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Ambra Tesori

2 years ago

Dr. Bath is the most compassionate veterinary I have had for my dogs. Kind and highly knowledgeable.

alan stanly

2 years ago

The Vet is amazing and super knowledgeable. Has saved the life of our pets several times, literally. She is also super nice! The staff is friendly and helpful. Can not recommend this place highly enough!

Kory Kaiser

2 years ago

Had an appointment here today. I was told that we couldn't go in for the exam even wearing a mask and then was told if I don't like it I can go somewhere else so I decided to go somewhere else good luck at this place they are very rude.

Marisa Gallegos

2 years ago

Please read: I live behind the animal hospital. There was an elderly woman checking her dog in with a woman in blue scrubs and dark wavy hair. The elderly woman’s dog got away. My boyfriend saw this from our window and we went running down the street. The elderly woman was in the middle of the street with cars everywhere, the dog frantically running through the street. I stopped traffic, called the dog, picked it up and handed it back to the woman. The issue: While this is happening the employee checking this elderly woman in stood on the side walk and made no effort whatsoever to stop traffic or keep this woman from running into the street, she just watched. Due to COVID all animals have been being checked in outside the building. Later I had asked her if she had seen what had happen she replied “I was inside”. She was not. I felt this was important for me to share because it was a red flag for me. This woman was blatantly dishonest with me to my face and did not have compassion for an elderly woman and her dog.

Gesine Michel

2 years ago

Everyone was very professional and helpful. I will definitely recommend the Veterinary Hospital to my friends.

Ashley Raines

2 years ago

My kitties first visit to the vet to get them vaccinated and treated to be indoor cats was such an efficient process here. I had been calling around looking for a vet to take a look at my new kitties without any luck until they called me back to offer me an available appointment on a Saturday! They really did squeeze me in between appointments and even having to do so were still gentle and thorough with my kittens. As a first time owner, I was really grateful that they were able to squeeze me in for an appointment, showed me how to apply the medications and was even able to sign up for a program to keep my kitties healthy as they grow! Thank you again to the vet team at vista vet hospital for helping me I definitely look forward for jade and maneki to getting familiar with you ????

Leslie Sanchez

3 years ago

I took my pup for this vaccines the week that I got him. I had mentioned to the doctor he had really bad diarrhea and she said it was fine. That was 100 dollars for that. The next following two days I had to go back because my pup had worse diarrhea because of the medication they gave him. Another 200 dollars down the drain for them to say that he was fine and it was normal. This place is the worst place you could take any of your animals. The doctor is rude and basically yelled at my face when i questioned her on why he wasn’t getting better. They even charged me extra in my face because one of the nurses at first gave me the wrong estimate and charged me 20 dollars more. I’ll never bring my puppy here again.

Melanie Bayless Veteto

3 years ago

Miscommunication between the front office staff and the veterinarian meant an extra unplanned visit on our part to the office. We hope the services rendered were what we actually paid for. Due to the early missteps on the part of the vet staff, I hate to admit that we lost some confidence in the clinic. On the bright side, they were quick in getting us in when we had to return.


3 years ago

I took my dog to the er due him sneezing constantly I was worried he had a fox tail in his nose. So they took him in and he waited there for almost 8 hrs for them to tell me there's nothing wrong with him . They never witnessed him sneeze so and ignored the rash on his face. So they took their two hundred and sent him home saying he was fine. But the second he came outside he started to sneeze. So I spent 200 for them to not doing anything. He hasn't stopped sneezing he's going to the vet again soon. But I feel like I got ripped off when they left him in the kennel for 8hrs and saw him for about maybe 20 mins. They need to hire more staff to handle the high volume of pts.

Karen Carrillo

3 years ago

They have different plans that work for you and your pet. Customers service was great. They answered all my questions being a new pet owner. My pet has all his needs met here. Would have given a 5 but they have been closed on random days with out any notice.

fernando gallegos

3 years ago

Great vet,honest and very professional

Tina N

4 years ago

Such a caring staff, price is reasonable !

Marina Sarte

4 years ago

Super friendly employees, Dr. Bath really cares about my pets!

Geri Sebastian

4 years ago

This is the worst clinic I have ever gone to. They charged us over $600 in services. Some of which they never provided! I had to go to another vet to get help for my dog. DO NOT USE THIS VET!!! The receptionist doesn't have a clue as to what is going on in that office. They don't care about the animals, all they care about is racking up unnecessary charges.

cory lents

4 years ago

This place killed my dog.i hope no one goes here...They gave my dog fluids before doing labs and my dog died 20 minutes after picking her up.they had her for 2 hours...i am currently seeking legal council

anthony fiduccia

4 years ago

$614 to tell me my dog was old and had arthritis.

Leslie Howell

5 years ago

This is the best Veterinary place in town. They give your pets great care when you go there.

An Jh

6 years ago

Everyone in the office was super polite and knowledge. They called me back when they said they were going to and they were super patient. Will definitely bring my other dogs here.

Keith Brushett

6 years ago

Great people. Very caring and capable vets.

Phil Richardson

6 years ago

$39 seemed like a good price for the doctor to look at my dog. It seemed reasonable considering other Veterinarians were charging $50 or more. I figured an analysis, maybe some medication and I would be out the door for under $100. Not the case as my final bill was closer to $180. Ouch! And this was a simple analysis! My biggest issue was that the doctor or faculty did not disclose how much the analysis, shots (not vaccines) or medication would cost. You don't go to a mechanic without an estimate first. If you go, then get an estimate first or find someone else!

Steve Labadie

6 years ago

The best, most caring and affordable care for the furry one you deeply love:)

John Merry

7 years ago

Great pricing! Informative and helpfull. The staff at the front desk is especially nice. Took care of my cat no problem. They also called a couple times just to check in with me about how my cat was doing after her shots. Very nice.

Grace Davidson

9 years ago

DO NOT GO HERE unless you don't care about your pet. SERIOUSLY! If I could give negative stars, I'd love to give this place negative millions!!! Our little dog was fairly hyper than general; (All the groomers even suggested us to go to the vet and get some help of the medicine.) Anyway, my boyfriend and I went to this place 'Vista Veterinary Hospital' to get some help from the professional on our dog, as we were planning to take our dog to the East Coast the following week. We didn't want her to suffer from stress as well as calm her down a little bit and distress her while she's flying with us. This place gave us a little medicine bottle with few pills - no instruction nor the dosage limit/ only saying, if the medicine seems like doesn't calm her down, give her more as needed. (Even on the bottle, it says ' as needed'). *of course, no description on how DANGEROUS this medicine was. I followed the words of Vet while we were flying for 8 hours. Gave the medicine to our dog as needed and she seemed very calm. However, as soon as we arrived to our family's house in East Coast - she couldn't stop barking. She was very hyper than how she was normally and suddenly she dropped down and had a seizure. She was perfectly healthy dog, no problems with her health - so I was freaking out. She couldn't stand up so I immediately knew I needed to take her to the Vet. But unfortunately, she died while we were heading to the Vet. We tried everything - including CPR. Nothing worked out for us. We told the VET in East Coast what happened and what we gave to her while we were flying. They were very surprised that this place (Vista Vet) even gave us that particular medicine to a healthy dog to just calm it down. They said, the VISTA VET HOSPITAL gave us was purely for the dogs which previously had seizures -and it is to prevent future seizures. Also, they mentioned, it is very surprising to see how they thought of using this medicine as a sedation purpose as they'd never ever give this medicine to a perfectly healthy dog. I was very furious. Called this place and told them what happened. This place, of course, denied their mistake of gave us the wrong kind of medicine. But on top of that, they said the kind of medicine they gave us is what they normally give out to the other pet owners and widely used sedation medicine. I researched for months. (Probably my whole family did.) What they told us wasn't true. The particular medicine they gave to us was mainly for SEIZURE and out of many (probably like 20) 'side-effects', one of them was 'sedation.' This place never said sorry to us, but basically saying the death of our dog was our fault. I am scared to death if this place is still giving out that seizure medicine as a sedation purpose and hurting the dog! I am currently filing complaint, as for me, it seems like they are violating the veterinary medicine law. *Also the other vet recommended to us to sue this place. My dog, she was my precious baby, friend and my everything. If you really care about your pet. Take your pet to the well-known place or at least research them a little more. I really hope this review helps someone..

Gina Lovin

11 years ago

The vet at the Vista Animal Hospital is a nice and caring man. He seems very experienced and treated my pets with dignity. He gave me options and accepted staying in my budget. No High pressure sales. I have always been able to get a quick appointment and the doctor always takes plenty of time with me. I've also gone back since it changed hands and I'm equally as pleased with the new Vet. She is so nice and helpful and caring of the animals. I never have to leave their sides.

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