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Kimberly Bucio

2 years ago

Lovely place helped me spay my cat at low cost

Joel Hernandez

2 years ago

Great place, management and volunteers. Very organized.

Jean Bessette

2 years ago

All I can say is THANK YOU FOR YOUR services. My wife and I are sad but we knew that DIESEL had to be taken out of pain. Right now were looking for a 3-4 year old pure bread to train for my hearing loss as was Diesel. Again THANK YOU JEAN AND ZENY BESSETTE

F. Flan

2 years ago

Great wonderful people from there too

David Shorr

2 years ago

What a wonderful place. The people who operate this vet clinic are absolute angels. I rescued a stray cat and took her here for vaccinations and to have her fixed. The service and care provided was MILES beyond that of some full price vets I've been to in the past. These folks really love animals and it shows. Thanks pet orphans for helping me get a wonderful loving cat off the street without breaking the bank.

Keneth Winston

2 years ago

The pace was very helpful and I found a loving dog I hope they bless me with my dog of choice I been thinking about the dog all night now I am waiting on a call .God Bless

Jose Hornedo

2 years ago


Gareth Cook

2 years ago

There was still soap content on the car after driving home.

Amanda Hellinger

2 years ago

It was my first time there and I definitely recommend everyone there was so nice and very helpful

Earnest the importance of being Earnest

2 years ago

Staff are nice and helpful when you have an emergency. The place is clean and You can expect a good experience talking to a doctor. The fees are low and very affordable. Great place to check for adoptions once Covi leaves us alone .

Tyler Erickson

2 years ago

Fairly disappointed with them. Scheduled two kittens to be fixed on a Wednesday they called and moved the appointments around so that i had to come back two separate times. Soonest appointment i could get was two weeks out. Didn’t work for my schedule but whatever, i went with it anyways only to have them cancel the day before on me and said they dont know when they can reschedule. Proceeded to redirect me to another vet they claimed took the voucher, but didn’t. Thank you for wasting my time

james webb

2 years ago

Ok for one there more conserned about there parking lot..its suppose to be a non profit organization.but they charge you for get my puppie his first shots and to deworm cost me and my swife151.00 bucks. And you nnevertalk to the vet face to face

Lorena Ferrari

2 years ago

this place is awful. They do not ever call back or respond to any emails. they totally are unfair. horrible customer service as well as extremely rude!! I called on 4 dogs on 4 separate occasions and never got a response.. DO NOT RECOMMEND!!! They are so unprofessional..


2 years ago

Amazing place and staff. Highly recommend.

Danielle Hernandez

2 years ago

Staff is wonderful, they go above and beyond. The animals are treated very well... We adopted and are so lucky to have going a new family member.

Veronica Manzano

2 years ago

Dr. K, Bria and the rest of the staff are exceptional in providing quality and accurate care. They literally saved my dog, Candy's life. If it wasn't for Dr. K's accurate assessment of what she needed and what was wrong she would not be with us today. She needs long-term care but I am grateful to have Pet Orphans of So. CA they are an asset to our pet community by providing affordable care.

Bobby Antee

3 years ago

They did a good job with my pet dog

Shannon CJ

3 years ago

Wonderful place to find a forever friend!

Brenda Rodriguez

3 years ago

They were so caring and compassionate when taking g Pita for bloodwork a hematoma and also a dental cleaning. We highly recommend and the technicians are amazing

Brigitte Eve Andrea Lowther

3 years ago

Nelson and I have been so happy together! Thank you again to Pet Orphans:).


3 years ago

Very clean. Very caring people

Kimberly Kaplan

3 years ago

I love itc.low cost. Reasonable. But wish it could be open on Saturdays.

Lil rose

3 years ago

Came in for a neuter and my puppys surgical area looks he was sown up by a drunk person and was very over priced and they charged me $20 for 3 pain pills when i coulda got a bottle of 30 for $16, DO NOT recommend

Marco Gonzalez

3 years ago

They care about the animals

Millie Lee

3 years ago

The most wonderful Rescue Site for our beloved little ones. They truly care about the animals and provide a compassionate service to Southern California. So appreciative they are here........ ????????????????????

Old Scorpion

3 years ago

Well, it’s been a year and they now have the most amazing groomer. First, I must apologize to Melissa, for not writing this sooner, but is has been crazy hectic with some sudden repairs around the house... That being said.... WOW!!! Melissa is the most amazing groomer I have come across yet. My dog has some skin issues and while I was talking to her to make the appointment (giving them another chance) I mentioned the issue and she started to ask pointed questions that really made me think about the previous groomers and vets that I have been to. Not one of them ever mentioned getting an allergy test done to see if he is reacting to anything specific. Melissa also used a different shampoo that seemed to help more than any other professionals ever suggested. She even went above and beyond and asked the vet that they have there about the issues and suggested to call around about the test Melissa is very professional, polite, kind and super with the animals, at least with my dog. She is blunt and direct, which I prefer but some may see that as coming across as rude, which couldn’t be farther from the truth. To say that the different in Melissa to the last person I dealt with is night and day is a blatant understatement and doesn’t even come close. Melissa absolutely raises the bar on the profession and professionalism of groomers * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Unprofessional, unprincipled, dishonorable, incompetent, second-rate, inefficient ...... are just a few words that come to mind I had a 9:00 am appointment this morning for the groomer and I even got there a bit early to make sure that I was not late and not to keep anyone waiting. Isn't that the entire reason for making an appointment? I finally had to get out of there after I stood in their parking lot for more than 30 minutes, knocking on doors, ringing buzzers/ door bells with no response even though I saw a door open in the back and heard voices. I was finally able to get someone’s attention by banging loudly against the gate. When a person finally came out, I started to explain the problem and he just walked away from me as I was mid-sentence. To top it off as I was walking to my car, the groomer was walking into the driveway at 9:10 and just continued to walk past me and ignoring me. It wasn't until 9:20 that I received a call asking what happened. As I was trying to explain, I was cut off and told that they were just kennel workers. I asked if that meant they were not capable of being professional and offer a simple greeting. All they had to do was to say something like "Hello, I understand you are waiting for the groomer, she appears to be running a little behind so let me see if I can find a number to find out if she is ok, where she is and what her ETA might be." I would have waited the rest of the day with a simple comment like that. Go Somewhere Else

Rena Rhine

3 years ago

Do not use them for adoption. They are unable to complete timely and effective communication. Adoption coordinator responded to me once, to tell me the pet had been adopted, after I had emailed And called 24 days prior to that. We were told the dog was sick and couldn't be seen, and then 16 days later we are told she has been adopted. We called multiple times, no response. We drove 3 hours to meet her, the staff couldn't tell us what was wrong with her or even what her symptoms were, and was generally unhelpful nor welcoming. The adoption process is one where they won't even review the application until you have matched with the dog. Meaning they wanted me to introduce this dog to my family, get their hopes up, and then find out they won't approve our application? Well, we did that, and now they are devastated we aren't bringing a dog to be in our forever home. Awful experience.

Robert Mann

3 years ago

Pet orphans is a very special place these people love and care for animals the staff is unbelievably great the doctor, Erica, Bree, and the whole staff. these people are very understanding and helpful I recommend going here if you ever have a problem with your doggy or a cat. Thank you to everybody at pet orphans in Van nuys your friend Robert Mann and Cry-Baby my cat.

Aida Medina

4 years ago

I got my little Sage

Macuqui Robau-Garcia

4 years ago

I volunteered for over two years. Very clean kennels, friendly and committed staff. I also adopted my fur baby from there five years ago. He is the love of my life. So grateful to Pet Orphans

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