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2 years ago

It started with a simple call the receptionist was unwilling to find out answers for my questions. She just said “I don’t know “ to several of my questions. I asked if she could ask the vet for a recommendation she told me the vets were in the rooms with animals …which I totally understand but she never offered to take my information and find out and get back with me, This was the worst customer service I have received in a long time. I hope administration reads this review. This young lady had a superficial fake kindness to her, kept calling me “hun” today December 26 at 1 o’clock so whoever was working the desk needs to be professionally trained

Miss Kitty

2 years ago

Love the receptionists! They make me smile ????

Patricia Adway

2 years ago

The vet people are very friendly like their attitude thank you for your service

Shaun Havanec

2 years ago

I brought my first dog to these folks for years. Had a pet plan with them. They always did a decent job. Now I have two dogs, both with pet plans: In the last year, it’s nearly impossible to squeeze in any appointment when two years ago it was no issue; their phone is nearly always disconnected, claiming their office is closed during normal business hours; they do not call to remind you of a pending appointment anymore; I see little reason to be paying $78.00 per month when each time I’ve had to see them, I’m referred to the local vet hospital instead. Free office visit goes from being free—covered by my monthly pet plan fee—to at least $110.00+ each time at a local vet hospital. After yesterday’s call to Manchester—the vet office I first transferred from for their unprofessional handling of an issue with my dog nearly ten years ago—and my current dog’s issue being brushed under the rug, to seeing they have a two week wait for just an appointment...this vet clinic has lost it’s reliability for me. As soon as this pet plan’s subscription is up, I’ll be cancelling; in the meantime, I’m looking elsewhere for a new vet today. I suggest anyone reading these reviews do the same. *EDIT: The response below my review is garbage. It’s corporate speak: They have no intention of fixing their issues.* I’ve already contacted the Wellness Care program—which took 20 minutes to get through to a live person—and cancelled the renewal. Those reading this, keep in mind that they lock you into the Wellness Care “deal” for a year—there’s an early cancellation fee associated with it. I’ll reiterate: Find a decent local vet and research reliable pet health insurance—Banfield is NOT worth it.

Tishita Ai

2 years ago

There is a serious lack of communication and understanding of appointment times. I wait almost 1 and a half last time. This time when it go to be 30 minutes. I gave up . Because clearly this is going to repeat itself. I don't understand if you are overbooking or not taking consideration to how much time a patient may need. But I would hire a consultant to help you.

Christine Barr

2 years ago

Dr Cerulli & Dr Benadek and all the staff are wonderful, compassionate professionals.

Zachariah Zannoni

2 years ago

Great vet. Short wait time, does as much as possible for your animal.

Bianca Izquierdo

2 years ago

I showed up for my dogs 11:30am appt and they were seen at around 12:20-12:30. I asked why they were being seen so late and I was told “it’s not our fault if other people show up late for their appts”. I said then shouldn’t they be rescheduled? Not a good start. I told the tech who took them that I needed the Lyme vaccine and heart worm test. They come back and I asked about the Lyme vaccine. She said “they’re too old”. I said are you sure? Because what happens if they get Lyme? She said “then we would treat it best we could”. I pushed further and she said oh they actually need a booster.. I truly don’t know what’s going on there with Dr. Benedek and any other “veterinary professional” as nothing was done that I asked and they even did another vaccine without my consent - and it was a long, chaotic experience while I waited 1.5 hours in my car during the heat wave with it running. So now my dogs aren’t vaccinated against my wishes and medical science!!! Thanks Banfield of Glastonbury!!!

Diane Buzzout

2 years ago

Confirmed the day before for an appointment at 2pm; on the call I was informed it was at 2:15pm. I tripled checked with them on a 2:15 appointment because my phone was dropped into a pool and I did not have a replacement and didn't expect to by the appointment. I was also traveling 22 miles to get to this hospital. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances (bad series of events) I arrived at 2:17 PM (2 minutes late). We can't see you because your appointment was 2 pm. Project manager tells me I can wait in the 102 degree weather for the rest of the afternoon and maybe my dog can be seen by the vet today. My word against theirs and I wasn't offered another appointment for another day. Why? Because I waited over a month for this one. Who took my visit time today? I will steer people away from this facility.

Grim reaper

2 years ago

Technicians are so helpful and I learned alot for my dog thank you guys

Luke Connell

2 years ago

UPDATED EDITED REVIEW 1 STAR I never thought that after Banfield Glastonbury responded to my review that I would have to downgrade my review from 2 stars to 1 star. On my below review you can see "the owner" responded and asked me to reach out to the Banfield Cares team. I did that and received a response that they forwarded my comments back to Glastonbury ("the owner") and I would hear back within 3-5 business days. That was May 13th. That was 10 business days ago and I have yet to hear anything. It's crazy that a local location would direct you to corporate who just directs you back to the local hospital and then you don't hear anything. So moving on, we arrive at today when Copper had a follow up appointment to get his Lyme vaccine. Our appointment was at 3:30. Banfield again was 30 minutes late to take Copper due to a variety of excuses such as they said copper's appointment was at 3:15 (i have screenshots showing 3:30 and confirmed his appointment via phone yesterday for 3:30). Banfield also said they were short staffed (they seem to be short staffed every day). Not only were they 30 minutes late but they charged $44 for an office visit for a skin rash that they didn't diagnose correctly last time (they still haven't even diagnosed it they just keep trying different shampoos and medications). It's extremely unfortunate that the Glastonbury location doesn't have the resources or staff that they need to run on time or provide adequate care. A bad customer experience has now become a horrible customer experience. It's almost like they make you wait an absurd amount of time so that when they give you a bill that's probably up for dispute you're so frustrated at waiting in your car for an hour that you just pay it. I would not recommend the Banfield Glastonbury location to anyone due to their nickel and diming, inability to run on time, price gouging (prices on medications are absurd compared to Petco) and a big corporate feel that gives off a feeling of not caring at all for the pets that owners are trusting Banfield to care for. Original Review - 2 Stars I write it this as I’ve been sitting in the parking lot for 45 minutes waiting for a technician to come get Cooper for his appointment. Copper has been a patient of Banfield for almost 18 months. Our experience has been mixed. The staff at the Glastonbury office is fantastic and they’ve always taken good care of Copper. If you’re looking for quality of care we have no complaints. Unfortunately the customer experience has been horrendous. We did the wellness plan which unfortunately is not worth the price so we canceled after 12 months. If your dog is healthy and only needs regular check ups and shots, the value isn’t there for the plan. The Glastonbury office is also unable to run on time. Copper had an 1130 appointment and it’s currently 12:15 and no one has come to get him. I’ve followed up 3 times and they don’t have a technician available yet. This is not the first time this has happened either. The office consistently runs behind schedule when we come in for visits. What’s the point of having appointments if there is no capacity to stay on schedule? If they could fix the scheduling issues I would be able to leave a positive review but given that this has happened multiple times I would not recommend Banfield to others at this time.

Dick Grayson

2 years ago

Worst pet service I’ve ever been to. For a simple vaccination they blew out my dogs vein in his right and back foot and tried to blame it on him being hyper. My dog is old and barely even barks. Complete novices and an extreme money grab

Scott A

2 years ago

(Updated my review from 1 star to 3 stars) - If I could give the local office 4 stars and give their online and corporate employees negative stars then I would do that. What started out as an honest mistake by their staff ended with the corporate office trying to force me to pay hundreds of dollars that I did not legally owe. The Glastonbury manager Christine was wonderful and fair and helpful and I found their local staff to be very warm and kind and caring. That said, the corporate office is only interested in dollars and also not very ethical in the way that they seek to obtain those dollars. Consumers beware... but if you do have a problem, ask for Christine and hopefully she will help you to nagivate the corporate pitfalls.

ruben baez

2 years ago

Well i to my pup to get shots and you wait in your car till they finish

Melissa Averill

2 years ago

Rude staff, can't schedule online anymore, wouldn't see my dog when she had an emergency. Cancelled our pet plan and will take to the vet that actually cared for her during her emergency.

Kim Moore

3 years ago

They have always taken great care of our pup!

Renaldi Dixon

3 years ago

Reign was so nervous on the way to Banfield, but after meeting Erin, she was good to go. Afterwards, we went to get her toys and treats and went to get human treats (lol).

Damari Grossi

3 years ago

I have yet to be here and I’m already annoyed. I made an appointment online, as suggested, over a month ago, and the day before my appointment they called and said they were booked out and couldn’t see my dog. And then they said it was in the system as a skin allergy, which they didn’t have time for, when that wasn’t the case. I double checked my confirmation email to make sure I didn’t put it in wrong and I put it in correctly: New Pet. I called the day my appointment was supposed to be to make sure because I had to call out of work to get this appointment and they said they don’t confirm online appointment me until the day before and that’s why it booked out. Seems a little unprofessional to have clients book online just to not confirm the appointment until it’s too late. I’m not some stay at home person who can call out of work all the time. I was able to get another appointment in 2 weeks but the point is that they cancelled on me the day before the appointment after I’ve already called out of work and now I need to call out of work again. Wasting my time. If the care my dog gets isn’t outstanding I’ll definitely be leaving another review.

Dot B

3 years ago

My five year old dog Caleb have been going to Banfield every since he was born and every checkup, dental appointment and etc. has been a great experience for me and my pet. The veterinarians and staff members are very caring and professional. I love how they always call me the next day to check on your him even if he's had the smallest procedure done.????

Eric Verona

3 years ago

Nice people and great care for Buttercup

Karissa Wingate

3 years ago

Fine for regular visits, because they're so cheap. God help you if you have an actual issue. They didnt run "full" blood panels, didn't detect dog's massive lump, and didnt refer to a real vet. They dont even have the tools a real vet has or the ability to read diagnostics properly. Do not take your sick pets here. Complete money grab.

Meli Bee

3 years ago

I have been using this very for years. I trust both Dr. Benedek and Dr. Cerulli completely with my aging and fractious cat. The plans here can be a good way to get affordable vet care. That being said, owning a pet is expensive regardless if you look after them properly, and sadly not everyone is aware of this before they get into a health crisis with their pet. As Dr. Cerulli is my pet's main doctor, I can comment mostly on her veterinary services. She is kind, trustworthy, will listen to/address your concerns in a timely fashion, and will do whatever she can to help your pet. Highly recommended.

Trey Wesson

3 years ago

Amazing people! Amazing facility! Happy fur baby!

Katie Lind

3 years ago

Knowledgeable and friendly staff. Very helpful.

Michelle Ranney

3 years ago

The staff are all so nice and caring towards our dog. They are very patient and allow the time needed in giving all the information for a good experience with their facility. The best part is you can not have been there for months and they remember you and your dog when you arrive. They do their homework.????????

Donna Dalessio

3 years ago

Caring, understanding nature for both pooch and doggy Mom.

K Holce

3 years ago

The people are extremely nice. The processes are very frustrating. They seem more preoccupied with selling additional services than doing what you ask for. The folks who make appointments do not make computer notes of the things you specify. Then because the techs are now talking to you in the lobby instead of in exam rooms with a computer is easier for them to forget what you ask for. Eight months ago I brought my dogs in to have their teeth cleaned. I told them when I made the appointment that the dogs were current on vaccines from a different vet. They failed to note that in the computer. When I arrived to drop them off, they did not ask me about records, which I had emailed to them previously. When I went to pick them up, the tech told me they had been given all their other vaccines and just needed their rabies. I was horrified, especially since they were not due for rabies shots for another 2 years. Six months ago when I brought my dogs in for their annual visit I advised they needed to come back for Bordatella in 6 months, due to our day camp's requirement. Apparently, the tech did not put it in the computer. When I made the appointment for them to come in for the Bordatella, they told me it was time for Leptospirosis, but still didn't put the Bordatella in the system. Then today I told the tech they needed Bordatella. Upon receiving my email receipt, I found they did not give them Bordatella. Because they need it for camp, I had to drive back 30 minutes. I understand everyone is adjusting for Covid, but instead of calling you to come in when they are ready or putting you in exam rooms until they are ready, they have you hanging out in their lobby with several other people and their dogs. I will not be renewing my annual membership.

Donna Kurzweil

3 years ago

I’ve been trying to contact them by phone the phone rings about 4 to 5 times then goes to busy! I was able to leave a message , but never get called back!

Gregory Jackson

3 years ago

One stop shop, vet grooming & daycare ALL in 1

J Douglas

3 years ago

Initially i was apprehensive about the drop-off service bc my shepherd has separation anxiety. But I certainly understood with covid 19 and all. The staff was great, friendly, and obviously loves animals, and my pooch wasn't stressed but was content and happy at the the end of her visit. I'd recommend Banfield to everyone

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