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Stephen Lobdell

2 years ago

I was unable to receive either of the orders processed (first never sent)and through hours of my time and 7 calls was never corrected. Now I hope to at least get my money back at this point. Cannot judge product but …

Nancy Greimann

2 years ago

As other reviews show when you call for help they don’t help. They double shipped & charged me double but I have to pay to send their mistake back. The girl on phone was nice but obviously had no Authority to do anything. Read reviews before you order anything! No customer service!!!

Judy Louie

2 years ago

NuVet does not send an email prior to auto-ship orders going out. I enrolled in an auto-ship program a year ago. I naively assumed they would send out an email reminder like Chewy does so I didn't bother keeping track of it. I had completely forgotten about them because I stopped using their product months ago after I saw no improvement in my dog's mobility. Now I am stuck with a years worth of product that I don't even use. Their return policy on auto ship orders is I have to ship back the product at my expense and I have to pay a 20% destruction fee. I completely regret ever doing business with this company.

S Marjanian

2 years ago

While the vitamin supplements are really second to none, I find it ridiculous that a company that pushes auto replenishment will not send a timely notification email to remind the subscriber that a product is shipping and being billed. Nobody likes surprises like that and people forget. Because of this, I cancelled the subscription and have to pay $20+ more a year for shipping. Customer service is also very inconsistent, and their online purchasing system has not worked in over a month now. That makes a customer have to take time and call just to receive the hard sell for that aforementioned subscription service. Will continue to begrudgingly purchase.

Kyle Parnham

2 years ago

Horrible customer service. Called the SAME day the charge hit my bank account. Was told the order already left and that I would get an email in about hour about my "order". Email doesn't do any good if its AFTER you shipped and charged. Now you want me to ship it back at my expense and charge me 20% for something I never wanted in first place. Unbelievably bad customer service.

Desmond Pieri

2 years ago

Terrible Customer Service. They put me on "Auto Ship" without my authorization. I was not able to change it on line because the site has been broken. On the phone, they said I could only get an 80% refund and I would have to pay to return it. Terrible company.

Catie Straiton

2 years ago

This company thinks it is ok to violate federal law and cold call people who are on the Do Not Call List. It is an MLM marketing scheme that encourages participants to engage in unethical behavior. You cannot pay me enough to use their product.

Fred Atkinson

2 years ago

Our 5 year old Rottweiler is still taking a NuVet Plus K-9 each morning. He loves them!

Alejandra Torres

2 years ago

This product seems wonderful, and many cat breeders recommend it, but my cats absolutely hate it. They simply won't touch food that has it in it. Not even treats or wet food. It's, unfortunately, money down the drain. Perhaps they should think of creating a flavorless formula.

Rachael MacAvoy

2 years ago

NuVet Plus and NuJoint Plus have been so great for my dog! His breed (French bulldog) is susceptible to skin allergies as well as luxating Patellas (hips popping out of place). I've been giving him NuVet Plus vitamins since he was a pup and he's only ever had a skin problem once and that was because that was the only month I couldn't afford it. Also since taking the NuJoint Plus his hips have been so much better!!

Shawn Demers

2 years ago

This company is a scam! They will have you on “auto ship” with NO email that you are about to get charged and NO confirmation email that they did charge you based on an order placed a year ago. We almost marked it as fraudulent! Sneaky and shady business that we will be reporting! Since they charge you 20% plus shipping fee for a return or they offer you 50% back without the hassle. As a business owner myself, I’m disgusted with such ways of making money. Read other reviews of the same fishy business…Shame on them.

Colleen Anderson

2 years ago

My dogs started out loving the NuVet chewable. Then they hated them and wouldn't eat them. I did buy the NuVet Glucosamine and only dogs that would eat anything would eat them. They said they didn't change the formula but I do not know why they hate them so much. I know on Glucosamine my dogs gobble them from other companies. Does anyone have a recommendation for another vitamin company?

Katharine Harding

2 years ago

A few days after I called to say our vitamin auto ship needed to come later because we lost a dear dog and now have only one, a lovely condolence card arrived in the mail signed by each person at NuVet Labs. All I can say is these people are most kind and understanding. Thank you for doing the unexpected for a family who is still grieving the loss of a precious soul.

Amber Martin

2 years ago

Terrible customer service, definitely does not live up to their so called 100% satisfaction guarantee. I purchase products from this company back in May. I am so incredibly regretful to ever have given them my business. This morning a renewal was pending and immediately after seeing the charge I sent an email to cancel the order, never received an email before the autobill came up, nor received an email for a new order. According to the rep at the time of me sending my email in to cancel literally minutes after being charged there was already tracking number attached ( wasn't mentioned in the email response they sent me) had I gotten an email prior I would have cancelled as I have to replace a whole AC system in my home and CANNOT afford this. The manager stated that I was not taking accountability for my order, 100% uncompassionate, creating more stress, and I could have either a 50% or an 80% refund after returning an order that I have yet to get confirmation for. This is a scam to not refund against their 100% satisfaction guarantee. Wish I would have read reviews before purchasing!!

Hannah Nowikow

2 years ago

do not buy these vitamins for your dog. the company has not conducted any clinical trials to assess if these vitamins actually improve any condition, the only thing on their website is client testimonials. furthermore, there are ingredients in it that are known to be toxic to dogs. do your research before you decide to purchase these.

Rp Milan

3 years ago

I saw a big change in my senior shih tzus after a few months . My shih tzu has arthritis and could barely walk now he can jump , stand , run , ect . Great product

Donna Chelini

6 years ago

We have been buying a supplement for our shitzu who has baby cataracts. They are working out well. The cataracts are staying small.

Dustin Darnell

6 years ago

I would recommend NuVet Labs to all, but you must keep track of your auto shipment. If the are out of stock they do not inform you until it is to late to change your order.

Lauren Synger

7 years ago

About a month and a half ago, my 14 year old beagle Bailey had a series of X-rays performed and was diagnosed with liver cancer. Right before then she suffered a stroke and lost all function in her body including her ability to smell and …

Ali Ferguson

7 years ago

Love this product! My 6 month old lab had surgery on his ankle and the doctor explained to me that arthritis would probably set in very quickly in that joint. I ended up doing some research and came across NuJoint DS and started him on it right away. I can happily say there have been NO signs of arthritis and I could not be happier with this product. I now have all three of my dogs on this supplement. Thanks NuVet!

Donald Hill

7 years ago

Our 13 year old Wheaten Terrier, Mollie, very quickly seemed to be developing cataracts. The lenses of both eyes became very cloudy and opaque in just a couple of months. She was bumping into things, and almost would not tackle steps. She seemed to be getting more listless and was content to just sleep most of the day. We thought the lethargy was just part of aging (which we can relate to). I looked on the net for "supplements for cataracts in dogs". The search immediately turned up NuVet Plus. I read many reviews, and was happy to hear that the product had successfully reversed cataracts in some dogs...worth a try, I thought. I ordered a three month supply, and was pleased that the product came so quickly. We started Mollie on a two tablet per day regimen, as suggested, to start. Within a week, we were simply amazed to see Mollie's eyes clearing, and her vision improving enough that she was back to tackling steps without hesitation. As an unexpected bonus, she starting sleeping far less, was much more alert, and was acting downright "puppyish" on her trips outside. She was running more, and was no longer making her way to and from the patio on her path through our flowers - she was jumping over the flowers! We could see and feel her joy and zest for life returning. We were also very happy to see her so eager to have one of her new "treats". Every time she hears the tablets rattling in the bottle, she is immediately there. After thirty days, we have backed down the dose to one tablet a day. So far, nothing has changed negatively. If we see a trend in the other direction, we will cheerfully return her to two tablets a day. Thanks for making a product that seems literally "too good to be true"!

Kelley Hobart

7 years ago

My Maltese Bentley is 4.6 pounds and has always been sort of weak (I would carry Nutrical in my purse because he would flop over like he was passing out), sensitive (would throw up several times a day for no apparent reason), a terrible eater and then was diagnosed with Cushing's after his hair started falling out (lost at least 50% of his coat in three days). He had already lost 13 teeth by the age of 5. I asked the vet tech why he had lost so many teeth after his dental cleaning and she said that's what happens when your dog gets OLD. People would look at him and think he was a very old dog when he had just gotten out of puppy hood. I had him on the best food I could find (Fromm etc.) and still he remained weak and unhealthy and I would have to beg him to eat. My groomer recommended I try NuVet and I decided to give it a try. I put all three dogs on the powdered version as I thought there was no way I could get Bentley to eat a wafer. Bentley loves the Nuvet powder and even if he doesn't eat all of his food, he seems to suck the powder off of the kibble. Bentley has been taking the powdered NuVet for a couple of weeks now and my son saw him for the first time yesterday and was amazed at how good he looks. His coat is thicker and very soft. He used to have a bald Rat tail and the hair has grown back and his tail looks normal now. He seems to have much less tear staining around his eyes. The other dogs look great too and LOVE their food with NuVet on it. I am ordering more, alot more now that I know how good it is! Thank you NuVet, you have earned a customer for life!!!

Lori K Magyar

7 years ago

Cagney and Lacey turned 17 this past January! They have been on Nuvet for over 12 years and on Nuvet Joint products for over 3 years. Still going strong, they take a stroll every day and their Vet is amazed they have no major health issues.

shana smith

7 years ago

Both NUVET Plus and NUJOINT have changed my dogs life he came from a terrible shelter at 8 with terribly infected eyes along with a host of other issues. We took him to the vet and after the infection was cleared his eyes still teared consonantly with maroon goo and would itch him they were also very cloudy. The vet told me this was just how he was and to get special wipes for his eyes but I did not want to see him so unhappy. I did research and decided in a last ditch effort to try NUVET. Taking NUVET cleared both the goo problem and cleared his eyes up amazingly it only took about 2 1/2 months people always think he is a much younger dog his coat is soft and he is finally itch free. He is 10 now and he jumps around more than a lot of younger dogs. I see dogs his age that have the same issues he had and always try to tell their owners about the great things this has done for my baby.

William Bucolo

7 years ago

My huskey wouldn`t eat and was losing hair bad, tried nuvet and she is healthy gained her weight, and no more shedding hair is beautiful been using nuvet for 6 months now, every day and I am grateful for the people who cared enough to make it. Thank-you NUVET

Diana Gerig

8 years ago

I care for my friends dog; a Border Collie/Australian short-hair mix. She constantly chewed her feet and scratched, had massive "dander"/scaly skin, lost excessive hair randomly, and was prone to ear infections. She is fed "Natural Balance" food, and her owner spent lots of $ on baths and Emu oil on her skin-Omega oil/vitamin liquid on her dry food and other products-Nothing worked. FINALLY I noticed your product, (Nuvet Plus) online, and decided to give it a try. I gave Mauli(dog) Two wafers daily, to start. These are the results after two weeks: Her hair has returned and is soft, like puppy hair. No more red, dry, patchy skin-paw chewing, almost eliminated, energy up, agitation and sneezing...gone, dander is minimal, no ear infections. I have reduced her "wafer" to one, daily, in the morning. UNBELIEVABLE! Now I care for a healthy/relaxed "middle aged" dog, who I take for long walks and runs! Ladies and Gentlemen, I encourage you to try this stuff on your furry friends-waste no more $ on crap that doesn't work. THANK YOU NUVET for TRUTHFUL advertising and an AMAZING product.

Patrick Wilson

8 years ago

A friend introduced me to NutVet Plus. My little dog was pulling out the hair by the roots on both back legs. Within a few days after using the product she stopped doing it. Now about 3 months later the hair has all grown back nice & thick. So pleased with the product & plan to start my other dog on it also. Have this set upon auto shipment. So pleased with the product & plan to use it for the life for both my little dogs.

Michelle Boespflug

8 years ago

My dog is a doxie that is 18 years old. she was put on Rymadl by her vet for joint problems as she used to be a puppy mill dog. I didn't like her being on it so I put her on NuVet and NuJoint to help her. It was an amazing difference. …

cheryl kling

8 years ago

my 10 year old border collie has developed some large toumors one on each ankle several around his middle and the worst one was on his throat, and bad arthritus. i found nuvet by chance looking on line for something natural to reduce the …

Glenn Partridge

8 years ago

Our just 2 year old yellow lab Dugout has been using NuVet Plus since he was 3 months. His coat is fantastic and we could not be happier with the product. He gets it as a treat after his breakfast and he knows exactly where we keep it. We left him alone for a few hours yesterday and he found the bottle, chewed through it and ate at least 10. I emailed the company for advice and was assured he would be OK, as he is fine. We had set up automatic quarterly delivery and it comes right to the house directly to Dugout. Because of yesterdays mishap we needed to accelerate the next shipment which was done within that email thread. NuVet Labs has great service and provides a great product. We are very happy with it.

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