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Kayleigh Lapointe

2 years ago

So I bought a puppy from here in November and she hasn't been growing and I was super confused bc I have the same breed at home. Well I ended up doing a DNA test on her and she is a chihuahua mixed with a Boston terrier but she was sold to me as a PURE BREED BOSTON TERRIER. So it is false advertisement. Now I am hiring a lawyer because they told me they sold me a pure breed and gave me fake papers and she is a chihuahua main blood line! I am super disappointed especially since they charged me a arm and a leg for this dog.

Rebecca Crockett

2 years ago

If i could leave zero stars, I would. My boyfriend and I recently bought our lab puppy from the Dog House, they said he had been checked by their vet twice and was all set, less than a week later the puppy was diagnosed with kennel cough that turned into pneumonia. Currently putting the dog through treatments, we are hoping he makes it. We then found out through several Vet visits, (and thousands of dollars) the Dog House was kicked out of the state of Mass for their inhumane care for dogs. You will without a doubt be sold a sick puppy from this establishment. DON’T adopt from here.

Easmon Monique

2 years ago

Horrific smell. These dogs are sick in the eyes

Jacqueline Otero

2 years ago

In April of 2020 i schedule an appointment to see the pups they have available for adoption. I was greed and bring to meet a couple of them.OMG right of the back i fall in love with a Shiba Inu pup, the lady in charge explain everything about him including health problems( hip dysplasia), breed, care,etc. Took him home and he is our forever baby. He is playfull, silly, love playing catch and running around the yard. He just turn 1 year and we looking for a brother.

Jocelyn Guevara

2 years ago

Edit after they responded that they never got my emails: This emailed address is on my paperwork. I’ve also called and the owner refuses to take my calls. I have emailed them at this new email address and they haven’t answered either. I’m gathering all of my documents and emails and will return with an edited review after I get a response from the owner, if I EVER GET ONE. Initial email sent thanksgiving day, today is December 18th (that should say it all) For now, do not purchase a puppy here!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shalom G

2 years ago

Friendly staff I bought my teacup Chihuahua ???? there he is adorable.

Brooklyn Aryn

2 years ago

I bought my dog, Scrappy here a little over a year ago. I spent about $4,000 after taxes, they said he was a Pom-chi (I have the paperwork that says he’s a pom-chi as well that they gave me) and turns out he’s a chiweenie mix so that was a bit upsetting for the paying that price and not even getting the breed I paid for. My dog has had good health so far, as well as he became my best friend so I give this place 3 stars because they brought me to him.

Carly Hunter

2 years ago

I bought Luna almost a year ago. She was sick when I got her (and the dog house was great at reimbursing me for this since it took place during the reimbursement period). However, Luna has had medical problem after problem. When I purchased her I was told that she was a lab shepherd mix. However, it turns out she is a lab whippet mix. If I had known her true breed at the time, I probably would not have picked her because she and my cat don’t get along, as whippets have a very high prey drive (and yes I have brought professional trainers into the situation in attempts to fix this). Furthermore, due to genetic issues, she has bilateral luxating patellas which now require surgery. Although I love Luna, I have spent almost $20,000 on her just in the first year due to all the medical issues from her poor genes. I gave 2 stars for the customer service at the time of purchase and during the initial reimbursement period.

Kimberly Davis

2 years ago


Tiffany Ruiz

2 years ago

Definitely would not recommend purchased a beautiful German Shepard female from the and she passed away 2 months after her second birthday from a genetic disease I was unaware she was disposed to get from her parents. I was told her parents were healthy and so was she at the vet we were told about this but we’re already attached to her thanks to this my kids had to lose there friend and I over paid for a sick dog please don’t buy from them

Victoria Harris

2 years ago

It’s sad … when you want to rescue a dog and they make it so hard for you to adopt one and the out rages asking price of $5500 …. You tend to wonder why people go to puppy mills it’s a shame… i’m not saying rescue dogs are any less in value by all means I have rescued four and I have never paid the price of what this place is asking.

Stephen S.

2 years ago

Came in late and wanted to check out some pups. The staff very friendly and they stayed late for us and ended up adopting a puppy. Place was very clean and the staff beyond friendly. Would recommend to anyone

Cameron Garber

2 years ago

We had a good experience there we got our two fur babies.

Bradley Cantara

2 years ago

They take great care of these pups! If you need help just talk to Iris she's wonderful! I'm on number 3 and these pups are the best ????

Adrienne Neumann

2 years ago

Purchased a very sick puppy. My puppy required extensive medical help. He was supposed to be a miniature and his paperwork said standard size, however, they assured me that he was a miniature dachshund.

Honee Dew2

2 years ago

Our first fur baby rescue was from the dog house 12 yrs ago. Sadly, Lady, passed away a year ago. We miss her something awful! Then we met Apollo at the dog house. He is thee best! Iris, thank u so much for helping us find our new family member ❤

Jenny Laboy

2 years ago

I have my dog Luna from here and it was the best decision i ever made to get her Iris was the lady that my husband and i was dealing with at the time of purchase and she was great thank u Iris

Melissa Lauretti

2 years ago

In February I randomly went into the dog house, I was promptly greeted. I saw two boxers puppies a male and female and instantly feel in love with the female. I went back that evening with my husband and kids. We ended up putting a deposit down on the female boxer. The communication through the entire process was awesome. Erin the manager text me updates, sent me pictures and follow up on everything. I love my sweet girl so very much and I am very pleased and thankful to have her in our lives. She’s 9 months old now and every vet appointment she’s been nothing, but healthy. She’s well mannered and was easy to train!

Kendra Chase

2 years ago

A wonderful rescue. Thank you all for what you do.

Rakesh Gupte

2 years ago

We recently got our chocolate lab puppy from here. Puppy is doing great and has very good demeanor.

Sheila Talbot

2 years ago

My Daughter purchased a 10 week old Chocolate Lab from here on June 16th around 1:30pm. By 4:30pm on June 17th the puppy was admitted too the CT Veterinary Hospital due to mild-moderate dehydration & Gastroenteritis. They had too keep the puppy in ICU for over 24hrs! Almost $2,000 later the puppy is now home where she will be well taken care of & loved. The funny part is that in the paperwork The Doghouse tells you too email them BEFORE taking a new puppy too an emergency vet if it’s after hours. However, if we had waited for them too respond the Puppy most definitely would not have survived! I emailed them this afternoon around 1:00pm with all documentation requesting to be reimbursed as their policy states- still NO RESPONSE. Just imagine if I emailed them BEFORE taking this poor sick puppy too the hospital. I’ll give it until Monday afternoon THE ABSOLUTE LATEST for a response & refund the money that was spent too save this puppies life. After that- an Attorney will be involved. If just ONE puppy was this sick it breaks my heart too imagine the condition of these other helpless fur babies.

CiCi L

2 years ago

All friends and family who have went to this business for pets expressed to me that their pets from this place come extremely sick as well as issues such as anxiety. Personally, will be looking elsewhere.

Denise Heeder

2 years ago

Cute kitties, but I wouldn't have ever found the place if not for the help of 2 extremely kind women 15 minutes away! Need to give better directions, especially when the person is coming 1.5 hours away.


2 years ago

Horrible smell the moment you walk in. Heartbreaking.

Cami Rogers

3 years ago

Honestly, as a vet tech, I was very skeptical at first. I wasn’t really in the market for another dog, but for fun I went in anyway, and of course, ended up falling in love with one of the female black lab puppies that they had available. I was also extremely happy that she is AKC registerable - which means her parents are healthy enough for breeding! AKC does require certain health evaluations to be eligible for registration. It made my decision to bring her home that much easier. Besides coming with parasites (like all puppies do), she is a fantastic addition to our now full household. She’s happy, healthy, and so smart!!

Kinga Czerwonka

3 years ago

I saw a lot of mixed reviews but I got an adorable 4 month old boxer from here and I absolutely love him. The workers were very nice and I had no problem with them. The workers told me he is healthy and he is but they never told me about his heart murmurs. The dogs are a bit pricey but other than that, my experience with this place was good.

Loretta Bryda

3 years ago

Love it. We actually got a beautiful dog here. They were so nice and allowed us to spend time with puppies before we bought one. We are so happy with the little guy we got. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Stacy M

3 years ago

Would NOT recommend. My sister in law and her family just purchased a golden retriever “pure bread” puppy from them. They took him home and the dog started breathing heavy and passed out. They rushed him to the vet and he’s on a ventilator and staying over night. They don’t know if he’s going to make it through the night. We feel terrible for this animal and any others that are there. Looks like we aren’t the only ones who’ve had similar experiences. Also saw they are originally from Mass with some more questionable incidents. It’s disappointing when people try to make a buck off animals and treat them poorly. Update: the puppy did live. Unfortunately, they ended up taking him back and tried to blame us for the hour she was traveling home with the dog, they said he ate a rock. We went from the car, to the grass to potty and into the house. When asked for the pure bread paperwork, they said it’s lost. Then they were upset about our post and they’re no longer comfortable selling to us. (Like we’d want to purchase from them now.) Although we have pics of an open wound from their shots, which our vet described as horrific. They did refund the purchase price but the vet bill has yet to be refunded. We feel terrible that he has to go back to them, as they took no responsibility for what happened.

greg wilbur

3 years ago

Stepped up in major way, they really impressed me with how much they cared and went above and beyond to be sure our pup got the care she needed, and i would definitely recommend them!! Things happen and all you can expect as a customer is that a buisness is willing to step up and do what is needed to fix the problem once they are made aware of it and they did just that!!

Kerri Stoddard

3 years ago

I have visited The Dog House multiple times. The staff is wonderful and the facility is very clean. I would absolutely recommend people going here for their next puppy family member!

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