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Julia Hubner

a year ago

VCA would not help me unless I spent $75 calling the ASPCA animal poison control hotline to get a code with which then they will allow me to see that period the lesson learned is lis Ernest lye, then they will help you but you're honest and dumb enough to admit that your animal may have been poisoned by something they will charge you coming and going. Luckily for me I was only a visitor and I actually live in Arizona where they actually help your aunt Is a mole. Do not ever bring your animal to this hospital.

Patrese Hedding

a year ago

Very fast response and excellent service.

Larry Hoffman

a year ago

I have a dog with seizures who has been a patient for almost 2 years now but am being told my doctor will not be able to make a phone call for 2 months

Yuval K

a year ago

The place looks great. The staff was professional. They took my dog right away and it took a while to treat her but it was all with detailed explanation and price info and different options. Nice seating area and good wifi too.

jessica martinez

a year ago

My dog needed to an internal medicine specialist and she was seen a week later. Whereas other places I would have waited a month or more to be seen.

Julian Ramirez

a year ago

I was referred by my local Vet for a biopsy on my cats nose. I wasn't told the consultation price up front and have been a little too overwhelmed in my life to think of asking. Figured it'd be the same 60$ as my local vet. Turns out the they don't do biopsies and I was given the same advice my local vet told me but at the cost of 213$. I felt used. I proceeded to explain to the vet secretary that I could only afford 60$ due to my insurance not covering consultation costs. The secretary heard me out and went to ask. He then proceeded to tell me they would "give me my cat back" but if " I was going through hardship I could make small payments after the fee went to COLLECTIONS. " I was in a very sensitive point in my life. I've been strong for my wife because her mental health hasn't been so great after her father's death and she hasn't been very present in our marriage. This was just painful weight that crushed my heart. NO ONE SHOULD BE USED like this. Please ask before receiving treatment I unfortunately learned My lesson the hard way and should have asked prior. The 1 hour wait time for looking at a growth on my cats nose could've been better. Besides the incident the staff were very polite and I know its difficult being the messenger of bad new. no one should disrespect blue collar workers that have no control over their employers attitude and morals. Just expected someone to be compassionate.

Lindy Waddell

a year ago

Having to put my kitty to sleep was heart wrenching and Dr. Harris and the staff were so compassionate and caring. This was not my first experience there and I would not take any of my pets elsewhere in an emergency situation

daria linderssen

a year ago

I brought my cat in. We waited. They brought him back without me. I sat there for a long time, no one came out and talk to me what's going on. When I finally met with the doctor she said and mention euthanasia. I'm making …

Edwin Ramirez

a year ago

If your ever in need of an emergency vet this is the best place to get your dog seen

Eyal Drory

a year ago

Keep your pets away. They only care about money. They keptboit cat for foir hours, did nothing and asked for $165.00. Tried to sell un needed mediation. STAY AWAY

Kay Inoue

a year ago

When every other hospital and emergency vet didn't take me seriously, the entire team here acted quickly to take care of my sick dog. Everyone from receptionist to the doctor was kind and compassionate. Like any vet, they are also operating at or near capacity so please be patient with them.

Dyahn Darvey

a year ago

My dog was so sick that he could barely walk. Technicians came out with stretcher. Winston is a 85 pound golden retriever. He was so happy to get help he ended up walking in on his own. The veterinarian taking care of him was Dr. Mellissa Cespedes. She was wonderful. Spoke with her 3 times to figure out what was wrong and a treatment plan. She was patient, attentive and caring. It is expensive but I was given options to not do some of the tests she recommended if I felt they weren’t necessary at this time. By the time we picked him up he was in much better spirits. He even regained his appetite after not eating for two days. I was very glad I took him there. I was nervous as the reviews weren’t very high. But I give this place high marks for quality care.

Norman Altamirano

a year ago

Expensive but worth it. Everyone is super friendly and they treat your animals with love

Autumn Book

a year ago

Great place for any animal emergency.

Charlene gaffney

2 years ago

My dog was treated in a timely manner, I was kept informed, and given precise directions. Great service!

Kat Ramsburg

2 years ago

My 11 year old epileptic dog is a frequent visitor here and I cannot say enough good things about the care and attention he receives. Dr. Gerlach (neurology) is my hero, having continually worked to keep my boy happy and healthy for so many years despite his disease. Even when we have emergency visits and Dr. Gerlach isn't on site, I haven't met a single doctor or vet tech who has made me feel like my boy wasn't their number one priority, and Dr. Gerlach is always fully up to speed the next time she sees him. There is no place else I would trust with my best friend.

Wayne Singer

2 years ago

Great service, did every test needed and explained what was going on often.

Aurora W

2 years ago

UPDATE: My dog died 20 days after being over prescribed steroids at age 12. DO NOT BRING YOUR PETS HERE. Unfortunately I have to agree with the review below to the poor person who lost her dog. They actively do not care about your babies. They talk over you and bully you into treatments and make you feel so helpless and confused it’s equal to emotional abuse. They left me shaking and crying. My dog came out visibly traumatized even though I told them numerous times she is a high anxiety dog. What’s worse is they give the typical “so sorry you feel this way” paragraph just for show and when you ask for certain measures to be taken to remedy the issue they refuse, basically telling you you’re wrong when just seconds earlier they were giving the whole “we do everything to improve our service” speech. they don’t mean it and they sincerely don’t care about you or your pet. The staff is absolutely the worst staff I have come across for a medical office. They should be ashamed of themselves. I will never bring my dog here again and seriously recommend that no one bring their pets to this clinic. I’ve had more empathy compassion and respect at a McDonald’s. They are dealing with sick and dying animals amd do so in the most disrespectful way, they see dollar signs when they see our pets. It’s truly tragic they put people through this. Do not bring your pet to this clinic it will save you and your pet unnecessary pain and suffering

Colette Claire

2 years ago

Nice people but very expensive compared to most vets. For example, blood work is about $150 at my usual vet, but they charge $250. Obviously, this is because of all the fancy equipment they have, but, unless you are a millionaire, I'm not really sure how you can afford to pay for the use of all that special equipment. $4000 for an MRI for example. And there is no real way to pay for it with insurance like a human. Also, no way to make payments. They offer Care Credit but I already have a Care Credit card and they definitely didn't offer me a $4000 credit limit more like $500. So, if you have the money and really want to know what's wrong with your pet, they are definitely the people to talk to. But if you aren't absolutely desperate and rich, I would say make an appointment with your usual vet.

Kim S

2 years ago

They were very honest about the wait time, took good care of my cat and the fees were reasonable.

Krystine Jett

2 years ago

Receptionist GIGGLED at me when I asked her over the phone if my kitten was dying and I needed to be holding him. Not a funny moment. I was scared and she was inappropriate. Told me he was walking fine when he was pretty much dragging his legs. NEVER AGAIN.

steve gayle

2 years ago

Beware of malpractice. We were told a numerology dr was appointment was available. Our dog was having cluster seizures. We got here she was seizing again. 3 hours later we are told to go elsewhere Stay away. By the way they charged me a fortune and did nothing Stay away

Theo Red

2 years ago

I received a telephone call by Kristin Miller who informed me that there is all new staff with specialized training, and she took the time to lister to my experience even though it happened a year ago! I was moved by her caring and understanding, she confirmed that communicating with the pet owners is equally important as treating the animals. She also offered credit which was unexpected and very kind!! I am taking my dog back to them since they know the Hx. My faith has been restored!!!

Xiomara Lopez

2 years ago

I took my dog here two times before. The first time they took a lot of my money because they had to run exams to know what’s going on. Which was a bummer. The second time they gave me great advice for taking care of the issue I had with my dog when a different place wanted me to pay 2000+. From my experience, other places have tried to take a lot of my money by not taking the easiest solution to the problem and taking advantage of our emotional state and irrational thinking at the moment of pain and stress. I got a second opinion from them and saved me a lot of money.

zeynep b

2 years ago

my friend's cats şakir and boncuk were ill boncuk is still naughty boy but şakir is good baby right now thank you. the veterinaries are the best

Alondra Saldana

2 years ago


SaaBaa Fard

2 years ago

No responsibility at all and so rude and lazy

Tina Weissauer

2 years ago

I brought my dog here after she was run over by a car at 7:20pm. They took her in quickly and took $3000 to help her. The first vet said that there was hope and no news was good news. Sent us home to wait, after a sleepless night I called at 9am thinking no news was good news. But nope, they had not even done her X-rays yet. My dog spent the whole night at the "emergency vet" and had not been treated or even X-rayed as they had promised. When I asked why? They said that they needed to treat another animal in more critical condition. I am not sure what is more critical than being run over. I am also no sure why they took $3000 and didn't even treat her. Once she finally got her X-rays more than 12 hours after being hit, they said her pelvis was shattered and they could fix it for $25,000 but she might never walk again. We made the hard decision to bring her home and put her down. They didn't want to release her to us and we had to have our home vet argue to release her to us. It has taken me weeks to write this. I am heartbroken over losing my sweet pup. What makes it even worse is that the VCA is all about the money and not about the animals they care for. They let her suffer for more than 12 hours so they could collect $3,000 from us. All about money not about treatment.

Josh F

2 years ago

They seem competent, but probably 1.4 times as expensive as other weekend vets. But it means they have a shorter line. Wouldnt come here again if another choice was available.

maria conceicao

2 years ago

The receptionist was very rude. My dogs was having a seizure and I forgot my phone at home and when I got there I had to go by the door to ask for help. I was wearing a mask and a told the receptionist that I forgot my phone due to an emergency and she yelled at me. It want to cry. Obvious she did not care at all about my dog.

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