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Nickki LaDuke

2 years ago

Dr. Goode has always been great and very informative, but the older who answers the phone could serious use some customer service skills. When I called to get information on a possible price, she acted like I was inconveniencing her and she …

Jeffery & Linda Ball

2 years ago

These folks are absolutely wonderful (!!!) they really cared about our beloved pets (2 baby kittens) …we have used this clinic before for our other cat “Tiger” and their compassion and care is AMAZING..!!!

Con Tucci

2 years ago

I found the receptionist to be extremely rude I will never use that clinic

Vinny Lashley

2 years ago

Very personalized healthcare for your pet.

William Ulery

2 years ago

Very friendly, and helpful. Not like most places that want you in and out. The Veterinarian and his staff were very gentle, and, caring. They took time with each of my dogs. They were very proactive about preventive care. They made sure that I understood everything and answered all of my questions and concerns.

Cheryl Dall

2 years ago

Very friendly people. Seems like they are good with animals. No problem with the cat I took there to have her checked out.

Kathy Madonna

2 years ago

Thank you so much for your great kindness and professionalism regarding the services provided to my "George". Excellent care!.

Alisha Anderson

2 years ago

I can't say enough how wonderful the staff and Dr. Goode are! My almost 9 year old Doberman, Major was diagnosed with a probable case of Wobblers Syndrome at an Animal ER visit and we were between vets. They saw Major as a new patient and the next day had him back in for x-rays and bloodwork. Dr. Goode developed a great medical management plan for Major and the care he received in the clinic was stellar! Lacey the vet tech was also great--everyone involved was so kind and caring!

Erin Lincoln

3 years ago

I am blown away by the care and service we received here. They are very thorough, explain everything and no surprises. I will not take my dog anywhere else. So impressed.

Chris Lowe

3 years ago

Never been here until it was needed. Was a emergency situation and they were able to get our Dog in and take care of him. Kept us up to date on service and the follow up care was amazing. Is great to see a local small business care for the patient instead of just the payment. Would recommend them for your pet needs!

Beverly Giadone

3 years ago

Caring, helpful, loving staff that have your pets best interest in mind

Garret Albaugh

3 years ago

Great service. They took good care of Lil Mama Paisley

Haydn Primrose

3 years ago

Place seems, in my opinion, very untrustworthy. I called to get pricing and it went to voicemail. The message on the answering machine left by the staff was very rude. I almost hung up because of the rude tone to the lady's voice. I though better of it and left a voice mail. The lady called me back and said that her company's policy is not to tell anyone prices and that if I wanted to know how much their prices were I would have to pay the $60 vet fee UP FRONT at the time of making an appointment. After I paid the $60 office visit fee then the vet would call me and tell me prices. That is one big HELL NO! My opinion is that if you can't be honest with me on how much you're going to charge me when I ask and BEFORE you charge me an office visit fee, then you are shady and don't deserve to be in business, much less taking my money. Between the rudeness and lack of transparency I would say, in my opinion, you are much better off taking your fur baby to someone else.

john maxson

3 years ago

Beware, I was told I was to put down $59.50 and if I kept the dental estimate appointment that the $59.50 would go to the dental if I had the procedure done. Instead I was charged the $59.50 plus another $14 for the estimate! They want to charge me over $500 just to clean the only 6 teeth left in my old dogs mouth. the grand total was over $800! no wonder they can get you in so soon! BEWARE!!

Katherine Keeney

3 years ago

Recently stopped here to purchase special food for our sick cat. The people here were so helpful and although they didn't have the particular item in stock, they called a nearby animal hospital and found what we needed. So grateful and impressed by the kind treatment we recieved.

Leslie Welch

3 years ago

Dr. Goode takes great care of my pup. Before moving to Pueblo I had taken Bella to my previous vet multiple times for her leg which I felt was injured but was getting nowhere with her vet who did absolutely nothing for her, even after the third time of me bringing her in still didn't want to do X-rays , nothing. The first time we met Dr. Goode we had x-rays set up for the next day and I could feel that he was concerned for Bella's well being and her comfort and had become her advocate to help me understand what we needed to do for her and get it done. We ended up being referred to a great surgeon for her ACL surgery but still see Dr.Goode every month for injections for Bella, which they don't even charge us for the visit every month like they could, instead they only charge me for the medication and to make it easier on me and Bella to get her shot every month I just check in and they come out to my car with two of the techs and give her her shot, she still loves to see them,even though she has to get poked. Veterinary care is not cheap and there are two types of animal owners, those that think that healthcare for their animal is optional and those that think it's necessary, I'm one that happens to think it's necessary and while it's unfortunate that some people dont have the money to pay for expensive surgeries or treatments for their animals , (or even inexpensive ones) it's certainly not Dr. Goode's fault .( People wouldn't scoff at a human doctor for charging for a visit)I think people often feel guilty for not being able to provide even basic care for their animal and in turn make the Doctor he bad guy because they can't pay. I am so grateful to Dr. Goode and his wonderful staff for helping Bella to lead a much much much happier life. She was in a lot of pain at that time and he could see that and all his recommendations we have followed and we are so happy that we have. I would recommend Dr. Goode and his staff to anyone with an animal, they are the Best. Im sure that these new animal hospitals that are popping up have great doctors and serve they're patients well but I prefer the feel of a smaller veterinary office where they know my dog by name ( me as well) and it just feels more personal and I do feel the care is better , it's extraordinary quite honestly..

Phoenix Foundation

3 years ago

They were the only ones that would see my dog. He had parvo, and was almost dead when I got him there. I could not afford to put him in the hospital, but they gave him medicine and sent me home with what I needed to save his life. And I'm happy to say that he is still alive and back to annoying me. Thank you to the Dr. And THANK YOU TO THE RECEPTIONIST. he knew what was happening with very little information. He squeezed us in, something no one else was willing to do. His caring and concern saved my dog's life. Plus they have called two times just make sure my dog and I were doing ok. That's caring you WILL NOT GET ELSEWHERE!

Henry Pounds

4 years ago

As a new patient I filled out the info form and selected "care credit" as the payment option. I was told AFTER the exam that care credit was no longer available and I would have to pay the full cost right then. After this initial misunderstanding they did get us the care my cast needed and were generous in doing so.

Kim Lightcap

4 years ago

Called to ask if they give vaccines. They were very rude and not helpful. Will not be using them Funny they say come meet our caring staff. But I never asked them for a price, I simply asked IF they give vaccines. They were very rude, caring?? No rude and unprofessional, they will not be seeing my dog. I did however find a great veterinarian who was very caring and nice over the phone.

Nichole Fourtner

4 years ago

If I could give ZERO stars I would have. This place is a total joke. Husband and wife scam artist at its best!! I should of read the reviews before taking my boxer puppy here. Dr was really pushy saying he needs this and he needs that. I …

Ryan Bradford

4 years ago

Good staff care a lot but for me to afford treatment for my furry friend I need to go to another vet.

Thomas McKeon

4 years ago

Very nice staff. They had appropriate protocol for my dog that had kennel cough. Very professional.

Franklin Bruner

4 years ago

Negative 2 stars . 1 for each rude vet assistant. Run instead of walking away from this place. Used car and hot tub sales tactics are found here. Dr. Goode was well behaved and professional as he should be. The receptionist was also …

Cheri Baker

4 years ago

Amazing staff! Their passion and love for animals shines through in everything they do!


4 years ago

Unhelpful and quite rude over the phone, the operator was obviously speaking to someone else at the same time and couldn't be bothered to stop long enough to answer my question legibly.

barbara padilla

5 years ago

My pit bull had an allergy she was having some type of reaction and the staff at Dr Goode' was very helpful very polite, understanding and very attentive to my Dog. I was pleased to have takin my pet to see him and even when I called Dr after hours he called me back with instructions to take her to the animal hospital within minutes of paging him. I'd recommend him to everyone that needs an awesome vet for there pets. Only because he is caring and very polite and very down too earth. Thank you Dr Goode and Thank you lois, Kay and all the ladies at the office. It makes me feel good to know that they will help with my babies health care needs..

John Kristan

5 years ago

ZERO star rating. I don't know where to start. My pup's foot was irritated so I called to see if I could bring him in. They said, "sure come in." Then when I get there I'm told during the examination that I was an "emergency walk in" and would have to pay an additional $85 on top of the normal office visit of $55. Then, they produce an elaborate itemized quote for $329 to treat my dogs injured dew claw. When I rejected the plan for the $329 treatment and opted for only antibiotics, i was met with the most unprofessional behavior I have ever encountered, save for maybe the sleaziest car dealerships. It's really evident that they have very few customers (I've been there two other times for routine things and have never seen anyone else in the waiting room) so they try to maximize profits on the few customers they have. Terrible business model. It never allows for any growth. Who is going to refer a friend to someplace with such exorbitant prices. I've had horses all my life, and Mesa vet will come out on a Saturday night at 11 pm to treat a sick horse for less than $329, and that's what was quoted for a dew claw procedure at this place. I'm sticking to Mesa Vet for everything. RUN don't walk to the next nearest vet. When I couldn't pay the high quote the Doc didn't care about my pup and just sent us on our way with some antibiotics. Really with a very belligerent attitude and a harshly closed door in our face to the examination room. The reverse economy of life that proves over and over again that if one wants to have financial success you chase the good work and not the money. The money is a by product of good, sincere work. They live by a different life philosophy at Goode Animal, maximize profits on vulnerable, captive clients while you have the chance.

Dano Weston

5 years ago

Dr Goode did a great job with our little rescue after being attacked by a much larger and very aggressive dog. Either he or his assistants called every day for week to check on her progress and to see if we had any questions/concerns!

Janelle eugair

5 years ago

Best small animal vet in Pueblo! They really care about the animals and their health! This is the only vet I will take my dogs and cats to

JC Connors

5 years ago

If price is a concern, then it is possible that you may not need to have the responsibility of a non-human family member. Yes, good service is worth the price. Would you take your human children to the doctor based on the cost of service being the lowest? If so, maybe the problem is you as an individual .... while I do not like the high cost of providing for my family members care, I also do not want them to have cut rate care because the doctor/staff are too busy with too many patients. If you have an expectation of the best care then you should also expect to pay a little more for the best care.

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