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Claudia K

2 years ago

We are very happy with the knowledgeable and compassionate care we receive here.

Claire J

2 years ago

Love the vets here! Been bringing my pets here for 25 years. Not only is everyone very knowledgeable they are also very kind and great with my animals.

Jerry Jacobs

2 years ago

Love the doctors and all personel!

Lynette Bryson

2 years ago

This is the only place I will take my pets. Very good and thorough care. The doctors don't hurt your pets, like other vets I've seen in Estes Park. They are respectful of owners, too. The employees seem to enjoy working there, too!

Linda Fairlie

2 years ago

I needed a rabies shot for my service dog to fly and they were so helpful and nice. I got her taken care of on the way to my flight home from RMNP.

Anne Craig Dewey

2 years ago

My pets have been patients here for 15 years, and I’ve always trusted their work and appreciated their care through all phases of my pets’ lives. They have been kind, patient, and gentle with my family (elderly mother and small children) as well.

Cheryl Bazor

2 years ago

We had a emergency with our Dog and everyone was so nice and helpful. They really cared and we appreciated there help.

Quinten Lovejoy

2 years ago

Visited them for an urgent need for our dog while on vacation recently. They could not have been more patient, kind, and caring for our situation. They saw us immediately without an appointment and the doctor was absolutely thorough in his examination. We greatly appreciate it!

Richard Gomez

2 years ago

Very friendly service and took time with us - very helpful - highly recommended!


2 years ago

If I could give this Animal Clinic a negative star rate I truly would. I have 3 dogs, all have been going here since puppies. Recently I had a bad experience here with my dog, my dog is a big dog, he is a Pitbull. I have never been anywhere in public.. only here and them telling me my dog is aggressive and a “bad dog” My dog is a two year old who does get very nervous coming to the vet. Seams normal to me especially if he’s around a “vet” about to give him shots or when he hears a lot of other dogs barking and in general a lot going on. They know my dog has that type of anxiety. They always make me give him some pills to settle him down before his visit. Normal, I understand that my dog could but wouldn’t harm someone. But I respect their policy's and I do give him the pills. Recently we had a bad visit and he had already had all those 4 pills in his system. I had told the vet that he didn’t seam calm at all. He said he should be fine and they told me to leave the room. They didn’t even let ME PUT THE MUSSLE on him??? But when a couple days earlier they allowed me to put my Chihuahua’s mussels on like nothing when I took him for his shots. I left the room, I could hear him scream and yell literally. I was very nervous hoping he wouldn’t harm anyone. It literally took less than five minutes for him to get his shot. I came into the room and the vet told me that he was a bad dog, he had pooped everywhere due to how nervous he was? I find it ridiculous that my dog came back BLEEDING FROM his nose due to a scratch because they couldn’t put his mussle on. Why couldn’t they ask me to put it on him? Or allow me to do it? Anyways, he told me sorry and all this nonsense. Whatever i left super sad, i cried all day because he was in pain and we left there thinking is our dog a bad dog? When everyone we know loves him truly. Later on that day he had his eyes BLOODSHOT red. I called them and I was super angry that the vet that helped us in the morning wasn’t there when we went to in the afternoon, only a few ladies were there. Whichever was very strange that all the sudden everyone was trying to help us?? Like now that you see my dog in pain, bleeding and with bloodshot eyes. They had told us that it could have been an allergic reaction but I truly don’t believe my dog came back bleeding and with bloodshot eyes. I truly feel like they treated my dog horrible in there and caused burst capillaries in his eyes. We left agreeing that we will never be bringing none of our dogs here and letting people know about this experience. At first I was nervous to post this, but this can’t happen to any other dog. I am local here and my dogs are loved by lots of people and clearly here he isn’t. But my other puppy that is a pitbull was treated like a princess, funny that when she grows up and has a different figure she won’t be treated the same. Never coming here again.

Sandra Bruyette, Montoya

2 years ago

Me and my husband had an emergency that we never seen, Sara our best friend was dying from some water that she drank witch caused her organs to shut down. This was during Covid so we sat out side and the vet stayed the whole time we where so blessed to have this her by our side, we where given 2- choices and we chose to take her home weather a miracle or to die at home. We where given a very small chance for Sara we lost our other dog a few days before this to cancer and so this was hard for us. Well Sara did not make it 2- days latter we lost her, not 1 but 2- dogs. I’m writing this almost a year later, I’m still healing and heart broken but I want to show my gradatide and love the staff are all so amazing and they even sent us an amazing card in the mail. As we still greave for Sara and Falcor we remember all the amazing memories I highly recommend this place. ????

Jim Baker

2 years ago

Good Vets, good facility. Was able to get appointment for our dog same day. Recommend highly.

K!MM!3 G

2 years ago

Love these people. Always so caring an attentive to my pups needs an answers all my questions.

Janett Thurman

3 years ago

The AMCEP is an outstanding vet clinic. Every staff member, from the receptionists to the vets, that I've dealt with are professional but at the same time very friendly. They make sure they answer all your questions & don't try to rush you. I highly recommend this clinic.

A. C.

3 years ago

I was a little surprised they allowed in-house service rather than curbside, given the pandemic. I appreciated their precautions and efficiency, though.

Tonya Harding

3 years ago

Great staff. Very friendly. Appt. Was quick, easy and fair priced. Nice to see a business in Estes taking covid seriously.

Carol Prince

3 years ago

These vets are the best. I have had 3 animal under their care over the years. I would ever go to anyone else. Competent, communicative and excellent with the animals. Wonderful!!!!!


3 years ago

I was just there to get an Estes Park Dog license. They were nice and helpful.

Michael Zamonas

3 years ago

Visiting from out of town and our dog needed to see a vet for a possible emergency condition. My wife called and spoke with a very friendly and helpful staff member, Brittany. She was able to schedule us with Dr. Bryant that same morning. During our appointment everyone was concerned about our dog, friendly, and very thorough. This is now our vet & clinic whenever we are in Estes Park. Thank you all!

Jackie Jacobs

3 years ago

I highly recommend Animal Medical Center of Estes Park! Many thanks to their prompt care for our dog Lucky over the past several weeks!! Special thanks to Dr. Fish and Dr. Woodford for their expertise and love of animals!!

Jason Miller

3 years ago

Great with our 2 dogs and cat!

Jessica Pliska Ciesielski

3 years ago

Thank you Dr. Theresa for coming to our home, and giving our girl the peaceful passing she deserved.

Jason Shoemaker

3 years ago

Way and fast service. Good prices

Dianna Miller

3 years ago

Have a 5 year old golden retriever with recurrent urinary track infections (3 1/2 yrs). Had been to multiple vets; Dr. Fish was the first (after a thorough exam and review of her history) to treat her with a longer course of antibiotics that has resolved the problem. He listened to our input and used a common sense approach. She had surgery (vulvaplasty) and numerous x-rays and ultrasounds before seeing Dr. Fish. We are headed down a much better path thanks to him!

Elizabeth Juell

3 years ago

Great service. So caring and compassionate

Hillary “Ardenise”

3 years ago

Absolutely love these guys, and so does our Border Terrier Mana. Everyone I spoke with were super friendly and kind, their pricing is reasonable, and they did a great job of being mindful of the current social distancing restrictions. If you are looking for a great vet team for your pets care, I'd highly recommend them.

Becky Velthoen

3 years ago

Dr Woodard is so kind and caring. She listened to my concerns and my dog was relaxed around her. And, he is a dog that has a lot of anxiety.

Mellissa Nguyen

3 years ago

I am traveling from out of town with my pup and they were able to get him in immediately for an emergency. Dr. Flicek is professional and responsive and was so kind to my Oliver. Thank you to the AMC team for taking great care of us while we were visiting from out of town.


3 years ago

Very good people. But we're not thorough when I took our 13yr old dog in. She had a horrible open wound that smelled just awful. I asked vet if she could help me with cleaning it so I'd know how to care for my dog and if they would do a biopsy to see whether it was for sure cancerous. The vet knodded, took dog inside. Not even 5 minutes later vet brought our dog back out with a 10 day prescription of an anti-inflammatory, 1 pill per day. Handed the leash to me, I don't remember what she said to me. Something about calling them later to give them my credit card number to pay for the visit and prescription. I was in shock. I figured out how to clean the wound myself. That same week I took our dog to loveland vetinaries in loveland and they showed me proper way to care for her wound, what I could do to make her more comfortable and they did biospy. It came back benign. But because we let it go so long, the skin around the entire wound was no good so surgery was not an option at that point. It would eventually kill her. 2 months later we had to put her to sleep l. She was bleeding out from wound. It really sucked. The last 9 months... Estes Park vet clinic made me feel like our dog wasn't worth it to them. Our dog would still be here if I would of taken her elsewhere sooner. Instead I listened to them. Be thorough, ask questions. If you doubt something don't shrug it off, get a second opinion. It could give your pets an extra day of life.

Lynn Rosa

3 years ago

Such caring and skilled veterinarians and staff. We are fortunate to have them here in Estes!

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