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2 years ago

DO NOT GO HERE. A lot of new families have moved to the area and may not know, Dr. Amr Wasfi has animal cruelty charges against him and has killed many pets. Other stories of fake injuries to get more money out of people and prescriptions that they don’t need. He is a scam artist and the Board has allowed him to practice again while he still has the charges.

Juan Hoy

2 years ago

My experience with this Bet, has been nothing short of excellent, he has the necessary talent to diagnose and treat

Gabriel Service

2 years ago

The fact that this place is still open after all of this torture and death that happened last year is a disrespect to the community.

Xavier Garcia

3 years ago

My dog got a huge cut on her leg and no other Vet was available. I called them and they told me they could take her in even though they already closed. The Vet was real nice and patient. He took her in and kept her overnight. My dog was already walking better in the morning even after stitches.


3 years ago

I loved this vet, honesty, affordable price and he treated my dog really good.

Arthur Wilkins

3 years ago

Made my cat look like a baby

bridie MurrayHagan

3 years ago

My dog cut her leg (again!)escaping over the garden fence on Monday and Dr Wasfi did an excellent surgery on it yesterday and I was able to bring her home same day. She is now recuperating at home with antibiotics and iIhave cut the strip of barbed wire I found on bottom fence. My other puppy dog had her vaccinations there Monday morning, so we have been twice this week. Very reasonable prices and my animals are not nervous at all there which is a good sign of gentleness.

chichi jack of all trades

3 years ago

My family and I take are dogs to waspy for years now never had a problem, waspy actually saved my dogs life, I recommend him.

Josel Nathan Duque'

3 years ago

Dr. Wasfi is awesome and right to the point. He's reasonable with pricing. I've been going there for over ten years. My baby is 17 years old and still going strong. Thanks Dr. Wasfi!

Kristin Stunzi

3 years ago

Excellent veterinarian Very knowledgeable Removed a large tumor from my dog and she healed wonderfully Definitely recommend

Megan Bryan

3 years ago

Will kill your pets, and make you pay for it. Do not EVER send you pets here. This Vet was charged twice for several animal cruelty cases.

Patrick Baker

3 years ago

He did as agreed, i was a tad concerned w the negative reviews, BUT, he did remove a dozen tags, tumors ,and growths from my 11 yo Jack Russel. And he did it for HALF of the other Vets outrageous price. Cant believe read and especially w dr reviews, as there will ALWAYS be those who dont heal, or worse. It doea happen.

Susan Turcsany

3 years ago

I have been taking my dogs and cats to Dr.Wasfi for over 25 years. He is extremely knowledgeable and the best veterinarian I have ever gone to. Has saved many of my pets in life/death situations. He does not try to rip you off with unnecessary tests, and has fair prices. I don't care if the office is not fancy, I am not paying for the ambiance but just want quality pet car with someone who is an expert. Would not trust my pets to anyone else. He truly cares about animals. Susan Turcsany

Jennie Eisner

4 years ago

I pray to God any person who brings their pet to this facility has seen the article regarding his INHUMANE treatment of a dog. No excuses whatsoever for what happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!

angela silva

4 years ago

saved the life of my bengalcat twice, he is an excellent veterinarian, I have much confidence in his work.

Helen Stone

4 years ago

He deserves the same treatment he has given the poor animals in his "care". Shame on anyone that worked there and DID NOT report him. A special place in hell for you.

elizabeth Laura

4 years ago

On behalf of animal lovers out there beware : Please do not bring your animals to black Rock animal hospital, I took my dog there for pain in his leg, they said he needed a operation that would last 4 days, for a whole month they was giving me the run around, I finally went there today with the cops to get the dog from there, look how much weight my dog lost being there, the operation looks fresh cause it's still bleeding, even the one of the workers told me take the dog cause he's not doing good there, now I'm at another animal hospital to see what we could do with him, mind you they got paid $3,400 to give me back a dog no where in good shape, so please every one who has animal's, do not bring your animals there cause this is what you get back.......... (J.V.B)

Forrest Mendez

4 years ago

Best Vet Very Reasonible Loves All Animals

Erica A

4 years ago

I just called his office 5/22/2019 and this snake of So called Dr Wasfi answered. I can’t believe he is in the vet office after being accused or animal abuse and larceny. Do your research pet owners!!!!! He will abuse your pet!!!!!!!!! Stay away!!! Apparently our laws are a damn joke as this vet is still in his business taking in the pets of uninformed pet owners!!! Please please DO NOT take your voiceless pet here.

Gabriella C

4 years ago

Nothing to complain! I took my cat few times there and he did a great job! ...


4 years ago

I just read the police information regarding Black Rock Animal Hospital's sadistic veterinarian. What kind of vet clinic allows and condones animal cruelty?

Norma Santiago

4 years ago


Paul Simard

4 years ago

DO NOT BRING YOUR ANIMALS HERE! Just search the name of this business and you will see the ill doings of this evil doctor. Stay away!!

Raymond Veillette

4 years ago

I've been bringing my 3 dogs here and my cat for years. Great, caring vet.

Rita Weed

4 years ago

He performed 3 unnecessary surgeries on my cat and I discovered this when I brought kitty to another vet. Furthermore her leg was broken I noticed that immediately as she had been tied down. Kitty hated him I should have gotten a clue from that growling and now at new vet she is quiet and well behaved. I will never go here again and hope his license is revoked for animal cruelty

Rosie Padro

4 years ago


Sara Van Allen

4 years ago

Vet was recently arrested for animal cruelty.

Tara Klein

4 years ago

This animal hospital is run by veterinarian, Dr. Wasfi. Dr. Wasfi was arrested in May 2019 and is being charged with animal cruelty, starving dogs and performing unnecessary surgeries.

The Quarantine Cook

4 years ago

Just read a horrible Facebook post about them keeping someone’s dog for a month ! When it was supposed to be a surgery and 4 day recovery , he got his dog back in horrible condition and had to do so with the police ! Screw that ! Don’t take a Chance on your pets safety

Uliana schuchak

4 years ago

I’ve never been here but I have heard a lot of stories on famous from multiple people sharing other people’s stories. This doctor has killed many animals and I seeing this stuff happening over and over from one place should say something. I hope he loses his license and lives in jail. And if not we’ll, DO NOT GO HERE!!!!!

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