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2 years ago

We had to put-down our beloved Rosie, on a holiday weekend (12/24), when they were packed-full.. but the team took time to help, made the experience peaceful & compassionate for all. Thank you!

Manuel Cavazos

2 years ago

We were referred to Boulder Emergency Pet Clinic because the emergency pet clinic we have gone to in the past was without a vet (sick). I have to admit, I’m glad they referred us here. Boulder emergency pet clinic was wonderful with a very difficult situation. Our pet Rusty, that we’ve had as part of our family for 16 years suddenly became very ill. We completed the online forms as requested and they had Rusty in for his initial consultation within minutes of arriving. They provided Rusty the necessary care knowing that he was very ill. I called back 3 different times with questions after we got Rusty home as we noticed his condition deteriorating. They were more than cordial. We made the difficult decision to put Rusty down so as not to suffer. We made the trip back from Erie and again, they took him right in. Although it is a difficult decision, they handled it as professionally as possible and allowed my wife and I to be with him as he passed. Although we were heartbroken, they allowed us as much time as we needed. In closing, the staff was very professional during the entire process. From the initial consultation to our difficult decision. And the same vet saw Rusty both times so she was very comforting in reassuring us that we were making the right decision as difficult as it was. This process is never easy but Boulder Emergency Clinic was very supportive and comforting during this very difficult time.

douglas miers

2 years ago

Still not letting human guardians in using COVID as the excuse. I wore a mask and offered proof of triple vaccination status, yet they refused to let me accompany my pet into the clinic. I was already worried and anxious and having the clinic door locked and bolted in front me was even more unsettling and unwelcoming. I sat in the alley for over an hour before receiving a call from a tech who asked why my pet was there (my own vet had called report, sent x-rays and lab results before we arrived), Spoke to as many as 4 employees over the phone throughout the 3.5 hour visit. Some kept referring to my pet as a she/ her when it’s clearly a male so this made more anxious that we weren’t even talking about the same animal. Finally the vet called and said it would be $1,000 to keep him overnight and monitor. (In addition to $500 I already spent at local vet). I asked what the diagnosis, treatment plan and prognosis was before I could agree to that price. I didn’t get a straight answer on any of my questions. Being anxious and frustrated, I finally asked to just check my pet out. I asked for specific outpatient treatment before discharge which I’m thankful they did do. I work in human medicine and run a private farm/ rescue (6 species and 25 total animals currently) so I had some knowledge of what to ask for and expect. I give them 2 stars because I’m grateful that they were open. I know they are slammed and appreciate the difficulty of their work. However, treating the human companion with empathy would yield a better outcome for all involved. -Alicia Miers

Nicky R

2 years ago

I show up to this place with my dog who's visibly hurt (also clearly in considerable pain) and ring the bell. A woman cracks the door open and says "You fill out the forms on the website?" No, this is an emergency, can she please help my dog? "$98 dollars," she shouts multiple times. I reply that I rushed here and don't have my wallet on me, my wife can go get it, can she please help my dog in the meantime? This is an emergency and he's in pain, I'm literally begging. She shuts the door in my face. No compassion or care for my animal and the situation. Online forms? Immediate payment before service? The place is literally called "Emergency pet clinic" but they'd sooner spit on the corpse of your pet rather than give you emergency assistance. This is just a glorified vet with the worst staff imaginable, so be ready to watch your pet suffer while you deal with online paperwork during a life-or-death crisis.

Sarah Chicoine

2 years ago

On September 23 we had to make the difficult decision to put our dog down of 14.5 years. We made an appointment with this location. Once we got there we had to wait 40+ minutes to actually get in. While I understand it was busy and life happens, it was just difficult waiting even longer knowing what would happen. Once we finally got in they took our dog back to hook him up to the IV. I thought we would go to a private room for this event but they literally kept us in the lobby. This felt super uncomfortable and strange to me and is typically not normal when having to put your animal to sleep. Dr. Draco is the one who put him to sleep. She had to insert the first dose into his IV three separate times because the medicine was not reaching our dog's vein. She eventually just put it directly into his IV which she should have done in the first place. Beforehand, she was trying to put the medicine into a long tube that would lead to the IV. Once she placed the first dose she was ready to do the second dose that would stop his heart. She did not explain what she was doing and I kept having to stop her to ask what each shot was and what was going on. My dog ended up yelping during the second dose because she administered it in a way that was painful to him. That was really hard because the last memory we had of our dog going to sleep was him in pain due to the doctors incompetence.If you have any other place to go to put your animal to rest, I would recommend going there. I would never ever recommend this place because of how terrible this already hard experience was. The doctor and staff there did not make this easier at all and I felt unsettled when leaving. I am writing this to inform others about this experience so they genuinely do not have to go through this with their animal. Summary/Key Points - The wait time was 40+ minutes after our already scheduled appointment - Putting him to sleep in the lobby - The inability to put my dog to sleep peacefully by not understanding/knowing how/where to inject my dog with the two shots. - Injecting my dog in a way where he was in pain and yelped - Inability to explain to me what she was doing when putting my dog down and just being ready to inject him as quickly as she could. Please go to a different place if you need to put your animal to rest.


2 years ago

We took our 15 year old dog Tyson here with a suspected broken femur, our normal vet at wheat ridge animal hospital had a six hour wait time and so did most places. We dropped him off at the door, and got a phone call a bit later, saying his femur was broken. They recommended orthopedic surgery to us, but our dogs primary vet said that he wouldn't survive anesthesia when we brought tyson in a few months prior with an injury on another limb, along with respiratory issues and compromised liver function. Tysons owner battled with the decision for a while, and called them to let them know what she decided. Before she could even get to tell them, they said they'd call back. They called back, and they did the same thing. Tysons owner finally just called them and asked to be let in so she could see her dog. When she did, he was yelping and whimpering clearly in pain. She tried to tell the vet that she wanted to euthanize, but the vet ignored her wishes. The vet decided to walk outside to us, and tell us that she was too emotional to make this decision, and that she would regret it and we needed to change her mind. At this point, we had been there for three hours dealing with our wishes being ignored. We went back and forth, until we finally put our foot down and the vet went inside to speak with tysons owner. They proceeded with euthanasia, but had no stethoscope to check the heartbeat when they injected him. The main vet performing it never said one word to tysons owner, just got it over with and took him away, not even being graceful just letting his head flop backwards in front of his owner. NEVER come here, they care more about their wallets and personal beliefs than what's best for the pet.

Josh Rogers

2 years ago

I called about Noon to see if I could get my dog in same day because he had a gash on his thigh that needed to be looked at and cleaned out. I was told to call back at 4 because the vets were busy with an emergency. at 4 I was told to call back at 6. at 6 I was told they had no idea when they would be able to see my dog and had no space. I will not be calling again

Nicole Castillo

2 years ago

The woman that was a doctor today around 2pm when I called was EXTREMELY rude. I called originally to check availability for an emergency for my dog. The front desk girl was very nice. Told me I could head there way and put me on hold to talk to the vet. After telling her my situation she said it made no sense, she was condescending and even was “kind” enough to ask me why I would go to Boulder when there where a million other places I could go. I told her if she didn’t want my dog to go there that’s fine and she said nothing about what’s going on with my dog makes and sense and she needs to talk to an actual vet about what’s going on since I didn’t have the right terminology. This is not what you need when your dog is in desperate need of help for his health. She made sure I wouldn’t go making me feel unwanted and like I was doing absolutely nothing but waiting her time.

Kevin Solik

2 years ago

This place saved my dogs life. Dr. Perez and the staff there are absolutely amazing. The technician Stevie was also fantastic. This place was totally understanding and very accommodating for everything that I brought my dog in for. They immediately were able to take my dog to the back and start working on getting him healthy again on a Saturday afternoon. I could not stress enough how helpful, thoughtful and all around greatness that this facility and the people within it have. They have high covid standards which is very nice as well. If you are worried about your dog or cat I would highly suggest you get in your car call them tell them that you're on their way and let your mind be at ease to know that there are high quality professionals taking care of your animals. Again to all the staff here, Thank you so much for saving my dog's life today

Kristi Celico

2 years ago

Provided amazing service and care on all fronts. They responded quickly to an emergency on their doorstep, made thoughtful decisions to diagnose a difficult to diagnose problem (Addison's), and kept me informed of my dogs health and the potential costs at every point. Communication to me, between doctors at the clinic, and back to my regular vet was amazing. Thank you for saving Lilly's life!

Justin Wells

2 years ago

Not a great experience by any stretch. Most of the staff seemed to just be bothered by calling and having X-rays performed on my dog. Phone receptionist had 0 urgency, empathy, and seemed like I was bothering her. Staff didn’t even care to give any timelines or showed little interest in the concerns of a dog owner. I will be looking for a different ER vet and suggest you avoid this place unless it’s life or death for your animal. Update: the actual Veterinarian (doctor) was kind and informative but still no excuse for front office staff.

Katie Lynn Fischer

2 years ago

My dog Billie had xylitol toxicity and I brought her here. First when I called, they said they had a five hour wait but when I told them what was going on they had me bring her in right away. The vet called me often and was very thorough in her explanation of what was going on. I never had to sit around and wonder. If I ever was anxious I was able to call and they reminded me that it was totally ok to do that and always greeted me so friendly and gave me thoughtful updates. I was even crying one time and the woman on the phone comforted me and told me it was totally ok to cry and that Billie was in great hands. I just had an incredible experience here and I’m so grateful for everything they did for Billie and everyone who works here! Thank you!

Liz Nord

2 years ago

Last Wednesday, we had to bring our beloved kitty in. His life was literally on the line due to a clogged urethra. The Boulder Emergency Pet Clinic saved his life. He is now home, snuggled up with his favorite little boy. I can not thank these folks enough for their kind hearts and gentle hands that healed our Cleo. I highly recommend for anyone who has a pet in need.

Ray K

2 years ago

5 for actual veterinary care, 1 for a retail experience. I'd give them a zero for retail except everyone was friendly. Dr. Grimm herself was awesome, very caring and informative. Bad retail starts when you get there. They won't let you inside. They hand you a clipboard and you stand outside in the hot sun for 10-15 minutes filling out forms and waiting for them to come back. When I came back to get my cat, there was another woman standing in the sun filling out her form, we commiserated. So when the clinic woman came back, I said, "You should put a chair out here so people can at least sit down." Blank stare. When I got home, the cap hadn't been screwed on tightly for my gabapentin prescription and about 1/3 of it leaked out into the container. I went to fill the pet food prescription at Petco (28th and Arapahoe) this morning, the place the clinic people sent me. They don't fill food prescriptions, they said I needed to go to Arvada or Longmont. Apparently, this clinic is the only 24-hour emergency vet in Boulder. If I need that service again, I guess I'll have to go back there, look forward to Dr. Grimm, and prepare to bear up under the rest of the experience.


2 years ago

Kind and honest vet - who didn’t try to order lots of unnecessary tests and overcharge for no reason. Thank you ????????

Lori Llerandi

2 years ago

Our dog Bowie is almost 14 years old. This weekend his lungs filled with fluid and he couldn’t breathe. We rushed him to Boulder Emergency Pet Clinic where the staff took amazing care of him. Communication was excellent and we felt included in every step of the process. After 30 hours of him receiving life saving oxygen and meds, we got to bring him home today. So grateful to this caring and knowledgeable staff!

Drew Baker

2 years ago

They did a great job stabilizing my cat when he had bladder stones. They were great with communication over the 5 day stay and I couldn't ask any more of them. Definitely would reccomend when your pet has an emergency. Covid protocols were followed. Thanks!

Elizabeth Reeves

2 years ago

I called Boulder Emergency Pet Clinic to seek emergency care for my cat. Alpenglow recommended this clinic to me. I can't speak to this clinic's medical abilities, but I can speak to their customer service. The woman who answered the phone was so condescending, dismissive, and rude that I ended up going to Community Pet Hospital in Thornton. My cat was having an emergency, I was scared and sad, I was following directions from other providers familiar with the situation, and the receptionist was horrible to the point that I never want this clinic to care for my cat.

Ali Gordon

3 years ago

Took my puppy in due to sudden rapid breathing/panting (after talking to my vet's hotline, they told me to take her in). The staff took her for about 5 minutes and sent me home after charging me $115. I asked for advice/what they thought it was and they gave me no answers or responses. Seemed to be talking down to me when all I wanted was advice/thoughts on what was happening.

Brandi Barnec

3 years ago

From now on this will be the ONLY vet clinic I will visit , everything about my visit was exceptional. I was helped by Shawna, Andrea, Raven, and Brett and every single one of them went above and beyond their job description to make sure my visit was wonderful. My pet had a very common problem, he had gotten a circular marrow bone stuck around his bottom jaw and it needed to be removed before he could eat or drink (so somewhat serious) and this clinic was the only one who would take the time to even SEE my dog that same day. They were so caring and took such great care of not only my dog, but my fiance and I as well. They got us in quickly despite how busy im sure they were and got my dog all fixed up in under an hour. If I could give them 6 stars i would in a heartbeat. If you need a vet in the Boulder area PLEASE visit here they couldn't be more helpful and kind.

Randi Smith

3 years ago

Our Abby, a beautiful blond terrier mix that we adopted from a North Carolina shelter 14 years ago, had been slowly declining. However, she took a rapid turn for the worse yesterday evening. We knew when this time came we would need to put her to sleep. Our priority was to make sure she was pain free and to be with her when she passed. On the recommendation from our family vet we called Boulder Emergency Pet Clinic. The staff could not have been more caring and professional in explaining the procedure helping us through the process. They were so kind to us and Abby, treating her so gently - we knew she was in good hands. She passed peacefully while we held her. She gave us so much joy over her lifetime and we are very grateful for the wonderful care at the end. The staff at the clinic were all just amazing and we can’t thank them enough for helping us.

Kevin Black

3 years ago

We recently had a terrible event where my daughter's dog was hit by a car. The staff at BEPC responded quickly and professionally. Their communication was fantastic throughout the process and they truly seemed to care about our dog Colt. No one expects sudden events like this to happen, but BEPC responded exactly as any pet owner would hope and then some. Thank you so much for your attentive care!

Zoe Witte

3 years ago

Staff was not very professional or kind

Zak Flitta' B

3 years ago

Super friendly and helpful staff. My rabbits unbonded after being spayed and they ended up getting into a fight after one escaped the bedroom last night. Her ear got a little torn up and she had some bite marks on her back. We called and …

Whitney Hoehn

3 years ago

I brought my dog here one evening in July 2020. He had been attacked by another dog and had some injuries that needed to be treated urgently. We could not get into our usual vet earlier that day so had to resort to emergency care. My dog was taken care of by Dr. Medbury. She was thorough and professional and I felt she was very fair in her assessment and recommended only what was really necessary. He was provided excellent care there. I felt the pricing was very reasonable considering it was after hours. The only reason I don't give them 5 stars is in the setting of COVID, they are not allowing anyone inside and it was pretty uncomfortable sitting in my car for 3 hours. If you need to use the bathroom they will tell you to go to King Sooper's and if it's after the store closes, I doubt there are any public facilities you could use. There are a lot of homeless folks with mental illness in this area and while no one bothered me personally, I was definitely startled a few times. There was a lot of commotion and screaming/yelling outbursts. I mostly only felt comfortable inside my car with the doors locked. Bring a book or make sure your phone is charged.

Techpeak Sprynet

3 years ago

I don't know anything about their medicine but if they are as conscientious with their pet care as they are with their client care - they are amazing! One of my clients ended up there by mistake and the staff went to great lengths to get the pet to where it could be treated and to get in touch with me so I could provide follow up to the ultimate destination. Kudos for all that extra work for the pet and the owner.

Lauren Cartwright

3 years ago

I brought in my dog for something that ended up being very minor. They only charged me $150 which is reasonable in my opinion. Would recommend.

Bruce L.

3 years ago

We are so grateful to have the Boulder Emergency Pet Clinic and its wonderful staff available for those heart-breaking times when we have had to say goodbye to a pet. Over the course of the last twenty years, we have relied on the Clinic to assist the passage of three cats and one dog, the latter shortly after midnight on Christmas day. The doctors and staff have unfailingly demonstrated the utmost compassion, care and understanding in easing these much-loved family members out of their suffering. We were given as much time as needed to say goodbye to our pets, who were treated with dignity and respect. We cannot recommend highly enough the level of care demonstrated at the Boulder Emergency Pet Clinic. When that painful moment arrives and you know “It is time…” for your cat or dog, the Boulder Emergency Pet Clinic will provide a humane and caring transition for both you and your pet.

C Castro

3 years ago

After calling 7 different veterinarians and animal hospitals in Longmont, who were to busy to help our sick dog, Boulder Emergency Pet Clinic took our dog with open arms. Excellent communication and great care. You saved our dog. You cared about his little life even though he is 15+ years old, you still helped him feel better and helped us get through this difficult time. You helped us transfer him and coordinated everything. Sherman is hanging in there and we are grateful we still get to hug him and love him even though we know he's an old little guy and we take one day at a time. Thank you again!! Update: Sadly Sherman passed away about 10 days after but we were able to have these extra days with him.

Hayley Ashburn

3 years ago

Some others here have mentioned what great client as well as animal care is provided here and I wholeheartedly agree!!! You took care of me and my kitten Nancy two weekends ago. I had brought her in the night previous and brought her back to you as her condition worsened overnight. You rushed to the door and took my kitten as soon as I arrived. I watched you rush into the back with her immediately along with another vet. Nothing could be done for Nancy (she had problems since birth) but what you did for me was above and beyond. Thank you for rushing, thank you for taking the time to have a long consult with me after. Thank you for being affordable and caring. Honestly I prefer you to my regular vet!

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