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Larry Fleming

2 years ago

4 years ago I started dealing with GMMS and thought they were great, now it’s a complete 180 they seem to be using Covid-19 to totally do away with customer service. Mesa county is not under strict guidelines and restrictions any longer but they still act like we’re in California. Bring your parts and service people back or at least teach the people answering the phone what they’re doing which is providing simple yes or no answers, not transferring me to a answering machine that never calls back. GMMS is a greedy company totally profiteering off of COVID-19

Sopher YT

2 years ago

Staff works hard and getting equipment out to there clients, during the pandemic they risked themselves to provide to there clients and address the needs of the community. This company really does care.


2 years ago

Poor customer service! I waited a week for them to call me back.When I came in to talk to them about my delivery issuesThey were absolutely not willing To work with me one bit and I was mocked by the lady I was trying to figure out a solution with. I DO NOT RECOMMEND GRAND MESA MEDICAL

Rob Laffler

2 years ago

Do not ever use this company! They have no integrity whatsoever.

Edson Schaus

2 years ago

Came intobuy a couple of compression socks. After measuring me, I bought two. I tried on one and it barely got over my toes. The sales woman suggested I try them. On in the morning when my legs were less swollen. No luck the next morning getting them on. When I looked at the box, they were a woman's extra-large. The Jobst large full calf fit perfectly. I came back to the store to xchange the non-fitting hose, a different sales woman said I needed the receipt. I explained I didn't have the receipt, but that I could confirm the purchase on my Chase Mastercard app. The sales woman went back to talk to the manager, and Return saying that I still needed the receipt. What a POS return policy! I won't be buying anything else from this business.


2 years ago

When I arrived the lady at the door stated "there are clear signs ,no oets allowed " did not even inquire if my dog was a service animal...which she indeed I am a disabled veteran, felt very mistreated

Alesia Forrest

2 years ago

Do not purchase compression stockings from this business. An $80+ mistake for me. They are not knowledgeable regarding an individuals measurements and the product they sell. Please go somewhere with customer service and a true concern for an individuals health.

Tyree Brown

2 years ago

You really should update the site and state "CLOSED" ON Saturdays.

Zoanne Wilcox

3 years ago

I have received nothing but very professional vibes from Grand Mesa Medical, both in store and with my deliveries. In all things seek out the good.

Tyler Monroe

3 years ago

I have been dealing with this company for well over a year due to a spine reconstruction and I can honestly say the staff, especially the owner, are some of the best people I have ever worked with in the medical industry. anyone who writes a poor review should really reach out because they are more than willing to go above and beyond to make your experience the best possible. Thank you !

Shannon Bailey

3 years ago

Poor customer service, unorganized and rude. I am only leaving this review so there can be room for learning and improvement for the employees here. Luckily I am a younger customer because an elderly person would have not been able to jump through all the hoops that I did just to get my wrist brace. You guys can do better. Thanks

Polly Malehorn

3 years ago

Very helpful & informative. Lawrence especially nice & helpful.

Lilliana Soliz-Brown

3 years ago

I love all of the amazing staff at Grand Mesa Medical Supply!! Erin and Misty are absolutely amazing and have given me great customer service!! They are very knowledgeable, kind, helpful and courteous. I would highly recommend asking for there help.


3 years ago

Terrible. Do not recommend. Take my advice! You will be upset you wasted your time. I feel bad for all the people in pain or in a worse position im in after surgery that come here. The ladies here are rude and obviously miserable with their lives and jobs. Lack of compassion. I dont even know if they know what they are doing here.????????

Gary Andreoletti

3 years ago

I just left your store after picking up TENS unit with my wife. I was outraged at the lack of care on your employees part. We were not allowed to come in, I assume for social distancing issues and I absolutely agree. But your employee came out to the car coughing with no mask or gloves for us to finish the purchase process. My wife is elderly and has asthma. How dare you allow your employee to do this! You want to be protected by keeping us out of your store but have no respect for your clients. This is not a joke! What is wrong with you!! Please respond and let me know that this has been remedied. Gary Andreoletti, DDS

Laurie Gomez

4 years ago

Horrible customer service. Doctors office said they would fax over my prescription immediately since I was in severe pain for my brace. I arrive and let them know my doctor had faxed it over before I left the office. The fax machine had a lot of faxes piled up that they had to go through before finding mine. Hopefully no one else was in dire need of something for pain relief. Then she proceeds to tell me without my chart order I could not get my brace till probably next week. No offer to call the doctors office or leave a message. Nothing. I walk to my car and call my doctors office leave a message and by the time I pull up at home they call and tell me they sent it over and I should be getting a call this was early afternoon. No call Friday or Saturday when I know the doctors office sent over the information they needed. Do these people know what customer service is?? Or even care??

Stacy Sheley

4 years ago

Extremely helpful and caring! They went out of their way to help us get what we needed in our home to take care of our loved one - even though they had to work late to get it here. Thank you Kahnie and Kin!

Shandie Cerny

4 years ago

I only gave 1 star because I cannot put zero. I would highly recommend NOT doing business here. First and sadly the least problems is they are horrible with communication. I only get updates after I make communication first. The biggest problem is my son who has arthritis and many other health problem was written a prescription for a wheelchair from his pediatrician. It's been more than 2 years and I'm still trying to get it. They have his prescription and if I want to go somewhere else I'll have to start the process all over again. We were not even offered a loaner chair the first year, not until I threatened to go somewhere else. I knew this would be a process because of his insurance but this is ridiculous. When I would call to check on the status I would be told we aren't sure, it's on the desk somewhere, it's in the pile, some sort of excuse. It took month to go from one step to another making it feel like we aren't any type of priority or that we even matter. I've done everything they have asked me and so has his doctor. Which I've had to bother her about this several times because it seems like grand Mesa doesn't know what they are doing and they don't care. Finally I get a letter from his insurance back in March of this year saying that they approved his wheelchair and a very descriptive breakdown of what is covered, what isn't and what should be included in the base model that's why those particular things weren't approved separately because they aren't supposed to be billed separately. So I wait and wait for a couple of weeks with no contact from grand Mesa medical. After going down there and them finally finding someone who has somewhat of a clue he tells me that are working on it shows me the wheelchair and argues with me about what the insurance says the wheelchair is to include and that's it. It's now May and still nothing at all. I told them I'll file an appeal for the parts that are supposed to include but aren't and now they won't deliver his wheelchair. I keep getting more excuses and again no communication. Im not sure but it seems to me that they are waiting until after my appeal period is up so I cannot file one and I'm even questioning fraud. What the heck. I am left with having to resort to speaking to the high end supervisors at his insurance, the ACLU, BBB, and consulting with an attorney. All of this so my son can have a wheelchair that he NEEDS.

Mike Hernandez

4 years ago

There are alot of things that clients and patience do not see that happen behind the scenes. Dr's do not always communicate properly with GMMS to ensure that all our clients/patience get their proper care immediately. I have been an employee of GMMS and i can honestly say that Khannie, the owner and Kin the Manager of Deliveries care for their patience. Any negative reviews are mis-understandings. They are the kindest people i have ever met in my life, this is coming from a broken Combat Veteran who got the privilege of working for them. They showed me kindness when others showed me nothing. GMMS is your go to people for any medical needs!

LeeAnn DeMott

4 years ago

It is sad to say that the one star is for being rude and the other is an acknowledgement to all those who agree that they are totally lacking in customer service . I have been mistreated more than once !

Diane Allred

4 years ago

They did not have my prescription compression socks on hand. Took them nearly a month to even place the order, have no idea how long it will take from manufactures warehouse to their store.

Pappa JoJo

5 years ago

Our experience with Nina at Grand Mesa was fabulous. If you want someone who is honest, someone who cares, and someone who gets things done, look her up.

Matt Rich

5 years ago

I ride a motorcycle, and was cut off by a man driving a mesa medical van. I know what I signed up for when I ride, and getting cut off happens all the time. This istance could have been completely avoided however, the driver made left turn on to Patterson immediately going into the right lane (no turn single and there was no one in the left lane for hundreds of yards behind us) I chanced lanes and passed him returning to the right lane as I was about to make a right turn soon, as he passed me when i turned we flipped each other the bird, vary unprofessional. your working and representing mesa medical, I'm not. I will be strongly recommending people to avoid doing any business with mesa medical supply in the future.

Connie Jiron

5 years ago

On two separate occasions for two of my family members this Business went beyond the 8 to 5 to assist with making life much easier for both of my family members. They exceeded the mark on helping both of my family members,with necessary …

Cindy Pierson

5 years ago

Very knowledgeable and caring people. They are very patient when insurance red tape make us wait sooo long. Thank you Karey for your great help in getting my husband his wonderful wheelchair!

Angelica Garcia

5 years ago

All the staff here are very helpful, which I am beyond grateful for. Kari (sorry if I spelt that wrong!) In particular was so helpful and amazing. Considering I had no clue what I was doing, she continued to work on our needs until we got the correct equipment. Even saving us $130 a month in rental fees! For that alone my family cannot say thank you enough. They sure have our continued business. Thank you so much. :)

Valerie Vanhagen

6 years ago

These ladies are prejudice! I’ve tried to get a cane from them, bath chair, medical boot , crutches and back brace! They said that they can’t help me! I had to go to Mt air & the hanger clinic and they were more then happy to help me! I’ll never go back to this place! Snoodey people work there!

Jake Padon

6 years ago

Extremely poor customer service. I was sold the wrong item and was not allowed to return it despite the fact it was their mis-step.

David Green

6 years ago

They've always been able to help me out...even if they didn't have something, they knew who would.

Cissy Tabor

7 years ago

Unable to order supplies despite the fact that I have a doctor's prescription because this company tells me that insurance won't cover the supplies despite the fact that they have been covered for the past 10 + years. …

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