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Marcella Domonkos

2 years ago

I didn't even want to give you guys one star but I had to at least give a star to be able to leave a comment. I have never been more disgusted with how a company has run their business. I was running a few minutes late for my new kitty appointment I called the lady at the front desk name Elena or something with starting with an E said it would be okay that I was a few minutes late. I then get a phone call back within 30 seconds that says she now has an emergency and it's all hands on deck. I have course understand that makes sense I ask when I can reschedule. I am told that they are no longer taking new appointments and that I can just look on my sheet that the adoption center gave me to pick a new place. I think it's absolutely insane that because I'm a couple minutes late I cannot reschedule for an appointment and you're telling me to go elsewhere. I do not believe that you're not taking new kittens and even if that was the case because I already made an appointment I should be able to reschedule. Now I'm beyond my two week time frame to get my new kitten in for free to check up like my adoption center told me. You were extremely rude to me on the phone and quickly hurried me off like I was a nuisance. Horrible horrible customer service.

Joseph Ibarra

2 years ago

Took our cat here then when we went to pick him up they presented an invoice with charges that we never agreed to. They said it was implied when we signed the drop off form that we give them consent to all cost without prior authorization. We dropped him off for a recheck and got stuck with over a $500 bill. All they offered was a 10% credit off the next visit.

Jessi Zick

2 years ago

I can't even describe how amazing the staff and doctor is. They took amazing care of my cat until the very end. And showed amazing compassion through my most difficult last days with my furry best friend. This clinic went far beyond anything I would have asked for.

Quenti Buitron (Ten)

2 years ago

Has taken wonderful care of our two adopted cats. Helped us treat an upper respiratory infection in one kitty and eye infection for the other. Great customer service and a calming environment. Good pandemic practice in place as well. Photos of recovered kitties attached.

Marilyn Nelson

2 years ago

I have been taking my cats to Cheshire Cat Hospital for over 15 years and WAS very satisfied until the last couple of years. They withheld my cat’s continued insulin prescription because I wouldn’t pay hundreds of dollars for tests and now they want hundreds of dollars for more tests on another cat before they’ll groom her again. My cats (5 of them) are all indoor cats and pose no health risks to them. I think they are more interested in lining their pockets than concerned about caring for cats. I’m done with them!

Patricia Kabot

2 years ago

In the past this clinic was very good, had excellent staff and took very good care of our kittens. Their customer service was friendly and kind. Nowadays however they have rude, unfriendly, unpleasant, nasty staff at the reception desk. If the person at the front desk can't care less about about the cats and their parents, I can't even imagine what could possibly go on in the back, specially when you have drop off your cat for the "appointment". I didn't leave my kitty there and will never come back. I do NOT recommend this place.

Virginia Mir

2 years ago

I brought my cat to be euthanized and I was very satisfied with the service. I got to be in the service room and hold my cat for as long as I needed, then the vet came in and administered the medicines in a IV. The vet was very compassionate/caring and was a very good service, which many vet's do not offer.

Virginia Robinson

2 years ago

Brought kitten in for neuter because they said younger is better. Then I find out from another Vet that you have to wait until their testicles drop. Not knowledgeable enough.

Annie MacMackin

2 years ago

Cheshire Cat hospital is amazing! I've been taking my cats there for years and each interaction has been professional and compassionate. Their services are very reasonably priced in my opinion. It's always a pleasure to visit the location too. Beautifully landscaped with cool art. If you're lucky you'll get to meet one of the resident cats at Cheshire. My favorite is Mr. Magoo the hairless cat. If you take your feline friends here you'll be sure they're getting the highest quality of care possible.


2 years ago

Called to see if they do nail clipping for cats that are extra feisty. I was told yes. So we booked an “appointment”. I was told later that the appointment was just a time to drop off the cat and they prioritize the most needy patients first. Dropped off the cat at 11, explained again that this was just for a mail trim. They said they did an exam on all new patients first (& charge for it). Fine. Just need the nails trimmed. The front desk person said no problem. Checked back an hour and a half later and they couldn’t tell me when the cat would be seen. 2 hours after the “appointment” time, we received a call and they wanted to do bloodwork and a bunch of other things-all we wanted was the nail trim. The doctor said they don’t do nail trims. WHAT?!?!?! We were never told that. Poor cat sat there in her carrier for 2+ hours for nothing. All they had to say when I called and asked if they did nail trims was “no, we don’t do those” and we would’ve moved on.

Ty Beavers

2 years ago

Extremely dissatisfied with this place. I have never had a vet make us schedule and appointment time and then drop off our animal for HOURS. They said, “it might be a couple hours, maybe longer,” when we dropped her off, so could not have been more vague. She is a young, very social kitten and had been stuck in her carrier way longer than she should have been. We took her there for what we thought would be a quick, routine checkup, and they kept her for over 5 hours.

barbara steveson

2 years ago

Very thorough exam of my cat. Dr was prompt with results. Explained everything completely. More than satisfied, excellent care given with kindness.

Sarah Trichardt

2 years ago

They are the very best here, kind, sweet, always helpful.

Evil McBooty

3 years ago

I've been to three veterinarians in the past year trying to deal with a ear nose and throat, upper respiratory infection that wouldn't go away. These guys figured it out the first time I took my cats to them. Now my cats are healthier and happier, and so am i.

Mackenzie Faber

3 years ago

Can't recommend them enough :) Friendly, thorough, timely, and incredibly reasonable. They took pandemic precautions that made me feel safe as I dropped off my cat, and they had called me to discuss her condition before I had made it back home! The doctor was exceptionally kind, treating my cat with love, taking the time to answer my questions thoughtfully and in detail, and considering how to treat my cat's stomatisis while mindful of my time and finances. He was a pleasure to work with. Even as I waited in the office to pick up my cat, the interactions I had with the other staff members (as well as the office cat!) were really lovely. I left feeling really excited knowing my cat was in such good hands. They treat her like she's their own cat. Thanks to the great people here--I can't recommend you enough!


3 years ago

They always take excellent care of my cats.

Tashene Martinez

3 years ago

Very friendly caring informative. Specialist in cats n cats only.

lillian donnelly

3 years ago

Very compassionate and knowledgeable care. I have taken all three of my cats there for different ailments and have received kind care always. They always fit in an appointment in a timely fashion. Great place to take your cats.

Virginia Telles

3 years ago

Very nice place, super great staff.

T Schu

3 years ago

We can't say enough nice things about the Cheshire Cat! Because of dissatisfaction with our long-time vet, we made the switch to Cheshire in Sept 2019, and were sold on our first visit. First- since they are a cat-only vet, they are extremely knowledgeable and understanding of cat issues. Second- the staff is all very friendly, welcoming and caring. Third- they listen, give good advice and we never felt as though they were trying to upsell on things we didn't need. Fourth- we recently had to put our beloved oldest cat Maya to sleep permanently. The empathy they showed us was tremendous. They gave us a nice private room to spend our final moments with our loved one (as long as we needed), and then carried out the final process in our presence with great compassion. And they followed up a week later by sending us a sympathy card in the mail, with personalized notes from Ashlie, Elle and Dr. Danielle! Finally- Dr. Danielle Maybank is one of the finest Drs we have ever interacted with, both for human and pet care. Kind, caring, nice, compassionate, knowedgeable, great listener, and empathetic are just a few adjectives to describe her. Recently, as we were struggling with the decision regarding Maya, we called for Dr. Maybank, but she wasn't available at the time. Much later in the evening, long after her work hrs I'm sure, she took the time to call us back, listen to us, and then offer her thoughts. We are still very appreciative of that. We feel so fortunate to have discovered the Cheshire Cat and look forward to their care for our remaining beloved cat, Sophia.

Steve Stoytchev

3 years ago

The staff at this place at glacially slow with anything they do. While they will help you and your cat in the end, you may miss an entire work day waiting while they discuss weather or the latest pet gossip. Budget 3-4x what you think it may take, even if you are just stopping by to pick up something.

Sean Luther

3 years ago

Good place for cats. They are very nice

Pam Pfister

3 years ago

The only place to bring your feline. ????????????

Mélanie A

3 years ago

The waiting area is relaxing and calm which is good when your cat arrives in a cage and stressed. Good friendly staff. My cat went only 2 times but as a first animal owner they respond to a lot of our questions.

Matthew Socha

3 years ago

My cat was given medical treatment without my consent and I was charged over $500 for it. They accused us of lying and saying we did agree to the services when we did not. The doctor made rude comments to my wife and was condescending to me on the phone rather than understanding.

Marcella Boyer

3 years ago

They take care of my precious SCOOTER???? kitty who was having some real allergy & breathing issues. I really appreciate Dr. Roman????????????

Elzie Gayle

3 years ago

Very good with my diabetic kitty. They care. Stopped there today to get insulin for my cat. They didn't have any bottles. I did not tell them I was coming. They gave me enough to get by until their next shipment comes in on Monday. Six syringes. They didn't have U-40 so the Dr. had to calculate the difference and put it in U-100 syringes. They only charged $100+ for the Dr. service of doing the conversion from U-40 to U-100. I bet he only had to look at a conversion chart. The Drs. are very knowledgeable but VERY pricey.

Andrew Blodgett

3 years ago

Everyone there is so nice and really cares!

Brett Johnston

3 years ago

Been coming here over a decade


3 years ago

I took my cat here and was waiting for at least two hours. Not only that, but they wanted to charge me almost $400 for blood work and a pancreatitis test. I went to Animal Health Care Denver (on Washington) and they charge $150 for both AND had the best, most informative, friendly staff.

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