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Meghan Tenge

2 years ago

I'm not one to write reviews but needed to express my distaste for 5280. This vet clinic is unbelievably difficult to get ahold of snd have the most obnoxious process of bringing your pet in. You have to call them, wait in your car, and once they answer they will meet you at the door. Half the time they dont answer (and every time you must go through a long pre recorded message) and the other half you're sitting waiting for 1/2 hour. Additionally, my dogs neutering site developed a scrotal hematoma and they left me out to dry when I reached out asking what to do/for help/if they could get him in to evaluate. They would not even see him because they were "too booked" forcing me to go to the emergency clinic where I spent thousands of dollars to repair the damage they had done. They are unaccommodating, rude, and negligent. If there is any issue with your pet besides the normal vet visits, have fun!

Yvana Radatus

2 years ago

Best vet I could have ever dreamed of having! If you’re looking for a reliable, knowledgeable, trustworthy vet, look no further. I’ve been bringing my dog Kira to 5280 ever since I got her as a puppy (about a year now). The staff is extremely knowledgeable and gives you tools and resources on how to raise a healthy happy pup and makes sure they are hitting all their developmental milestones. On top of this, what you are paying for is the ability to have someone to call when your dog eats your plant you think might be poisonous, or has a weird rash your worried about (Thank you Dr. Leach for urging me to get a new harness), or all the millions of questions I have called them for through Kira’s first year of life. They are always happy to help and ensure Kira stays happy and healthy, it’s their number one priority above all else. So, I’ve seen a bunch of reviewers state they are too expensive. I’ll say if you’re looking for a super discounted vet, this place likely isn’t for you. Their fees are AVERAGE and it’s more than worth it. All those extra in between visit phone calls and knowing they know and care for your dog, friendly staff always willing to calm your nerves when your puppy inevitably has tummy issues or eats something they shouldn’t. Email questions on food brands and treats and tips on nail trimming. That’s what you’re paying for! To top all of this, I recently started training for a marathon and wanted to make sure I’m not pushing Kira too hard. I emailed in with about 20 questions and Dr. Wise emailed me back in about a day giving me all the parameters I should stick within, signs I should look out for in Kira, water needs, supplements to give her, and heck, she even cheered me on and wished me luck in my training. This expertise and friendliness is something you can’t put a $ value on. But even then, it’s truly not as expensive as some people are saying. We’re talking maybe 10% more expensive than a discount vet that you’ll never be able to get ahold of and see your dog as a dollar symbol, not the living breathing pup they are. Long story short, if you love your animal and want a partner in helping to raise a happy one, come here. It’s been the best dog decision I’ve ever made.

Nicole Daniels

2 years ago

Our dog has been seeing this vet since they moved into the neighborhood and we are finally done with them after various similar issues. They always accept the vet visit (and fee) but then refuse to prescribe medication (antibiotics for an ear infection). When we called back a week after their suggested treatment plan didn't work (prednisone) they said we refused an ear swab (which was never offered) and they will not give our dog medication for his ear infection. Said we need to see another vet who does more with dermatology, even though we brought all his dermatology records when he was seen last week. Simply terrible care.

Rob Peterson

2 years ago

I have been taking my animals here for several years and always have a good experience! Even in the worst of the pandemic they worked hard to accommodate the crazy that we were all living with. I recently brought my cat in to remove a growth on her toe. Everything went well and as described. She is eating great and on her way to a full recovery. Thanks to everybody that helped!

Phil Heyser

2 years ago

5280 is absolutely the best Veterinary Care. I’m glad they are not far away because I would go out of my way to take my kitty Rio there. My Vet is so good I won’t tell you their name. My kitty is getting older and a year ago I thought I might lose him soon, but working in conjunction with my Vet, my little Bubba Rio is doing very well and we are considering everything we can to improve his health and prolong his life. Big Love to the 5280 crew.

Leah Grotjohn

2 years ago

The wait to become a new patient with 5280 Vet is 100% worth it. Everyone was all around kind, slowed down to listen to my concerns, approached those concerns with expertise and resolve in mind, without ever pushing unnecessary treatments. The cat, dog, and myself are all very happy!

Garrett Hacking

2 years ago

We had to transfer to a new vet (5280 was referred) during COVID. Couldn't be more happy with the way they made the transition so smooth and comfortable. These folks are truly kind, caring and compassionate. Front desk, techs and doctors have all been first rate. Thank you Team 5280!

Christina Hom

2 years ago

They were super friendly with our aging and anxious dog. Explanations of possible tests and procedures were thorough, while respecting options that felt most comfortable for us. Dr. L was great with our dog along with the other nursing staff that was in the room. Prices were surprisingly reasonable too compared to several other places we have been to before.

Amanda Schwank

2 years ago

Terrible at communicating, not professional and not reliable. Took my two dogs here for a standard annual check up and one of my dogs needed surgery once. It was the most stressful day dealing with this staff, I felt that my dog was very unsafe considering how disorganized they were during her surgery. Would never visit again or recommend.

Dean Irvine

2 years ago

Difficult questions are discouraged here since that presents an appearance of challenging the doctor's opinions. It's a terrible thing that customers should utilize their own ability to critically think and not bow down to whatever is given. Be quiet now...the doctor is speaking. Save yourself time, frustration and money...take your business elsewhere.

Katharine A

2 years ago

Great service and easy to schedule with. Their call in option takes a long time to get through to a person and you can’t skip the menu. Have never been inside as I started coming here in April 2021, but would be interested to see sometime. Would recommend anyone looking for a vet to try them out

Rebekah Sharpton

2 years ago

This was the absolute worst experience I have had with any type of medical/Veterinary professional. now you may look at my review and think i am a crazy person. but I have actually never had issues with any other professional practice in my life. I would give negative stars if possible because they did not help me or my cats. and they severed the relationship with me based on me demanding better service. I was referred to this place by someone I trusted and didn't know where it was located, so the person on the phone who scheduled me, unwittingly gave me the incorrect address which caused me to go 25 mins away in the wrong area of town. The staff never admitted to this nor apologized. I was driving around with two screaming cats- one of which gets urinary blockages when he is anxious so OF COURSE I am upset when i arrive in finally. Dr. WISE was just okay. No one ever apologized to me for the mistakes that were made and I was actually having a panic attack situation while there. I could have forgiven them for this, granted everything following was good. The next thing that went really wrong is their, lack of coordination, lack of communication. On two occassions, I had to call to coordinate my cats new medicine. The first med the doc gave did not work out so i was desperately trying to get him a new type of med. I was told I'd be called back by end of day TWICE and no one ever did. The third time I called, of course I am upset, and I was pressing to get the issues resolved ASAP after getting the runaround for two weeks. Its very upsetting that I have an ill cat who needs meds, and the staff cannot communicate, I was not allowed the chance to ask the doctor, yet the staff was incompetent and couldn't help me either. The next thing I know, a manager from 5280 is calling me, I was hoping that she was apologizing and maybe offering me a gift as an apology because of how poor my experience has been. she actually said straight away that i was no longer a customer there and she was ending the relationship. I was so shocked. She never asked my side of the story, never said sorry. 5280 vet is obviously defensive of their mediocrity and even poor service, so only come here if that's what you want. In summary, I would not recommend this practice to anyone especially if your pet needs medicine, or ongoing care for an issue. The people here are incompetent. I would have to talk to many, many people to be able to get answers about meds, and then when I finally got my answer and bought the proper medicine on their website , they sever my relationship. (THEY DO NOT HAVE A PHARMACY OR MEDICINE IN STOCK). So after I finally FINALLY got the med, i found out it would take 7-10 business days to receive it which is an eternity. The issue with this practice must be deep, from ground level up to doctors and managers. STAY AWAY.

Tari V

2 years ago

I cannot thank Dr Leach and her team enough for being there for our animals. When time came for my second of four seniors to pass, she responded to me within a couple hours. She makes us feel like she cares about our pets as if they were her own. Thank you.

Alex Whiteman

2 years ago

Very nice staff and doctors. Didn’t feel like I got ripped off for once.

Christa Meyers

2 years ago

Just went to 5280 Veterinary Care for the first time and had a great experience! New facility, no wait times, and a great team - I was also so happy to be able to go into a vet appt with my dog since getting her in 2020. I had Dr. Weiss who was helpful in answering my questions and very sweet. The office even called the next day to make sure my dog was doing well after her vaccines! Great follow up!

Steven Kern

2 years ago

Really helpful staff, techs, and vet. Great experience keeping my pup healthy and happy

Amanda Stone

2 years ago

I am so glad 5280 Veterinary Care was recommended to me. We saw Dr. Wise today for annual exams and routine care/vaccinations. From start to finish, the entire staff was friendly, kind, informative, and caring. My one dog is generally very nervous at the vet, but she warmed up to the staff here very quickly and her stress level was noticeably lower than it has been at other clinics. The staff were all gentle and considerate in how they approached and interacted with my pets. Overall, we had a wonderful experience and we’re proud to consider 5280 Veterinary Care our new primary veterinary providers. I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Gail Hall

2 years ago

This place is a scheduling nightmare, they constantly miss book/ double book appointments. They don't send an apt confirmation at the time of booking so rarely can you catch their mistakes on time.

LeighAn Jaskiewicz

2 years ago

5280 Veterinary Care is the best. The staff and doctors are so caring towards your pet and you. They make sure you have and understand all of the information before you leave, and follow-up to make sure your pet is okay.

Nathan Jenkins

2 years ago

Love this place. Great staff and facilities


2 years ago

Everyone was kind, prompt, and professional with our first visit! Very straight forward with their recommendations but not overly pushy at the same time. Glad I found a reliable vet so close to the neighborhood!


2 years ago

This is the best doggy day care I’ve ever dealt with. Ava (my dog) LOVES it here and the whole family enjoys every interaction we have with the staff. If you need to take your dog to day care, this is the first place you should consider.

Alex Peters

2 years ago

Very impressed with my dog’s new vet clinic! Took her in for her annual appointment and they were extremely professional, upfront about costs and even called me a couple days after to check in on her. Would highly recommend!

Thomaz Denver

2 years ago

I am trying to schedule a follow up appointment and this office refuses to answer their phones. Poor customer service which appears to stem from a change in management and vets. You can get better service from a less expensive vet at Park Hill.

Liz Budrionis

2 years ago

I have always had a great experience at 5280 Veterinary Care! My two cats have seen Dr. Leach for dental surgery, ear treatment and regular check-ups and the entire staff has been very professional, responsive, friendly, and kind to me and my pets. I really appreciate that I get reminders before my appointments and follow-up calls to check in on how my cats are doing after my appointments. I feel like the vets and staff really listen and are excellent care-givers for my cats (it's clear that they really know and love cats). Thank you for all of your great work - we really appreciate it! :)

Inger Brueckner

2 years ago

Very kind staff when we walked into the first visit and one of our dogs had a seizure. Helpful, understanding and kind. Thank you for making us feel welcome.

Elisha Franco

2 years ago

Very nice people that care

carrie powell

2 years ago

the girls that came out to get boots were very nice and explained everything completely the vet was great and did all she could to help my boots and was very good and explained everything.

Zach Stanek

2 years ago

Friendly staff that clearly cares for animals greatly

Haley Sullivan

2 years ago

I am so grateful for this place!!! I unfortunately had to lose my loved kitty and they immediately took me in, and treated me with nothing but care and compassion during that difficult moment and sent a personalized card expressing their condolences and kind words - I highly recommend this place!

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