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Moses Lara

2 years ago

Staff is friendly and go above and beyond to make sure your pet is well taken care of

Jon Barron

2 years ago

The staff and Doctor were very professional and made me and my pet feel comfortable. The doctor explained the diagnosis and treatment in an understandable way.

Alyssa Bossler

2 years ago

If you are looking for judgement and unsolicited advice this your place. You know those friends you hang out with that "know everything" and their way is "the only way" and "they know best" and "know all" and they give you the advice they think you "need" without you asking and with them having little experience and knowledge of you and your life but they make you feel like you are lower than dirt.... That's this pet clinic. They do not do well with dogs labeled "aggressive breed" (not aggressive, just labeled aggressive) they are among those who contribute to ignorance about certain breeds. They would do best to stick to medical care of the dogs instead of giving their opinions when unasked. They are not well versed and do not do a good job at welcoming their clients. They claim (from their website) Dr. Ellie Newcomb and the Paradise Ridge Pet Clinic staff are committed to ensuring that your pets receive attention, compassion, and medical expertise. We recognize and respect the deep bond between owners and their pets and our goal is to help that relationship thrive by keeping your pet healthy and playful. Our experience did not feel that they were committed to compassion, they did not stick to medical expertise, and they are extremely disrespectful and had bad bedside manner. We are responsible pet owners and people and they definitely pre-judged us and our animals

Alyssa Moore

2 years ago

It’s with sadness that I leave this review. I typically never leave complaints but the udder disrespect I received was someone felt I could not let happen to someone else. I have been going to paradise ridge pet clinic for 9+ years. We sent Christmas cards to them and truly loved our past experiences (a few years prior). I use to drive an hour to go to them because they typically had good service and treated me and my dogs with respect. We moved and haven’t been to them in almost 3 years because of the out break. We got a new puppy and decided to take him for his check up to paradise ridge and make the hour+ drive. Unfortunately, it was not at all the same experience. They were very very Prejudice they told me that my puppy (cane Corso) was an aggressive breed. He was barking but not aggressively, keep in mind he is not even 6 months old yet and I corrected him told him No! and assured him he was okay and safe and he stopped and sat down and obeyed my command. Concern #1. Wasn’t the lack of awareness or lack of concern for my time but rather how well versed they were on dog breeds and character. I feel like a vet should be able to read dogs better and Be able to Decipher between aggressive barking and nonaggressive barking and aggressive behavior and non-aggressive behavior. However, this was not that case. If you knew our dog you would know that he would more likely pee or run away before being aggressive (I have him around my kids who are 3,2 and 7 months he is gentle he just barks occasionally but is in training). They saw his non-aggressive barking as “aggressive” and they told me they don’t see aggressive breeds. I thought that might have been mentioned prior to my hour plus drive seeing as they knew this and it was stated in my information prior to my visit. I also mentioned that I was a long time costumer and a responsible dog owner and I use to take my Pitbull to see them back in the day. However, they reluctantly said they would see our new puppy this time but they don’t usually do that. I thanked them but didn’t want them to feel uncomfortable so I totally understood I just wish it would have been mentioned prior. They said they would only see him outside and with a Muzzle. I agreed and said that would be fine. I didn’t think it Necessary but I understood and I wanted them to feel comfortable. Their lack of confidence and kindness to my dog is what disturbs me most and something I don’t stand for. They were not kind to me or my dog. They were not welcoming like they once were. They were rude and very very condescending. I honestly would not feel comfortable leaving my animal with them. They treated him like he was aggressive rather than just an aggressive breed. I understand taking precautions just in case or for insurance purposes but not to be treated like he tore off someones limb when he sat calmly on the ground. You would have thought I had a gun that’s how panicky they were right out the gate. I thought they were unprofessional and rude.

Dennis Vancil

2 years ago

Most caring, loving and understanding Vet in Valley Center!

rhonda lewis

3 years ago

Everyone was Genuinely very nice and welcoming

Skye McMichael

3 years ago

Great service. My dog actually likes coming here lol

Chuck Toth

4 years ago

Excellent customer service and great prices.

keith detellem

4 years ago

Nice friendly people and they care about your pets


4 years ago

Our first visit and we love this clinic! Clean offices and such a friendly, knowledgeable staff???? Doc is amazing and i appreciate that i didn't feel like products were being pushed on me. We got what our puppy needed and that's it!

Estella Lizarraga

5 years ago

Great place for pet care. Been going there for years.

travel tips tips

5 years ago

Best vet in Valley center

Melissa Adams

6 years ago

Excellent vet and staff. Can not say enough good things about them

Neal Adams

6 years ago

We took our dog here when our normal vet couldn't see her. They spent a lot of time with us and were able to not only do x-rays which a lot of vets locally can do but also have the ability to run blood tests in house for quick results. They stayed open late for us with several employees on overtime. The owner called us on her own time when the clinic was closed and seemed very concerned and helpful. Unfortunately our dog passed away a day after our visit but to absolutely no fault of this vet office. Old age was her downfall. We really appreciated their concern and the friendliness of the staff here.

Shirley Richardson

6 years ago

They treat your pet as if they were their own

Tami Oleson

6 years ago

To say that Dr. Newcomb and her staff are brilliant, professional, caring, devoted and downright freaking amazing is an understatement.

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