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Rachel Mahoney

2 years ago

I can’t recommend this place enough! Our dog Frankie has a lot of anxiety and fear, and we aren’t comfortable leaving him home alone at this point in time. The staff here has worked closely with him over the course of a few weeks to get him adjusted to daycare. He went from being very afraid to happily playing in the large playgroup all day! I give 100% credit to the staff for helping him through his adjustment.

Nancy Cayer

2 years ago

Our dog had a blast. Returning soon.

True McDonald

2 years ago

We had our 1 year old pitbull booked for an overnight stay for this coming October and were told she did not require a trial day to ensure she met behavioral requirements. With her being a pitbull (we were very upfront) we thought this odd, so we called back later on in the week to confirm this. They said they actually would like her to come by for a test day before we left, so today we brought her over. After bringing her to Cottonwood, we were told she wouldn't be able to play with any other dogs because she was a pitbull, regardless of the outcome of her trial day. Aside from wasting our time, Cottonwood has elected to adhere to an antiquated and illogical policy that will surely cost them business and loyalty. We will certainly be taking our dog somewhere else, and if we ever get another dog that is not a pitbull, we will not be taking them here either. To Cottonwood staff: I would suggest changing your policies in order to be more reflective of the accepting and welcoming environment that typically describes Boulder County.

Michael Anthony Rivera

2 years ago

Great place to keep your four legged family members. My hound stayed here for five weeks and they took excellent care of him. Highly recommended.

Josh Logan

2 years ago

Love the staff and Doc always has a blast

Dominique B

2 years ago

Beautiful location. Amazing, friendly, and genuine staff! My dog loves coming here for daycare and I have a great peace of mind dropping him off each time.

Christie-Anne Leopold

2 years ago

This review is long overdue. For the past nine years, Cottonwood Kennels has been a second home for my Siberian Husky, Arya. They have taken amazing care of her for daycare and boarding. There’s no greater review than the look of excitement on my dog’s face as we pull up in the parking lot. She’s always overjoyed to see her puppy friends and her human loves - Keri and Rhonda. As Arya has grown older, she’s less interested in play group, but she is still as excited as her puppy self to get to spend the day alongside Keri. In addition to the love I know Arya has for the furry and human friends of Cottonwood, I’ve also felt the love of Cottonwood’s staff. When emergencies have arisen, Keri and Rhonda have gone above and beyond to help ease the load by making sure my fur baby is always taken care of. Now, I have two fur babies - Arya and Luna, and I know that whatever should arise in our futures, Cottonwood Kennels will be there. If you want a place you and your pups will be happy and loved, then go with Cottonwood!

Daniel Leopold

2 years ago

Cottonwood Kennels has been an integral part of our family’s happiness and wellbeing in Colorado. In addition to the beautiful grounds (i.e., shading trees, sheep- and chicken-filled pastures, a roaming peacock, meticulous landscaping, exceedingly content cats looking down – their preferred direction - from their 2nd floor sun-window perch as you drop off your pets), the compassionate, competent, and friendly staff make Cottonwood the canine oasis that it is. Our pups are always well-cared for, gets tons of love and exercise [seriously check out their delightful Instagram @cottonwood_kennels], and reliably nap at our feet or next to us on the couch after a day at doggy daycare. The staff have also been incredibly knowledgeable resources about training, grooming, and healthcare related referrals and concerns over the years. In particular, Keri’s love for our older pup knows no bounds, and she has always gone above and beyond to address our questions and take care of our girls. In short, I couldn’t ask for a better home away from home for our girls. Their excitement and happiness at Cottonwood says it all.

Michelle Kyin

2 years ago

I was a potential customer looking for information about boarding my dogs. I called with two specific questions and the person on the other end was extremely abrupt and rude. She didn't take the time to listen to one of my questions and gave a very unclear answer, then was aggravated when I tried to clarify. I called to make sure I understood their policies before signing up with them. Based on this level of customer service I won't move forward boarding with them in the future. Two stars and not one because this review is solely about the customer service -- I don't want to denounce this place completely since my dogs didn't even make it to the facilities.

Wendy Hepworth

2 years ago

We call Cottonwood, The Cat B&B. We have been treating our to a vacation there several times a year and they always come home shinier and healthier. The staff at Cottonwood really care about your pets.

Chris Toney

2 years ago

I’ve been working with the owners of Cottonwood Kennels for close to 15yrs now doing all their tree work to keep the grounds safe for the dogs they care for. The property is a park like setting with very mature trees and absolute oasis for animal care. They make safety of the trees a priority. I’m always impressed when i watch the people who care for these animals actually put time in with the dogs and are interacting with them and truly enjoying what they do. I’ve done a lot of work for other kennels and Cottonwood Kennels is the only place i would take my dogs or recommend someone take theirs. Give them a chance and you’ll never go anywhere else!!!!!

Lindsay Kittila

2 years ago

Best Kennel ever! I myself am in the animal industry and am very particular of who care for my animals when I am away. Keri and Ronda are who I know, and who I trust. They made my very special girl feel loved even though she really had a hard time being away from her own home. All of the other staff are super nice too. Cottonwood is the ONLY kennel I will recommend because of their true passion and love for animals. Thank you from Lindsay and Gretel!

Ari Arisoy

2 years ago

My pet Yaman loves here, so i love it too. Prices are good. I wish they have cameras so i can see my pup

Charlie Hall

2 years ago

First experience with them was great! Making a reservation for boarding and checking my pup in was a breeze. They even went over how much to feed her and were happy to provide their own slow feeders as she requires them when she eats. I will say, I was very nervous to drop her off for boarding. This is not a statement about cottonwood specifically, but I got my pup right after lockdown and have never been away from her for more than 5 hours at a time. I picked her up today and she was certainly happy to see us, but in great health and tired from all the activity! She is an active girl and definitely her normal self for a bit after picking her up and crashed hard tonight. Took away a lot of my concerns for our upcoming week long trip and I know she is in the best of hands.

Nicholas Mander

3 years ago

We reserved several days and nights of boarding, for our cat. Check-in was a breeze, and they treated our cat very well. Plans changed, and we only needed boarding for one night. They were very flexible about picking her up early, and only charged us for one night.

Rick Sharf

3 years ago

My dog loves this place. They take great care of him each time I drop him off

Pj gates

3 years ago

Daycare my boy had a great time

Olivia Winters

3 years ago

Cottonwood Kennels goes above and beyond to ensure your furry friend is cared, loved and healthy. They noticed my puppy wasn't doing well a few days into boarding and took her to the vet... she ended up needing immediate surgery. (She had swallowed underwear). I am forever grateful to them for saving my pups life. They go above and beyond and truly care about each animal in their care. Much love from the Winters Family and Penny.

Be Kind Live Well

3 years ago

This is a beautiful, caring and attentive place to bring your babies! Both of my dogs love it here and are treated like gold.

Mike Pesci

3 years ago

Great place with people who really do love your dogs.

Laurie Lamar

3 years ago

Room for dogs to run!

Kim Mason

3 years ago

My dog loves this place and never wants to leave.

Hillary Burr

3 years ago

All staff members are attentive, professional and so kind! highly recommend!

Daniel Waiter

3 years ago

Absolutely wonderful, Oliver was a bit shy after our big move. Everyone worked patiently with him making him comfortable, now he starts yelling at me in the car when we’re close because he’s excited to go play with his friends!

Shauna Kennedy

3 years ago

Always have had a great experience and our boy seems to enjoy himself too

Donna Snyman

4 years ago

There may be some real dog people here but I will never ever bring Cookie to Cottonwood Kennels again. Tuesday it was nearly freezing temperatures with rain and snow off and on all day. When I picked her up she was completely soaked head to toe, cold to the bone and miserable. When I complained they said they have no room to keep them inside unless I specifically ask and she was probably playing in puddles. This was not sunny day playing in the water, it was terrible weather. I wrapped her in a towel and she didn't move all the way home. Got out of the car shivering, wouldn't eat, had stress diarrhea and only wanted to curl up in a tight ball. I dried her with my blow-dryer and got her to eat much later. It took hours for her to uncurl and feel warm again. Yes I'm still raging mad. You don't get second chances with my 10 month old baby girl. Today we are trying a new place.

Leslie Dunn

4 years ago

Initially I thought I loved Cottonwood. I used their facility quite frequently because we travel a lot. So, I definitely wanted a boarding facility that I could trust and that I felt comfortable leaving our furry family members with. However, I never felt an overwhelming warmth when I would drop off my dogs at Cottonwood. I had the feeling that most of the people working there, just considered it a job. Not true animal lovers. Also, whenever I picked up my dogs they were very dirty and they would smell. Plus, when I first started going to Cottonwood they would take pictures and post them on FB, after a few more stays, I never saw my dogs in any pictures again, nor did I even see them in the background of pictures. When I asked, I was told that the girl who normally takes the pictures was out of town. Although daily pictures were being posted on FB?! Also, I had a strange experience when I called on one occasion, and Rhonda had answered. When I told her who I was and what dates I needed, she told me right away that they didn’t have any availability. I could just tell she wasn’t telling the truth, so I called right back, within 2 minutes and Penny answered the phone and she stated that they had plenty of availability. I didn’t mention what Rhonda had told me minutes earlier. So, one of my dogs ended up staying there, because I was in a jam, but I decided at that point that I would never use their services again. What an odd way to conduct business. Why would Rhonda pick and choose which dogs can stay and which dogs she would turn down? I don’t believe she’s the owner? It’s important to me to be able to fully trust a business that is watching my beloved pets. This distrust just does not cut it with me. Plus lying is completely unacceptable. *One more thing, I do want to clarify that there are some wonderful people who work at Cottonwood. There was an older gentleman that was always kind, and a really nice young girl who usually wore a headband, that I believe took some of the pictures that were posted on FB. She was always very friendly. And Penny, was very helpful when she made my last reservation. Also, Cottonwood is a beautiful facility. I just personally had a bad experience, and my dogs are a very important part of our lives. So with that being said, Cottonwood did not fulfill our expectations.

James Champion

4 years ago

This is our go-to place for good pet care when we travel. Great staff that clearly care about our dog.

Mackenzie Werner

4 years ago

My dog loves and I mean LOVES this place. The staff is so friendly and never fails to make my family feel welcome or make my pup feel so loved. He gets to play all day and is happy happy when he arrives and super wiped out when he leaves! So thankful for the people here!

David Sparks

4 years ago

Literally the best place to put your dog for a weekend.

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