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Abigail Wilson

2 years ago

They saved my little Macy :).Thank you so much !!!

Matt Leverett

2 years ago

DO NOT TAKE YOUR PET HERE. I took my dog here for a teeth cleaning in 2019. After initial visit, blood work and tooth removal was scheduled braced on my dogs state of her teeth. The estimated cost I was provided was $1,200 for dental surgery. After my dog was put under, Dr Solomon called me to tall me it would be $2,600, not the $1,200 quote I was provided. Zero bed side manor with my dog. Zero customer service. She (dr Solomon) only cares about screwing you out of money. 0/10. Do not recommend this place. The doctor refused to return my calls and didn't come to the clinic the day after when I was scheduled to pick up my dog. She's a crook. Consumer beware

Dan Falliaux

2 years ago

I was traveling and away from my usual vet. Whiskey the bully developed an abscess which became very angry and troublesome. I called in the morning and the team made room to help Whiskey; they were fully booked but still found time to take care of my baby. They did an excellent job, great value, very professional and Whiskey is doing very well! I am very grateful for the Pets R Us team. Thanks guys! - Dan

Wayne Morris

2 years ago

Yasmine is great. She went overboard to help us out through a difficult situation. Thank you Yasmine

Jerry Sherwood

2 years ago

Would be nice if some one there knew how to answer a phone. Been trying to get ahold of some one for over an hour....Just need my dogs records emailed and can't get any one to pick up.

Josh Shapiro

2 years ago

Sloppy and irresponsible. Let my pet run away. Will never be returning.

Ross Dimas

2 years ago

failed to explain what was wrong with a kitten, a loosely explanation of shots given, for upset stomach. paid over $250. for shots, told to come back for checkup for free, tried to make me pay $35. for the visit. Vet spoke unprofessionally and over me trying to get additional meds and approval for vaccinations over the phone. This started as an urgent visit, acted like a primary vet, but just wanted to administer meds, to a kitten without given me a diagnosis nor reason why. right across the street is a PETCO, with animal loving Vets and great service, thus place preys off that name.

Karla Lopez

2 years ago

My dog was diagnosed with thyroid, payed over $700 for blood work and medication. The “vet” Dr.Soliman gave me and my family hopes that he would recover even though he was over 13 years old. It’s been a month that we put him down at another animal hospital and the people at this clinic haven’t even cared to call or check up on how he is doing. He was due blood work within a month from medication, and its been 2 MONTHS. I recommend you go to another clinic that actually values and cares about your pet.

Janice Callahan

2 years ago

I and my service dog have been clients of Dr. Solomon for over 6 years now. I will take my service dog to no one else because I trust her explicitly. Her expertise and care go above and beyond all other veterinarians I have had in the past. Aurora Pets R Us Animal Hospital ensures that each client is aware of all costs upfront prior to services being provided. I review every report given me before services are rendered and a price is quoted for every service so I am fully aware of what to expect as far as what is to be done to care of my loved one and what the cost will be. In fact, each client is required to SIGN AND ACKNOWLEDGE the report so that they are aware of all treatment and costs PRIOR to any services being performed. I am ALWAYS made fully aware of every step along the process as to care and cost given to my fur baby. In addition, each client is made aware of (and acknowledges) all risks associated with any and all treatments provided. This is logical and is associated with ANY treatment provided to both animal and human. My service dog has had her vaccinations, teeth cleanings, wellness care and surgeries done with Dr. Solomon over the years and all procedures were completed with the greatest of expertise and care at reasonable prices. Dr. Solomon and her staff have become a part of our family and we cherish the services they provide to our beloved service dog. Aurora Pets R Us Animal Hospital operates with integrity, responsible business practices and care and concern for its clients and community. These recent negative comments I am reading are not reflective of the honest practices by Dr. Solomon and Pets R Animal Hospital. They appear more like a vindictive attack towards the business and staff. Several of the negative comments reflect false statements that contradict foundational policies and procedures of the Hospital and legal procedures that this business could never violate, for example, threatening to take a pet from a client and giving it up for adoption is illegal and would NEVER happen! I would suggest that if someone is going to attempt to bash and destroy a reputable, well-established business that serves its community well and provides high quality care to its citizens and their beloved pets and service animals; you should provide proof to support your allegations.

Sarah Temple

3 years ago

I took my 10yr dog in to have her ear looked at she has something going on that I never seen. The vet said, it was a yeast infection along with some kind of bacteria infection and allergies. So they gave prescribed medication. 3 different ones. I was sent home with 2 meds and told to come back for one because they where out of the other. My apt. Was a fri. I returned on a Monday and they where still out. Its been almost a week and my dog has this red streak going from her ear all the way down the side of her head now a line that keeps growing. I was charged almost 400 dollars and my dog is getting worse. This place should be closed down. People can barely afford to feed themselves and you got people like this taking advantage of people.

Hecthor Rogel

3 years ago

This place is dangerous and cannot be trusted. I took my dog who had a sprained ankle and had his foot with a cast, unfortunately with its energy it leaped out of my arms as I stood up off the couch and knew to land on his good foot which resulted in hurting his other foot. Took him immediately back to this hospital and had to consider paying thousands of dollars for surgery to have him back to good health. Yet, they just took me to court for “animal abuse” and the courts made us give up our dog or they would press charges. I have not ever forgotten how horrible this hospital is. This is a story to tell for owners to be aware of the injustice this so called hospital does. In the end, we wanted to find out if our dog had a bone density degeneration because it seemed our dog had such fragile bones, we didn’t get a chance to figure that out. Please make your own decision and do your research on this place.

Sarah Moore

3 years ago

Right now they are only doing drop off appointments due to COVID but that’s understandable, the dr calls you to talk to you about your baby then the tech goes over pricing before doing anything to get my approval I’m so glad they work with Scratchpay it really helps when you can’t afford the bill all at once.

Sara Loveless

3 years ago

This hospital is the tops! I had taken my puppy to different hospital at first for a horribly broken leg. They didn't do ANYTHING for her except an x-ray to confirm the break and wanted over 6 grand to fix it. I got her released and brought her over to Pets R Us immediately, where she was given pain medication and a split on the spot. She had wait a day for surgery but we were provided pain meds during that time so she wasn't in too much pain. They genuinely care about animals at this hospital and it shows. I can't thank them enough for taking such excellent care of my girl.

Roberta Krueger

3 years ago

July 2, 2020 On June 30, 2020 I bought my two cats into Pets R Us veterinarian to get their rabies shots. The office told me the price would be about $100.00 per cat. Plus I asked for a refill of the medication that my cat needed for his respiratory needs. I told them he was not having problems right now but in fall and winter he does. And the one medication he takes all the time. The Viralys powder. The office told me it would be about a ½ hour appointment. When we got there the office took the cats in about an hour and ½ later the vet called me and told me my one cat had a very high fever of 102 and she wanted to give him Intravenous medicine and an xray. She made it sound like he was very, very sick. Which being an disable veteran scared me about losing him as he is my ptsd cat. The bill came to over $880.00. Which we do not have to spare. I got home and called another veterinarian and asked what a normal temperature for a cat was and they told me 100 to 102. So this veterinarian had just lied to me about it being very very high, just to line her pockets. To get money out of people and not what is best for animals.

Jason Wheeler

3 years ago

Dr. Solimon and her staff have been very receptive and responsive to my requests, and the treatment of my dog’s cancer. Dr. Solimon has taken the time to learn about me as an owner, and adapted to my needs as necessary. I can definitely be a pain, but they have all handled my questions and requests with the professionalism you’d expect from a top hospital.

Honest Reviews

3 years ago

Be aware! Look out if you're going here. I came in a little while ago for just a few vacations. The total cost came to much more than quoted. I had to challenge them and ask why and they had added tests on and other vaccines I didn't asked for. If I hadn't asked they would have charged me without even talking to me about it. Be very careful. I will be reporting them to the BBB for this.

Ahkot Shmurah

3 years ago

They were supposed to examine my cat before giving her annual shots. Because she started acting sick the month after (and I didn’t trust them). I took her to another Veternarian that found out she had breast cancer. How did they miss that lump?

David Hoppe

4 years ago

I think this place has a general concern for my pet like any veterinary clinic should. However, beware of the pricing and food they sell. Everything has a high markup and the owner is very inflexible. She likes to push her lack of planning onto the customer. I had to buy 6 lbs bags at roughly 40 bucks each all because she forgot to order more large 26 lbs bags. There is a substantial difference in price for the larger bag and becomes more affordable. I feel like she was making me clear her old product before she would get new inventory. So incredibly disappointed in this business and as someone who loves small business, unfortunately I will have to strongly advise people to only use this place for a LAST OPTION ONLY.

Jenyfer Kao

4 years ago

Mis diagnosis my dog letting him suffer for years thinking it was cushings disease just to find out it’s simply incontinence. One pill and he’s cured at other dr. Also, they are far more expensive.

Heejohng Chae

4 years ago

I'm super happy with Dr. Soliman and her staff. My cats recently had a dental cleaning, as one of them had an infection. Appointments were made really quickly, and everyone took great care of my kitties. The procedure went smoothly, they got a brush & bath and nail trim, and came home all fluffy and clean and healthy. Recovery was easy - they pretty much seemed back to normal immediately, except they seem happier now. It was the first real procedure we'd had done, and Dr. Soliman gave me a hug and thanked me a few times for taking such good care of them. As long as I live in Denver, I'll take my pets to her for care.

Harry Milton

4 years ago

Overcharged. Go to me.

Geary Diltz

4 years ago

I would like to thank Pets R Us. I have a Doberman Puppy that chewed thru his Rope toy and swallowed the knot on the end of it. Had to remove 10-inches of his small intestine. He is doing very well now. Thank you to All the staff at Pets R Us.

Donna Atchison

4 years ago

I originally gave this clinic 5 stars nut my senior dog Is.on several very expensive medications. I found them to be very reasonable online 60 pills for $3.60. : …

Doctor Don

4 years ago

They were quick, knowledgeable, and reasonably priced. I will definitely be coming back!

amener williams

4 years ago

Dr. Soliman and staff are caring, compassionate, medical professionals. We had a very difficult decision to make about our dog, who was 15 years old, incontinent, and non-ambulatory. Dr. Soliman gently guided us through the process of ending her life with dignity.

Aasha Jones

4 years ago

Was accused by one vet of not taking care of my dog and it was suggested that I might as well put her down. Expired medication was used for my dogs rabies vaccination. The doctor was unable to diagnose a liver shunt in a puppy and stated that he had an infection and his shaking was just who he is (VCA without even seeing him and with just a verbal description of the issues knew something was wrong and set him up immediately with internal medicine, discovered the shunt within two visits and fixed it). Save you time and money and go to a competent vet practice even if it is further or costs more money

Alex Fox (Bird)

4 years ago

Terrible, can’t send xrays over to the new vet. They quoted us 1800 for a surgery while multiple other vets will take care of the bloodwork, urinalyses and the surgery for less then 800. But don’t worry they will do a price match

Libby Carter

4 years ago

I've recently returned to the incredible care of Dr Soliman aka Pets R Us and am very happy to be back. I have 3 4 legged friends; 2 pup dogs and a cat. All have received excellent care. What I like most is the camaraderie that there is …

Arlene Ervin

4 years ago

Got an appointment for my cat same day, if not next day. They are professional with a caring touch for my cat. Would recommend them to my friends

Bong Chanthavong

4 years ago

They are attentive and very friendly. You know they love pets from the way they treat your fur babies.

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