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Grizzley 335

2 years ago

Very professional and friendly.

Kristine Cormier

2 years ago

They take excellent care of all the animals at the shelter & make sure they are adopted to good homes.

Joanne Bugai

2 years ago

We had the privilege of adopting a very precious dog from Dog Star Rescue. Gillian was our contact and made the adoption flow very smoothly. This rescue is professional and thorough. The volunteers are a very special group. My deepest thanks to Gillian for all her assistance.

Kevin Ferry

2 years ago

Fantastic dog rescue organization located in Bloomfield, CT. July 15, 2022 is the Ferrylaw-Dogstar Rescue Golf outing at Timberline Golf Club in Berlin.

Jennifer Martin

2 years ago

We had a wonderful experience with Dog Star Rescue! As Veterans, we would absolutely adopt from them again in the future, even with a 3.5 hour drive each way. We’re so in love with our sweet girl and couldn’t have asked for a better adoption experience. Thank you for ensuring all of these animals go to the right homes. ❤️

Kristi Truong

2 years ago

My husband and I were looking to adopt a dog and found DSR through Google. I'm glad I didn't read through some of the negative reviews here or we would have never met our perfect pup during their Saturday event at their headquarters. We found them to be organized and efficient. We had only submitted the pre approval form the night prior, but when we spoke to a screener about Arlo, they pulled up our application on the spot and said to give them 20 minutes to call our references! It was incredibly fast and we were able to pick up our pup on Monday after looking through his history and medical records. He has since been settling in over this past week and has had no problems whatsoever. He's the perfect complement to our life and we're glad to have him. I appreciate the effort and work DSR puts into making sure the dogs and their families are good fits, as well as trying to quickly find homes for their dogs. They've been professional and pleasant, and their events can be relaxed and casual to best showcase their dogs. I would highly recommend them!

Janice Bergin

2 years ago

This rescue was very professional and was very honest about the rescue. I absolutely love my rescue pup. She is the kindest, friendliest dog I ever had ❤️

Jan Hebert-Parmenter

2 years ago

Wonderful day! A bit chaotic but with 30 new dogs it would be hard not to be. We love our new dog! ????

Andrew Krol

2 years ago

We adopted Dart today. We could not be happier!! I was going to buy another dog from a breeder but my wife talked me into adopt a dog. I am so happy she talked me into it. My hats are off to the husband and wife that had foster him. I will recommend to people to adopt a dog from this organization.

Ashley Nolan

2 years ago

I adopted my dog, Frankie, through Dogstar Rescue in May of 2020. The volunteer that approved me for my dog was wonderful, kind, and helpful (shoutout to JoAnne). The adoption process was very straightforward and, given that I adopted my dog in the height of the pandemic when I could not meet her in person, I appreciated all of the communication I received and the virtual home visit. The second best part of adopting through Dogstar (first best is obviously my dog) is the supportive community of alumni and volunteers in their Facebook group who provided me with great advice and insight on being a first time dog Mom and helping me find the best trainer for Frankie.

Amanda LaDouceur

2 years ago

They are not honest and you need to ask to read all the paperwork. Got a dog that they claimed to be 15months old. The vet we go to said there is no way this dog is 15months and closer to 3 or 4 YEARS old. Didn't look at the paper work on the dog to realize they didn't cover their track by having two different birthdays. They also told us he was on this specific diet but not that it was a prescription needed that only one store carries it. After all this I don't know what to believe about the dog and their history.

Brian Mullen

2 years ago

Awesome organization. Vetting process is spot on. They are very accommodating. Helped us make a perfect match for our existing dog.

Carol Simon

2 years ago

They were so helpful and cared.

Drew Tower

2 years ago

They got the coolest dogs there!!!!!!????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Jim Fromerth

2 years ago

Great friendly facility to adopt a dog ????

Jeff Smith

2 years ago

We rescued a dog from here. The staff was amazing. When I get my fence totally up which I am hoping is soon. I am going to adopt another dog.

Karolin Betoush

2 years ago

We just adopted a great dog named pancake


2 years ago

Pancake is a dream! Loved how they handled the adoption event.

Felecia Mandeville

3 years ago

Thorough process for applications and opportunities for meet and greets and rescue events.

Melody Leary

3 years ago

Please consider other rescue operations before engaging with DSR. After going through their “structured & defined adoption process”, and being approved to adopt, DSR took back a dog who had been licensed and assimilated into a loving family based on hearsay & unsubstantiated false rumors made by a vindictive individual. DSR did not bother to verify the lies and just demanded the dog be returned. They wouldn’t even listen to reason when requests were made to investigate the outrageous claims. Emotionally, the family is devastated & cannot understand why malicious lies weren’t investigated before DSR took the pet. Caution is highly warranted when dealing with this business.

Mark DeNicolo

3 years ago

Great team of caring volunteers and fosters. Adoption process is thorough but fair. They want the best homes for their rescues

Miner Memorial Library

3 years ago

Friendly and patient volunteers walked me through the adoption process to help find my new best friend!

Warren Knight

3 years ago

My sister and her husband adopted a dog from this rescue. They are good people and would have provided a good home. I say would because the President of the rescue asked that the dog be returned after one week based on unsubstantiated claims against my sister by another of my sisters who is estranged from the family and is very vindictive. Apparently this organization and its President are not very professional or reliable when they can be swayed by a person with a grudge. They admit they based their decision on her input and are afraid of her because she is a dog catcher in a neighboring town and believe her to be a person of authority. ???????? The President couldn't even be bothered to respond to my request to speak with him. Very unprofessional. So sad for the pup who had a great home.

Natalie T

3 years ago

I was approved and showed up to an in person adoption.I was chastised by a staff member(Jennifer) because i wanted a guard dog. I was told “dogs are no trained to be guard dogs”. I have a special need son and an elderly mom, i was looking for a dog to alert us of strangers at the door. Jennifer attempted to treat me as if I was going to train my pup to fight dogs or attack people!!! DONT go through the process to be approved to only to be told NO. Maybe because I was black who knows.

Racine Miller

3 years ago

Great animals so living. Excellent place to adopt from

Jones Mark

3 years ago

Outstanding they have a great business

Juan Lopez

3 years ago

My family and I adopted a 9 month old from them. We were told the dog was good with children which was not fully accurate and I'll explain why. I have 2 small children. We were new to being dog owners. The adoption was a quick process. The first day with the dog was fine however over the next couple of days we noticed that the dog would act a particular way towards my children which led to my children being afraid of her. My family did not feel safe so we decided to return the dog to the foster parents. We found out that the dog was good with children from the foster parents however, the dog interacted with children who lived in the area and not in the foster home. I felt we were mislead. We had the dog for less than a week and decided for the best interest and safety of my children that we return her to the foster parents as we were not the right fit. This occurred in early March of this year. The foster parents responded better than Dog Star which was shocking. We were told by the foster parents that someone would call me from Dog Star. No one ever called me at all. When asking for a refund, it took a them over 2 weeks to inform me that i needed to email their president. I emailed their president on June 1st and sent another email last week.Tonight i finally got a response and I was told that I would not get a refund due to the contract and not having her for the 2 week period. Then their president had the audacity to inform me that the same dog was adopted by another family and there were no issues reported. While that is good news, it was no longer my concern and shows that my childrens safety does not matter to them. My wife and I support the adoption of pets but we would never do business with Dog Star as some of their values and policies are questionable. We understand that it takes time for pet and family to adjust however if it doesnt feel like the right fit then its not the right fit.

Julie Chen

3 years ago

We had high hopes for this place. The staff seemed nice. But I got the sense the first time I visited that it was utterly disorganized. Their adoption events are confusing. Often any information shared via email about their events doesn't match what's posted on their website, or what they tell you in person. When you arrive, it's like they expect you to know how everything works, but their emails don't detail things. This was the last straw: We planned our weekend around an adoption event at the Farmington Polo Grounds, which was emailed to us. We drove there, and it looked empty. There were other cars looking for the event as well, including one of THEIR volunteers. No event. The grounds staff had no clue about it, but they mentioned that an event that the grounds was going to have was cancelled days before, because of a power outage. We got no email of a cancellation or anything. Clearly no one bothered to tell their volunteer. As we left, my husband went to the website and saw that they only posted about a change of venue there. So, they had days knowing that they had changed their venue and didn't bother sending an update to their mailing list, nor bothered notifying their volunteers? Also, other people looking to adopt are rude and cut in front of anyone in line to meet a dog, and the staff doesn't care.

Kathleen Carney

3 years ago

Meet and greet extremely well organized. Very compassionate understanding of furnaces and humans.


3 years ago

My experience with the dog i adopted was terrifying. I picked up the dog and the dog in front of the volunteers displayed aggressive behavior and their response to that was help me andget the dog in my car. I was terrified of the dog, after 3 days, my husband said we have to bring her back and i was glad because the dog needed alot of attention, training and help! Professional help. From the food and toy aggression to attempting to attack my neighbors 10 year old I was glad we were bringing her back. I mainly wanted a dog that would get along with children because i have little neices, but i was lied to they said the dog was great with children and she wasn’t. When we brought her back my husband and I attempted to tell their behavior coordinator how the dog was and he bluntly said “I don’t care!” They posted the dog back up for adoption and continue to say kids are okay with this dog which is not TRUE! And the dog is not the age they claim she is. I am disappointed i wanted to rescue a dog, but this place put the fear in me to be able to try and adopt a rescue again.

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Dog Star Rescue, Connecticut, Bloomfield

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