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Lisa Camerlo

2 years ago

We have the health plan for our kitty and these folks are amazing.

Nick Carson

2 years ago

Do not enroll in wellness plan. Even after pet passes away or you have to give them up for some reason, they will charge you for the whole rest of the plan. So on top of your heart break. Your bank breaks too. No thank you. Buyer beware.


2 years ago

Big disappointment in Banfield. Reason: unable to secure an appointment at a reasonable time. According, to Banfield... Not enough Vets, nor time for them to see a Vet for your dog unless an emergency, they instead pass the buck, and send you to an emergency facility, even though YOU know it's not an emergency. We pay a hefty dollar to Banfield every month. Their solution is too drop off our animals so they could be seen. And we travel one hour to reach Banfield. That's what I don't understand, is why; we as their customers, have to pay a monthly payment, when I need for a vet to see any of my 3 dogs. Just for a quick look see?. So, why pay them? As a customer we should be able to be seen, and not give YOUR customers, only two options: Drop off or Emergency. Banfield has failed us time and time again. No Vets get Corp to help out.

Lisa Babers

2 years ago

I had to take my big 121lb baby dog Roman in for a broken toenail. He was scared and in a lot of pain. The tech, Ron, was the first to greet my boy. He was so compassionate. He got down on my dog's level and spoke softly to him, reassuring him. He wiped his face and eyes and was the most gentle I have ever seen a tech be with my dogs. My dog is big and scary looking to most people. Ron was very brave and calm and did not show any fear. Instead he treated him as if he were his own baby. That encounter melted my heart and is the reason that I am inspired to write this review. Dr. Sklar was the doctor on duty to see my boy and was extremely professional and communicated everything clearly with me. He reassured me things would go well. Ron brought Roman back out to me at the end and excitedly told me how well Roman handled the procedure. Thank you guys for loving my boy the way I do. Lisa Babers

Timothy Gilbert

2 years ago

Terrible experience here. Very unprofessional and have absolutely no time management ability or communication between staff. Brought our dog in for a routine checkup and dental cleaning. Expected to wait no more than 3 to 4.5 hours. We live two hours away and this is the closest banfield to us. We have been sitting now for over 6 hours and we're just told that he JUST finished and itd be another 2 hours. So over an 8 hour wait time to get our dog back. That is unacceptable and the long wait time is only the result of piss-poor managing of time. Apparently appointments mean absolutely nothing here and they see animals on a first come first serve basis, and we were told that we should've been here early due to this and were told as much. Which we were not. It's honestly not a wonder your company and this location in particular cannot seem to keep employees. Would honestly rate 0 stars if I could as this isn't the first bad experience ive had here.

Kymberlee thompson

2 years ago

Very impersonal and not what I am looking for in a Dr for my dog. The summary of the visit (sent to your profile on the app) didn't say anything about the main concern/issue with my dogs health. Even though I was given an extremely high estimate on a procedure he may need. They also kept pushing the insurance, and it doesn't even cover the procedure. Im glad it was a free first visit promotion.

Jenny Cox

2 years ago

We have taken all of our pets (we currently have 4) to the Southgate Banfield for many years. We were bery sad when out beloved vet moved out of state but have also really liked the new one assigned to our pets. They do a great job keeping us on using our plan benefits so they do not go to waste. They will accomodate you if you prefer to drop off or bring your pets in, in -person and there is always someone avaialble to call back with answers to questions.

Manuel Montoya

2 years ago

Kept my dog 8 hours .

Julia Fensterwald

2 years ago

They took good care of Smithwicks during his dental cleaning. He, unfortunately, had to have a lot of teeth pulled, but they explained everything very well!

Connor L

2 years ago

Do not do drop off here, its a bad idea. For instance, they will quote you 2 hours, but after 4 hours I had to remind them that they have my dog than they did the exam. So they could possibly leave your dog their all day. If you use banfield in general its really not worth it unless you have their wellness plan.

Cheri Atkins

2 years ago

The toenails were not cut down. We have wooden floors and his nails touch wooden when he walking through the house????

Pamela W

2 years ago

I would never ever take a pet to Banfield. Their negligence killed my precious little dog!!!!!

Robert Templeton (Magical swordsman)

2 years ago

Staff is super nice. When I had to get vacations for my cat to be able to move, they were able to get me in quickly

Tyler Graefe

3 years ago

If you want to have your dog wait around in a cage from 9 a.m, so by 4 p.m someone who you’ve never met before can look over your dog (or maybe not, you aren’t present so who knows) So you can feel like no only have you just put the love of your life in a puppy mill for a day but you’re also getting bent over for $100 then Banfield is the place for you. This is what would happen if a puppy mill owner was closed down but decided to open a vet business instead. Treat yourself with respect and your animal with respect and do not give a cent of your money to this wretched business .

Justin D

3 years ago

Check out the ratings! Buyer beware. Where to even begin....This place is an absolute nightmare with pushing the "monthly plan". My fiance took our dog this morning for a basic check up to make sure she is all good and she was told by the employees who brought our dog in that it would be $206 and change at most if we didn't sign up for the plan. Even had it in writing and understood it may be a little more. Then she sat in the car outside to wait on the dog which is fine. Then a person named Yanel called to "confirm" everything and my fiance told Yanel that it sounds like a great deal, but she needed to consult someone about it before doing it. Apparently Yanel assumed that it would be ok to do an additional $500 worth of stuff that the dog did not need because it was all apart of the plan my fiance did not want. After being told that everything was finished with our dog she went in to pay. My fiance is stunned to see the bill for just under $700.00 after being initially quoted about $200. It gets better. The office charged us an extra $95 for services they did not even perform AND gave us someones personal information, phone numbers, addresses and all. My fiance feels she was in an ultimatum to either sign up or not get the dog since she cannot afford the "$700" bill. We both tried to resolve things over the phone and email but to no avail, so we went in to talk in person to clear up the miscommunications. Yanel was still dismissive and did not attempt to resolve anything and told us that we needed to talk to someone else who was at another store. She refused to give us a time to come in to talk to her supervisor stating, "She is at another store and I can't call her right now". This place is extremely unprofessional and absolutely takes advantage of people and their pets by giving them care they do not need.


3 years ago

This is where I take my baby and I would trust your baby with this facility as well.

Crystal Brandin

3 years ago

Horrible experience took my kitten in for shots was told she would receive 2 she got 1 and they charged me $100 for it said they did the free exam we told them when we brought her in she possibly had ringworm and has earmites they didn't treat her for either let alone bring up either of them :( will not be going here again and the staff was rude and very impatient

Ann Thompson

3 years ago

Very friendly staff. I enjoy bringing my pets here. They will call and keep me updated if there is anything I need to know while my pets are there.

Chaplin Barnes- Korte ‽

3 years ago

Everyone was very nice and helpful, informatove and did their best to deal with my grumpy and stressed out cat.

Nicole Lindsay

3 years ago

The staff is always nice and very welcoming. And the doctor's got right to the point of what was wrong with my dog and very gentle with my dog as well

Daniel Martin

3 years ago

Ginger needed an emergency visit for her eye and nowhere in town could see her. Called they got her in ASAP and got it taken care of. Their prices are way better than other vets and they took great care of my princess!

Emily Robinson

3 years ago

I absolutely love this vet. Vary responsible and respectful. They take great care of my baby and their prices are not bad.

Eric Hailey

3 years ago

They take such amazing care of our puppy

Jason Barden (Barden Creative Designs)

3 years ago

They are exceptionally friendly sympathetic, and knowledgeable.

Joseph Berberena

3 years ago

Love it! Staff are really friendly.

Kimberly Bolding

3 years ago

I have a new dog, a service dog specifically. I have put much money time and energy into this adorable AKC registered Border Collie to have him assist me in many ways. He assist physically, retrieves, alerts and has become a great emotional support to me unexpectedly following the murder of my son. I say this because of my need to trust and respect the people I take my animals to. This is my fourth animal, 3 dogs and 1 cat over the years I have relied upon to care for my animals. (I say animals versus pets because there is a big difference between a pet dog and a service dog). This is my first service dog. I have a son with Autism who had a Therapy dog. Banfield Pet Hospital Docs and employees have always taken their time with me. I have never felt rushed. They have answered ALl my many questions. Most important, they have shown great interest and sensitivity to my animals. I could give you countless examples but I see this is a bit long already. This is a handicap accessible facility! I use a large power wheelchair with stuff hanging out on the sides. Second important note. Banfield has made their services pretty affordable to me via their health care prevention plans which offer free visits all year. My vet has been very supportive about looking at affordable medications and treatments. YOU should ask for options! There are some meds out there you can get cheaper at Walmart or on an RX plan. Some a few (caution most human meds are dangerous to dogs, check with you vet only) dogs can take for humans, and they offer some dog meds also. You can also get meds filled online really cheap. You can get a few pills from your vet there and the rest online. I hope this helps.

Lisa Pecoraro

3 years ago

The staff and veterinarians treat me and my animals like family!

Marshall Guffy

3 years ago

We have been bringing our animals here for over 4 years and everybody is cool. Never an issue and you can tell how passionate all of their people are about pets and their health.

Liz St. Clair

4 years ago

Dr. Sklar is wonderful! He was very good with my old, mini-aussie, Cayenne. She was almost 16 years old when I had to have her put down. However, prior to that she had constant skins problems, and Dr. Sklar was always so genuine, helpful and a great listener. I highly recommend him!


4 years ago

Extremely overpriced....i was a vet tech for years and could not believe that noth veterinarian's that saw one of my cata said she was pregnant.....she had been spayed just weeks prior!!!! Anyone in the veterinary field could find a spay scar! Banfield recommends unneeded services to try and make money! Would not recommend Banfield at all!!!!

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