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Cherie S.

2 years ago

Never picks up the phone or return phone calls.

Gabriel Monteiro da Silva

2 years ago

Discriminates against graduate students for no reason

Erick Villano

2 years ago

I am a volunteer at this very worthwhile organization.

karen mcgee

2 years ago

I applied for a kitten over 2 weeks ago. I identified the one I wanted. I contacted them several times. Many different people involved. I was told the application was received and the kitten I wanted was still available. A few days later they did not respond in 2 weeks they said i should look elsewhere. They missed out on a donation and a loving home for Crackle. I am very sad.

Mrs.K Silva

2 years ago

We adopted our kitten Valentine today!!! The staff was so helpful and pleasant and the adoption center was clean and well kept the cats were clean and healthy. They also provided the vet visit history for each cat. They let us spend quite sometime with her before completing the adoption. We will definitely be going through them again in the future. Thank you so much ladies you made this such a smooth adoption process. Our sweet Valentine is settling nicely ????♥️ From Katherine and Victor

Almerinda Kamykowski

3 years ago

I just adopted a precious kitty from the Greater New Haven Cat Project. The staff were so kind, knowledgeable about each cat and very professional. The adoption went very smoothly. The cats are so well cared for-they seem so happy and are very healthy. The facility is clean and well managed. I highly recommend adopting from them. Thank you staff members!!! ????????????

Steve Piserchia

3 years ago

This is a great program, the cats are so well cared for.

Shameeka Hill

3 years ago

Wonderful group of people. Very professional and courteous.

Lindy Ladutko

3 years ago

GREAT ORGANIZATION!!! I met through my daughter a cat showed up in our yard. Heather reached out and Cheryl from gnhcp helped and guided her on what to do. She trapped the little one found out he was a 6 to 9month old. They helped with getting shots,nuetered and we worked on socializing him. We ended up keeping Sawyer and gave donation for his medical care. We went back to Cheryl for a furry rescue friend for him. Heather was so impressed with them she became a volunteer until she moved. I donate to the organization thru Amazon smiles, as well as donations on their website twice a year and support their fund raising. I could write so much more they are great and truly care❤❤❤❤

Gary Dionne

3 years ago

These people are very professional, they don't just hand you cat and say have a nice day you fill out an application and ask you many questions, they also talk to your Vet, bottom line after interacting with many cats. We took one home and it's worked out wonderfully

Denise P Clement

3 years ago

Amazing how they just want to help not only the Kitty

Cynthia Ramirez

3 years ago

They are wonderful thats how I got my cat.

Crystal Gorham

4 years ago

need a place to take mommy cat and three kittens no room here

Sophia Evans

4 years ago

Kind, gentle, efficient, and affordable.

Sarah G

4 years ago

Very rude and unaccommodating!!. I submitted an application to adopt a cat and called two days later to make sure they received the application. The woman on the phone asked me my name and then asked where I was from. When I told her Winsted, she made some kind of nasty remark and said "why would you want to adopt a cat from that far away (about a 50 minute drive) ?" I was a bit taken aback but then I told her that I saw the kittens they had available on petfinder and that I was interested in one. She flat out said "you do realize adoption isn't a one day process." I told her that I was very well aware of that. She then said that they did not receive my application (lie) and that they would not even consider me because of the distance (50 minutes....really??!!). Then she said "find a cat in your area" and hung up......unbelievably rude.

Julissa Vidal

4 years ago

SUPER RUDE SAVE YOUR TIME AND RESCUE A CAT ELSEWHERE. You need to be kind to people as well as cats management. Was treated like a leper and was not let in the establishment. How sad that the people who have the hearts to rescue cats don't get any kind of respect upon approaching the business. We'll rescue a cat from somewhere else.

Isabel S

4 years ago

FYI to anyone checking reviews before submitting an adoption application: if you are renting and haven’t lived in your place for over nine months, don’t bother. Also wanted to note that I had a VERY similar experience to Sarah G. Very rude and snide which really surprised me. And similar story arc: partner and I submitted a form and a little over a week later followed up on Instagram to make sure it went through. They eventually confirmed it hadn’t, and encouraged us to re-populate and re-submit and call their office on Saturdays, which we were told is the only day they man the phones. We did that, and the woman we reached said, “Yes, I already told Diane, there’s no application with that name, I already checked all of them yesterday.” When we again told her that we were instructed by the organization to resubmit and try calling, she told us, “Well, I don’t have any internet down here” and left it at that. (??) So I just said no worries, that we were told to call Saturdays but if now wasn’t a good time I could try back later or another day, whatever works, and got an exasperated sigh and “Well, I could check on my phone.” I again said I didn’t want to be much trouble and again would be happy to call back another time, but instead I guess she was able to pull up and read our form. We were then told that GNHCP does not permit adoptions to anyone who hasn’t lived over NINE months in their residences if they are renting because “something might not work out with your residence, like you might not like it once you get there and need to move again.” Please note this isn’t stated anywhere on the website “because if we put it there people will just submit what we want to hear.”* I totally understand this — for the more subjective questions that are trying to get a sense of the quality and character of the adopters. But something verifiable and quantifiable like a minimum number of months seems like a no-brainer to indicate. (Especially since they state on the form they’ll already be asking for your lease or other paperwork to verify your landlord okay’d pets.) This logic hasn’t stopped them from clearly noting on their site that they only adopt to CT residents, for example. Putting this information on their website would I am sure cut down on their application volume and safe them some time, just as it would have saved my partner and I time filling out the form twice (and also somewhat misguidedly obsessively perusing their cats currently up for adoption, who are precious and blameless in this madness, as is, I assume, Diane). All in all, a pretty confusing and surprisingly nasty experience right off the bat. Wouldn’t have left a review if we had not, like Sarah G, been a bit taken aback at how snide they were right away. Maybe it’s a screening tactic? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ *NB: We have a two year lease signed after an in-person viewing, no roommates, and an in-writing landlord OK for up to two cats, so I feel pretty confident about our situation, but understand rules are rules. Even if they aren’t previously stated anywhere.

Kat Gaudet

5 years ago

Doing such good work for the forgotten cats!!!

FatHeadTheAuthor 203

5 years ago

Can i bring my cat here to get neutered?

Duy Creel

5 years ago

I volunteer here some Saturdays and the experience is fantastic. The people in charge care about the cats. I can understand why the adoption process might take a long time and is quite difficult because these cats have been mostly rescued from being abandoned or found in the streets. I am now a regular volunteer for the Sunday morning shifts.

Brian K Gallagher

5 years ago

Downtown New Haven is a diversified and growing community full of life and a bustling źloom bump car a

Shaina Coogan

6 years ago

Found our lifelong friend here four years ago. She came to us sick from a cagemate, and GNHCP did not hesitate to make sure she was treated and pick up the tab. Wonderful people and org!

Rob Seccareccia, Jr.

6 years ago

Got my application rejected by these people because I said that if someone in my household had an allergy to cat, we would try and work through it, but if we could we would have to find a new home for the cat. but instead of educating us about the distress this can cause on the cat, we were simply denied adoption.

Carlyn Soter

6 years ago

I called them and i was able to assist in trapping ferals, they go on to release or adopt them out after spaying/treating them. They provided me with food and I just think they are very compassionate and adore these animals. Very nice people!

IQue Grey

7 years ago

I visited to bring them beds and toys for the cats and they were very nice. Their cats were also very loved and well taken care of. It is a small place, but they do their best and help a lot of feral, stray, and domestic cats who need help.

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