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Brad Cooper

2 years ago

Don DeForge is condescending, rude, and doesn't seem like someone who remotely cares about animals. He lectures during visits and does nothing but talk about politics (the worst views on everything). The prices are high. I recommend finding literally anyone else to care for your pets.

Gloryvee Matta

2 years ago

They are sweet and wonderful with my dog

Toni Vargas

2 years ago

The nicest place ever ! Brought my pup as an emergency but I will be switching him over here for regular visits as well!

Debra Acampora

2 years ago

Terrible place. Go somewhere else with your pets. Rude staff, rude vet. They took us 35 minutes late. Charged nearly double than what was quoted to us a few days before. Awful place!!!!!!!

Jaichand Ramsaroop

2 years ago

The best around the area!

Stephanie Posner

2 years ago

I have been bringing my pets to Dr. DeForge for years now. He and the staff at Silver Sands Veterinary have been consistently helpful and compassionate when caring for my fur babies. My dog was born with a spinal deformity, limiting her range of motion. Thanks to pain management and physical therapy done here she is moving around much better than she used to. She loves her visits with the Dr. and especially with Crystal, one of the very caring staff members who gives her lots of love (and cookies!) Overall, the staff has been wonderful. I highly recommend.


3 years ago

Dr. DeForge and staff are fantastic. Very friendly and tell you everything you need to know. They truly care about your pet and strive to make sure they are healthy and you're well informed.

Mary Alice Ryan

3 years ago

We've been very happy using Dr. DeForge's services for the past 35 years. From the moment you enter, you feel his love of animals. He has the ability to remain calm in any stressful situation, and patiently answers all your questions. Your clients appreciate your dedication to the animals. The Ryan Family

Stephen Michael

3 years ago

Our dog Gaby had an accident on Christmas night resulting in 3 of her teeth partially pulled out of her mouth. It happened on a Friday night, and our dog had stay this way until Monday. Sunday we called every vet we could looking for a dental specialist. Everyone we called, even her regular vets, said they had no appointments until a few months out. We could not wait that long. One place directed us to Dr. DeForge. I called him and he wasted no time getting everything set up so we could have her surgery done that Monday. Dr. DeForge successfully completed the procedure and explained to us the condition of Gaby's periodontal disease and he noticed a slight murmur on her EKG. He suggested we take Gaby to a Cardiologist as soon as possible. We found out from the Cardiologist that there was very early Mitral Valve Disease, but luckily no enlargement of the heart. We caught very very early. We could not be more thankful for everything he has done for Gaby. Along with relieving her suffering he most likely added years to her life. Dr. DeForge cares about every animal he sees, and puts their needs first. He is exactly what you want in a Veterinarian.

Lisa Verkovod

3 years ago

I had the pleasure of using Silver Sands for about 13 years for my two fur babies. I wouldn’t think of using anyone else. They are the most compassionate and caring staff you could ever have. Dr. DeForge Is absolutely wonderful and caring to all the animals that walk through his door. The vet techs are just so special. Some of them I had the pleasure of caring for my dogs as well as having to send them to rainbow bridge. Jennifer and Haley were amazing. I would highly recommend Silver Sands to anyone who wishes for their pets to be loved and cared forward as much as they love them is absolutely wonderful and caring to all the animals that walk through his door. The vet techs are just so special. Some of them I had the pleasure of caring for my dogs as well as having to send them to rainbow bridge. Jennifer and Haley were amazing. I would highly recommend Silver Sands to anyone who wishes for their pets to be loved and cared for as much as they love them.

Lenore Cunningham

3 years ago

Dr Deforge and his staff are so greatly appreciated. Very thorough, kind and sensitive. I highly recommend them.

Joseane Cardoso

3 years ago

Very please with their sevice. Dr. DeForge is an excellent vet and I highly recommend him! The staff is very professional and kind. The cost of care ia very reasonable.

Don DeForge

3 years ago

Answer to Katie-from Dr. Don DeForge-I have been a practitioner for four decades in Milford. Your father's dog, Sophie, was a part of the Silver Sands family for years. I diagnosed her gall bladder pathology and had a surgeon perform the necessary surgery to save her life. I referred Sophie to an Internal Medicine doctor for pre-anesthesia evaluation. Sophie had many blood samples taken by me by Jugular vein puncture during her life time. Your father consented to have me perform oral surgery after oral care was advised by Internal Medicine to restore function, remove pain, and return a quality of life. Your father asked me to perform this oral surgery. Sophie had an excellent surgery and all oral pathology was treated. Internal Medicine asked for blood samples to be taken two weeks post surgery. During the phelbotomy experience two weeks post-surgery Sophie went into cardiac arrest. There was no restraint exertion. The arrest occurred after the blood was drawn. I have a friend who died in his doctor's waiting room; my own brother as a young man died in an arm chair in his home alone. The veterinary technicians that have commented on Sophie's death are not only misinformed but non-professional in their comments and do not understand medicine. The lab samples were sent in gratis to the clinical lab and showed the kidneys were failing; the liver was failing; and Sophie was developing anemia. These samples confirm the beginning of organ failure. This 17 year old dog had reached the end of her life. She passed in my hospital without suffering. There was a doctor and nursing team to comfort . At home she could have suffered in death. I feel your father's pain. That pain is not lessened with negative comments about me that are not only disrespectful but complete falsehoods. Those that no me know how much I care about my patients.

cathy price

3 years ago

Our experience was wonderful our puppy did so well they gave us homemade dinners to make while he recovers from surgery the doctor is in touch with sending e-mails all the time staff was wonderful everything went so smooth we highly recommend this doctor for dental issues.with your pets .

brian wallace

3 years ago

Dr. DeForge is hands-down one of the best diagnosticians and practitioners in the state. He brings years of experience along with continual professional development to every diagnosis and treatment plan. He has repeatedly prolonged the lives of our animals by ordering the appropriate tests, prescribing the right medications, and performing successful surgery. He has also made excellent referrals when it was necessary. It's rare for a vet to have expertise and knowledge across so many specialties and to do so with a strong sense of compassion for the animals and their companions. His practice is innovative, and the people who work with him are well trained, welcoming and supportive. When you bring your animal to Silver Sands Veterinary Center, you are getting some of the most sophisticated and contemporary care available for your animal. We would highly recommend it.


3 years ago

Dr. DeForge is caring and compassionate and he takes the time to educate you in the care of your pet. The staff is also very caring and they take all precautions necessary to help prevent the spread of Covid

Patti Manzone

3 years ago

My pup was not an existing patient, but Dr. Deforge gave her all the attention and care she needed and more. Don't hesitate to visit. The staff are very professional. Covid protocol was followed to the letter. Thanks again to Silver Sands Veterinary!

Angela Richards

3 years ago

Dr. DeForge and his staff are always wonderfully caring! Our pit bull LOVES his visits!

Andrew Chartier

3 years ago

Read ALL of the reviews before bringing your pet here. I wish I had scrolled further down, and read EVERY review before initiating contact. The most important thing is to read justiceforsimba dot com. I initially contacted Silver Sands for general and oral care of my 7 year old retired racing greyhound, after finding the practice listed on a site for vets who have experience with greyhounds. Dr. Deforge's advice for my greyhound's dental health did not line up with the symptoms we were observing in our own pet, and Silver Sands prices were dramatically higher than we found elsewhere. We were lucky, and brought our greyhound for a second opinion. We were advised by Silver Sands that she had severe periodontal disease, a cracked tooth, and would likely need at least one, but perhaps several extractions. This was not the case. Where we ended up with our new vet is that our greyhound's teeth needed a good cleaning, and once cleaned were found to be in good condition, with no cracks, and no disease of the gums or mouth. While I expect a lengthy response to this review, the overall impression we took away from our short time with Silver Sands is this: We did not experience compassionate care at Silver Sands. All but one conversation was rushed, and I was not allowed the time to adequately explain my pet's specific needs and explain her personality traits. When trying to explain ourselves, we were given the impression that we, as the pet's owners, did not know enough to correctly take care of our pet. When finding a veterinary practice, it is my opinions that they need to build a compassionate and caring relationship with the pet's owners as well as the pet, and we did not find that to be the case here. To greyhound owners: Dr. Deforge used to be a vet at a greyhound racing facility. (Plainfield, CT) While we initially thought this might be a bonus, it is our impression that our concerns were brushed aside, as we were made to feel like we didn't know enough about our own pet, or that we did not care adequately for her. Greyhound owners have all heard the horror stories of how the dogs are treated at track facilities. While I cannot know how our grey was treated before we got her, or the specifics of his past care, it should have been a red flag for us when we were told by Dr. Deforge that greyhounds receive the best possible care at the tracks. We found the compassionate, and MUCH less expensive care we needed at Vet Hospital of Stratford, and would recommend them for any greyhound, or pet owner. Once again, this is my impression, and my opinion of the care we received based on all of the communications I had with the office and Dr. Deforge before and after my greyhound's one appointment there.

Ray Bjorkman

3 years ago

Gentle, caring folks here, even for humans. I really believe Sparta enjoys going!!????????

Tee cee

3 years ago

Don't get me wrong. He loves the animals. However if you have a concern don't even bother to ask because he gets very defensive, combative and disrespectful. He then gets very aggressive and a very rude person. Not to mention, there is so much miscommunication given by him and his staff. Don't go here if you don't want to to be treated like the gum on his shoe when you raise concern and be lied to about prices. You will regret it!!!!

Anastasiya Jaguzhinskaya

4 years ago

I can’t believe some of the reviews here... This is the best veterinarian we have met, and we have met many when our cat ended up with a broken jaw. All others said nothing can be done, cat is done! Only Dr. DeForge took the challenge and guess what, he saved the cat’s life! It was back in 2007. The cat is still alive and doing very well thanks to this wonderful doctor. For people that call their pets “beloved” and complain about the cost, pick which one it is - the cost or beloved. The cleaning charges are the lowest in the area! Side note: we drive all the way from Glastonbury. Many many thanks to Dr. DeForge!

Barkley Barkzilla

4 years ago

Bait & Switch... Don't go here. I called 10-15 places to get my dogs teeth cleaned and was getting estimates, before deciding on this one. ALL 10-15 places were UP FRONT on pricing. Stating anywhere from $400-1000, a couple were $800-$1200,... SSV, says $200 gets you in the door. Than add another $100 here, here, here, here and there. After $200, then a $150 EKG, got the estimateS emailed and one was $350 AND another estimate was $850 to complete the work on my A grand total of $1550 !!! I got screwed basically out of $350 and didn't go back. Luckily I moved and not long after, I had two, 2, yes 2, both my dogs teeth cleaned for $500.

Danielle Gumkowski

4 years ago

I am still paying off the $6,000 dollar surgery performed on my dog for dental work....needless 'bone grafting' etc. I was a first time dog owner and naive. Amazing that I put this on my credit card instead of disputing it. Don't try and argue with them, you will get some wacky poetic response. The ego responds...not logic. Don't let yourself be taken advantage of. Also-mailed out cards requesting patients leave good reviews to combat the bad.


4 years ago

They take care of my family (pet)


4 years ago

Zero stars. *NOT A DENTAL SPECIALIST and never was one* We sued him in small claims court and in superior court (and we are not the only ones). If you type into a web browser justiceforsimba and then a dot and then com you can read our …

Magdalena Ruiz

4 years ago

I visited Dr. Deforge today for the first time with my daughter and her hamster. The doctor was able to squeeze us in for a sick visit today even though our hamster has NEVER visited before. The exam was very thorough. Dr. Deforge was very kind and interested in learning how my daughter takes care of her hamster and offered thorough instructions on what needs to be modified and or added to its care. I had no billing issues. The estimate quoted to me during my initial call (very reasonable, I will add) was what I was charged. We visited another veterinarian with another hamster she once owned about 3 years ago and that Veterinarian did not get into discussing half of what Dr. Deforge did with us today Dr. Deforge was clearly interested in caring for our hamster's current ailment as well as avoiding future health issues. We will definitely not look for another office. So glad to have found him!!!


4 years ago

I attended Silver Sands for approximately a year or so due to Dr. Forge's dental expertise. Towards the end of that year I expressed concern/disappointment over what I perceived to be communication issues between him, his staff and I, in regards to the treatment of my pet. Based on my pet's needs, it was extremely important everyone was on the same page, but it was clear to me there were inconsistencies. I would have thought Dr. Forge would like to hear my concerns so things could be improved, but he became extremely defensive, blamed me and basically denied my credibility. I couldn't believe the response I got from him. Later, other staff reached out to address the issues, but I was too turned off by then too work with Dr. Forge. I've since moved on. Seemed like such a nice guy, but the defensiveness was incredible. From my experience, do not question him or express concern. He has no interest in improving the workings of the practice. I think his responses to some of the other negative reviews here give some insight to what I'm referring to. Also, I will second what some of the other reviewers say. Be prepared to pay significantly more than you are quoted.

Omayra Bauza

4 years ago

I was a little nervous about coming in at first for a last minute care appointment because I was behind in keeping up with Gizmo's annual wellness checks, however, you were all so welcoming and treated me, my son and Gizmo not only with professionalism but also shared your expertise with kindness. It was truly appreciated as it allowed me to focus on the reason we were there which was Gizmo. It felt like Gizmo was already part of your animal kingdom family as we walked in as a new patient and the time you spent with us and Gizmo cemented that feeling! Your follow up on how Gizmo is doing by phone and by email is wonderful and we appreciate the flexibility your office hours provides. What you stated in advance as estimated cost for seeing and treating Gizmo is what we were charged. We are happy to newly be part of the Silver Sands veterinary practice family. Thank you so much. -Gizmo and the Bauza family

Richard Symons

4 years ago

Called for an in home service. No call, no show.

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