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Jasmine Sturr

2 years ago

This vet office used to be great. The previous doctor was so kind and helpful, but the experience I had today with my dog was unacceptable, and I will never return to this vet. Our dog has congestive heart failure. she has had a heart murmur since she was 3, and when it progressed to the most severe stage last year, the vet that was previously at this office diagnosed it as being in the early stages of congestive heart failure. We knew the day would come when her lungs would fill with fluid and she needed medication, that was the plan he put in place. He has since left the office but we took her back to see the new vet. She declined this past week and started having daily coughing fits and wheezing, with labored breathing. It is clearly pulmonary edema, as the previous vet told us would happen, so we took her in today to get her medication. The vet comes to us saying that it could be something else, maybe she just has bronchitis or something, even though we know this is the next phase of her disease. So they tell us we should put her through multiple tests, the first one of many being 300 bucks. I am not going to spend thousands of dollars and put her through the stress of all of that when she just needs medication, to make her more comfortable and give her a little more time. But no, they are holding her medication hostage. They gave us a weeks worth, and said unless we pay for these tests because they "can't treat her because they don't know what it is," they will not give us more than a week of pills. So now we are out 80 bucks and need to find a new vet. Oh, and they also thought it was fine to trim her nails without telling us and then charging us for it. It is outrageous that they can just make decisions and charge us and we cant do anything because they already did it, so now we have to pay. They could have called and asked Was planning on doing it myself soon but they clearly just wanted an extra buck. "Affordable" animal hospital is a joke.

Michaela Arroyave

2 years ago

I would be writing a very different review right now if it weren't for Amanda. I was misquoted and in tears given an unconcerned shrug from someone named Michelle and I was about to leave the hospital when Amanda came out and calmed me down. There was a family with their dog who was dying that was not as lucky as I since Amanda arrived at the hospital just after they left. They had also been misquoted (instead of $90 they had a bill for $350). I was quoted $610 and then arrived to find an estimate of $1300 with my pets' health on the line. Amanda was empathetic and quick to find a solution that dried my tears and helped my cats. Thank you so much Amanda for being such a diamond in the rough of what was almost a disaster.

Hannah Mills

2 years ago


Mel Zacarias

2 years ago

In less than a year, your prices have skyrocketed and it’s absolutely ridiculous to expect a working family to pay $500 to fix a small male chihuahua. Out of all the vets in the area, you guys are the most expensive. My first visit there was great and I was happy with the prices and services. But now, for some reason you guys seem to think you’re in Beverly Hills to be charging outrageous prices. It’s very unfortunate the money matters more than being an actual “affordable hospital”. Change your name! You’re no longer “affordable”!

James Fischer

2 years ago

This place is terrible. They will keep your pet, without treatment for many hours, not treat it and then charge you a lot of money. They are negligent con artists. I wouldn’t trust them to run a bath!


2 years ago

This is my second visit to this location for my new puppy (Scout). The telephone staff were very helpful. I was worried since my puppy seemed to have worms in his stool. Once I dropped him off with the tech. I later received a phone call in a timely manner from Dr. Alex (Vet). He was very informative with my puppy's situation and gave me an awesome recommendation not to mention a great history lesson on fleas from the black plague we both laughed at. He was very informative. I highly recommend this clinic and Dr. Alex.

Alex Trejo

2 years ago

I don’t think the doctors are professionalsThey talk to you with in-professional language

Joanne Reynoso

2 years ago

Ok , so we basically did not have any services rendered by our choice. My dog has bladder stones so i brought him here to see the cost of the surgery for bladder stone removal to see if it was cheaper. Just to do the blood test and x-rays and urinalysis it would have been $700 - we were unable to get a quote for the actual surgery. I went to Laurel Pet Hospital first, which did the x-ray and wellness check for $173, confirming the bladder stones. The surgery quote they gave me at Laurel Pet Hospital was $2000-$2500. So just want to give anyone who is looking for bladder stone removal a heads up that Laurel Pet Hospital might be cheaper. The two stars is just based on the pricing.

Nmaria Barajas

3 years ago

I was blown away on their exceptional customer service and prices. I’m currently disabled as a Nurse and going through a financial hardship. I was really worried about my fur baby and being over charged ????????‍♀️ Many Veterinarians do unnecessary testing to get more money out of you. Thankfully????????They were very honest and explained in detail your options. The staff that attended to me was very helpful and answered all my questions too. Thank you to everyone that helped me today and accommodated my fur baby. I really appreciate it!! Once again, Thank You! Nan/Fur Baby Bella ????

Cesar Rico

3 years ago

They have several signs saying not call until 9am. Yet see a few people jumping the line. A better Q and folowing of the rules would be better.

Rosalee O'Hare

3 years ago

FishHead is still alive and healthy at the age of 21! Thank you so much for keeping our family healthy ????

val gon

3 years ago

Very convenient....It takes months to get an appointment with our original vet. I will be switching.

Suyen Perez

3 years ago

I wanted to take my dog but the workers charged me the main price was suppose to be 400 but it turn out almost 500 so I wouldn't recommend this place at all.

Jonathan Rodriguez

3 years ago

They can’t even successfully run a phone line. Let alone a hospital. Waste of time .

Dr. Irella Perez

3 years ago

Worst place ever. To give the a one star is too generous. I had my dog there for over one year. They quote prices and then they quote different when I bring my dog. The new manager Mona is a very rude woman and when I asked her for the owner’s number she told me to go find at it myself. She has no patience and is short temper. She said that I needed to to talk to anyone else as she was in charge. I told her I was going to write a review on line and she said I do not care and took the papers out of my hands turned around and walked away refusing services. So rude. I a embarrassed that they are part of my Whittier community.

Enrique Rea

3 years ago

AAH really is affordable. The staff and vets are friendly and helpful.

Renette de la Torre Christensen

3 years ago

It is a walk in clinic. That's great, but when you have a puppy and a sick dog, a three hour wait is a challenge. At least I only had to pay $350 for two exams, and meditation for a dog with kennel cough. I with keep them as a go;to, and check out other clinics also.

Patricia Silva

3 years ago

The staff is always friendly. The facility is clean and well maintained. I have never felt that the veterinarians do a rush job with my dog. Both are patient and try their best to explain what is going on while giving options in terms of care and procedure.

P Takehara

3 years ago

Horrible ???? Our little Chihuahua mix, much loved family dog started vomiting and we first thought she had eaten something that might had caused the problem. After 2 1/2 days she did not improve, my son and his wife took her to this place first thing in the morning and explained what was going on with her and they charged more than $2,300 ahead of time to do everything that's possible to find out what was going on with her and to make her better.... long story short, I came along to see her on the 3rd day and she looked worse! They wanted more money to run a CT scan! I was extremely disappointed 'cause they supposed to have done it on the first day! She had diabetes, pancreatitis and kidneys malfunction.... I knew she wasn't gonna make it, but they still wanted more money out of my kids. The doctors weren't honest. We had to make a difficult decision to put her to sleep, we paid extra so that she would not suffer and when he injected her she lifted her head in extreme pain (she never made a movement till that moment). I felt the veterinarian was handling our dog without compassion ????

Olivia Ramos

3 years ago

We took our Roxy here was Diagnosed with bad case of Pancreatitis took her here on a SAT. Morning I have to say she is 17 yrs old after care here prescription food she is like a New Pup! We are so Happy! Dr Sarleghi called with a follow up and gave Excellent Advice for her Future! Thank you all for making our Roxy better and curing her! Alfred and Olivia Ramod

Josephine sanlucas

3 years ago

Horrible customer service ! Honestly I find it impossible that the Vet be aware of his staffs behavior .. the woman opening the door was incredibly rude . We got there at about 8:45 am as other cars and she was being rude to everyone.. didn’t have one second to provide instructions on where to check in as a new client .. everybody was bewildered at her behavior .. I spare no expense when it comes to my puppy and they just lost a client as that customer service was appalling

Joseph Wang

3 years ago

We had an amazing experience here with our dog who was spayed due to pyometra. Would definitely recommend this place for all your pet veterinary needs. Thanks to the staff for taking such good care of our Zoe.


3 years ago

Took us in last minute. Staff is very helpful and the doctor calls you and breaks down, in detail, what your pet needs. Can't compare prices to other Vets but it was reasonable to me.

Javier Tejeda

3 years ago

If you want to waste time and money?!? Then this is your place.

J V27

3 years ago

Nice staff, reasonable prices, but they made the mistake with my pets diagnosis

Indio Pero Edukado

3 years ago

Very expensive in my opinion. Just to give you an idea... The hospital gave me two options: one for $360.00 and the other for $2,000.00 Huge huge difference. During pandemic times I think this hospital should touch its heart but it didn't. I think I'm never going back to this place. It's way out of my budget.

Henrietta Jimenez

3 years ago

At this time I can not give ratings about the inside or on cleanliness of the office or bathroom, due to covig you have take you pet and drop them off and they call you when you can pick up. The staff seems very nice and happy to answer your questions, they come out to your car to get your pet then deliver them back when done, very convenient. I live close so didn't mind the return trip. It was our pet's first time so it was about 2 hours wait time for him to be examined. They do have a nice seized parking lot so if you don't live in the area you can wait in your car. I would recomend this clinic the name Affordable Animal Hospital says it all. I shopped around and the prices are the lowest, not by much but still these days every dollar counts. It's safe you can save about $10 to 15.00 here then any where else, but dont forget to look out for those freebies on pet shots and neutering they are available here and there. You can also cal your local SPCA and they sometimes have events on very low or no cost sevices. God bless to all pet lovers ????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Francis Navarro

3 years ago

Honest and reasonably priced vet. The vet was also amazing at explaining everything to me. He even called to follow up with me. Definitely recommend this place, for your pets health needs!

Erika Sanchez

3 years ago

We believe the service is great we love it, but our pup still has the same issue and we can not figure out what is it.

Yvette Gaxiola

3 years ago

Very affordable and a honest team. Took my pup in during this pandemic to stitch him up and I can’t be more blessed. From the receptionist to the dr to the assistant I can’t complain; the wait is worth because your animal/baby are in good hands. Thank you for taking care of my pup and adding in the teeth cleaning since he was already sedated. He will be up and going in no time as a healthy dog once again. Highly recommend this hospital in Whittier.

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