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Daniel McLean

2 years ago

Dr. Fryburg was informative, friendly and caring. Highly recommended and very reasonable pricing.

Jenna LaRiviere

2 years ago

I boarded my cat here for two weeks, and he was very well taken care of! He got lots of attention and toys to play with. Halfway through his stay, we got a video of him and a short message from the staff on how he was getting on. The staff are all really kind, and genuinely care about your pet. I plan to use their boarding services again!

Paloma Delgadillo

2 years ago

The vets at Aspen Arbor are so caring and I always feel like my two little kitties are in good hands.

Krista Boyer

2 years ago

I really like the team here! Everyone is super friendly and knowledgeable. They take very good care of my cats and I can tell they care for their patients, both animal and human.

Kimber Workman

2 years ago

My boy did amazing at his first cat visit and got ice cream after!

Anna Terranova

2 years ago

Unfortunately, my fiancé and I have not had a good experience at Aspen Arbor. When we first brought our dog (who was a puppy at the time) to Aspen Arbor, we noticed that with most visits, the vet was vague when we asked questions. For example, we asked for food recommendations on our first visit, but the vet would not give us any recommendations until we asked again 4 months later, when our puppy began having stomach issues (that could have potentially been avoided, had she provided recommendations when we first asked). We also noticed that with the few concerns we had about our dog, the vet would indicate she had never “seen this before,” which is a very unhelpful and un-comforting response to any pet parent. This happened when our dog had eye problems, when he had stomach issues prior to a surgery, and when he had face swelling—all of which we were able to somewhat answer ourselves with a basic google search. Our experience with Aspen Arbor got worse on the day of my dog’s surgery. From the moment I walked into the building to the moment I walked out, there was no kindness, sympathy, or warmth, even though I had expressed my nervousness about the surgery. Neither the vet or the lady at the front desk seemed to care about my nerves and both were very cold and quick to get me out of the building. They also called an hour later than scheduled to provide an update about how the surgery went. We have worked with this particular lady at the front desk several times, and she has always been unprofessional, unpleasant, and rude. Her customer service skills are unacceptable. When I called to provide feedback to the office manager about her, I was transferred to his voicemail, left a message, and never received a return phone call. Because of Aspen Arbor’s poor services, we have recently switched vets. We immediately noticed a difference with our new vet, from the way we were welcomed into the building to the way staff interacted with our dog and us throughout our appointment. I know Aspen Arbor has good ratings—which is why we went there to begin with—and there were a few staff members we worked with who were kind, but overall, I would not recommend Aspen Arbor to anyone.

Samantha Eppler

2 years ago

We are so grateful to Aspen Arbor staff! We have a handful of a dog that is a regular here and despite him deciding he wants to be a big scary dog there (he's a teddy bear at home) they always are willing to see him and are very kind and respectful to him. They've always gotten us in when needed and we are so happy with the service we get! They also see our COVID puppy who, admittedly isn't the easiest to work with but they all were still so kind and polite when he had an accident from being nervous! Thank you Aspen Arbor!

Bri San Miguel

2 years ago

Aspen Arbor is amazing! They take their time with our newly adopted puppy and explain every thing they are doing and billing for which is amazing!


2 years ago

They gave me great advice that saved my cat's life.

Chuck Cooley

2 years ago

Efficient professionals who really care about our dog. Extremely clean and very organized, with reliable follow-up calls.

Samuel Gillet

2 years ago

Aspen Arbor has taken great care of my two greyhounds over the past few years.

Nicole McCall

2 years ago

I took my Great Dane to Aspen Arbor today after being referred to them by a friend. The entire staff were so kind and caring, it was one of the best experiences I've had in a vet clinic.

Brenda Crowe

2 years ago

The wonderful people at Aspen Arbor are simply the best. We had to take my parents senior dog in today and they were kind, caring and compassionate. They made sure our beloved Pebbles was comfortable as she prepared to cross the Rainbow Bridge. We will never forget their kindness. Thank you to all, especially Carlotte.

Sherry Lucero

2 years ago

UPDATE: spoke with manager, who was very professional. Problem is resolved and I was correct, I should have never been charged for that visit. Our two furry kids visited Aspen Arbor for years, from routine vaccines to doggy drama episodes to dental work, we had no major issues with the clinic until our most recent visit. One of my dogs was brought in for some major dental work. They wanted an exam before scheduling the surgery I obliged. They wanted blood work for it, I said ok. I have no issues paying for any of the work done as long as my dog needs it. The initial quote was $700-$800 but once they started poking around they determined that more teeth needs to be pulled and therefore the bill came out to $1400, which I was fine with. Surgery went well except a few days later my dog started making weird faces as if something was stuck on his gums, after further examination, I thought maybe they stitched his inner lip to his gums. So I called them and asked if that was normal, after all, they always tell you “call us if you have any questions”. The receptionist happily said they’ll fit me in that same day, then later someone even called again to reconfirm the appointment. After the appointment, the receptionist said I owe them $50 for the checkup, I asked her why would there be a fee considering this was purely to check on something as a result of the surgery. She literally replied in a snarky attitude “because you saw a different doctor”. Ok……except when I called this morning, no body mentioned ANYTHING about the doctor performing the surgery not being available!!!!!! After much back and forth and a little heated argument, the vet tech came out to see what was the issue, and that’s when the tech told the front desk girl I shouldn’t be charged the $50 checkup, but rather the $34 short visit fee. Although I still did not agree with it, I paid it and asked to speak to the manager, to which I was informed he was not available but they will relay the message. Well it’s been 48 hours and I still have not heard from this illusive manager dude. The doctor and vet techs here are great and wonderful, but the front desk staff either needs to go back to customer service finishing school or at least be better trained on how their payment criteria’s work. Because apparently they don’t know anything, and now I sincerely wonder how much money I’ve been mis-charged by their front office staff over the years.

Patti Chamberlain

2 years ago

So kind and compassionate from the beginning appt. To the end. Everyone there went beyond our expectations. :)

Gee Glad

2 years ago

Clean and spacious reception area. The doctor was very knowledgeable, kind and patient. Staff was very accommodating. They have plenty of treats to bribe and distract our dog while poking her with a needle. 4 noses microbrewery is next door if you need to calm your nerves. And dogs are welcome there too. Check out the food truck. Basic Kneeds pizza is the best.

Hancel Riley

2 years ago

Excellent care and great with my family .. Thank you ????????

Madeleine Bright

2 years ago

As a recent Broomfield transplant, I knew I needed to find a good vet for my male German Shepherd. AAAH is great. The vet spotted a crack in his tooth for me. I also recently used their boarding service for the last 3 days while out of town, and it was both affordable and non stressful for both me and the dog. Would definitely use them again!


2 years ago

DON’T GO HERE! Unfriendly front desk and manager that don’t care about your pets. One of the vets is good. Dr Friedberg. The others not so good. In fact if I would have listened to Dr Browns prescribed pain med amount, my dog would probably be dead. I listened to my gut and gave him a 1/4 of the amount she told me to. And recently started giving him a little more. Still a lot less then prescribed, and his liver levels increased in a month. Very concerning!! Lindsey at the front desk is a very rude and heartless person. She had no sympathy for the fact my dog was sick. I was trying to get ahold of the vet to talk about my dogs elevated blood work. She didn’t listen to what I was saying and kept arguing with me and saying, “I can’t make the vet call you!” Then tells me I’m rude. When she was the one that was extremely rude. ( the manager Doug called me and was just as rude and attacking. He told me he heard the whole conversation, yet he only heard what she was saying and not what I was saying. But demanded that I was rude. Judging the conversation only on what he heard Lindsey saying) Response to your reply Doug: You say that I was rude and demanding yet you didn’t even hear what I was saying. Only what your rude front desk girl was saying. You also were extremely attacking on the phone. I’m am so happy to find a good sympathetic place to bring my dogs. To people who care and want to help animals. Thank god I figured out what really goes on behind the curtain. I can’t run out of there fast enough.

Melissa Rubeo

2 years ago

I love this vet office, they're kind thorough and genuinely care about the animals they see

Anthony Fraser

2 years ago

They take care of my cat with no issues. Friendly and informative so far.

Courtney Carpenter

3 years ago

The staff have been amazing and this is the first vet our dog likes going to.

Marlon Crespin

3 years ago

I love the vet they were a little slow (time) not mentally and overbooked bc my family didn't get his nails trimmed

Danielle Hups

3 years ago

I love this place! I have taken my senior cat and my puppy there and they have taken such great care of both of them. My favorite thing is that the vet themself take the time to call and talk to me after a visit or procedure (since people aren’t asked in yet due to COVID). They also do follow up phone calls after major procedures. I have so many possible things to say about this facility and all the staff members. The only downside I can think of is that you have to schedule appointments pretty far in advance typically.

Cayley Credit

3 years ago

They always treat me and my kitty with kindness and respect!

Tracy Marroquin

3 years ago

I brought my pets here twice in the last 18 months. The first time she had stomach issues after paying for x-rays and an ultrasound they couldn’t find anything wrong with her other than her heart murmur which I already knew she had..I paid over $600 for no answers. I was told she needed a specialist for her heart murmur and wasn’t giving medication for her heart. The last time I brought her in with because she had stopped breathing due to her heart murmur. I paid $500 for this visit. I had made a follow up appointment with Guardian Angel veterinary. Which I paid a third of the price for three different medications and a visit. I was in disbelief and how inexpensive the service was and how much I have been paying to see a veterinarian at Aspen Harbor animal clinic. I will never return nor would I ever refer anybody to go to Aspen Harbor their prices are ridiculous.

Ben Folder

3 years ago

Doctors are great and boarding has been positive. But they have this one receptionist that is either on drugs, completely incompetent, or just like to mess with people on purpose

D Mahoney

3 years ago

The curbside care model they've implemented during the pandemic is fantastic. I feel very safe. The care they take of my pets is second to none. I've moved three times in the front range, and I still come back to Aspen Arbor.

Amanda Oller

3 years ago

They are very professional and so sweet to my puppy. He LOVES going to the vet.

Danny Manley

3 years ago

Great staff! Dr.Brown is amazing! Been going here for years

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