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Myra Dosmuchos

2 years ago

I was recommended by brisa constine And I absolutely love doctor porter ! They are extremely adorable simple and basic

Edward Salenko

2 years ago

Outstanding vet. I've been coming here for more than 30 years. Excellent staff, really care about the patients.

Nathan Wilder

2 years ago

Have always taken great care of all my families dogs! Took mine in for his checkup, shots, etc, all good. They were great with him!

Pete Logee

2 years ago

Dr Porte has been the Best for my pets for 30 years!!

Roy Hensley

2 years ago

Always professional, kind and on time

Jennifer Spilman

2 years ago

Dr. Porte and staff are amazing. Dr. Porte is experienced, knowledgeable and takes all the time in the world to explain things in detail. He obviously adores his furry clients and enjoys his chosen profession. We couldn’t be happier. The staff is friendly, quick to respond to messages/questions/concerns. Highly recommend!!

Jose Perez Jimenez

2 years ago

Very clean and quite very easy access to the building entrance

Janey Anderson

2 years ago

I work here, so it's hardly fair for me to rate it, but Google keeps harassing me to write a review. So.... Personally, I think this place is great. The front office staff (where I work) are especially friendly and knowledgeable. Dr. Porte is an exceptional veterinarian and an okay boss. The techncians are equally knowledgeable and make your pet's experience as pleasant as possible. Many patients are excited to visit and rate us 2 paws up.???? The humans love us too and often bring us treats (no food is refused). This is a great veterinary hospital and one of the few privately owned practices left in this era of corporate veterinary medicine. Call ahead for an appointment. Now is an extremely busy time for veterinary care and I've heard they're often booking out a couple of weeks. If your pet has an urgent need, call to see if they can fit you in sooner. Live people answer the phone, so please be patient if you're put on hold. Don't hang up & call back, as calls are answered in the order they're received. ???????????????? ????Masks are required at all times inside the clinic.????

madonna soriano

2 years ago

Best Vets I have ever had! Caring and friendly with our fur babies.

Beer League America

2 years ago

Even though we had to put our dog down, the people of Tri City Vet were phenomenal.

David Foley

2 years ago

Excellent care. Nice to see a veterinarian hospital treat your pets like it's their own

Franklin Quiros

2 years ago

I have been going to Tri city vet for almost ten years now. Never had a problem just few minor mishaps. Ever since the pandemic the quality of their service has declined. Just recently I was 6 minutes late. I tried to call and the line was busy. I made it though and they told me they would be right out. They made me wait for 26 minutes before they chose to come out. By that time I had already left. They said since I was late they gave my spot to someone else. I feel they should’ve notified me that they had bumped my appointment. So the lady lectures me on being on time and pretty me I told me this was all my fault and charged me for the deposit. It is safe to say I’ll never go their again. She told me I was lucky they tried to fit me in anyways so paying the deposit is justified. They could’ve told me my appointment had been changed. The manager was condescending and very judgmental. I don’t recommend for anyone to get involved with them. This isn’t the first time I’ve had to accept their treatment. They have always treated me differently I am just used to it . This time I was just over it.

Aimee Lopez

2 years ago

Very kind staff. Just moved to area and was looking to move my doggies service locally. They reviewed her medical records and updated with latest visit.

Debbie Piper

3 years ago

We have been using them for the many dogs we have had over the last 30 years????

C. Partida

3 years ago

Most AMAZING and caring Staff!!

Britani Alatorre

3 years ago

Their prices are fair and their only focus is the safety and health of your animal. They even will reccomend products they don't sell themselves if they think it will work better for your pet.

Barbara S

3 years ago

Great caring staff that take the time to listen to your concerns. They explain all problems, procedures and options for your pet. They love animals!

Debra Lovell

3 years ago

Dr. Porte is the best. We had to put our dog down 2 years ago. It was so tragic that we changed vets just to avoid the memory. After a year of using surfside for our new dog, I realized how much better Tricity veterinarian treated us and our baby. They are not the cheapest but you get what you pay for.

Dileen Lindsey

3 years ago

I took my German Shepherd to Tri-City Veterinary Clinic with very bad skin disorder and the veterinarian was wonderful he treated my dog and we have a follow-up in 2 weeks as of the day after he saw my dog my dog is not scratching his self to death anymore also the clinic is practicing very safe regulations to protect you from covid-19

Edward Deane

3 years ago

Friendly professional staff. They have always treated my dog wonderfully.

Emily B

3 years ago

I have been taking my dog here her whole life. The staff is always friendly, efficient, and they care about your furbaby.

Jessica Anderson

3 years ago

Everyone here is so great with my senior pup! They've really helped me understand the aging process and have been so patient and wonderful in making sure my dog gets the care she needs. Wish I had found this place years ago!

LP Mark

3 years ago

My dog requires prescription dog food and I was new to the area. No other Vet hospital would even talk to me they all wanted to charge me to examine my dog first. Tri-City went out of their way and contacted my Vet in Orange County and got the prescription information and sold me the food my dog was prescribed by my vet. I just went back for another bag recently and they treated me like they knew me and that says a lot in this crazy world and these crazy times. If your pet needs care I highly recommend if you're in Oceanside, Carlsbad or Encinitas and you need pet care that you bring your pet here.

Patricia Garcia

3 years ago

Love this place treat my dogs and myself like royalty ????


3 years ago

They have a ❤️for the pets and it shows

Susan Tuner

3 years ago

We've spent 25 years with Dr. Porte and their amazing staff! We love them ànd we appreciate the care they have given us with our 5 furbabies.

Cassandra Trester

4 years ago

This down to earth loving people and doctors are the best! I highly recommend.

Daina Steeples

4 years ago

Great Drs, awesome and helpful vet tex and staff

Devin Smith

4 years ago

Very personable. Still kinda expensive.


4 years ago

I enjoyed 4-5 years of great animal care from the staff at this clinic. It has been my first choice. Until yesterday. Having had to make the unhappy choice of having to put down a dear dog due to heart issues, I had called ahead and specifically asked for an appointment to quickly put our small pet out of its suffering. The dog was a 15 lb chihuahua mix. I directly expressed my request for a quick procedure following our arrival several times telling them that we would have spent enough personal time with our pet privately before we arrived. I was given a late appointment so that there wouldn't be any scheduling delays, (I was told), and told that everything would be ready when we arrived. I've had to put down a number of dear pets down before and it's no fun for anyone involved. But I know about how things should go. The expectation is for a peaceful and uneventful passing. Usually the vet administers a preliminary injection of tranquilizer to relax the animal, then a short time afterward an overdose of a powerful anesthesia that allows the tranquil animal to drift quietly off to a sleep from which they never awake. In this case, we arrived and were shown into a private room that had been prepared appropriately. But that was where things started to go wrong. Dr Pandi was on duty, and came in with the anesthetic hypodermic in hand after a short wait. I had to ask for the preliminary injection; which was provided after several excuses and an additional delay. The tranquilizer injection was given and we were told that the Dr would be waiting just outside the door for us. After about 4 minutes the dog relaxed, but my wife had to chase down the Dr who was nowhere in sight. She finally came in and shaved a back leg to expose a vein into which she would insert the butterfly needle through which she was to inject the anesthesia. Apparently she missed the vein causing the dog to yip and jerk which pulled out the needle and pulled off the tube from the hypodermic. Then she shaved a front leg, successfully inserted the needle, and while the attendant fought to keep the tube attached administered what she said was enough anesthesia for a 40 lb dog. I expected the dog to drift off, but it kept struggling for breath. after several minutes it even struggled and whimpered. I said, "OH COME ON?! REALLY" The Dr gave some excuses about dogs with heart issues behaving differently. Our dog continued to struggle for breath. Finally she offered to give a third injection, and I answered, "PLEASE DO!" So she left again, and finally returned with a third hypodermic. Then shaved a third leg and made the final injection, which worked after several minutes. It would be a tragic mistake to redirect the grief of my loss into anger at the vet who facilitated it. I don't believe I am doing that here. My only reason for making this review is to alert others so that they will not have to go through the additional trauma we did in an already stressful and sad situation.

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