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Anil Vijay

2 years ago

Excellent place. Very nice care for an urgent need. Same day appointment was available

Brittany Wood

2 years ago

Kind, clean, caring a good place.

Connie Carlson

2 years ago

I am very happy with the care my kitten received at Broadlands Veterinary Clinic. Dr. Perkins and the entire staff were caring and professional. I will continue to use this clinic for all my kitten’s medical needs.

Jeffrey Hanko

2 years ago

This vet is strictly concerned on how much she can bill. She butchered my dog on a fat deposit on the skin. Her suteres lasted two days and we had to go to the emergency room. Do not use her!

Vivian Fox

3 years ago

I had been going to Dr. Perkins at Broadlands Vet Clinic for over 10 yrs (then lost cat). My family got me a kitten 3 yrs. later and I never considered another vet. Dr. Perkins is very caring towards the pets she sees. I have complete trust in her and how she cares and treats her clients, pets and owners.

deborah garcia

3 years ago

We took our dog there for an annual exam. They did blood work and an exam. They told us our dog was in good health. 3 days later our dog was bleeding and had to have emergency surgery and bad liver levels. These people missed everything with our dog, caused emergency surgery and lied that there his blood levels were fine. We called and no one will call us back. The office manager said there is nothing she can do. Please, Please do not take your pet there. They do not care about animals or their patients as no one even called to make sure our dog is still alive.

Diane Rafferty

3 years ago

Dr Perkins and staff have cared for my animals for over 10 years. They are the most caring and have gotten me through the worst of times with my pets with utmost compassion and care. There is no one else I would trust their care too!!

jim lafferty

3 years ago

I'm very happy with the care and service we received on our first visit. Dr. Berry was thorough, attentive, and very helpful. Great job! Thanks.

Robert Christensen

3 years ago

We've been bringing our animals to Dr. Perkin and Broadlands Veterinary Clinic for about 5 years now and have always had positive experiences with the staff, and especially Dr. Perkin. Staff is knowledgeable and caring and has always followed up after an appointment to ensure everything is good with our animals.

stephen frank

3 years ago

They got me in sooner than any other vet and they were fantastic with my dog. I will be back with her.

Andre Jackson

4 years ago

Wonderful caring and competent people.

Philip Glorioso

4 years ago

Excellent care for our cat! So glad we found this veterinarian for our family pet.

Jean Wilson

4 years ago

Worst experience!!! The Vet was all about money. She let my cat suffer way beyond it should have. Very abrasive personality. The staff was not any better. I have worked in the field myself and, would never have put an animal or it's owner through what this office did. BEWARE!!!

Jason Farbman

4 years ago

The wait time over the last 3 visits has ranged from 30 minutes to 1hr. These were scheduled appointments. My dog was shaking for the full hour while I was at the clinic. The vet finally came in and says she is feeling nauseous and needs to go take anti nausea medication. I have a newborn and cant risk getting a stomach bug or the flu. I told her to leave the room and to just let me work with the vet tech. This was all for a simple ear infection. I requested medicine over the phone, but they said we had to bring our dog in even though they know about this problem and have seen our dog for it multiple times. I am officially done with this vet. Our previous vet at this clinic left a few months ago. I will be leaving this clinic now and be happy to never come back.

Holli Soriano

4 years ago

On July 29th, 2019 I took my dog to Broadlands Veterinary Clinic for a simple anal gland expression procedure. When the vet tech came out to take my dog back for the procedure, it was clear my dog was scared/unsure. The vet tech proceeded to drag my dog, who by this time was flat on the ground and trying to dig in, by the leash/harness towards the back. My dog stood up on his hind legs, slipped out of the harness and fell backwards, hitting his back and head on the ground. He then ran directly back to me. The tech then proceeded to grab a noose leash and approach my dog. I told her that she would probably have to carry him as he was terrified. She did so and too my dog back to express anal glands. I asked the receptionist if dragging my dog was standard procedure, and she responded that they normally like to have the dog walk back under their own power. I asked to speak to a manager or supervisor and was told that she wasn’t there that day. I requested that she contact me when she was in next. I paid my bill and left. Later that day, I noticed that my dog was still sitting awkwardly and sniffing his hind end. I took him back to our regular vet to have the glands checked again and was told that they were completely full. I called and left a message for the supervisor at Broadlands Vet and to this day have yet to receive a return call. Not only did the staff at Broadlands Vet act in a way that was admittedly not “standard” for them, they failed to do the job I paid them for. Needless to say, I would not recommend this practice to anyone as their behavior, care for our pet, and customer service leave much to be desired.

Gabriel Duran

4 years ago

The staff at Broardlands is pretty good. They are fairly knowledgeable and pretty gentle with my Shepherd. I would highly recommend this place.

Erin McDonnell

4 years ago

Have had nothing but good experiences and thoughtful care from Dr. Perkins and the staff at Broadlands over the past year (including instances of emergency care). Especially appreciated on behalf of an anxiety-prone dog!

Steve Straub

4 years ago

We took our 11 year old dog in for her teeth cleaning. I was nervous about her getting anesthesia - but the entire staff made me feel more at ease. Their professionalism, compassion and obvious love for what they do made all the difference. I received a prompt follow up call when the procedure was finished. Amanda stayed with our dog as she came down from the anesthesia. Dr. Perkin reviewed all the bloodwork and home care with me. Every single person there was as concerned about my dog as me. I will not take our dog anywhere else.

Noah Peterson

4 years ago

Always so friendly and very professional and caring. You know they actually care about you and your animals. It’s not about the money at Broadlands. It’s about you and your beloved pet. Dr. Perkin is fantastic and we will never go to a different vet

Natalie Mortel

4 years ago

Dr. Perkins examined my dog Oscar and diagnosed him with an eye ulcer. He was treated with animal plasma and an antibiotic ointment. We had a follow up visit in seven days but had to return early because we ran out of animal plasma. We waited over 45 minutes to see the doctor and technician during these two visits. On the seventh day we returned for our 10:30am follow up visit. His eye was healed but he was having an EXTREMLLY difficult time breathing. She was very busy that day and wanted to keep him so she could get a chest x-ray. I didn’t hear back from the clinic and called around 3:30pm. The receptionist assured my Oscar was doing great and Dr. Perkins was just reviewing the x-rays. My husband picked up Oscar at 4pm. Dr. Perkins explained to him that Oscar had Pneumonia and should be treated with antibiotics. I was disappointed that Oscar was held in a holding for 5+ hours with 3 other dogs before being diagnosed with pneumonia. Three days later I rushed Oscar to the Emergency Vet. He died. The emergency vet explained that with his autoimmune disease, age, and breed he should have been put into an oxygen tank and treated with intravenous antibiotics. Dr. Perkins failed to explain how sick my dog really was. He suffered greatly for three days after his pneumonia diagnosis before I had to put him down. Had Dr. Perkins explained how very sick he was- I would have either hospitalized him or put him down and avoided three days of extreme suffering.

Kiara Louy

4 years ago

Previously I thought this vet office was great. However my puppy at the time was about six months old on our first bad experience. She had stopped eating her food (later on we found out she was tired of it and needed a change) so we brought her in and the Male doctor came in to see her. He was very pushy and rude towards my dog, pushing her beyond her comfort zone and forcing her to become aggressive. He stated smugly that I was starving my dog. (We tried many different diets on that week even raw food before taking her to the vet, she just wouldnt eat.) Prior to that experience she was fine going to the vet. But the male doctor forced her into a bad situation causing her to almost bite him. This same situation happened again just this Monday. She was brought in for updated vaccines. She had remembered her previous traumatic encounter with this vet and became very stressed. As a dog trainer I noticed her body signals as did the vet. But he did nothing about it and forced her to become more and more fearful of him and his vet tech. By the end of her visit she was cowering behind me and my boyfriend on the verge of biting the doctor. He did nothing to calm her down and stated again that I was starving my dogs. Very unhappy with the whole situation and will only come back to get her vaccine records. I do not reccomend for any owner who owns a dog that needs their vet to be patient, kind and considerate of how the dog is feeling in their experience at the vet.

Abby RK

4 years ago

Dr. Perkin is such a great veterinarian. She's been taking care of our dogs for over 7 years! We wouldn't trust anyone else with our pups.

Steve Brown

4 years ago

Any place that tries to help animals is good in my book

Tamara Sue

4 years ago

Although they know how to handle aggressive dogs. I found the one Vet to be rude, offensive and contradictory to the other Vet. Our German Sheperd passed away one month after getting her shots. Coincidence? There are no coincidences!

Taylar B.

4 years ago

After moving to Colorado, I needed to find a new vet. This vet clinic was close to home and at the time only had a few mixed reviews. I decided to take my dog, ted in. He wasn’t eating and was suffering from what I thought may be a toothache. Upon arriving, the receptionist was nice, but from there the appointment went very down hill. The woman vet came into the room and the smell of cigarettes immediately encompasses me. She began touching all on my dogs mouth with her smoke covered hands. She was VERY rude to her vet tech to the point that I was uncomfortable. She proceeds to tell me that my dog “may have a tooth ache, but may be JAW CANCER.” This woman, without running a single test tells me my dog ‘might’ have cancer. And says this in a VERY indelicate way. I ask her “how do I prepare for that being a possibility and what is the outcome” she says “if it’s top jaw there’s surgery, if it’s bottom jaw, you’re screwed.” Shocked at the lack of professionalism, i asked for some antibiotics for him, paid a ridiculous amount of money for the worst vet visit I’ve ever encountered, and have never been back. This was two years ago and I am still LIVID at the behavior of this vet. I passed by the clinic recently and decided that since I was still seething with rage from her behavior, I’d write a review to save ANYONE from wasting their time or money at such an unprofessional place of business. AVOID AT ALL COSTS

taylor davis

4 years ago

We love our vet here I have been bringing my dogs here for 8 years and they love her

Jeff Higgs

5 years ago

Even though our pet was not a patient, they provided excellent service in an emergency situation. Dr Johnson was wonderful.

Matthew Plante

5 years ago

Worst Vet clinic ever! Rude staff and treat people like garbage. Never go here, EVER! They do NOT deserve your business.

Jeff Storm

5 years ago

The staff is always helpful and caring, Dr. Perkins is very knowledgeable and does a great job with our dogs. I feel they offer good advice and options that are in the best interests of our dogs.

Tara Davis

5 years ago

We are always seen on time. The staff is completely friendly and always eager to provide us with the best service. They are all so knowledgeable. I love Dr. Perkin and her staff.

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