary to reach a supervisor to voice these miscommunication gaps. Her name was Vicky I believe. She was very neutral and professional. I had then made my way to pick up my cat. This is when things went down hill. The groomer was sitting at the front desk and looked very upset. I had asked if she knew anything about the side effects of sedation so that I can try and consider it in the future. She then stated that only the doctor would know those side effects and that their facility currently does not have doctors who are seeing cats. I was very confused. I then proceeded to ask if I should make a separate appointment at his vet to see if he is a good candidate for sedation however was ignored. I had asked the groomer to please not be upset however she got up and walked away into another room across the hall. I had then sat down to try and call his vet to make an appointment for my cat to be seen and evaluated for sedation. As I was on the phone the groomer stated, “I’m pretty sure my manger Vicky spoke to you and told you that our groomers including myself do not wish to serve you or your cat.” Mind you my seven year old daughter was there too listening. I had then pulled my phone out and started to voice record the conversation. In the voice recording you could hear the groomer implying I am not welcomed to return.

Roxy Waters

2 years ago

I've been going to Just Cats for 16 years and I can't imagine taking my cats anywhere else. The vets there are compassionate. They treat my kitties like their own. The vet techs remember which cat is which and my boys look identical. They follow up after appointments and go above and beyond. They must treat their employees well because the same people have been working there for years. Everyone there knows my name and they are so friendly. I know they were/are stretched thin with Covid, but I still get the same level of service. When I had to put one of my kitties down a vet came to the house and stayed to comfort me. If I ever move I would honestly fly back to take my kitties here. Also, the shop has high quality food and supplies. I always make a stop down to get goodies on my way out. Eric is incredibly knowledgeable.

Jan Jepsen Montana

2 years ago

Just Cats has cared for my cats for 17 years. We have always been treated with professionalism, kindness, and empathy. One of my cats suffers from a chronic condition, and Just Cats has managed this for us in a caring and cost-effective way. Caring for cats is their vocation and not just their job. We use them for both medical care and boarding.

Lois Aime

2 years ago

Just Cats is a wonderful place with very caring veterinarians.

Kerry dunn

2 years ago

We have been bringing our cats to Dr Bolotin and Just Cats for 30 years, yes since they opened. They have cared for our felines through the years from close to birth until they crossed the rainbow bridge. A total of 14 cats. We wouldn’t trust anybody else to care for our precious fur babies.

Cathy Wilcox

2 years ago

My almost 15 yr old kitty likely has lymphoma. The staff is wonderful. Dr. Mary is a comforting soul. Update, my beloved kitty passed on 11/29/21. I took him in on thr 27th and he was paralyzed in a procedure to drain fluid from his abdomen. When they gave him back to me they didn't tell me he couldn't walk. They refilled prescriptions that he would no longer need. They never talked to me before or after procedure. I was never told risks or that he was "critically ill". To add insult to injury they didn't even take the time to clean the ultrasound gel off of his fur!! It was the end of the day on a holiday weekend, I guess they had parties to get to. Meanwhile, I had to have my sweet, beloved cat put to sleep after watching him suffer for 36 hours.

Mikey Richard

2 years ago

We’ve never had a really bad experience in our 10+ years of coming here for feline services… however I’m giving 3 stars bc I’m sitting here in my car waiting for the store front to open at 8am, when clearly it states 7:30am. If there is a discrepancy in hours from the vet to the stores, please label it somewhere on your website, or on Google. …luckily I have coffee with me. -_-

Tj Spasiano

2 years ago

Great place for all of your cat's needs. Highly recommend.

Heather Kryger

2 years ago

Absolutely Amazing staff. Dr. Bolton is a heaven sent. I could never thank Dr. Bolton enough for all he does for my babies????????????

Karen ??

2 years ago

I have been going for 18 years with my first Cat Toby and now my second cat Ziggy’s I used For boarding and health, They are very friendly always willing to help and they are just great with my cat and my doctor is Dr. Mary which is the friendliest understanding and is just great , this is my opinion and I hope it works for everybody else .???? Just Cats Stamford Ct

Karen Corcoran

2 years ago

Always pleasant and knowledgeable. Great for Cats

Olivia Rotante

2 years ago

I will never bring another pet of mine to Just Cats. I had a cat that was continuously getting sick and lethargic and they had suggested to antibiotics despite no infection being present, in combination with anti-inflammatories. Later I found out this is a an experimental way of treating Feline Infectious Peritonitis, which is why I had to put down my cat that was only a year and a half old 2 weeks after visiting Just Cats. I paid $300 for their incompetence and disregard to my cat and myself and over $600 for an ultrasound and to put her down at a separate animal hospital. I’m sure other people have not had experiences like mine, but I would never want anyone to experience what I did.

jack tsung

2 years ago

Friendly staff. They love cat for sure!

Jen Walsh

2 years ago

Dr Mary and staff are amazing! They are so friendly and compassionate. Would reccomend them to everyone. ❤

Kristina Green

2 years ago

I have two cats that are the sweetest love bugs but going to the vet isn't their favorite thing. Just Cats works so well with them even when they're throwing their tantrums haha! The staff is phenomenal and the vets are thorough with my fur babies. I love Just Cats.

Desi Mar

2 years ago

They spayed our cat; all went well

John Strybos

2 years ago

Dr. David Bolotin is the best veterinarian on the planet. He cares about the "patient" (cat) and "parent" (owner). He is truly called to this profession. He's a fine veterinarian and a prince of a man.

Katherine D'Abadie

2 years ago

Helpful and professional staff have taken good care of our cats. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this business to our friends.

Melissa Lopez

2 years ago

After 10 years still my favorite vet!

Lorena Mendoza

2 years ago

Professional and informative veterinarians, welcoming office staff and wonderful nurses, techs and groomers. I highly recommend Just Cats.

Lisa Frigo

2 years ago

I Just love the Veterinarians and Staff at Just Cats , especially Dr. Gibbons and Lucy! They are kind, compassionate and empathic. The best! Every cat owner should use this group!

kaleb edgar

2 years ago

Dr. Cassano was great! She was very helpful with my cat Lucky, and because of her older age we had concerns with her care. She was very sensitive to that and I wish I remembered her assistants name, she was great as well.

Dan Marsh

2 years ago

They really care about your pet, they make sure to give timely updates and follow up, and they provide excellent care for your loved ones. They go beyond being knowledgeable and truly do care any every patient they see.

John Callahan

2 years ago

The staff at Just Cats are superb! From the friendly greeting at the front desk to Dr. Mary spending that special extra time discussing and answering any questions you may have! I highly recommend Just Cats for your feline/s!!! (John) Tim Callahan

Jeffrey Abrey

2 years ago

Horrible vet. We had a horrible sick visit during covid and our car screamed at the vet over the phone. My cat has never screamed at anyone in his life until then. Follow up a year, we have to schedule $100+ visit for her to re-up the prescription food we are on the SHE prescribed. Purely a money grab. Not concerned about our cat.

Joseph Tarzia

2 years ago

They housed and took care of a cat I had to trap because it was not a pharaoh I wasn't sure on day one because it was sleeping in a little cat house I have for them and I started it I was the only time it hissed at me after that I pet it and it just wanted to be petted board if I didn't it started meowing really loud screaming needed medical help it had upper respiratory infection sinus infection problem with one of its eyes and it was starving needed to be neutered and get its shots and it was very friendly never tried to strike bite his name is Dalton and he's at a rescue

Marsha McLaughlin

2 years ago

I’ve been coming to Just Cats for over a decade and highly recommend Dr. Mary and Dr. Gibbons. They’re both highly professional and show a deep interest in the health of my cats

David of Glenbrook

2 years ago

We have been blessed to have Dr. Bolotin and his team as our vets for our family’s five cats spanning the last twenty years. And we would not have it any other way. I, my wife and our daughter are absolutely passionate about our love for this establishment, because they are equally passionate about their love for our furry little friends. We consider them to be part of our family and are forever thankful this place is a part of our, and our cats, lives.

shawn foster

2 years ago

Very good care for my cat

Kate De

2 years ago

I never want to use another vet. I've been going here for years, and the vets at Just Cats are the most effective and compassionate vets for cats I've ever encountered. Even the receptionists at the front desk are delightful and will remember you and your cat. They've gotten me through some very stressful feline situations, and always managed to squeeze me in when the situation was urgent. They really go above and beyond here!

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