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2 years ago

All around bad experience.Insensitive and unprofessional towards the customers. My wife brought our dog in to have a tooth was said to have a crack in it. She was then told in a very insensitive way that our dog may die during the procedure.My wife left crying with the dog.When we told them we no longer needed there service they became vindictive, and rude trying block us from getting her heart worm prescription.We recently applied to adopt a rescue dog and were denied.Most likely because they gave us a bad reference in spite! Been in the town 50 years . Wouldn't recommend to anyone.

Mariah Miller

2 years ago

My dog has been going here since he was 2 months old and during Covid, therefore, we have not met the staff in person. The staff seemed very nice over the phone at first, however, we have learned they are very unaccommodating and quick to take your money. When trying to express my concerns, the staff was dismissive and rude. My dog will not be going back.

Jen-Ling Nieh

2 years ago

Brought my cat here a month ago because he scratched his eye. I was really lucky that there was an appointment available at Mount Carmel Vet Hospital. At first, I was weary that they may not be good hence the opening while all other vets are fully booked. To my surprise, I had a great experience here! The vet was very patient in answering all my questions. She was very knowledgeable and didn't push for any extra services. Garfield's eye is now healed! Really appreciate the vet we saw and I would highly recommend others to this vet.

Heike Severine

2 years ago

Im so glad to hear how busy and successful your office is. That's great for you! As a professiona myself, I understand the importance of being on time and make every effort to do so. In my haste to arrive on time, I drove right by your office, then had to turn back around causing me to be 10 (TEN!) minutes late. The way it was handled by the receptionist was rude, unprofessional and unnecessary. Although I understand the Doctor needed to move on to the next client, the nurse or vet technician should have still be able to accommodate a quick injection. When I suggested this, I was told NO. The reason being that I had requested to see the Dr and now could not down grade my appt to a nurse or technician. The rudeness and condescending tone related by the receptionist was so unnecessary. I have shared my experience with many of my pet owning friends and associates and they agree. As we say " you get more bees with honey than you do with vinegar". I wld strongly suggest you speak w the receptionist and help her with her public relations stills. She is not an asset to your business. If she handled it better, I wld not be taking my business else where.

Carol Martineau

2 years ago

Belle had wonderful care at Mount Carmel Veterinarian Hospital during her dental surgery procedure. She endured 3 extractions with all the expected routine care, intubation, O2 etc and did very well. Thank you to all the caring staff!!

Richard and Charlotte Lassen

2 years ago

Dr is very caring and through. He is attentive to the animal and the human. He is experienced and knowledgeable as well as flexible and open to alternatives. We had a good experience.

Joni Beth

2 years ago

Miss seeing Dr. Farrell, but Dr. Stewart is kind and caring and very knowledgeable. I would recommend to others.

John Iacobucci

3 years ago

Very rude and misleading! They give you a price on the phone then when you come in they try and extort more money from you with all kinds of hidden things they neglected to tell me when I made the appointment. Afterwords they called me back and explained I may not had had to pay those fees, then why bring them up??? (To see the most coin they can get out of you) Also the lady was rude and talked down to me. Furthermore if you read reviews below... all the bad reviews they try to defend themselves... instead of owning it and correcting it they play the victim role as it never happened.

John Ramada

3 years ago

after my dog having her physical,she still wont fill your prescription.shes no good

Bill A

3 years ago

Felt like one big sales pitch , 10% of the time was to address the issue my dog had and the other 90% was to sell me on everything under the sun...

Carly Timpson

3 years ago

They always take extra special care of my boy. Even during the COVID19 crisis, they altered their protocol to maximize efficiency and maintain the ability to provide quality care for our loved ones.

Becky Pinto

3 years ago

Vet was very friendly, answered all my questions and told me everything I needed to know.

Mirna Silvoll

3 years ago

My pet was very sick and I wasn’t able to get an appointment with my vet for a few days- but she couldn’t wait. We were fit in the same day, which was great especially with covid. It was a sad time but everyone was helpful and Dr. Stuart’s guidance helped alot. Thank u its most appreciated especially under the circumstances.

Christine Patafio

3 years ago

Dr. Stewart (who did not introduce herself on the phone - who does that?), spoke to regarding my new puppy. I had many questions, as this was my first dog. She was curt, demeaning and absolutely rude. I have never been treated like that for no reason. Looking at several of the reviews below, I see this is a pattern of behavior, and I’m sure the hilarious explanation ‘from the owner,’ will not be sufficient. I will tell my friends to find another place to take their furry companions.

Dana N

3 years ago

Poor care and poor service. Receptionist and staff were rude after asking for clarification on certain topics, and the care for my animals were done poorly, plus with a high price.


3 years ago

Super friendly, fast check-in, communicated with status updates on my dog’s appointment. Highly recommend!

Ericka Silverstin

3 years ago

This is long overdue. I saw the doctor tending to pets at the shelter when I was there looking to adopt one- I was touched. Shortly after, I brought my new kitty to them and immediately felt comforted- Dr. Stewart and her assistant remembered him from the shelter even from months prior. They are attentive and caring. I follow their website for all their rescue stories It’s reassuring to know they are so passionate in making a difference. I’ve now been bringing my cats now for 5 years and have always received thoughtful care & support to our animals.

Frank Laudano

3 years ago

Sisters got their shots. Good visit.

Jess Mallory

3 years ago

They always take care of my dog Nicki very well. He was in and out no waiting!

Kevin Rose

3 years ago

I would advise anyone to be cautious of bringing their loved ones here. At first it seemed that they actually cared about you and your pet, but that feeling quickly fades away. I brought my cat in because he was having some issues and I needed to get him looked at because I was really concerned. He was peeing outside the box and was losing weight. I brought him in and they did a urine test. When I brought him back home I had noticed that his tail was completely down and he wouldn't move it. I chalked it up to him being nervous still from his vet visit. A couple days later, his tail was still down and he would meow at me whenever I tried to move it as though he was hurt. So I called them about it because he was not like that before I brought him in. They told me that he had to of suffered some kind of trauma before he came in. That is false. I personally believe they hurt him and refused to take responsibility. I gave them the benefit of the doubt at first because I was still worried and wanted to know what was going on. They said the next step was a blood test, so I did the blood test. That came back clean, and they said the next step was a $400 ultrasound. I agreed, but then was having doubts about what could be done aside from an ultrasound as it's not a cheap thing to do. So I was going to call the day before it was scheduled and try to talk to the vet about other options we could try before jumping off that bridge. They called me instead, and I began to tell the person on the phone that I was going to cancel and would like to speak with the vet about some options. She said she would have her call me back, which was great. Later that day I get another call and it's the same person who then delivers a message from the vet with a condescending tone telling me the vet said "she recommends doing the ultrasound, but it's your choice". So now I'm a little upset because I wasn't able to speak to the vet and the woman's tone irritated me. I called the next day to transfer my pets vet records over to a new place and they kept asking me why I was doing it. Well, the reason I did is because I believe you hurt my cat, and your care is shady. The place I brought him to later on told me he had a severe ear infection, and mount Carmel previously said they had checked his ears and they seemed fine. Overall, I would say it's up to you, but please be cautious of where you bring your furry friends. I do not recommend them for cat care.


3 years ago

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Stewart and the rest of the folks at this office. One of our cats is definitely not the easiest to work with (still not sure how Dr. Stewart is able to clip the claws of the mean one; pretty sure she’s a wizard), but they’re always kind and accommodating. They also helped us get our other cat off of insulin last fall and she’s been in remission ever since. If you want kind folks who genuinely care about your pets, definitely come here.

Lilly Sellati

3 years ago

This vet hospital is full of careless and cruel people who only want to extort money from pet owners. I just brought my dog for all her yearly vaccines and tests, which cost almost $300 and included tests that they didn't tell me about ahead of time! They also repeatedly badgered me about buying the more expensive monthly heartworm & tick meds from them. Then less than two weeks later I get a note in the mail saying that they didn't do the rabies vaccine and I now have to pay them another $70 just to walk in the door before you even consider the cost of the vaccine itself. DO NOT TRUST THESE PEOPLE!!!!

Lisa Feliconio

3 years ago

I brought my cats here for the past 17 years and I never had an issue or complaint. The service and care was always excellent. Dr. Farrell was the best! He retired a year ago and its just not the same. I took my 2 cats here a few weeks ago. Dr. Stuart conducts herself poorly. She was defensive when her front desk associate made a big mistake on my bill by saying everyone makes mistakes. She took no ownership and instead of diffusing the situation, she escalated it. She tried cover the mistake and say my bill was shocking because my cat needs future work that was expensive. I cancelled a future appoint for a tooth extraction on my youngest cat plus bloodwork, a loss of $600. Sorry Dr. Stuart it's not the mistake it's your actions.

Natalie Lamothe

4 years ago

I have been brining my dog Dooley here for a little over 6 months. He is a rescue and very shy. The doctors and staff here have been incredibly helpful to us as we learn how to best care for our shy pup. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful vet so close to home!


4 years ago

We’ve been taking our pets to this vet for years. The practice was amazing when Dr. Dunn was still working there. Now that he has left the place has changed for the worse. The vet we seen was a nasty woman named Dr. Stewart who was incredibly rude. We were a week overdue for our INDOOR cat’s rabies shot. She attacked us as if we were terrible pet owners and was incredibly disrespectful. She has the worst bedside manner I’ve ever seen in my life and will never go to that vet clinic ever again. Stay away from Dr. Stewart!

Marla Ackerley

4 years ago

I have been bringing my dogs to the Mount Carmel Veterinary Hospital since I moved to Hamden in 2011. I wish I could rate them higher than 5 Stars! They have supported me through the years with general veterinary care ~ through emergencies and through major surgical procedures. Over the years Dr. Stewart, and Dr. William Farrell and their skilled clinical staff have cared for my dogs ~ Rusty and Dakota until their passing in 2016 and 2017 ~ and now for my new family members ~ Nellie and Ninja Belle. I wouldn’t trust my dogs’ care to anyone else!

Michael Bushey

4 years ago

Dr. Farrell grate doctor Mount carmel Veterans has the best employees

S_ Ellis

4 years ago

The Inadequate receptionist KATE forgot to give me my rabies tag when my dog was vaccinated. I called back the next day, she told me that it should have been taped onto the initial paper work. I had informed her that I was not aware they gave the shot until receiving an invoice the next day. She continued to say rudely they do not replace tags, I again reiterated that I had never received one in the first place. I will never go back to this place due to red head KATES rude behavior. I advise u use ridge hill. Ps...Watch the owner respond with some elaborate dismissal of my complaint as she's done with the other negative complaints....Spend your money and your time elsewhere

Tony Rivera

4 years ago

They truly care about the pets they see, awesome!

Angela Christine

4 years ago

I have been coming to Dr. Stewart since 2014 with 4 of my personal dogs, 1 cat and roughly 10 or so fosters and rescues. She’s a remarkable vet and a fantastic woman. I have learned so much about standard of care with her. She calls to check in, follows up with emails, gives blood results on weekends - not enough can be said about her. She sets the bar - I actually enjoy going down and learning about my dogs needs.

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