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David Van Norman

2 years ago

Had to go to them just recently, they were very helpful and my pet is all better

Joan Anderson

2 years ago

When I took my cat there, we had to wait in the parking lot, which I understood. However, we were never even able to speak to the vet, and were only allowed to come inside when it is was time to pay the $675.00 bill. What was worse was the fact that we never even received a diagnosis of what was wrong with him, nor a copy of his blood work results or anything, although they did give him a bag of saline for dehydration, plus a B12 shot to temporarily make him feel a little better (which was another $12). They also told me to bring him back for a no charge follow-up if he was not better in a few days. However, when I brought him back, they advised me I was mistaken - they never see an animal for free. But the worst thing of all is that, in spite of being rushed to another vet and actually treated, my sweet boy continued to deteriorate, and eventually died in my arms. He was 6 years old.

Jonathan Dorsey

2 years ago

Great Vet, very friendly staff. Follow up phone visits, genuinely concerned for your pets health and well being. Kind of pricey but most Vets are these days.

Marrisa Gonzales

2 years ago

This hospital took us in a s a new patient within 24 hrs of my first call when I had been trying to find someone for days that would see our pup for an emergency. All the emergency hospitals were booked solid and had no room. The staff was great, Dr. Morkos is fantastic and our little guy was back to feeling better in a few short hours after the visit.

Marsha Strabley

2 years ago

Always so friendly and efficient

Richard Waterson

2 years ago

Breath of fresh air. It is refreshing to visit the Vet and get honest opinions. The Doctor gave us options and different plans of action; and then explain each issue in detail. I highly recommend this clinic. Very clean, very friendly, very professional. Thank you..........my opinion has changed for the worse since this place went corporate.

Eric Ward

2 years ago

I went to Oak Glen animal hospital when they first opened. Wanted to support a new business in Yucaipa. They were all extremely kind. Unfortunately, that kindness has disappeared. I received two different diagnosis about my dog from the two different vet's from the same clinic. Both within two weeks of each other. I spent so much money and they wanted way more. The vet my dog last visited was trying to up- sell me with an ear cleaning on top of the $1,000 + in more test he wanted to do. I found out from the person who called me about my complaint that Oak Glen animal hospital is CORORPORATE OWNED. She insisted that the uncaring vet was a kind man and did not like me complaining about him. I have an old dog. I just wanted to keep him comfortable during his last few days on earth. Expensive, unaffordable test, chemo, etc.. are all unrealistic. They made everything so confusing. Everyone except the first vet my dog visited were extremely harsh. I think since I have Schizophrenia, PTSD & I obviously depend on my dog for help. They attempted to take advantage of me. There actions are extremely shameful. I felt like I was buying a used car not helping my dog/best friend. There actions and responses are shameful. They are extremely unorganized.


2 years ago

Best place I've ever taken my pets

Robert Lahue

2 years ago

They took great care of my dog

Suzan W

2 years ago

Dr. Morkos and his staff are excellent and friendly, care about the pets they see, and offer every solution they can to help your dog or cat be their healthiest! I highly recommend them!!!

Brooke Willis

2 years ago

A money trap-drs dont care about animals n withhold needed meds requiring over $1000 in diagnostics-my poor kitty may die now????

Jesus Sandoval

2 years ago

First time here and it was great. Was given same day appointment and was in and out in 30 min. Very nice staff very helpful

Sam Bella

2 years ago

Excellent Veterinarian. Dr. Jackman, Darian, Bridgette, and Chantel provided Excellent care and Customer service from the moment we arrived. They are extremely passionate about the care your furry loved ones receives. We brought in a litter of King Shepherd pups, and we received a Litter discount for the Wellness checks and .vaccines. We were so pleased with this experience, that we're moving the parents from Green Valley Veterinarian over to Dr. Jackman and staff. We feel confident with the care our furry loved ones will receive here. ❤

May Alvarez

2 years ago

Dr. Jackman was awesome with my dog.

Cathy Courtney

2 years ago

Will not be taking pet back there. The staff was very nice, but the vet was more interested in money than helping my cat.

joseph cuevas

2 years ago

Front office logistics need work

Judy B.

2 years ago

I've been here before, so I called to see how much a neutering was. It cost $600! That's ridiculous! You'd have to be crazy to pay that?! I'm going to the Humane Society.

Steve Monaco

2 years ago

My daughter drove from Palm Desert to Yucaipa for her appt. She has a newborn daughter 1month. She called to tell you she was probably going to be 15min late. The response was we can't see you today Sat. if late & the appt. would need to be canceled due to being under staffed. I understand this is happening everywhere & it's been as rough a18 months as we ever want to experience. Goodluck to you guys. ????


2 years ago

Terrible!! Be prepared to wait at least an hour to 2 hours after your scheduled appointment time before they take your animal in and then another 1/2 hr. to an hour afterwards!! I have tried to be understanding that sometimes things happen beyond their control but this is EVERY TIME I go there!!! I try to schedule appointments as early as possible to avoid them getting behind in their schedule but how the heck can you get an hour behind at 9:15 in the morning!! There is no excuse to run a business like this. Very unorganized in their scheduling! Something is lacking here in management! and as far as the pandemic goes, it was the same even before the pandemic! I will be searching elsewhere for a veterinarian and hopefully will find someone who is much more organized!

Andrew H

2 years ago

I told these people my puppy was sick, they forced me to get a Parvo test before they would see him. Once he passed they told me sorry nothing we can do for him here, he’s to small for the equipment we have here. Then referred me to another vet. They charged me 165$, when they new in advance I was bringing in a puppy. I will never go back.

Jess Ica

2 years ago

I have mixed emotions about this place, hence the 4 star, I'll call and get information, but when I arrive its a complete different cost. Not everyone is that way though there are some workers that I feel need a little more training. While others definitely go above and beyond, Christina is amazing! Dr. Jackman is always so kind to my fur babies and I love how professional and knowledgeable she is. This place is more expensive then other places, but I trust Dr. Jackman!

Darleen Boatman

2 years ago

Great service and time spent explaining detailed plan of treatment by Dr. Morkos; but disappointed in the poor communication and apathetic treatment from his staff.

erika preciado

2 years ago

Love taking my dogs here they really care and answered every question I had concerning my dog

Jonathan Hrovat

2 years ago

Waited 45 minutes just to pick up my dog. Painfully slow service.

Zully Rodriguez

3 years ago

After a couple days, they called to check on my fur baby. It was a good feeling to know they care.

Melissa Thompson

3 years ago

First time to visit this vet...not impressed. Mislabeled 2 of the 3 medications given the labels for the pills and for the liquid were reversed careless mistake. Then took over 24 hours to get the 3rd one and were very rude about it. Got the run around about it. Saidthey would call me right back twice and didnt. Never again.

Tommy Gun

3 years ago

Very Bad Experience here with the staff. Extremely unprofessional. Prior to this injury my dog had a fracture and we drove out to Tustin Veterinary surgical specialists. Even though the drive was 45 minutes away id rather go there (Tustin) than to drive 10 minutes down the 10 freeway to Oak Glenn animal hospital.. ima business man so I understand the business aspect of things. And I don't mind spending $$ where its due. I appreciate good service and dont mind even giving a tip to who deserves it.. yes I paid up front for procedure their is no complaint there . But after the procedure during the follow UPS. About 4 of them since I was asked to come every 3 day's.. im being forced to pay for their mistakes. 1 day they bandage. The next day the bandage they applied poorly comes undone, slips off the area needed, or simply falls apart, then I return the next day and they want to charge me an additional 40 sum $. I don't agree for paying for poor work or their mistake They are very fast to blame you. Even speaking to the manager she was quick to place blame opposed to finding a common ground with client or even apologizing. Its like purchasing a brand new pair of shoes and the next day they fall apart. Go back to the store and they charge you like it wasn't their product that failed... This has happened multiple times. Not just once. At least on 4 separate occasions we were faced with this issue.. I will say that 1 Time the Bandage was perfect! And I wish we Left it. But like I said they told us to return every 3 days. So they replaced it and charged us again ???? I will never return here even after we got our dog Insurance

Teri Cox

3 years ago

Every time we have been here for appointment always half hour to hour late!

Carol Rollema

3 years ago

They are friendly, very fair prices, keep it a safe place ???? My dog Flo is happy.. I am ????

Larry Newlan

3 years ago

Our dogs actually walk in on their own without being dragged or carried! Also their sanitizing between customers is excellent too!! We now ONLY use this vet,,as our dogs aren't hysterical or terrified like with ALL our other veteinarians.

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