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Jodie Pias

2 years ago

My favorite vets office, the staff is all so caring, and welcoming. They handle everything with tact, and respect. We've had two different types of animals there, my doggo and my Tegu (lizard), and both are cared for so well.


2 years ago

Rude to customers and they require you to wear a mask even if vaccinated and not sick. Not the type of people I would trust to be around my dog.

veronica juarez

2 years ago

Very friendly staff. Answered all my questions

John Harden

2 years ago

I have been going here for over 16 years and there is no other place I trust more with my animals. Especially if you own an "exotic" animal.

Brian Long

2 years ago

We love everyone on there staff

Eddie Przybyl

2 years ago

If you have pitbulls don't bother. I went with my 2 pits and the vet was too scared to even come in the room let alone give my dogs any type of care. Do not recommend if you are a veterinarian you should be comfortable with all types of animals. My dogs are sweethearts and don't come off as aggressive at all. Completely unprofessional getting judged just based off the breed.

Holly Saunders

2 years ago

Wonderful place they helped me when I couldn't find anyone else to help.They are kind, caring, compassionate.Give them 5 stars would recommend them to everyone.If you need a great vet Pikes Peak Veterinary Clinic is the place to go.

Jason Leach

2 years ago

This is the only Vet I will ever see. We have been going here since the mid 90's. They provide compassionate and competent care. They are flexible with care needs and really work with you. I recently had a pet go over the rainbow bridge and words can not express the care I received from this staff!!

Paul Jensen II

2 years ago

We have brought several of our pets to see Dr. Melony. She and her staff are awesome and true pet/animal lovers to the core.


2 years ago

It’s been an adventure trying to find an exotics vet for my rat babies. This clinic hits the nail directly on the head! Dr. Fowler, Dr. Marsden and their ENTIRE team have shown me nothing but true care, compassion and understanding. Whether it’s for an emergency or just a checkup, I know with 100% confidence that my babies are in excellent hands. I’m so glad I chose them to be my vet. My family and I thank you endlessly.

Janet Hotzel

2 years ago

They have been our vets for 12 years. They are great. We lost our beloved puppy dog this week and they couldn't have been better.

Jim Mackey

2 years ago

Very efficient and complete service. They provide extra services like nail clipping as well as keeping current on shots.


2 years ago

We were having an emergency and they fit my dog in very quickly, even though we weren't established patients. They helped us out a lot and I am very thankful for the kindness of their staff.

Libby Blaylock

2 years ago

Had my buddy neutered today he is doing well. Dr Marsden did awesome. Thank you

Lindsey Hafer

2 years ago

Dr. Mardsen was so sweet and through when examining my chicken. She was very friendly and knowledgeable about chickens! Highly recommend!

Steven Lambert

2 years ago

Staff is always wonderful and do great things for my pets.

Lisa Sekulich

2 years ago

I cannot believe that a place like this exists!! If I could give 10 stars I would!! They were so knowledgeable, friendly, professional, and kind to my dog!! I recommend them to everyone I know, and cannot say enough great things about them. I have found my forever Veterinarian. ♥

James Carver

2 years ago

The staff here is awesome. They were able to get us scheduled within a very reasonable amount of time, everyone was very friendly and professional and our pet recovered quickly from his surgery. We will definitely be using this place for all future vet appointments.

Alex K

2 years ago

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. They are always willing to take the time to answer all of our questions. They truly care about our dog.

Alec Gonzales

2 years ago

Showed up a half an hour before close because the nurses told me they had approval for medication for my chameleon. The only reason I needed more meds was they didn’t even fill it 1/4 of the way. So they tell me the doctor had given them approval but they didn’t ask the amounts needed to mix, so I’ve been sitting outside (because I had to walk the car is with the hubby) for an hour with my dog in the heat. They constantly ignored my until I finally asked what’s going on and they said they can’t reach the doctor now and they don’t know how long I’m supposed to wait. DO NOT GO HERE IF YOU HAVE ANYTHING OTHER THEN A DOG OR CAT THEY SIMPLY DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU.

Angela Button

2 years ago

Dr. Duff was extremely patient, helpful and took the time to listen and help me troubleshoot the care of my 13yo lab who has a mountain of health problems! As an ex vet tech, I would also like to give a huge should out to the technician in on my appointment that day! She was absolutely on her "A" game that day! I apologize that I don't remember her name! Also the client care specialists were the real MVP for helping me troubleshoot ordering meds through their prescription portal and were very kind whenever speaking with them on the phone. Ive worked in a lot of different clinics and a large animal er on the east coast, so for them to all be able to keep that level of client/patient consistency when I know darn well they were overwhelmed that day... wish I could give more than 5 stars!

kid fortnite

2 years ago

They have taken very good care of both of my Dogs and were very nice.

Leslie Grant

2 years ago

Well organized with some Covid restrictions in place. They are very thorough and take great care with our pets. Waiting was minimal.

Zach Scott

2 years ago

Warning: If your dog so much as barks they bring in 2 muzzles and demand you to do everything for them as they are too terrified to try and comfort your dog. Then after you have to hold your pet in a headlock with a muzzle on for their shots they forgo any other issues you have and run out of the room and demand payment for all their 'hard' work.

Leza D Lawrence

2 years ago

I gave them 5 stars because they give 1st. time clients a coupon for 25.00 to pay for a wellness check up. That means alot to me because I am on a slim budget as most of us are and my dog means the world to me.

robert MacDonald

2 years ago

Great staff. Variety of vets to choose from.

Keena Lemelle

2 years ago

Best veterinary office I've ever had experience with. I will continue to bring my pet here. Attention to detail and care unlike any other!

Leigh Yorgason

2 years ago

Very friendly and capable. My dog seemed happy with his visit and so was I. Excellent and sincere staff.

Brent Sessions

2 years ago

Called and asked a question that the front staff couldn't answer. Asked to have the manager call us back. At least the front office said they would give Cathy the "manager", the message. Couple of days went by, called back, got a different person at the front and they said, Cathy got your message but we'll let her know you called again. The following week, still no call, and after calling to speak to the 'manager' a THIRD time.....Cathy the office manager will NOT return your calls. She is a POOR manager and her bad beahaviour is encouraged by the owner. Forget this place, there are better ones in the area. Why PAY someone who will not return you phone calls? We are sure Cathy or the 'owner' will be posting a reply with some made up excuse as to why they couldn't call us back, because you see everyone, that is what Cathy and the owner does here - make excuses and try to put the blame back on the person PAYING. Think about it - give them money and be treated badly.

Paul Bowen

2 years ago

Having faithfully served my country, I can state this place has declined over the last two-three years, and the manager is of no use to the customers. They used to have fair prices and provide great service. Latley they have tried to 'upsell' us and it got tiring and awkward to keep saying "Thanks but no". The phones are usually not working or partially working - and it's always something with service provider. (maybe get a new service provider). Your alternative methods of communcation is texts, or email, or the app. We would actually like to speak with the person versus trying to make a touine or possibly urgent appointment or ask a question thur an app, a text, and email - really. Another reason for seeing another place - spotty to bad communication methods. While there may be a couople of great people here, still working for the pets of people who love them - those bad actors at this business outweigh the few good ones. The owner is unwilling to listen to the customer, actually relying on the 'manager' to give her information. After 25 years of doing my job, I know that there are two sides to every story and you're just listening to one, from one person. Actually listen to your customers - so the good people don't have to put up with those who dont' do their jobs. One of the biggest problems is the office manager, Cathy. She is a person with a title who can't perform the job and the owner has a blindspot when it comes to managing people and jettisoning the bad ones. The business won't learn and gow from their mistakes bexause they are unknowing to the problems and aren't the best they can be. Find a new placde like we did. There are several, if not many other veterianarin clinics that are MORE fairly priced, with professional people who are exception adn will care for you r pet and you, an actually listen to you - like you deserve. AND they actaully answer the phones because their phones actually work!

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