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Mike Ryan

2 years ago

Look, anyone who lives in the highway desert knows we are medically challenged in pretty much everything, and before today I would rate them a 4-.... However, recently [the lasts few months] they have lost their way. Disorganized and not helpful up front, putting products in my order/purchases I told them I already had, actually forgetting I was waiting for my appointment - forgetting I was there... Previous appointments for my four dogs had mixed issues the most recent was the failure to check me out for over 40 minutes after my dog's appointment was completed, and it was just vaccinations. Today I had an appointment, but no one ever told me about paperwork they needed from his emergency procedures and follow ups, so they could not/ would not take his stitches or staples out, would only do the exam and not the urinalysis and blood work. Ridiculous! Just say what you need when I make the appointment, and I will take care of it - no brainer. Just be up front and on top of your game, and it's not like I've said no to anything for my dogs. This is your third major strike... I'm tired of the continued apologies and inconsistency, the failure to communicate and simply take care of your customers. This time there was not even any sort of apology, so I gathered up my dog's files and was at another vet within 40 minutes - stitches and staples out, bloodwork and urinalysis in the pipes, and one wound re-sealed. VCA did nothing... I went here after another vet did some incredibly stupid things and killed my dog [other vets told me this], but now I will re-consider any future business at this poorly run facility. It's funny too, because a few years ago I sat beside one of VCA's top execs on a plane from Chicago to LAX, and we spoke about the failures of other hospitals and this had me think about VCA... Wish I could meet up with her again and explain this one. She would barf up a lung.

North County

2 years ago

This bad review is warranted, I had no intention of leaving one until Dr Brewer of VCA mesa Victorville California hung up on me while having a calm collected conversation in regards to the treatments my 13 1/2 year old dog received in her care. She could have taken this criticism and used it to be a better vet instead she was to proud to even have a respectful conversation and hung up. 2000$ in services with zero results only to have a specialist solve this problem in 1 day. I advise everyone to start with a specialist when needing vet services - don’t depend on a young inexperienced practicing vet. Find a specialist for your animals symptoms. I don’t believe dr brewer had the experience to handle this situation. I feel as though a mechanic kept offering expensive solutions to 10$ fix they didn’t know existed. VCA mesa seems to care more about the dollar than the animals treatment. What would you have done differently if dealing with a human life Dr. brewer? Why didn’t you communicate and ask the other vets between all the VCA family? VCA has a ton of staff and numerous locations. This could have been resolved if you cared more about the animal than the dollar and next appointment fees. I can only imagine what the VCA corporate policies are… I feel so bad for my dog, and put the guilt on me. 3 different vets to have the 4th (a specialist) solve this one in 24 hours.

John Tran

2 years ago

If you're doing a walk-in be very careful. My dog ate something poisonous and was having liver failure so I rushed over to this place for an emergency visit. I asked them to put her on IV fluids immediately and medication. They wouldn't allow it and told me that I need to allow them to do bloodwork first. It took about 5 hours since I arrived before they were finished. In the end, by the time they did anything, they were already closing. They did the bloodwork and told me she didn't need a blood transfusion even though the bloodwork showed her red blood cell count was almost completely gone. Her whole body and face turned yellow from liver failure during that time. I had to make them give her a shot of fluids after waiting 5 hours of her being with them. The vet didn't even act like it was an emergency, she did nothing the whole time except a blood test during the whole 5 hours... I even told them when I arrived that she ate something poisonous and they did nothing but cashed out on a bloodwork test and sent us on our way. No medications was even suggested.. I had to be the one to demand at least a shot of fluids. They don't seem very knowledgeable or experienced in dogs being poisoned. I regret choosing this place so much. My dog ended up dying from liver failure. I wish I had gone to a better place, I just thought this place would be safe because of the great reviews. I usually never hold any grudges, but I'm writing this review in case I can help anyone else in the future if they end up choosing this place. The staff was nice, but for an emergency, you want a place that will react properly and urgently. Good luck to anyone who's trying to save their pet, I hope you'll all be safe and take care. It's so heartbreaking losing someone you love so much... I can't stop hearing her cries in pain even now... it gives me nightmares, I have so much regret, I wish I was luckier in my choice.

Anthony Ocampo

2 years ago

We tried calling to set up an appointment for our foster Golden Retriever for a UTI. No one answered. We then had to drive down to them and tried calling the number on the signs posted still no answer. My fiancee had to go inside and tell them what was going on just to be told we need an appointment and their next available wasn't until September 15, which could have been told to us over the phone if they ever picked it up.

johnny blevins

2 years ago

After a blotched surgery my poor dog Tracy started to retain body fluid until it killed her. Other Doctors covered up the mistake and would not help threat her.Never trust these people to help your Pet. All they want is your money.

Maritza Bautista

2 years ago

Jorge was really kind to my fur baby. they are all really good to the animals and will continue to bring my pets here :)

Avangeline Williams

2 years ago

Phone call to get no definite answers not even estimations on prices. Really high cost for the same procedures another vet is charging way less, I can't say the vets aren't good at their job since I've never been in person. The receptionist was no help over the phone and should work on her people skills, I do hope provide fine quality work and take well care of the patients they have. I will tell you they charge twice as much as vets in the area, so if you are searching for cheaper prices look around, of course my main concern in top of the line care but when they charge much more for the same exact things seems like they are after money. Call around and avoid being overcharged.

George Rocha

2 years ago

Thank you George for the quick service with my dog Sophie even though guys where booked this morning. Will continue my service with you guys.


2 years ago

The Veterinarians here are amazing with my dog Lucky. My dog has a tendency to do crazy things and gets hurt in the process. At VCA Mesa, they are amazing with him. He is very standoff-ish with strangers, but he likes the staff and they treat him like family.

karen boggs

2 years ago

I brought my cat Coconut in for her trip over rainbow ???? bridge and experienced the most compassionate staff and Dr. McGowen. Thank you for making a very emotional time a little better.

Bev Mitchell

2 years ago

Mesa animal hospital is one of the best veterinarians to take your animals I have two dogs that have been going there for years they have groomers on site and they have boarding as well I would recommend it.

Debra Holm

2 years ago

Mesa has been my vet since 1987. They have always done a great job for all of my animals through the years. I would highly recommend them!

E. Garza

2 years ago

The doctors and staff at VCA care. They made me feel comfortable, understood, and I knew I left my boy Gizmo in good, caring hands. They communicated quickly and explained the procedures to be performed in a way the made me feel comfortable. They provided different options and explained them all very well. It was such a pleasant experience that they are now our new provider. Thank you to the entire staff for making what was a tough time for us a positive experience.

Edna Louise

2 years ago

My first visit to this veterinary hospital was great. Dr. Thomas Pierce was knowledgeable, professional, and all in all a great veterinarian. However, my second visit was a disappointment. My dog was involved in a fight with her male sibling at home and sustained puncture wounds to the neck. Dr. Jenny Brewer recommended a wound cleaning/flush, antibiotics, and some pain meds. I know I am not a veterinarian, but I do work in the medical field and know certain puncture wounds like those my dog sustained generally require some sort of wound drain placement to prevent an abscess or cellulitis from forming. NOPE. One hole in my dog’s neck was closed leaving the other hole open to drain. She was bandaged and sent on her way with instructions to watch for any swelling, excessive discomfort/pain, drainage etc. less than 24 hours later I am back at the veterinarian hospital for all the above. Dr. Laura McGowan who was very helpful. She recommended a Penrose drain, meds, and hot pack compression for a few days to hopefully take away the now formed cellulitis and swelling of my dog’s neck that may have infected her salivating glands amongst other things; a procedure that could have alleviated unnecessary stress, discomfort, and pain to my dog if done when first taken in. Needless to say... ask for a second opinion. $608 in 2 days is unnecessary and expensive.

Hillary Bauman

2 years ago

Dr. Brewer is honestly a hero for our family! Her treatment of our pets and our family's emotions regarding them is only equalled by Dr. McGowan! It may be tricky trying to get in to be seen, but these two doctors are the best in the high desert and I will only ever trust my pets with them!

merlinda moore-bateman

2 years ago

They always treat me with such kindness and patience when I have issues with my pets and very caring and I always always come here they are the best

Sam Hughes

2 years ago

I can't say what it's like normally, but even with covid going around they was very respectful and responsive to questions asked.

Shauna Miranda

2 years ago

We had an emergency situation with our dog Bruce and no other vet clinic could take us in. VCA took us in and did a phenomenal job with our little guy. George was incredibly friendly and helpful. I'm glad we came here for our baby.

Andrea Mcalear

2 years ago

They are extremely nice and patient love coming here!! Never have any problems staff is wonderful George is very nice and professional and helped me with my dog today definitely recommend them 5 stars

Amanda Koeslch

2 years ago

Dr. Pierce was awesome with my cats check up. Very informative and caring!

Emelia Sanchez

2 years ago

VCA Mesa was great. It was my first visit with them. Although I wasn't able to attend the examination with my pups, the staff greeted them well and the veterinarian was thorough in discussing their results. They did not seem distressed when they returned back to me. I will definitely continue to use this establishment. ????????????‍⚕️

Miriam Cindrich

2 years ago

Friendly staff and they were busy so that's shows popularity.

Roger Abreo

2 years ago

Helpful & very kind. Have a good Covid protocol set in place.


3 years ago

Co$tly! Cautious.. I took a small young hamster here once because it was very ill. The staff did NOT allowed me to go in with the hamster when the vet seen it so I don't know if the vet actually treated it or not. The vet told me he gave the hamster antibiotic only and he didn't do a blood test. They told me to keep the hamster covered and warm. It never recovered. The visit here was over $80 !

Willie Jusino

3 years ago

Very professional and caring towards our Finnegan. We always go to VCA Mesa.

Veronica Avalos

3 years ago

I love the whole staff..specially Alex!!

Monette Holmes

3 years ago

George was very very helpful He even walked to my car to help me with my phone problem just to leave this message He went above and beyond his job description very nice individual We are part of the animal Care club and so far with our new kitten everything has been professional a great value she's doing well and they do a great job on her nails I recommend VCA on Palmdale to anyone with any type of pet needs

Michelle Novak

3 years ago

Dr Brewer is awesome and thorough. The staff is always helpful and friendly.

Andy Lujan

3 years ago

great experience with them and George was absolutely great!

Adam Filip

3 years ago

The entire staff and Dr. Brewer were both friendly and professional, and they took great care of my dog Lilly ????

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