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Annmarie Torrez

2 years ago

Been taking my Tank there and alway so professional and always so wonderful to my husband and I. I Definitely recommend this place for your fur baby

Jaime Langer

2 years ago

Fantastic crew! Very welcoming, clean environment and Adam and Dr. Bo’s really took the time to listen to our concerns! We found our forever Vet!


2 years ago

The prices for spay or neuter per kitten is $550!!! Seriously???!!! Because they use a lot of equipments. That’s a rip off. Won’t be going there. ????????????

Leslie Fleury

2 years ago

Our baby girl hurt her paw. Happy Tails stayed open and allowed us to rush her over so they could help her. We were so thankful because she means the world to us. We can’t thank them enough!

Rainee Sellers

2 years ago

They couldn't find anything on our dog and if they couldn't find anything the pricing is a bit steep. Oh well, they are really nice people and loved our dog.

gerry sanders

2 years ago

Always caring & follows up afterwards for care of my pet. Reliable and friendly.

Rochelle Staffieri

2 years ago

The best people work there! They care for my dogs and for our family!

Trish Hollenga

2 years ago

I only went there one time with my very sick kitty. My own vet said they couldn’t get him in for three weeks but Happy Tails got him in on the same day I called. The news was not good for my Milo and they gave me all the alternatives but he was too bad off and we chose to end his suffering. They were very patient and said we could take all the time we needed. This was huge since we had not ever used their services. Thank Happy Tails for your kindness.

Bijay Yerra

2 years ago

My pet had severe diarrhea. Happy Tails diagnosed the problem correctly and gave the right medication. The pet recovered in 3 days. Thanks to Happy Tails ????

danie bridgewater

2 years ago

The staff us very knowledgable and kind. They always answer my questions and make my dog feel cared for.

David Klemme

2 years ago

I came to Happy Tails about 10 months ago when I moved from Westminster to Aurora. I have no complaints about Happy Tails' staff... they are courteous and pleasant... and I'm sure they're competent clinicians. What drove me away is the unrelenting up-selling and pushing of services, medications, tests and procedures of questionable necessity. At Happy Tails, it's all about the money. During my last visit with my 1 1/2 year old Basset Hound, I was told by the technician that an annual heartworm test ($44.00) was *required* by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), even though she's been on her preventive medication without fail since she was a pup. Christina, the practice manager, later said it was based on the *recommendation* of the American Heartworm Society... she said nothing about the FDA. At the same appointment, they performed a fecal exam ($35.95) to test for intestinal parasites and administered a dewormer (Pyrantel - $19.95) without waiting for the test results to see if she even needed it (it later came back negative, as did the heartworm test). Christina tried to explain it away by saying Pyrantel is "preventive," but a "dewormer" by definition treats an already existing condition. In this case, they hadn't ascertained that my dog had that condition before they treated her for it. The final straw was when I asked the tech to trim my pup's nails... they charged $25.50 for it (I'd love to know what the $0.50 was for). The practice I used to take her to in Arvada routinely trims every pet's nails at every visit and never charges a cent for it. I'll be returning Bailey to her previous clinic. It's a long drive over there, but I have a lot of trust in them. In Happy Tails, I have none. LATE ENTRY: After reading the BS reply below, I stand by everything I said in my original review. Additionally, NO ONE told me there was a separate charge for the nail trim, or how much it would be. It simply appeared on my bill after the fact

Jesse Gatewood

2 years ago

The clinic is nice, the staff is friendly, the pet care is great… I’ve walked out due to wait times before, they’re excessive… It truly feels as though your time as a customer is no concern of theirs… frustrating to say the least, bummer since everything else is awesome

Toma Brown

2 years ago

Very clean and knowledgeable staff. They really love the animals they care for.

Brandon Lucido

2 years ago

Happy Tails Vet was a disappointment. I took my dog to Happy Tails and it is very clear they are about maximizing profits. Do your homework and read the reviews on yelp. You will thank me. When I shared my frustration with the Vet instead of him acknowledging my concerns he told me to go find another Vet. He was recommending a medication and when I challenged his first diagnosis and asked if it was needed he gave me the explanation he should of the first time. By the end he agreed the medication was not necessary if I was not leaving my dog alone for the next three days. I asked why he didn't start that way and that's when he said he hopes I'm happy with the next Vet. The staff is awesome and very caring I just don't trust the Vet Ali Shekarchian Dvm. It's clear he is just pushing services to maximize profits. He is not about what's best for you as the patient or even adding more medication to a dog that clearly does not need it. After leaving a review on Nextdoor, I had 48 replies all saying the same thing. Glad I was not the only one who felt this way. The owner better learn how to run his business better.

Kurt Wagner

2 years ago

Vet clinic staff is very unfriendly and rude (especially the male techs). Overpriced, long wait times and vet is overly concerned about making money rather than_caring for animals. I drive an additional 15 minutes to go to a different vet clinic and it is well worth the drive to avoid this substandard vet clinic.

Carmen Conde

2 years ago

Always top notch care for my fur baby. They understand that my little shih tzu is part of our family. Will provide guidance when you ask questions and always on top of my little one's care. Love this place!

Marisa Serna

2 years ago

Been waiting 45 mins for my appointment, extramarital frustrating.

Stacey Jones

2 years ago

Happy Tails took care of our dog so well and with such love and attention. They were concerned and did follow-up to make sure that the treatments were working.

Jace Orio

2 years ago

Your team is amazing! Very knowledgable and very helpful! Keep up the great work!

judith cordova

2 years ago

Great service, good and environment beautiful


2 years ago

They took special care of my pet and even called back several days later to check on him. Great place, a bit pricey but worth it.

Steve Rowe

2 years ago

Very accommodating, nice people that care and take good care of my fur baby.

Tim L

2 years ago

Very professional, clean and quick. My dog came out happy not depressed and scared... Loved it thanks guys!

Cynthia Lekas

3 years ago

Have been with them since they opened, my dogs love coming to the Vet. The people are caring and treat my pets great. Their prices are ok. But if my dogs run into a place and I don't have to pick them up to make them go inside that is a WIN to me!! 3/12/21 Update Our little girl Tink ended up with Congestive Heart Failure, in Sept 2020 she passed away from heart attack, everyone at Happy Tails was so wonderful to her and us, when we brought her in they stayed late to do what they could, the next day we brought her back they stayed with her, called us to keep us updated, we were unable to get to her before she passed but they were with her. Good people and they didn't go overboard on charging us. ❤ Thank you!

Brianna Brauhn

3 years ago

We just moved to the area from IL and needed a vet for our pups. I was apprehensive because we haven’t always loved our vets, for any number of reasons (trying to sell services, no bedside manner, or just not very friendly). Everyone I had contact with was very friendly and I never felt pressured or uncomfortable. I really appreciated that. My dog was seemed happy and that makes a huge difference too!! Prices were fair too. I think we found a great vet!

Greg Jones

3 years ago

They charged me an additional $50 to remove staples they put in my dog. Seemed like a ripoff after I had already paid 3500 for surgery.

Michael Muriett

3 years ago

Friendly staff and they've done a great job with our pets since we moved here. Highly recommend!

Dallas Bonilla

3 years ago

I’m so grateful to happy Tails Veterinary Center! I was new to the area and they got me right away despite being booked and helped my pup!

jim paroline

3 years ago

Maggie was said to be the best dog they had all day. She loves happy tails and so do we.

Drew Littlejohns

3 years ago

Took my cat here and over the 3 days under their care they misdiagnosed him and he died due to those complications. These guys were truly aweful. Nice staff terrible care.

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