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Leah Hoffman

2 years ago

The staff from the techs to the vets are kind and know.

Harry Young

2 years ago

Very good veterinary practice !

Michelle Burleson

2 years ago

Very friendly, cost effective and truly care about your pet.

Sun Flower

2 years ago

My pet was killed by Melrose Veterinary Hospital. You can not see the nasty real color of veterinarians there until your pets are in critical physical condition that could live or die depends on how the Melrose Animal Hospiral heartless veterinarians do. They're very good at acting and hiding their nasty dark side from us behind their fake smiles and hypocritical kindess .NEVER take your furry babies there! They're heartless wolves in a sheep's clothing.Veterinarians of integrity do not work for this heartless, infamous veterinary that mistreat our furry babies and even kill them in secret.

jessica cenkner

2 years ago

What a warm and professional environment. The staff is very organized and very sweet. All the information I received was straightforward and manageable. I am looking forward to continued care in this office!

m y

2 years ago

I know of two friends who’s pets died in his care! Look up his name! You will see it all. Go on Instagram, he had to remove all social media. Save your pets! Don’t go here

Random Guy

2 years ago

As I was walking in, without a hello or any acknowledgement, I was told to put a mask on. Weren't even trying to be polite about it. This isn't Afghanistan, I don't have to cover my face before I enter a place of business. Please don't support this business.

Shia Komatsu

2 years ago

Apparently the doctor is too ashamed to not just resign. He’s removing reviews and paying for more positive reviews. Do NOT come here. They are a horrible vet. Given a 5 star to see if it’s just a system to scan below 5 and remove. Whatever happened to honesty Yelp?

Teresa Dailey

2 years ago

Very efficient, thorough, competent, professional, and personable doctors and staff.

Terrell Blender

2 years ago

Have to have someone take a look at your special friend.. definitely was busy..

Max Rusty

2 years ago

Horriable experience. Terrible service. Don’t recommend it to anyone. Yes I was 12 min late for a first time visit with my 5 month old puppy.... They asked us to wait outside since I was 12 min late and they would fit us in. I wanted about 30 min in the car for them to come out and tell me they wanted to take my dog into see the vet but I wasn’t allowed to enter. This was our first visit and I’ve never met anyone there and I didn’t feel comfortable with that abd I wanted to meet the vet in person to make a connection. They made me wait another 15 min to come out and make some excuse that they didn’t have a exam room available and basically refused to see us. Ridiculous and terrible business Never go here

Joyce Motts

2 years ago

Dr. R has been great, performing surgery and aftercare for our giant dog. As well as prompt diagnosis and treatment of our new kitten, staying after closing for us.

Debbie Parker

2 years ago

I have been taking my animals to this vet for years. The staff are awesome and doctors are wonderful.

Daniel Densel

2 years ago

The team here has always been super kind to my puppy and cared for her well. I'd trust them with any of my animals, and would recommend them to anyone!

Anna Kataoka

2 years ago

Melrose Veterinary is an awesome pet clinic in Vista, CA. At this place, my 3 cats have been well taken care of from their adulthood to their senior years. My pets' favorite doctors are Dr. Puja Bunch and Dr. Kristie Watanabe. Both ladies are amazing, deeply care about their furry caretakers, and offer treatments to make their patients feel better. I highly recommend this vet practice.

Alexander Sanchez

2 years ago

Great service and nice staff here. They are our regular vet and we have been happy with the care they provide for our pets. They also have better rates/pricing then many of the other places we have been.

Giovannella de León

2 years ago

I got a purebred puppy and the breeder gave us a 3 day window for a health guarantee. I have brought my cats and dogs here before and never have received such UNPROFESSIONAL quality of customer service and patient care. When we made the appointment we said we’d like their puppy package, which comes with their basic shots, deworming, etc. First a male associate came outside and told us it is their recommendation to a parvo test. We declined. The doctor told us our puppy had a medical defect. We told the doctor we interested in their puppy package, but after hearing he wouldn’t be able to receive any of those vaccines for week and he was defected we suggested just opting for the medical exam only. The doctor informed us that she recommends a parvo and giardia fecal test. Since we weren’t sure about keeping the puppy because of this we again said we’d just do the medical exam today. A while later the same male associate came out with our puppy and said it’ll be a few moments for the results. We were confused. A female associate called us and told us they preformed BOTH tests that we clearly denied. She proceeded to say that we did in fact agree to these tests. These conversations were on speaker so my boyfriend and I could hear what the recommendations were and we collectively declined both tests. Robin, the assistant manager, then became confrontational and tried to tell me that we agreed to theses tests. I told her that we NEVER agreed and I am more concerned on their staff preforming procedures without consent! As a “manager” I would expect an apology. Instead I have her trying to convince me I agreed to testing. When she asked her staff the male associate confirmed that we DID NOT want the puppy to be tested. The worst experience from an error on their behalf with no accountability for their negligence.

Susan Grimshaw

2 years ago

Great pet clinic. I've been going to Dr. Richieri since 1991.

Chris El

2 years ago

Always great service. The staff is friendly and helpful. The waiting room is small so if you have a crazy dog you may have issues with the other pets. I'm on my second dog as a patient and will continue to come here. Thank you guys for your compassion!

Eva LaMar

2 years ago

I have been taking my dogs here for 5 years since we moved to Vista. They show great care no matter how big or small the issue of the day is.

Robert Bray

2 years ago

Our family have been clients at Melrose since it opened many years ago. Over the past few years we have noticed a lot of turn over in Vets so that many times we did not see the same Vet each time. The last issue we had was our cat of 17 years had stopped eating. I called on Thursday morning at 10:00 am and was told there are no appointments open for Friday or Saturday. We were not able to get him in for exam until the following week. When we did get in the Vet I saw I had not seen before. She did a quick initial exam and suggested blood work. The blood work came back negative so she suggested an oral exam or an image of the internal organs. I opted for the image. We were told to bring the cat in and drop him off at around noon. We didn't hear anything so we called and were told the Vet needed to talk to us. We got a call and it wasn't good news. Issues with the pancreas. We were told to come pick him up at 5:45 and they closed at 6:00. We waited 45 minutes for them to return our cat and pay the bill. We did receive a call on Monday to check on our cat and when told he had not improved with the meds given they suggested we bring hm back in for further treatment. By that time we made the decision to not make him suffer further and had an independent Vet come to the house and put him to sleep. It has become clear to us that Melrose is now at the point of not being able to provide the services or care we had come to expect. So we're now looking for a new Vet for our animals.

Lynne Morris

2 years ago

I have had many pets visit this office over the last 6 years (4 cats and 2 dogs). I LOVE this Veterinary Hospital. All the doctors are very gentle with my cats and with my 110 pound wolf hybrid (who totally loves Dr. Richieri). They are thorough in their exams, and always tell you the cost of the tests before they do them plus they don't make you feel bad if you don't think a test is worth doing. (I'm a critical care nurse and sometimes I have my own opinion) Unfortunately, I have had to put down two of my cats (both were over 18 years old and in kidney failure). I felt that the cats and our family were treated with respect during the process. I would highly recommend them to anyone who loves their pet. Addendum (4 years later): I have now been with Melrose Veterinary Hospital for 10 years (I now have 2 dogs and 2 new cats). Recently my wolf hybrid was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. Melrose referred me to a wonderful veterinary oncologist (California Vet Specialists, Carlsbad) so that I knew all the options available for my bfff (best furry friend forever). Because of her advanced age, I chose a palliative course. Making sure my dog is comfortable and can enjoy her last days is as important to them as it is to me.

Anthony Gregory

2 years ago

We bought a great friends companion of 15 years to the Melrose Veterinary Hospital they took care of us they took care of her thanks for all your help these people are not only wonderful but definitely God gifted

Kim Evans

2 years ago

Finding a new Veterinarian, in a new city, can be a stressful experience (because we want the best for our furry kids). Thankfully I received two recommendations & they were both for Melrose Veterinary Hospital. I highly recommend them & especially Dr Watanabe. Many thanks to their whole team!

Meghan Dooley

2 years ago

I've never had a negative experience here, whether it be the services or the professional and caring staff. The vets and techs are awesome!

Clare Henry

2 years ago

Always fairly priced. And their staff are all amazing.

Donovan Brown

2 years ago

The best place we have found. Super loving staff and doctors. Thank you for being here for us.

Marette d

2 years ago

Compassionate and astute partner in managing the health of your loved ones.

Salma Khreim

2 years ago

The staff at Melrose are amazing. My dog was neutered today. He also had an umbilical hernia repair. Very professional and caring of our pup. He came home with medications, a cone and special care instructions. We even got a discounted price! :)

Stephanie Talamantes

2 years ago

This place is amazing. One of my dogs is very anxious and they always make him feel comfortable. Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable.

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