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Faith Cheshire

2 years ago

I would never recommend this place and I'll never go back again!! I'm VERY dissatisfied I would not recommend this place. I give it one star .I'd give it less if I could I would not recommend them. I can't even say that my pet was groomed at all and the rest of it was just unbelievably horrible

H Hjh

2 years ago

The Most Compassionate groomer around. Amazing work she and her mother does

TJ Martinez

3 years ago

Corey has groomed my dogs and cat for several years now and does a very good job, i would not trust them anywhere else!

Hol ly

3 years ago

I would give this place a rate of 1000 stars if possible This place is amazing. My service dog is so beautiful when she grooms her. Total Love and Compassion runs through her place. Couldn't find a better place than here. And they have the best back up in case of a problem, which NEVER happens, Dr.Jeff the Rocky Mountain Vet is in the same building. So come to Corrie's Pet Grooming and experience grooming with ❤Love❤ Holly

Margaret Clark

5 years ago

They are unusually good with my dog.

Rhea R

5 years ago

My cat was matted pretty badly. Corrie did such an amazing job! I was afraid we would have to sedate him but she handled him so well and he remained so calm. I HIGHLY recommend her for cat grooming.

tim armstrong

5 years ago

I had the worst experience in my life here. She charged 137.00 and my poor dog looks like crsp. She didn't even wash his face, nails not trimmed, ears uneven, there is a chunk taken out of one and almost clipped his ear. Long hair left everywhere on his face and head. I was told 55 and another 10 to sedate, it was 97 and 40. I will never return!!!!!

Edeizenia Triana

5 years ago

First time taking my dog to get her haircut, loved how she came out! Definitely would recommend this place to my friends and family!

Karen Hoover

5 years ago

I was so worried bringing in my naughty cat... thought for sure Corrie would need to put her under to groom her. I was so wrong! Corrie handled Luna perfectly, and Luna did great! I was completely shocked. She did a wonderful job and our little lion looks adorable. We will be back for sure. Thank you Corrie and staff :)

Lisa Zibor

5 years ago

Corrie has taken care of our dogs for years. awesome.

Baylee Crowell

6 years ago

They said they had an opening at 9 am so I dropped my two mini schnauzers off. Didn't hear anything from them by 2 pm so I called to see what was going on and the lady who answered the phone said they had not even shock. Communication is non existent there. I asked her why she told me that they had a 9 am opening and she told me that they've had a long day and she said that when my boyfriend called to book the appt. the evening before, that they were already booked up! why are you taking more appointments then?! Never returning. My poor boys locked up in there for 5 hours without food or water or a potty break!

Hannah Westover

6 years ago

Not many groomers want to do work on my 170 lbs dog. Leo is a Neapolitan mastiff and he is a handful! I wouldn't trust anyone other then Corrie and Dolly to clean up my Big boy. They are worth every Penny! No complaining here, my baby deserves the best and that is Corrie's Pet Grooming!

Kelly Perry

6 years ago

Love these ladies & grateful for their grooming services. Always amazed at how good my kitty's lion cut looks- we do it about 2x a year & have been regulars at Corrie's for years. She's patient and kind even with those "difficult" clients (like my cat)! Thanks for keeping my cat cool!

Sarah Porter

6 years ago

We were extremely dissatisfied with the service we received here. Our two year old son was recently diagnosed with leukemia and when this groomer was initially contacted they were made aware of this. When we dropped our dogs off later that week I asked them to cut their hair as short as possible without shaving them (I felt it necessary to state this specifically because these types of dogs don't normally get trimmed shorter). I picked them up about 7 hours later and they had been bathed and combed, but not cut at all. With a tip (which, honestly, they shouldn't have received) it cost $260. Outrageous considering they didn't even do the job we asked them to do. On top of that, she argued that they were never told about cutting their hair. I feel that if someone pays you to do a job, you should do the job and not argue that you were never told to do it.

Steve m

6 years ago

Really satisfied with the hair cut, most important is they treat the dogs like family.

Stacey Bassett

7 years ago

I thought Corrie was a very nice , friendly person and did a great job on my cat. She did charge $90 (for a quick shave) and her partner told me it would be around $70 , I thought it should've been cheaper than that , but overall I really appreciate a friendly person , Thanks again Corrie!!

Julie Spahn

7 years ago

Went there to get my two cats groomed and was charged $90.00 more than last year and did a crappy job! I will find another groomer! Too bad because they did a great job the first time.

Bret Dallas

7 years ago

Generally poor customer service and professionalism. Will not be going back.

Asher Shafton

8 years ago

Cut my dogs nail too short causing them to bleed. Terrible business and rude employees. I will never go again and neither should you.

BK Truong

8 years ago

what a nightmare of a place. Was fostering a stray poodle mix until owners would be found - super sweet, friendly dog, not in bad shape at all, looked like she had grooming done 3-4 months ago. Because of the hot weather, I wanted to get her trimmed but my regular groomer for my own dog was booked up weeks in advance. I call Corrie's for an appointment and after describing the dog to her she quotes me $45 - we agree it's not a standard poodle as those are huge, just a 15 lbs poodle-maybe bichon mutt. My husband drops off the dog and is quoted $65, he leaves her because he didn't know about the previous quote. I get home to a mess of a cut, uneven all-around, a couple of the nails not trimmed, her behind cut so close to the skin I'm surprised she wasn't bleeding - and the $20 overcharge! When I call to find out about the difference in price, I'm told it's because she was so matted and it turned out to be miniature poodle. Hmm, you had already decided to charge us more before even taken the shears to her and isn't a mini poodle smaller than a poodle mix- hence less work? She wasn't even badly matted - I know this because I had already snipped off some knots and mats here and there for her. When I point out these illogical reasons for the overcharge, she struggles to make sense of them and finishes with "I am sorry you are unhappy but there is nothing I can do." This place just makes up prices as they go. Fine if you charge according to size and condition of the dog, but tell your customers beforehand if there is going to be a sliding scale. And maybe come up with better reasons for ripping someone off?

Dean Slack

8 years ago

The groomer was very patient and kind with our cat. I recommend this groomer.

Ellen Petrie

8 years ago

She overcharged big time $90 and does a really crappy job on haircuts. It will be several months before he will need another hair cut. I am grateful she didn't burn him, she cut so close.


8 years ago

they did not give my dog the cut i asked for (I wanted super short for summer but they like to keep it longer so we return sooner), kept him for hours and hours and then charged $70. His nails are not trimmed well either. It may be convenient for me, but i will find another groomer. This has become the norm there

Stephanie Nettina

8 years ago

I was quoted by Corrie $65 per dog to groom 2 medium sized German Shepherds. A friend picked them up for me and paid the bill thinking I was fully aware of the amount. They tacked on an additional $40 per dog for brushing out their undercoats. That's $210 to groom 2 dogs! You can imagine my shock when I got the receipt later that night. Never in my 10 years of owning these dogs have I ever come close to paying this obscene amount of money for grooming, even with additional brushing costs. After calling to complain, I was offered $10 off their next grooming, a laughable consolation. Needless to say, I will not be going back there. They are not up front with their costs and they kept my dogs for nearly 6 hours. She did a good job grooming them but no better than more reasonably priced places around town.

Claire Cyrnak

10 years ago

I do think she overcharges, but I guess it's hard for small businesses to survive. I've been bringing my cat here for years for a haircut, nail trim, and sometimes a shampoo. Corrie and her mom (?) always seem stressed, but I rarely have to wait and they get my cat in and out with relative ease. It's never very clean inside, hair flying around, and its usually hot, but because we're not there for very long, it's not a huge imposition. All in all, it's an average experience but it's hard to find someone who can handle cat grooming, so I'm grateful she's around.

Mel Fontaine

13 years ago

This was the worst groomer experience I have ever had. I used to dog groom myself and since I have retired I have been searching high and low for a good groomer. I took my little yorkie here and every interaction I had with this woman was hostile. She was irritated, stressed out, and had this attitude the whole time around a room full of scared animals to be groomed. I specifically asked for a puppy cut on my yorkie - the first cut EVERY groomer learns - you take them down with a 4 or 5 and give them a teddy bear face. When I came back my yorkie was terrified (more than normal yorkie terrified and he has never acted like this with any other groomer!) and wearing a Schnauzer cut! Who puts a Yorkshire Terrier in a Schn cut?! Which - btw - is a lot more complicated than a standard puppy cut so I have no idea what she was thinking. I also caught her red-handed standing outside her shop smoking a cigarette when I went to pick my dog up - it is standard practice to never leave an animal alone in a building in case something happens. She was definitely the only one there. So beware fellow pet owners - she is not a nice person and has VERY poor practice skills. I don't understand these other reviewers at all - maybe she IS good with cats, but she is NOT good with dogs. Don't take your dog here. And the only reason she is probably good with cats is because you have to be firm with them and have no fear - sorry, you don't need that kind of attitude with ALL pets who need to be groomed. Dogs need a gentle hand. P.S. She overcharges!

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