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Aleks Martinez

2 years ago

All bad experience had to call when I arrived and was asked to explain what was wrong with my dog to only be told “well we are a full capacity so if you want go to Fresno” like why even answer and ask if you ain’t going to do nothing about it. SMH

Tifferz Jean

2 years ago

Dr Kristy Peterson helped our 4 year old German shepherd (Sarge) with a gunshot wound, she was very caring and professional. She gave us a heads up on what to expect and let us know when she was available so we didn’t have to pay another exam fee with a different doctor. Thank you so much!

Eric James

2 years ago

Had an emergency euthanasia for a poor dog who was suffering and crying that couldn't stand up and unfortunately needed to be put to sleep and this place was unsympathetic to this poor dog's needs. I had the money and just needed help but again, NO! Stay away from this place.

Ben Jones

2 years ago

They were very understanding of what happened to our pet Smokey. I really appreciate them being there. Thank you!

BigChieffa Tv

2 years ago

Very disappointed in the service I received

Les Wilson

2 years ago

Great staff has helped me get thru some difficult times with kindness, empathy and respect.

She Chibi

2 years ago

I took my dog in today into the emergency room to get over all check due to my senior dogs health slowly declining, showing signs of partial seizures. "she has other medical issues and we went in depth about everything from when she was three months old up until now standing at 9 years. " I gave them the opportunity to go over different options for treatments alternatively to euthanize and we realize that the treatment was far out of our hands and due not qualify for care credit. They did decline our request to euthanize her, so we took her own and we're treating her with CBD Oil to help subside the side affects she is currently having but doesn't fully stop everything. But she seems to be in less pain and episodes do happen. They also did not tell me anything about her current panel from her basic exam and check I had to call back and argue with whoever I spoke too because they lady kept saying they couldn't do anything without more labs "which I understand and never once asked or questioned that" I had to get loud with her and say" Her basic exam and check that comes with the fee that I paid for I never got" They never went over it with me during the visit so I was confused and curious, she finally told me and that was it. I could also hear her screaming from the backroom and they told me because she was placed in a kennel and didn't like it and was jumping around like crazy even though she was not mobile she wasn't able to walk let alone hold her balance, so I believe that's a lie and I'm confused on why she was in a kennel when she was suppose to be getting looked at as we waited for her in a room. This whole experience was very weird, and unprofessional. I highly recommend driving the extra mile and going to Fresno. We will wait out another day and hope she gets better with her oils and come out of these episodes. But I hope these people don't cause more pets to go through unneeded pain if it's best to "let go" especially for poor senior pets.

Wendy Sanchez

2 years ago

Staff is amazing, very kind. Explained everything they were doing for my dog and kept me updated.

Rob Rivas

2 years ago

The staff was very knowledgeable and diagnosed and treated my pet well.

Kevin Franks

2 years ago

I rushed my sweet Charlie to them after a sleepless night of labored breathing and regurgitating. While his health, sadly, spiraled out of control too quickly, the technician I worked with was wonderfully sympathetic and spelled out Charlie's options. My experience with this pet hospital was so great even though Charlie had to be euthanized to end his pain and suffering. The professionalism was top notch. Everyone I spoke too understood the pain in my heart as I called for updates and asked questions. I highly recommend this for any pet parent seeking immediate care. Yes, there will be a big bill when you admit your pet but that's very standard business procedure for an emergency hospital. When my wife and I went in to sad goodbye to Charlie, the hospital staff were very accommodating. Because they were small dogs, we were allowed to bring in Charlie's brother and sister so they could say goodbye as well. Thank you for the excellent service and doing everything you could for my pup, Tulare-Kings Vet Hospital. ????

Jennifer Bryan

2 years ago

Staff was friendly and quick to take action for our pet who was bleeding. Loved the place, the staff and the service. Thank you so much.

jason ericksen

2 years ago

Saved my dog with an emergency surgery. My family is forever greatful.

Elizabeth Noel

2 years ago

Belinda needs to be fired. She is the poorest excuse for a “manager” ever. Rude, raised voice, condescending, you name it. She is a in general a bad person and has no business being in the veterinary business, let alone the emergency veterinary business. Do better.

Anthony Siegel

2 years ago

Not happy with them leave it at that

Alex Castaneda

2 years ago

They literally would not even look at my dog until I gave then $200 just to look at him to see if he was either poisoned or if it was parvo!!! They are inconsiderate, heartless and money hungry!!! Don't take your dog there unless you have at least $200 and that's not counting any type of meds or anything else your animal might NEED!! Real talk!!

Angie Diaz

2 years ago

I have been there 2 times. Both times they were very kind understanding and loving I had to put down my baby kitten and the were honest about what to do I'm very grateful I took her there. Staff and vet where amazing.

Crystal Paz

2 years ago

Took my cat in the middle of the night after she accidentally ingested a pain killer. The staff was very friendly and answered any questions we had; the vet made sure we understood everything that was going on and made sure to keep us informed as throughout the weekend, as my kitty had the stay for a few days, and genuinely seemed to care about her well-being. A fair warning, it is very expensive, but I do recommend if you need emergency services, keep up the good work!

Janna Hall

2 years ago

This place is a joke. Don't even bother going there. I tried to take my cat in today and they had a sign on the door to call first. I called from the parking lot and Shauna (the receptionist) said they were not taking New patients. This is supposed to be an Emergency Vet!!! Unbelievable! I had taken a kitten there a few years ago and they wanted to euthanize him. I guess it would have been too much work for them. The next day, I took him to my regular vet and I still have him...he's a love bug. A sweet cat I wouldn't have today if I had let these sorry excuses for vets have their way. I just thought I'd give them one more chance today even though I knew better and this just confirms it. I will NEVER go there again. They are a disgrace to the veterinary profession. They lie through their teeth and should be put out of business so Tulare can get a REAL Emergency Vet hospital.


2 years ago

They take you over the coals.

Martin King

2 years ago

Took my ill 10 year old cat in and after about an hour, with several consultations, a treatment plan was developed with Dr Peterson and implemented plan. The treatment was great. My cat spent 24 hrs at the facility and came home feeling better, not cured. Further follow up with our regular vet is continuing treatment. Veterinarian emergency treatment is pricey do yourself a favor and establish a CARE credit account. Overall very satisfied with the treatment here.

Aj Mueller

2 years ago

This place is great I would bring my pups back in a heart beat

Bree Bree

2 years ago

I've brought my dog here on an emergency and they were amazing. I like the staff and the vet seems to really care about the animals that come into office. I can't say anything bad about this place.

Alex Figueroa

2 years ago

Great and efficient service !!! When we called to check for an appointment or availability, the vet was in surgery and they said it would take a while for us to get seen but we got seen faster than we thought. All of the staff was friendly and they were very helpful. It was a great visit!

Ceda W.

2 years ago

We took my little lady there to be euthanized and they made it a quick process. I knew what was going to happen and understand that they couldn't let us stay there for hours since there were others who needed the room but I was wish we had a little more time to hang out with my baby after she was injected. I feel like that was more us wanting to hold her more though. Anyways, it was quick and painless like they said it would be and the lady who did it, warned us of possible effects that could happen. She gave us our time and space without making us feel like she was shoo-ing us out when it was time to leave. If you guys read this, thank you for making a difficult moment just a little bit easier for my brother and I.

Patty Villalobos

2 years ago

Took us in same day. Quick professional and friendly.

Valerie Avina

2 years ago

My husband took our dog there and they said it was his back he but we insisted it was his tail due to there being visible cuts cause he went to the groomer my dog was not waiting to walk far without biting his tail we paid for more pain meds cause we had took him to a different vet first and they said his back as well which both vets were wrong cause his back is not hurt it was his tail the whole time and they would not listen to us!

Jayke sonos

2 years ago

Friendly staff and very caring of your situation.

Myrna Hernandez

2 years ago

Although our visit was super expensive, I must say they were great with my baby. He was running a slight fever and was having stomach issues. They attened to him quickly and very soon we were on our way home with medication to give him!. God willing he will get well soon and back to eating normally. Thank you vet team!!

Cyntia Macias

2 years ago

Horrible place. Manager Belinda is a abusive and yells at customers. My sister was upset and crying about her dog and Belinda yelled and Belittled her. You expect that when you are worried about your pet you will be comforted by your vet. Instead, Belinda asked my sister to leave and refused to allow her to take her dog. She threatened saying it was against the law and she had to leave her dog. My sister repeatedly said it was a black widow bite and they continued to run pointless test that came back negative. They did everything but test for black widow bites. Make the drive to Fresno or anywhere else and save some money and your pets life. As a pet owner you should be taken serious.

Britney Astorga

2 years ago

Unfortunately my boyfriend and I had to make the decision to put down our cat. We signed papers and were NOT asked if we wanted to be there with our fur baby for his last few breaths or even to comfort him. By the time I asked if we could be there with him it was TOO LATE!. Our baby was gone and we didn’t get to say our last goodbyes to him. It was VERY UNPROFESSIONAL of the doctor and staff to not ask us to be there with him!!! R.I.P. Oreo

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