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Terren Brandt

2 years ago

They were wonderful. Very knowledgeable and patient. They answered all my questions and helped me adopt the perfect reptile for me.

!! Mavrodude001 !!

2 years ago

Had a chameleon that i couldnt take care of anymore and I had inquired through email and over the phone and got 0 response both times. Seems to be more of them getting rid of their animals and less about taking them in. I understand space issues but that can at least be notified through a response at least.

Chris Woehrle

2 years ago

Greta organization I have worked with the fir over 15 years

rain w

2 years ago

Very loving, knowledgeable and respectful!

Katherine Ferrell

2 years ago

The gentleman here were super friendly and helpful. Brought my tire, already off the car, to have a screw removed and fixed and they did it for free! Asked if I could use their jack to put it back in the car and one of the guys in management came out and did it himself. Come here if you want great service and customer service!!

Dan Tobin

2 years ago

I called to see if they had any aquatic turtles for adoption and the person who answered the phone acted like I was bothering them and was not pleasant at all to talk with.

Tara Butler

2 years ago

We adopted a bearded dragon through them today and it was an amazing process from the start. If we are in the market to adopt again, we will definitely be looking into them! :)

Brown Khild

2 years ago

They had remove for my baby corn snake but unfortunately it died now as for their rehome process they do require you pay a $35 fee 2 days before drop off and its through PayPal. Do what you want with this information. I personally didn't feel comfortable with this because I got a request from them on there in the late evening and I planned on using cash. But to eaches own.

Andrea Paul

2 years ago

Very knowledgeable and helpful..lots of open spaces for box turtles and very caring about what they do!

Lee Juhl

2 years ago

Happy place for your reptile friends who have been lost or injured.


2 years ago

I called because I saw a beautiful big 6 foot long Bullsnake with fishing line wrapped around it's middle and I was hoping somebody could help it. They didn't call me back, even to say they can't help me.

Megan Smith

2 years ago

Volunteers gave incorrect information for weeks, made us jump through unnecessary hoops. We would love to 'adopt, not shop' but this experience has been terrible. I can buy a lizard for 1/2 the price, and set up the cage however I want for no headache. The volunteer literally wanted a picture to prove I can read a thermometer. Sorry - go to Pet Smart.

Ely Cano

2 years ago

They were very kind throughout the whole process, and you can tell they care about the reptiles. I adopted a rankins dragon from them and he was very healthy, they also gave me his favorite basking hide, which I thought was very sweet! This is a very good reptile adoption center!

Ariel Balderas

3 years ago

I had to give up 2 leapard geckos and i loved them alot but i just know i wasnt talking proper care of them. But i was really worried and nervous about it but after pulling in the place looks so nice and cozy and i already started to feel relived. And than i talked to the guy that was there while filling out the papwr work and learning that the adoption prossec is good and they make sure ppl buying the pet know what to do with it i left feeling like id done something really good for two little creatures. 10/10 would recommend for getting or getting rid of a reptile.

Bailey Johnston

3 years ago

Amazing people. Got my snake here back in 2005. They made sure we were the right fit.

Bridget Lovett

3 years ago

They seem to have been offering the animals there very good care. One of the bearded dragons is 31 years old!

Charley Conrad

3 years ago

I adopted a bearded dragon form the Colorado humane society and she is extremely healthy and happy I love her and the experience was everything and more definitely a five star from me!!!????

Claire Hackysac

3 years ago

Super friendly and thorough with the adoption process. They do great work! Everyone has been very kind and helpful.


3 years ago

I've applied to voulenteer a year ago with zero response. I've also filled out an application to adopt six months ago with zero response. Wouldn't recommend them at all. Very disappointed!!!

Margaret Ryan

3 years ago

They answered after I posted a bad review on here.

Zoe Neale

4 years ago

Super cute location that takes excellent care of their animals!! Love the 2 Lil girls I took home. This is Turnip in the picture below.

Rismadamus Blah

4 years ago

Looked like a pretty good place, rehomed my tortoise there. Hope he's doing well there

Mike Tatreau

4 years ago

Amazing place and gives a second chance for alot of reptiles

Michelle R

4 years ago

The CoRHS was one of the first places I found when researching places to rehome my red footed tortoise. After reading the positive reviews about them, I sent an email on March 13 for more info about the rehoming process for torts and how they screened potential adopters of animals, as I wanted to make sure my tort found a good and loving home. They responded the same day and told me that they weren’t accepting new tortoises until May. I reached out again on May 7 and asked again about the details of their rehoming process and adopter screening; and they replied with the time of their first available appointment and payment information for the surrender fee the same day, again disregarding my ?s about the screening process that they cite on their website as selective. I asked to set up an appointment for May 23, and asked if they accepted accessory donations. Immediately they told me they only accepted Saturday appointments, ignoring my question about accessory donations. I replied and set up an appointment for June 1, once again asking if they accepted accessories. I didn’t receive a reply from them. I reached out 2 days later (May 23) and asked if our appointment was confirmed, and once again asked if they accepted accessories. This is now 3 times that I had to ask. They finally replied and said they had 2 appts available and finally told me they would take our accessories. I replied and requested the noon appt. A full week later they had not sent me anything (gave up asking about the screening process since obviously they weren’t going to tell me), so I asked them if my appt; which was now 2 days away, was confirmed. They did not reply. I called them Saturday morning; and was greeted by a very rude woman (Nash) who; when I told her that I was having a very hard time getting my questions answered, told me that she was too busy to be responding. I told her that when my requests benefited her “collection” and the surrender fee, she had no problem responding the same day. At this point Nash snapped at me: “Look, do you want your appointment or not?” I told her I would still come for our noon appt, but wanted to inform her of the unpleasant service. I drove up to the CoRHS (over an hour drive) with my brother and sister and our puppy. When we got to their location in Longmont, Nash ran out of the house and scolded us for bringing a dog, saying that he can’t come in. My sister explained that she was going to walk the dog down the street while I came in with my tortoise. Nash again snapped and told her that the dogs disturb the reptiles, and stormed off inside (Where she has 2 dogs). Now here is the funny thing. As soon as I sat down and started signing paperwork, Nash became very hospitable and kind. She complimented our tortoise, calling him cute, and started telling us stories from her personal life about her previous pets. Once I paid the surrender fee, Nash was happy to answer all of our questions about the adoption screening process and how they take care of their reptiles at the CoRHS. I was impressed with her knowledge of reptiles and how much she obviously cared for each individual animal. That was the only reason I agreed to surrender my tortoise, who I could no longer care for adequately since I moved. After I finished the paperwork and said goodbye to our tort, Franklin, Nash came out with us and began to pet our dog (The same one she started yelling about the second he got out of the car) and was very pleasant to talk to. Nash told me to wait about a week, then I could send an email and they would respond with a picture and update about our tortoise. I waited a week and emailed them for an update. No response, but I did see Franklin on their adoption floor page. I emailed again after another week, still nothing. Then, I check their twitter and find out Franklin has been adopted. I sent them a final email telling them I was posting this. They are great with reptiles, no questions asked. But they have absolutely no respect or understanding of human communication. RUDE & unprofessional. Look elsewhere.

Lore Wachsmuth

4 years ago

You would think as the only wildlife rehabilitation center in colorado who can take in native reptile species they might be more inclined to help out when you find injured wildlife. They never respond to calls or emails which seems to be a pattern from a lot of other reviews. You're better off just leaving the animal to die because they have no interest in helping you or it.

Kelsi Murphy

4 years ago

Wonderful staff and a very nice location, the facility was clean and I didn't detect any foul smell while there. I found the staff to be both polite and helpful, and the location was remote but easily located. They're greeter (pictured) was also very polite, although he did not offer to take our coats. All in all, a very good experience.

Helen Anderson

4 years ago

Never received a call back.

From Space

4 years ago

Unprofessional, unpleasant to communicate with, and impossible to get answers from. Wouldn't recommend, at least if you are dealing with Nash.

Deb Martinez

4 years ago

We took a turtle we inhereted to the Reptile Humane Society. I was so impressed with the women we met. There's no doubt that the turtle will be much much happier there than at our home. I wish we'd known about this place earlier. It's incredible.

Claudette Nicholson

4 years ago

Owner was awesome. Took in small snake I found half frozen and will release in spring.

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