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Reviews: Northgate Kennels & Cattery (Walnut Creek)

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Joe Paykel

2 years ago

Love this place always taken good care of my dog. He gets super excited to be there when we drop off, and comes home healthy and happy. Not sure what the negativity is about nor do I trust it.

Pam Uppal

3 years ago

I have boarded my two cats many times, they love it here, are always happy and well looked after, Kristen does a great job and would recommend to others.

Aeriel Steensen

3 years ago

The workers there work very hard and are very friendly!

Nicolaus Larez

3 years ago

I came here to drop off a friends dog while they were going out of town. The place has a very unwelcoming vibe, the office is inside what seems to be a converted living room and was very unclean. If it were my own dog I would not have left him there.

Damon Smith

3 years ago

Kristen is awesome at North Gate Kennels she treats everyone's dog as if it was her own. She spends time with each and every dog there and all the dogs are very happy to see her when they get there. I wouldn't hesitate for a second to bring my dog to her facility and recommend North Gate to all my friends and family. Why anyone would give them less than a 5 star review can only be because they have either never been there and going off of one persons unfortunate incident that incurred or ignorance because a pet could not get better treatment anywhere else but North Gate and she even gives all the dogs a bath before they go home. Kristen your awesome and if i could give you 10 stars I would.

Bill Bockman

4 years ago

My dog isn't big on kennels but loves to go to Northgate. He's well taken care of.

Rebecca P

4 years ago

I love the staff here. I have two rescue dogs, and the staff has always been respectful of my dogs’ needs. One of our dogs is very nervous, and has been treated with great care at this facility. We’ve brought our girls to this kennel for the past 4 years and will keep bringing them. They’re very patient with my nervous dog, and really care about helping her make progress with trusting new people.

John Steensen

5 years ago

The bad reviews were a result of widespread Facebook comments from people who know nothing about what happened there. People love to jump on the hate train and turn an accident into something sinister. Sick people. The workers at this kennel are extremely nice and loving to the animals there.

Christie Moore

5 years ago

Great place for kitties! The three tiered cat runs make a nice hotel for our cat when we are on vacation. The staff was very kind to our cat.

Susan Jenkins

5 years ago

My dog has stayed at North Gate Kennels many times and she loves it! The staff is incredibly friendly to everyone - people and pets alike. I think it is ridiculous and disingenuous that many reviews here all reflect one incident and are in response to a Facebook post. If you've never boarded your pet here, don't write as if you know something -- because you don't! Many of the posts have the same wording and are simply cut and paste reviews. And to the person whose dog was involved in the incident, spend your time in a more productive way and not by inciting family, friends and complete strangers to try to destroy the facility's reputation because you're feeling vindictive.

Pynthia Bartley

5 years ago

I had to comment on the care that they provide for my German Sheparde "Storm". My dog has been going there since he was a puppy and had nothing but excellent care. Storm loves the staff and looks forward to going there for boarding. My only complaint is Storm likes to play with other dogs and tries to get out the kennel when on lockdown. He's come home with scratches on his snoot from trying to get out of the metal Kennel where he's kept. I board my dog at least 5 times a year with this facility. I'm not sure why all the negative comments. I would be distraught if something happened to him while in the care of this facility and I'm sorry for the animal that was injured. We must keep in mind that animals are territorial. The facility from my understanding have staff out in the yard keeping an eye out on the animals while they play. I often hear about these types of accidents occurring at dog parks, which often the owner is present; it's sometimes the nature of the beast. I have not ever had a bad experience with boarding my animal and he's three years old. Reviews are great to have and I'm not a person who normally writes reviews unless my experience is not a happy one. I think we as people need to trust our instinct and make the right decision that's best for our pets. I have recommended this place to my friends who also boards their animals with this facility and have heard nothing but good things about them. I will be boarding my dog this week for two weeks. I trust them with the care of my animal. I hope this review helps with giving you comfort and confidence that your pet will be in good hands.

Jamie Fox

5 years ago

I've always had a great experience at this place. Use them at least 5 times for vacations they take good care and they love our dog.

Marwa Elseify

5 years ago

I've never been here but as someone who has worked with dogs her whole life I understand mistakes happen... especially with dogs who have a mindset of a child with their special terrible two perks. It's awful that you all attack this facility and destroy it over a mistake... no one "allowed" dogs to fight. Everyone should have a chance to make their own choice and judgment... no one knows what happened or those dogs. There are laws these businesses have to fallow as far as sharing other people's information goes and telling you witch dog did what. Everyone please be kind, patient, and good to one another and stop spamming business and having all your friends raw raw the score down.

Patricia Phaneuf

5 years ago

I've been bringing my dogs to this kennel for over 10 years 3 or 4 times a year. My dogs love it and they love the people here. I've never had a problem at all. They are super accomodating, always fit me in, always feed whatever diet I have my dogs on-even when it was raw food (which can be a PITA). I've come to know the people who watch over them and I know that my dogs are well cared for. When I come to pick them up they are happy to see me, but always stop to give the manager a goodbye kiss.

Scott Stewart

5 years ago

Always available to watch your dog, my dog always excited to go back to Kennel, All staff very freindly. Its no fancy dog camp but the fees are reasonable.

Jason White

6 years ago

before using this place, be sure to look at the pics of the dog with stitches all over it’s body and how no information would be shared with the owner as to what happened or when it happened

Adam Godwilling

6 years ago

Worst experience ever left my dog for the day. When I picked him up he was dehydrated and stressed. Never going back!!!

Adriana Veraja

6 years ago

This kennel tried to cover up a vicious attack and didn’t notify the owners until TWO DAYS AFTER it had happened. Do not board your dogs here. Very unprofessional and apalling.

Stephanie Britt

6 years ago

Everyone should really get a good look at the dog just left this kennel…

Staci Mercurio

6 years ago

I was forced to give a star, in spite of being unfit to care for or communicate with their customers. They are not responsible and you run a serious risk of having your dog mauled and you most likely will not be notified when it happens. From a friend who has experienced this, they have said they are still waiting for help or at least some answers to their calls. Their beloved pet has wounds, and is still uncertain if she can recover from them. They are severe! They refuse to be held accountable. Do you love your pet? Think twice before leaving your animal with this business.

Sarah Hruby (girlspook)

6 years ago

This place needs to be shut down. Avoid.

Sabrina Petronsky

6 years ago

in the last week Via FB: We picked up our poor dog today from NORTHGATE KENNELS in Walnut Creek where we left him over the weekend. He was attacked by another dog but they refuse to give information about the other dog or how it happened! The attack happened on Friday at noon but they did not notify us until Sunday! The vet did surgery to repair over 18 puncture wounds and his head was ripped open. The vet says he may have permanent damage. He keeps shaking from the trauma. The owner of the kennel still has not contacted us and only the employee was there and refused to give us any information or allow us to see the kennel!

Randall Wade

6 years ago

This place is a danger to all animals. Do not go here!!

Pooh bear Lofton

6 years ago

Stay far away from here, dogs are not safe.

Mike D

6 years ago

You allowed a terrible thing to happen to a dog that was trusted to be in your care

Michelle Schmidt

6 years ago

False advertising in terms of space for dogs. Horrible place!

Michelle Curry

6 years ago

What you have done & NOT done for Elizabeth’s dog is appalling!!! “When you can’t be there...” leave your fur baby with you so they can be attacked & permanently harmed!! Then you do NOTHING!! Karma will get you one day!! *** DO NOT LEAVE YOUR WORST ENEMY WITH THIS HORRIBLE BUSINESS & PEOPLE***

Melissa Hunter

6 years ago

They NEED TO BE SHUT DOWN After hearing and seeing what took place at there kennels from a couple leaving there dog with them for a few days to return back to there pet with extensive life alter health issues. Northgate did not notify the owners immediately when the attack of there animal took place highly unprofessional performed surgery which was highly needed but once again no point of contact was made at all until days later, nor are they willing to release any information of the attack. DO NOT LET YOUR animals stay here!! If I could give zero stars I wouldn’t because this place deserves like NEGATIVE 10 stars!!

Alicia Nielsen

6 years ago

So disgusting what you let happen to her dog and wouldn't provide any information and not to mention that you notified her late!! You should really look at your business practices.

Erika Choiniere

6 years ago

STAY AWAY!!! from this kennel if you love your fur babies and don’t want them to end up bloody and mangled!

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