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Emma Watson

2 years ago

Rover Retreat always takes excellent care of our pup. He is always excited to go and the folks their are excited to see him too. They are very accommodating. Anytime I have to go out of town for work, he stays here and I don't have to worry.

Caity Smith

2 years ago

I wanted to love this spot so much, as it was one of the few recommended by my vet, but I just can’t recommend them. The employees working in the morning are wonderful, but we have had horrible experiences at evening pick up both times we took our fur baby here. Today we were told that our dog had to be kenneled “because she wasn’t getting along with any of the other dogs”. My puppy LOVES every dog she has ever met and the only time I’ve seen her be even slightly aggressive is when a dog seemed aggressive towards me. We were also told that she tried to chew her way out of the kennel but “we don’t know if she hurt herself or not” while the woman basically tossed her leash at my husband. The lack of cameras in the play area (are they hiding something?) coupled with the horrible customer service from the evening staff means that we’ll be finding somewhere else to take our girl.

Annette Peterson

2 years ago

Thursday was Marlo first time there! It was National Dog Day! When I picked her up they had a Rover Retreat tote with her name on it and special treats! Which they had special treats for all the Fur babies! I really like the fact that they have a nap time and gives treats during the day! Marlo was really Happy to meet new friends! I really like Rover Retreat! Everyone there is super friendly and care about your Baby!

Wayne Arnold

2 years ago

They ran out of their Italian bread for sandwiches, so I ordered the lasagna. It was not good. Would I go back? Probably. I would give them another chance, because my nephew loves their sandwiches.

Amanda Craig

2 years ago

I am so glad that I have Rover Retreat to take my Fredster to. When I took him in this last time it looked like he couldn't wait to go in and see everyone. (Before he would try to follow me out the door when I dropped him off.) Everyone has been super nice and let's me know how he did when I pick him up. Thank you for being so reliable and accommodating. He is precious to me so I am very thankful I have a place I can take him to and trust the people that take care of him.

Jonathan Hinkes

2 years ago

Great friendly staff and our doggo Joplin loves going and is always worn out afterwards! Highly recommend!

Sharon Simon

2 years ago

The staff is easy to work with and really love the dogs!

Rachael Simon

2 years ago

My 1 year old puppy goes here for daycare, and he absolutely LOVES it! He is always so tired at the end if the day. Cubone gets to play with a bunch of other puppies all day, so it's great for socialisation. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, I fully believe that all of them care for my dog. I'm highly impressed by Rover Retreat, and will continue to bring Cubone there! 10/10 would recommend.


2 years ago

First time for our dog. They were awesome and kind and made her comfortable

sami parker

2 years ago

I worked here for about five months. I can confidently say that the people working there are so loving to the dogs, and they’re a real team. It’s a clean environment and all of the dogs are happy. Take your pup here if you want them to come home tired & happy!

Jesse Marks

2 years ago

I have significant concerns about Rover retreat's business practices and/or staff training following my border collie's daycare evaluation day. In short, the staff told me that my dog, Leader, passed her evaluation and had a great day. Her tracking collar indicated she was inactive for all but two hours of the day. When pressed on this, the staff finally admitted as much but insisted she would be welcome to come back. Clearly, Leader was not a good fit for this daycare, as she was separated for the vast majority of the day (6+ hours). But if I did not have tracking data to spur questions, I never would have gotten past this initial story. A charitable explanation would be that the staff was disorganized. Alternatively, they just lied. Furthermore, it is clear that Rover Retreat lacks basic knowledge of dog behavior. Even though they ultimately told me that my dog had to be separated entirely from the play group due to rough play in the morning and again in the afternoon, resulting in only about 1.5 hours of total play with other dogs all day, they assured me this was going well and that Leader would benefit from more opportunities at this training. That's nuts. Two experiences in a trial day where your dog needs to be separated makes it incredibly clear that this is not a good match for the dog. It is clear that a lot of this mismatch was due to the space's layout, which would put my and other dogs like it into a frenzy. I had informed staff multiple times before and upon check-in that my dog, while great with other dogs, is barrier and leash reactive. If she goes by many other dogs behind a barrier on the way to a play space, obviously she will react and then interact poorly with the dogs she ultimately sees off leash. I manage this at dog parks through use of sausages until we get to the gate as a lure and by assessing her behavior before we go in to ensure this is going to be a good day (if not, we just go home). This is all basic dog training which Rover Retreat staff should understand. The staff assured me they could work with this. But in peeking through the windows while waiting for my dog upon checkout, I saw that the indoor play area requires a dog to walk by a whole line of kennels of dogs. The back yard is similarly crowded. My dog has done very well in facilities with much more thoughtful layout. This one is honestly 10x worse than the shelter at which I got her. For a dog like mine, this was an absolute nightmare. But yet even after coming clean on how badly the day went, the staff had either the shamelessness or the lack of knowledge to tell me that they were confident this went well. If you choose to bring your dog here, demand a tour or pictures. And ask hard questions to ensure you are getting a clear story. EDIT: Rover Retreat added an explanation below. The problem is that now I have a THIRD version of the events from their team. The first came from the front desk employee as noted above. The second came from the assistant manager, who called me the day after at my request, claimed to have spoken to every staff member, and told me that Leader passed and would be welcomed back. Now, the third story is below. This response is literally the first time I am hearing that leader "failed" her test. Was I lied to by your manager upon the first supposed investigation, or am I being lied to now? The other problem with this third story is that my concerns regarding Leader's reactivity were very clearly disclosed in the registration form and to the front desk staff upon arrival. The story the front desk employee told me after her failed introduction to the play group referenced below was that the play group got riled up and not Leader. Wow. Finally, I'll note that Leader attends other facilities where she is in fact interested in other dogs and is much appreciated by the staff. The difference is that in those facilities, the layout is not absurdly dense and chaotic (again, I challenge you to post pictures clearly showing the layout!) and the staff are competent.

Katerina Dobreva

2 years ago

Rover Retreat is awesome! Our Golden Retriever, Willy loves spending the day with his furry friends and he always comes home tired and happy. Doggy day care has been so helpful because I work from home and sometimes I have long days of Zoom meetings that require the house to be quiet. I know that when Willy is at Rover Retreat he is in a safe, fun environment surrounded by friendly people who love dogs and care for him like he's their own. Highly recommend!

Kayla Smith

2 years ago

They're so good with our very fearful dog.

Rich Davis

3 years ago

No better place in town to take your dog. They truly care for them and they come home happy every time.

Kevin O'Brien

3 years ago

Rover Retreat is a place I know I can always count on. We have a lot of faith in there staff who remember our dogs name and consistently deliver back to us a healthy/happy dog. Other boarding companies we have tried, mismanaged feeding schedules and dramatically over fed our dog while others handed back a sleep deprived and isolated animal. We have left our dog for 7+ day stays at Rover and always felt he was well taken care of.

Kathy Lizabeth

3 years ago

My pup acts like he is going to Disneyland when we pull in happy ????


3 years ago

Fantastic! Clean facility, my dog got a very well done bath and came back over-the-moon happy! Definitely will use for further daycare needs!

Christopher Loving-Campos

3 years ago

Rover's Stay and Play is the best! Laura and her team are wonderful and they have our complete trust when we bring our huskies to stay with them. We wouldn't go anywhere else. They really great our pups like one of their own!

David Keaney

3 years ago

Very accommodating. Staff did a great job taking care of our 2 dogs allowing us to go sightseeing while visiting the area.

Emilie Laky

3 years ago

Everyone at Rover Retreat are friendly. They treat our dog so well, he’s always so excited when he gets to go play there. They have great communication. It’s nice have a place you can trust to take your pup knowing they’ll take such good care of them.

Cathy Blas

3 years ago

The staff were wonderful, for taking such good care of our senior dog Tasha. Thank you!! ????????

Jeff Kaiser

3 years ago

Great place that gets to know your pet.

Stefanie Flippin

3 years ago

My two dogs love going to Rover Retreat! The staff has always been kind and communicative and I trust taking my high energy dogs to them. They come home tired and happy and it's obvious how much they adore the staff, based on their excitement level when we take the exit for Rover and when picking them up after being boarded - they are always loving on the staff members. As a small business owner in the Lakewood/Golden area myself, it's my pleasure to support Rover Retreat.

Tara Minkus Ferguson

3 years ago

Our dog, Dee, loves going here. She always acts excited when we pull up and is pretty tired when we take her home. Everyone here knows her name. I also like that they offer services like nail trimming while the dog is there for day care or boarding.

Tom F

3 years ago

We are traveling and needed a place for our two dogs for a couple of days. Rover Retreat is great, and the staff is incredibly caring, friendly, and professional!

Tony A

3 years ago

These folks take great care of our large , extremely high energy dog. They divide the dogs based on physical and behavioral characteristics, so he gets to have a blast without upsetting the more mellow pooches. We have friends with dogs of several sizes that all love this place.

Kathryne Taylor

3 years ago

Really friendly and love the holiday parties

Caroline Davis

3 years ago

Well camping in Colorado my husband and I wanted to leave our dog with a daycare center. Rover retreat was across the street from where we were camping.they graciously let us leave our dog there without having a previous "get to know her" appointment. The front office staff was very friendly and my dog took to her right away. I would highly recommend over retreat when you are in the area.

August Ruhnka

3 years ago

Excellent staff, service and facility. Siberian Husky is happily exhausted when returning home.

Alicia A. Halberg

3 years ago

My pup LOVES her friends at Rover Retreat! We do doggy daycare from time to time. The staff knows her by name (Smokey Bear!) even though she isn't too much of a regular. She's always super pumped to go inside when we pull into the parking lot. You can book dates online and they're very on top of vaccinations. On her first day there they called with updates just because I was a bit nervous about her first time at doggy daycare!

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