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Elizabeth Fronefield

3 years ago

Excellent place for your dogs to visit, my super high energy dogs LOVE it!

Jennifer Koestler

3 years ago

Great place to board your dogs. I've had nothing but positive interactions & my dog loves coming here.

Katie Dunn

3 years ago

I have now boarded my dogs multiple times at 29 Palms. My drop offs and pick ups went smoothly. Renee was courteous and friendly each time. I’m sad to see others say different. I will continue to use this establishment for my boarding needs.

Marlene Ferguson

3 years ago

Facility well set up for the dogs. The owner has many years experience with multiple breeds of dogs, including big, high drive ones.

s haynie

3 years ago

We lost our house to the fires and have 3 Pit Bulls, Renee took my pitties to board no problem. I've known Renee as a client from working at Animal Care Clinic of Woodland for many years. She is a wonderful animal person and a beautiful soul. I am thankful for the help she is providing not only for my family but she is going above and beyond to help others affected by the fires as well.

Tori Cunningham

3 years ago

Posting for my husband BEWARE. RENEE LANCASTER IS NARCISSISTIC AND CONDESCENDING. THE WHOLE WORLD REVOLVES AROUND HER...... From when we first arrived about 6 months ago to pick out our dog I knew I had the right dog and had to get him out of her control after she slammed the fence into him making him yelp to show the dog it was her gate. Totally unbelievable. We got a beautiful Rottweiler from her, Bright, who we renamed Duke, and he was great. We took him to a vet the Monday after we adopted him and found he had heart worm which is a pricey disease for a dog to have. It took months of care and time to rehabilitate the dog ourselves. I will give it to Rotts of Friends for paying for the medicine, but I believe it was only due to the break in contract as the dog wasn't fully evaluated to be in good health like the contract stated. During this rehabilitation we were required to bend over backwards at Renee's convenience. Never our own, which is different being a customer to someone and getting chewed out and yelled at because we were 30 minutes early, which Renee tried to say we were late, to one of Renee's vet appointments. My wife told her there was no way for us to make it at 8am appointment, as we both work. We ended up being there at 7:30, so we weren't late. Renee just didn't care about our schedule or when it was convenient for us, only for her. She has had to apologize to my wife and family 3 times so far for the way she has acted towards us and the language she has used toward us. She flies off the handle and goes into a rage when she doesn't get her way, then expects us to bend over backwards to accommodate her. Well, Duke, being a large dog finally found a way out of my backyard. He must have jumped the fence as our gates have locks on them. Rotss of Friends was our first contact and then animal control as we frantically searched for our dog. He had a chip in him and that same night we had heard he had been picked up and delivered to Rotts of Friends. We contacted them first thing in the morning and immediately got cussed out by Renee. Told we were lying over and over and could not speak to us like adults. She told us to just "tell her we left the gate open" and she would give us our dog back even though that isn't what happened. It was an absolute joke. She ended up telling me to call her that night and set up an appointment to do a property walk through, so maybe we could isolate the escape route of Duke after giving off demands and requirements to get him back with one even being to talk good about her on social media (I couldn't believe it as She even blamed us for what others were saying about her). When I did, she shrugged me off and told me to call in the morning. I received a voicemail from her before being able to get to my phone the next morning that she would be unavailable all day. I called her right back and no answer. Informed her I would be looking into my options to get my dog back after hearing more stories from people coming out of the woodwork on social media responding to our lost dog ad. We tried multiple times to get in contact with her to go pick up Duke. We were going on a family camping trip over the weekend and wanted to take him with us. We tried to explain to her that we wanted to take him with us and would be willing to do the house check after or at her convenience. She told us that she was not okay with that and we wouldn't be getting him back before next week. I have never heard of a rescue who would rather have a dog, who is now a loved member of our family, sit in a kennel for 5 days instead of go to his home, who would rather have him cooped up all weekend instead of out hiking and enjoying the ocean on a camping trip, and who REFUSED to give him back to his family after getting out once. Our only mistake was not lisencing the dog or else he would have been brought right back to us and we would have never had to hear from her. In conclusion, we would love more than anything to get our dog back, but at a cost of having to deal with that woman. We wan

d miller

4 years ago

Nice place but no credit card machine

Deborah Lamoreux

5 years ago

We have been taking our dogs to this Pet Resort for 15 Years. We drop them off every summer for 3 weeks. They have been extremely well cared for meds, fed rice at times needed and visited with other dogs they knew. One of the few kennels with outdoor runs for dogs. Owner loves and is devoted to all dogs. Manages a dog rescue org. We highly recommend this resort.

Erika Garrett

5 years ago

Renee is the rudest person iv ever encountered! Never ever would I give her my business

K Hoot

5 years ago

Once again, my fur baby Pete spent the weekend at 29 Palms Pet Resort. By far the best place to have him boarded. Pete seems to think of it as a vacation each time he pays a visit. I have considered boarding closer to my home in Sacramento, but choose to drive to Woodland as I know that Renee and her staff provide excellent care. While away from home I can relax and enjoy knowing that my baby is in good hands. Thank you Renee!

Laura Minnis

5 years ago

29 Palms pet resort us the bomb! My little Willy Wonka loves to come and spend the night. He loves his "auntie Renee". Rotts Of Friends is a great place to adopt a dog. Renee the owner is very protective of the animals in her care. You get a 6 week free group training class. Training both owners and dogs.

Belen Casas

6 years ago

Horrible place to work at, the lady is extremely rude that she made me cry! Never work here, not worth your time.

Geo Lorenzo

6 years ago

Had a horrible experience here. If your looking for a place to keep a loved one when on vacation look elsewhere, believe me you and your furry pal will be better off.

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