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Elaine Kiefer

2 years ago

A wonderful rescue for cats. They are amazing!

Adam Wourms

2 years ago

Very friendly and inviting staff. I adopted a cat from them and really enjoyed the whole expirence. very good communication, was able to see an array of cats before making the final decision. I got a cat who wouldn't let you pet him there but since she's been at my home its been nothing but cuddles. highly recommend checking this place out and supporting them when you can!

Carrie Bireland

2 years ago

If you need help to save a cat or kittens don't call them!! Begged for help for three months.

Angela kerlavage

2 years ago

We had rescued two beautiful Cats from this place. When we left Colorado to move back to Florida we left our oldest cat Shadow with my boyfriends kids. The mother has asked us to. But later took our cat to the pound. I was frantically trying to find a way to get him back. But the prices were unbelievable for him to be shipped. I reached out to them and Melinda called me back. She went and picked our cat up from pound took care of him and found a volunteer who was going on vacation to Orlando to bring him to us. Best people best place for cats. Don’t know what I would have done without them. Today is the day I get my baby back I can’t wait and I’m gonna donate every time I get a chance to keep this place going even if I don’t live there anymore.

Me George Washington

2 years ago

The man inside was a little condensating...I just wanted to volunteer my time for cats ....but maybe he was having a bad day...lol...I wonder if he beat a cat that day

Anime Craig

2 years ago

Teigan was very helpful good work

Harriet Maddox

2 years ago

We were able to get our dream kittens. Thanks!


2 years ago

Awful feral cats 90% are feral, people that work there irritate me very accusatory


2 years ago

Wild Blue Cats is sooooo AMAZING!!!! I would give a thousand star review if I was able to. I was in a very hard position in my life and I had no choice but to have to find a new home for my sweet cat and needed to find her a place VERY fast. I knew that it was going to be hard not only to find a place that could take her but one that I would feel good about and that I would not be sending her to death if she was not able to be adopted. I reached out to numerous places with either no response or they were very rude. I had looked into the different places and Wild Blue was the one that I was the most impressed with and hoped they could possibly help. Thank God they contacted me and let me know they were very full but they wanted to help because of my situation. When I brought Colby in I was a disaster and they were so incredible with there patience and understanding. They explained how things worked there and how Colby was going to be able to be introduced into the group of people and other cats which she was a very unsocial and scared little kitty. It was so heartbreaking to leave her but I knew I was not going to be able to give her the life she deserved anymore and she was in a great place that you can tell loves their cats. I am sure I drove poor Connie crazy texting her and checking in to see how Colby was doing with only loving responses and pictures. Colby was cuddling with a volunteer within a day which shocked me because I was the only person that she would let touch her. That says alot about the love that she already felt there. Colby has thankfully found a new home with a loving volunteer that fell in love with her and now she has another chance of a wonderful life. I cannot thank Wild Blue Cats and all of the volunteers..especially Connie for all of their hard work and love that they give to their cats and their goal to give all cats a loving home and a new life. Please help in any way you can to help keep this cat refuge a place for all cats that are in need. Thank you Wild Cats!!!

Suzanne LaBerge

2 years ago

An extraordinary facility saving lives of so many cats and kittens. Adopt!

Gary Garrett

2 years ago

Good people! We do help them with the kitties.

Kara Elzey

2 years ago

We got our baby girl Gamora from here a few months ago and she truly brings such joy into our lives. We can't thank Wild Blue enough for the love and happiness Gamora gives us every day. We can't imagine our lives without her! Thank you Wild Blue, truly.

Carey Mcmahon

2 years ago

Sorry for this mishap.... Love Wild Blue....we have adopted all our cats from here! Amazing people

David Allums

2 years ago

They take great care of the cats here!

Emm Meows

2 years ago

It's appalling how much local vets charge to spay and neuter. Many vet procedures to our pets cost a pretty penny but you'd think the pursuit of not having unwanted kitties and puppies would inspire a more cost efficient service. When the local clinics are booked up or ungodly expensive, who do you call? And then there are angels out there like Wild Blue Cats. They care about cats and puppy dogs too. I found out about them through a Facebook group in the nick of time. We greatly needed a kitten spayed and the prices that local vets charged were ridiculous! Wild Blue Cats was having a clinic just for cats and only wanted $80 for spay, vaccinations and micro chip. The clinic included licenced vets that donate their time and a slew of other loving precious people who put the service together. Organized, friendly, efficient and compassionate- this place is amazing! I donated what I could on top of the fee and I'll continue to not only donate but tell everyone I know how awesome these people are. If you need such a service for your pets, add them on Facebook and watch for their clinics. Please consider donating whether you use them or not. What they do for unwanted and wanted kitties and dogs cannot be compared!

Joanne Barton

3 years ago

I wish anyone reading this could see inside my heart. This shelter is wonderful and these people are doing it with such dedication, compassion, and love. The owner has no limits and will go as it's stated, "above and beyond" to save even a tiny kitten that other shelters are quick to euthanize.This shelter is staffed mostly by Volenteer's. Many act as foster parents in their own homes. Adopting from a facility like Wild Blue is a very good experience for many reasons. You'll have a healthy cat and one who has been with people who will know the cats personality. If your unable to adopt a kitty for health reasons think about donating even one dollar can be a huge help for a truly great organization with such great people. Thank you for taking the time to read this post, Jo????????.

Bill Melville

3 years ago

Full disclosure - i volunteer here. But no one does a better job placing cats in forever homes.

Catie McNulty

3 years ago

We rescued our sweey baby Felix (originally Lycra) from Wild blue cats and we couldn’t feel more lucky. Michelle was great to work with and the whole experience from seeing the kitten online to adopting him in person was smooth and easy. They take good care of the cats at their sanctuary and only want the best for the kittys they rescue.

Joe Seduikis

3 years ago

Caring and professional people who only have one mission... Finding forever homes for at risk kitties.

Arriyona Torres

3 years ago

Absolutely love the staff, they were able to take my cat I was unable to keep! ????

Sarah Lyle

3 years ago

We adopted our lovely little kitten their them and couldn't be happier ????

Angela Hauer

3 years ago

Cat was gone when I got the message and checked!

MK Sch

3 years ago

Fingers crossed that WBC can help me. Thank you for taking Priscilla.

Nancy Jefferson

3 years ago

Really great and nice people who truly care about every kitty. We love our Bailey and her foster parents were wonderful! They took such good care if her and her 7 siblings.

Richard Thompson

3 years ago

Adopted new kitten. Paid all fees. Supposedly sent home with clean bill of health. First week out at vet already. Upper respiratory infection. At vet again today. Poor thing has ringworm all over her body. Noticed when we were at adoption center initially there was a cage with a note on it that said and I quote" ringworm, quarantine. But no animal in the cage. As far as I'm concerned. Not trustworthy people. They will be getting bills for both visits.


3 years ago

Great selection, very wine knowledgeable, and an inside opening directly into Sprouts.

Xavier Pedigo

3 years ago

A wonderful little place on the edge of town.

T Dwnex

3 years ago

They have a structured system for adopting cats without being completely invasive of your personal life. They ask standard questions to ensure the cat you want is going to work. (Dogs, children, work life, etc.) If it doesn't work they work with you even more. Communication with Lori was quick and efficient. You can tell Lori loves helping these cats get homes! They deserve your inquiry when adopting!

Russell Zingg

3 years ago

Nice comfortable rooms at an affordable price

Becky Smith

3 years ago

Great place that helps cats find forever homes

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