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Yerken Tenizbayev

2 years ago

I'll keep it short. Very professional, friendly, helpful staff. Exceptional service. Results on training my German Shepherd exceeded all the expectations. Will continue training with them and they are the only place I will be going to from now on. Tried different trainers all over San Diego, none of them did even close to these folks.

Sally Lopez

2 years ago

Where do I start.. they took my shy,scared,barking dog and turned her into a confident obedient well-mannered dog. They walk you through every step, you train with your dog once a week so you're not just leaving your dog to feel abandoned for weeks at a time. There's so many good things to say about this place. Let me just say this I would recommend it to anyone with dogs at any level of obedience. It's more than a five star training facility. Thank you protein you've changed my life and my pups! Sally ❤️

Bradley M

2 years ago

A little bit pricey but you definitely get what you paid for. Mike and team are fantastic at what they do. I'm a happy customer and I will be back.

Brian Gregory

2 years ago

Richelle Kaminski is a enthusiastic, responsible and very professional trainer. We hired Pro-train to help us with our new yellow lab puppy Ruby. She did a fantastic job with Ruby and training us as well. Thank you, Richelle

D Gregory

2 years ago

Richelle Kaminski was an amazing trainer for our yellow lab pup! At completion of five 1 hour sessions at our home, our typically hyper 8 month lab puppy was calm, attentive and responsive to a full set of commands. This was money and time well spent and I am very grateful for Richelle for helping me understand and utilize the training tools neccessary for a long and satisfying pet experience. I highly recommend Richelle and Pro Train!

Elise Smith

2 years ago

We are extremely happy with the board and train program that our English bulldog received. The staff is very professional and knowledgeable. The board and train program that we selected was three weeks long. At the end of each week, we would go in for a short demonstration of how he was being handled and got to see his improvement. At the end of the three weeks, it was a complete 180…we had an obedient dog who was just as loving as ever. I would definitely recommend this location to anyone who is looking for a training program for their pet.

Kimberly Villalobos

2 years ago

Zen (our pet) was new and improved after training. Staff goes the extra mile teaching not only for the pet but for the owner also. My relationship with Zen is much improved

MMA Academy

2 years ago

Our young German Shepard "Bear" was trained at Pro-Train. The professionalism of the staff and owner Mike is second to none! I chose them because I had my last GSD was also trained by Pro-Train some twenty years ago. I was hoping for the same results as last time, and I can honestly say that they surpassed my expectations. I am a defensive tactics instructor and I need my four-legged best friend to be responsive to my needs and THEY DELIVERED! The difference from last time is that I was able to go up and work with him while he was away which made our separation anxiety bearable (No pun intended). Bear came back with the same goof-ball personality as before but now well-behaved.

Milton Hernandez

2 years ago

Very great people. They know what they're doing, highly recommend. Our K9 family member was a little trouble maker and came out nicely obedient

Kelly Brennan

2 years ago

Pro-Train worked with my newly adopted 8 yr old doberman and taught this old boy how to behave! Pro-train are professionals, resolute to providing the best training for both dog and owner. Highly investment worthy.

Maeve The Great

3 years ago

I thought my pup was a lost cause, I love my German Shepherd but we kept getting complaints from our neighbors about her constant barking, the incident that really pushed us to try protrain was when she became really aggressive over her bone and she ended up attacking our teacup pomeranian. During my consultation, Mike explained that she was resource guarding and they would be able to address the issue. During my 2nd visit, they recommended bringing my pomeranian so we could be in a controlled environment where we could work on her resource guarding. It worked wonders! The pomeranian was eating some bones and treats while my German Shepherd walked past without acknowledging the treats, she also sat and waited patiently till she got a treat. Another issue addressed during my consultation was the fact she jumped on everyone to greet them, by the end of the 3 week training period, she didn't jump on me. I took her home and when she saw other family members, she didn't jump on them. She patiently waited until they came to her. There are so many corrections and commands that she learned. Words can't even begin to describe how thankful I am to Mike, Shelly and the other trainers.

Maria Serhan

3 years ago

Mike and Shell are amazing. Thank you so much for helping turn our rambunctious lab into a polite big boy. All while taking such good care of him while we were nervous at home. Thank you again!

killswitch kustoms

3 years ago

Mike and his team are awesome!!!

Jesse Gonzales

3 years ago

Extremely professional staff. So impressed with the results. Having a Pro-Train dog feels like confidence in what to expect in any situation my dog will be in. Well worth the investment to have the dream dog for our family now. Will have all dogs receive the same training in the future.

Jeanne Brewer

3 years ago

Great team of trainers and wonderful human beings. All have superb knowledge and patience and obviously a love of their job and dogs! Communication, consistency and structure are apex at Pro-Train. Mike has a sensible and pleasant style of guidance, advice and knowledge which will be taken to heart by all of us. He clarified and always answered all of our questions, and also presented meaningful analogies. What more could anyone ask for in an owner, leader and trainer ?! Shell has an awesome demeanor for instructing and training. She is talented, insightful, kind, considerate and firm. She has instilled in my "Boot Camp Recruits" a firm basis for structure that we will aspire to build upon. Josh and Rhett are valuable additions to the strong team. Thank You for all your hard work! Jeanne Brewer.....Boomer, Nikki and Aspen Brewer too!!!

Elizabeth Vanderbilt

3 years ago

We were referred to protrain from a friend and they didn’t disappoint! We brought our mastiff/ mix puppy in, and 3 weeks later, picked up a well behaved puppy that actually obeys my commands, doesn’t jump anymore and is great around the kids in our family. I highly recommend them !

Melissa Koba

4 years ago

I have been working at Pro-Train Innovative Dog Training for a couple months now. I am training to be a dog trainer in various arenas such as basic and advanced obedience, service dogs, and police/protection dogs. I am happy to report that after various career avenues I have finally found my calling. We have a great team here that shares my passion for training dogs which is obvious in the time and effort we put forth in training woman's and man's best friends!!!

Marie Schafle

4 years ago

Mark Castillero has trained my dogs for the last 30 years. I now drive down to Vista from Northern California to have them trained because I have never found anyone who can train dogs like he does. After three weeks you won’t believe your eyes. Is that my dog? Lying there next to the outdoor cafe table and being quiet and obedient? Wow!!!

Ken Delozier

4 years ago

The folks here are extremely focused on the animal as well as the owner. You are given all the tools you need to be successful but it is up to you to maintain the discipline and consistency. You will be well armed to have an extremely well trained pup. Ours went from terrorist to model citizen after three weeks. After 4 visits over 3 months, she is on her way to being a fully qualified service animal with the greatest behavior.

izzy montano

4 years ago

Amazing trainers and great fast pace environment that will keep a new beginner on their toes. Like me, I wasn't a dog person till I went through some of the dog training with my dog. Now I'm a dog person thanks to Pro-train.

Christina DeLozier

4 years ago

They're passionate, experienced, educated and dedicated to both the trainee and their owners. Love the team and love their system. Highly recommend!!

michael luevano

5 years ago

We bought our dog from Protrain. He was masterfully trained and most importantly a wonderful addition to our family. He contiunes to receive dog training every time we board him at Protrain's kennel service. We constantly get compliments on how well behaved he is. Mark is extremely knowledgeable about dog training whether u just need a well trained dog or have special needs like a sevice dog or protection dog training. Thanks Mark!

john colageo

5 years ago

If you have a passion for dogs and a love for them and understanding of them Pro train would be a great career choice.Pro train in San Diego teaches you how to read a dog, leash control, e collars, service dog training ,protection training ,dog behavior .you learn how to teach dogs with major behavior issues to overcome them, and their owners to become better companions for the rest of their lives. I can't say enough about the great knowledge that Mark Castillero and Lee bestowed upon me. John Colageo

john akin

5 years ago

My wife and I brought in our English Springer Spaniel puppy for basic obedience training. She was also extremely anxious around other dogs. After a few sessions with Pro-Train, our Lily Rose was a completely different dog. We highly recommend the trainers at Pro-Train. Each one is very knowledgeable about canine behavior and human interaction with their canines. Plus, we love that the training is guaranteed for the lifetime of the dog. So when Lily needs a refresher, we simply give them a call and get her scheduled in! Thanks, Pro-Train!

Frances Vila

5 years ago

Best training available. It's. Not cheap. I've tried at least 15 trainer'for 4 German Shepherd dogs I've had. The is the out there.

Ashley Bedard

5 years ago

I have known Mark at Pro-Train for a number of years. Prior to needing his services, I had witnessed a number of my acquaintances' pets improving in their behavioral patterns and obedience. About a year ago, the opportunity presented itself for one of my dogs to go through Mark's training program. I found our dog on the side of the road abandoned and mistreated. He was great with people, but reacted incredibly aggressive toward other dogs. After training with Mark, we are now able to take him to dog parks without any issues.

Alix Smith

5 years ago

I have owned dogs all of my life and have never felt so connected to our most recent dog, April. We got her as a foster and when she and my daughter bonded, we adopted her. I decided to have her trained by Mark and his staff to be my daughter's service dog. I had to leave April for five weeks and I was soooo worried about her. I hated leaving her so much but I have to say, all of that worry was for nothing. Saheed worked day in and day out with April. She was treated like a queen but she was also trained so well. Saheed is the ultimate dog whisperer and Mike and Lee are amazing. I trust them implicitly with my daughter's dog. She was hard headed and stubborn before her stay with Pro-train and now she is obedient and amazing. She is so well behaved, we take her everywhere. My daughter will even be able to take her to school with her! Mark and his team are spectacular to work with and they really do know their dogs! Will have them come to my house for sessions with my other dogs too!

Paul Kovatch, MBA

6 years ago

Excellent training but very expensive

Damajah Heinemann

7 years ago

I became a student at Pro Train a couple years ago and it was one of the best decisions I made. I learned everything I know currently about dog training from here as well as a lot of the business side of things. I got exposed to a lot of different aspects and varieties of training which has really made me stand out and prepared in the job market. You don't just learn the basics here. You learn exactly what you need to learn to be the successful dog trainer you always wanted to be.

M H Thompson

7 years ago

I previously posted a positive review of Mark Castillero & Pro-Train after having had him train my wonderful & sweet service GSD female Brikka. I lost my girl in December and, to the day she died, I still got compliments wherever the two of us went. I'm happy to post a NEW positive review after having Mark & his crew train my also wonderful & sweet service ACD female Tildy. Although ACDs tend toward aggressiveness, Tildy is friendly to all -- dogs & people alike. I get compliments when my new girlie & I are out, and all people we come in contact with are astounded at how very well behaved Tildy is, especially since she's still a puppy. Thanks, Mark, for another great job training a service dog for me. I so appreciate all that you've done for me.

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