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M alva

2 years ago

I went as an emergency, my dog was not acting as her usual self. And even tho I waited about 2hrs to be seen (did not have an appointment) the doctor was so nice and explain to me everything, overall made me comfortable with the decisions that needed to be made that day. After a few hours(dog needed some testings). We were able to go home with medicine and it’s now going to be a week and my dog is doing great. The staff is very friendly and communicate well. I will be returning back to this place. Another plus are the prices, they are a bit lower than other emergency pet hospitals/clinics.

kerry foutch

2 years ago

They rather have money before looking at your pet and let your pet die . I took my little dog in because he is not doing well and having trouble breathing. They denied my dog any kind of treatment until they received payment. My wife and I are on a fixed income and we could not make the payment for the visit. So I told them to bill me and I would pay the bill as soon as I received. But I was still denied the visit. So I will never use them again.

Nikki Dolback

2 years ago

We took our cat in after discovering a abscess under his mouth. They took bloodwork and examined him. They said he had a tooth infection and need it to be pulled. They ended up pulling 6 teeth. When they called us to come pick him up they said that the bloodwork showed he has kidney failure. Why they didn’t tell us before we put this cat though surgery and get his teeth pulled was a indication that all they cared about was getting more dollars and not the welfare of the animal or the will of pet owners. We took our cat to a vet and indeed the bloodwork showed severe kidney failure. Do not take your pets to this so called pet hospital. If you can wait to take to your vet do so. This establishment needs to be shut down.

danalyn Macaraig

2 years ago

Went in for an emergency visit and my guinea pig had lost a huge amount of weight. Upon being admitted the medical director at the VCA was rude and immediately said “he’s dying so you want me to euthanize him or not”. those were his first words. It was completely unprofessional in the way he just said that as he came in. I began to ask him questions and he cut me off abruptly saying my pet is going to die and whether or not we want to euthanize him. there was no warmth to his words. Honestly, this was probably the worst experience i’ve ever had with a vet, specifically with the medical director. I don’t recommend bringing your pet here. It feels like they use want to examine animals the quickest way possible and collect your money right away. This place doesn’t have vets that care, they just want to fill their quotas.

Lio Mania

2 years ago

We had to put our 13 year old dog down yesterday… The staff and vet showed so much compassion they allowed my entire family to be there through the whole process… They treated our dog with so much love and affection… They knew how much she meant to our family and gave us time the time to make sure every family member was present to say their good byes… I couldn’t have picked a better place… Thank you for making this painful process a bit less painful…

Maureen N.

2 years ago

VCA of Upland is top-notch. Every single person at this place, from Dr. Ho to all of the other vets and amazing staff answering phones/checking you in/billing you, was so kind during this process. A few months ago I called VCA after finding my chicken (Piper) to be the sole survivor of a bear attack, asking them if they would be able to take her that morning. They got me in ASAP and gave Piper the best possible care, despite her being what many would consider a very disposable livestock animal. Piper ended up needing surgery, during which I was given regular updates, all before getting her back by the end of the day with detailed care instructions and pre-measured medicines. I was even more impressed at Piper's follow up appointment, at which Dr. Ho was able to address my small concern with Piper's healing and thoroughly explain the wound healing process. Of course, Dr. Ho was correct and Piper is alive and thriving thanks to him and his staff. Additionally, their billing was very transparent and at no point did I feel that anybody was trying to overcharge me or push a more expensive treatment option. I could write an essay on my gratitude towards VCA Upland, but it boils down to this - they saved my pet when she had very poor odds of survival, and they did it with unparalleled kindness. I have the utmost appreciation for this team, and I know my chicken, Piper, does too!

Zidas T

2 years ago

I lost my Mamita 9 months ago from having seizures at an old age and I was devastated...took her here and had to make the tough choice to put her down...price was reasonable great customer service they took good care of her on her last hours...thank you so much for making this process a little smoother

Kelly Mendez

2 years ago

When I first started coming here I thought they were going to help me with my dog. At first the treatment plan was working until the medication finished, my dog would get worse again. I made many visits and sometimes the medication made things worse and sometimes it helped. On my last visit and over a thousand dollars wasted, the woman I was on the phone with told me to just go somewhere else if the medication wasn't helping. I sent photos to a vet in Tijuana, spent $40 on 1 round of medication, an allergy test, and since then my dog has been better. This place did very little to get to the bottom of the issue and a doctor in TJ was able to evaluate the entire situation through photos. I wasted nearly 2k at the vet trying to help my dog and went to a Dr. in TJ as a last resort because I didn't have any more money. If you cant see a vet a in TJ then go somewhere else because all this place did was make me waste nearly 2k to semi help my dog and then tell me to go somewhere else.

Rachael Williamson

2 years ago

Very helpful and efficient. Wonderful staff. Calls to give updates every step of the way. There is an extensive wait list but if there is a honest to God emergency they will make the time for your pet.

Alejandra Garcia

2 years ago

I took my dog who I had been taking there on multiple occasions, my dog presented some loss of balance and difficulty walking, along with a head tilt. I arrived to the clinic around 4:45pm, have a vet tech see my dog to tell me that it would be approximately 30 minutes. I stay there till 7pm and receive no response, I decide to call back and ask if there is an estimate on when they would be able to see my dog, they respond that I am next and that they will communicate with me shortly. I sit in my car crying over the state of my dog unsure if there is going to be anything I can do or imagining the worse that I am going to have to decide to put her down. I wait another 30 plus minutes to have the veterinarian come outside and tell me that she is not going to be seeing me and that she would hate to waste anymore of my time but that there are some numbers of other veterinarians I can call. I am sobbing my eyes out, feeling angry and the fact that I had waited over three wholes to just get turned away and sad at the fact that I could have possibly have gone somewhere else in the amount of time I waited. I ultimately left in search of another vet, but was just shocked at the lack of care that VCA showed. It seemed as though the vet just didn’t want to deal with my pet problem and wanted to go home. I wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone anymore, they let me down in a big way.

Angela Waite

2 years ago

I have been bringing my pets here for 20 years! They always take great care of my sweet fur babies!!

Gonzo E

2 years ago

I would NOT RECOMMEND taking your pet to this hospital. Especially if they are at the end of their life. These greedy money mongers will take you for everything you have and then refuse to help you any further, even when you’re willing to pay more. I’ll be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I highly suggest anyone who has had a similar experience, to file a complaint as well. We should not support businesses who use life as financial leverage. I am absolutely disgusted with the veterinarians and the staff at VCA on Central. We’ve been going to this vet for years and have always been happy until recently. When our dog was dying, and after they took over $3000 from us, we requested a simple blood test after his hospitalization and they flat out refused to do it. We just wanted to see his current status but they didn’t want to put in the work. They got enough money from us apparently. We were literally told to go to another vet if we wanted the test done. Which we did. And we got the answers we were looking for. What a terrible way to treat someone during a time of need. The veterinarian (Dr. K) was a total quack. Early on she made many misleading statements and gave us a false sense of hope. It’s obvious now that our dog should’ve been returned home to us immediately. However, she pressed that we have him admitted for four days. And then at the end of the four days, her tone completely changed. There was no more hope. They got their money, and that’s all they wanted. They don’t care about your animals life. It’s so sad that people like this work in the animal industry. Three days after he passed away, I received a text from them asking how he’s doing. That was a nice reminder. Thanks a lot. I called and asked to be taken off of their text messaging list. I was hung up on. I cannot stress enough how absolutely horrible, terrible, no-good and despicable this place is. Zeros get zero stars.

Kristine Busch

2 years ago

My dog is allergic to aqua guard so I have called them to see what they can do and they never called back and employees are not friendly, found an awesome vet that their employees are friendly and care. So bye bye VCA thank you for you bad service.

Meriam Alrashid

2 years ago

DO NOT TAKE YOUR PETS OR ANY ANIMAL EVEN IF NOT YOURS TO THIS HOSPITAL! They should be shut down for good! We will be calling the Humane Society, Medical Board for Vets, BBB and I will make sure everyone knows how unethical unprofessional and egregious this place is so my friends and family do it have to face the awful experiences we have had with this terribly alleged hospital which acts like it can’t tell the difference between the words clinic vs hospital or take vs see. That’s how ridiculous it is. They don’t even know how to communicate properly. You don’t even deserve one star. The worst staff with the worst bedside manner. Their ethics or questionable at best. The vets should reconsider their entire staff immediately otherwise they will get citations from the Vet Medical Board a mandated inspection and more. If your staff don’t act right and speak right then you (the vets — of whom the staff are a reflection), will lose your licenses to operate soon enough because you treat pet owners terribly which means you treat their pets (if you treat them at all or see them —- which is the problem) badly. I was just informed that they do not take animals that are not critical. It is unethical to refuse animals that are uncritical. What IS, however, ethical to take animals that are critical FIRST but you can’t refuse to see an animal without even ASKING what the issue is. Then at least help find another spot for someone who has an animal with an emergency. The truth is and the ethical code of conduct is that you are to take ALL animals brought to you. You are a hospital. That is your job. You may not be able to SEE them immediately and that’s the difference between “see” and “take” — we cannot see your animal right away vs we cannot take your animal, period. Learn the difference staff and technicians who feel too self entitled and apparently too needed to come down to earth. Honestly you should not serve anything or anything that has breath in them as you can cause the hospital liability and the vets their careers. In fact, you already have as I will take this all the way up to the board without an open and proper apology and realigning with your code of conduct and an invitation from your own hospital to the Board itself to visit and do a site inspection and watch how your staff treat callers and patients for a day or two — and those people should be unknown to the staff when they are there. But if that invitation does not come from the hospital itself and stated officially and publicly then I’m taking it all the way up! So please be prepared to address the Medical board since it seems your staff are not looking out for the Vets’ licenses which are in jeopardy due to your staff named Ashely and a technical named Brandy I believe. Jennifer - the hospital manager, I hope you read this and you address this. Where there is smoke there is fire and there are way too many similar reviews to mine and my family’s that you should take this very seriously. If our dog has bloat especially the kind that is twisted, it could be deadly. And I explained that to your technician today and all she could say is that she couldn’t process our dog would be seen (not that he would be seen right away) but seen at all. Nope not ok and violation of ethics. If my dog is badly hurt or god forbid dies you will face legal suit for sure especially since you seem to have a modus operandi at your hospital with other patients like myself and our pets. You have enough BAD reviews that you shouldn’t be ignoring these clearly endemic ongoing issues at your facility and if you do then you should be cited, shamed and shut down. Shame on all of you who work there and allow this egregious conduct to continue. You are a travesty to what is a very honorable profession.

vanessa orona

2 years ago

I do NOT recommend this place at all I called 10 min before my arrival with my sick puppy and when I arrived I called to let them know I was outside they took my information and told me to go to the door. When they came to the door 2 different techs came to tell me they could not see me any more even when I told them I called in advance before I came in. They refused to see my sick puppy and I told them I had spoke with someone who told me to come in. I don’t recommend this place at all!

irvin cordova

2 years ago

My poor doggy vanessa was suffering from giving birth and was feeling weak. We called every place possible to see who can take her in and help her out and Many couldn’t or they would charge too much where we couldn’t possibly pay. Luckily and thankfully enough VCA animal hospital gave me an alternative and discounted many things to make it affordable for us, and I was so happy and grateful of them ! They took her in very quick and helped her out and informed and updated us every single moment. At the end everything came out perfect and they were nice to us. They gave us everything we needed to take care of our pet and told us to contact them if anything. I am taking all my pets here now and recommending every single person I know to go over here as they truly care for your pets. I’m so happy she’s alive and well, time for her recovery.

Michelle Baumgartner

2 years ago

The VCA did not try to help us with our dog. He is a very nervous dog when goes to the vet. They would not give our dog a vaccination or a check up. They would not even hold our dog. It was not a very helpful place at all. I am very dissatisfied with VCA.

Sir Waite

2 years ago

I like going to VCA hospitals. I feel like they take care of our little ones very well and give us the plans we need to take care of them. I even have Care Club on them. They only issue I have now is the extremely long wait times, now that we have to wait in the car. Before, when we could go in, when you had an appointment, you were never there longer than an hour. Now, it varies anywhere from 2-5 hours, in the parking lot. With the receptionist telling us to run errands or get a bite to eat. It makes us feel like you’ve forgotten about us. Please fix this. I have no issue with wearing a mask to go inside and wait. Especially if it’s warm outside.

Skyler Shepard

2 years ago

I’ve already left one poor review. But I think it’s really important that people know not to bring their pets here. They’re 3x more expensive than anywhere else I’ve reviewed. They’re terrible at answering questions about your sick fur baby. My best advice for anyone, DO NOT BRING YOUR FUR BABIES HERE!!!! These people put my family through terrible turmoil and misinformation, and in the end, literally took my cat away. Because they failed to give me proper information and kept upping the price of my cat’s initial $1400 surgery, (in the end they wanted $3500 after they screwed up the first and initial surgery) I ended up being forced to surrender my cat. If you care about your pets, don’t bring them here.

Munna Z

3 years ago

Out of all the emergency hospitals I have visited because of my dog’s sudden health situation, this has been my favorite. Over the phone, the staff was very patient and allowed me to tell them all of the details regarding my dog’s situation. They allowed me to bring her in immediately and were incredibly kind. The prices were higher than they originally estimated but at that point I didn’t care because they were the only place that were able to successfully help my dog. I brought my dog in for a vaginal mass removal and they treated her with so much care. They had to have her at the hospital for a while but they would make sure to call me to tell me she’s doing great. The vet that treated her was Dr. Ho. But the best staff member there was a younger man with glasses and short hair. I didn’t get his name but he was incredibly kind, caring, patient and informative. He was the one who gave me back my pet at the end of the day with her medicines and invoice papers. I wanted to cry with how pleased I was with their patience, helpfulness, and care. Thank you.

marty hansen

3 years ago

Money hungry. Dog was dying and the first phone call was basically how much they want to charge my credit card not how my dog was. They wanted to charge $3,000-$4,000 for surgery before he was even stable. I declined and my dog was dead a few hours later. Still they charged me over $1,000. If my other dog needs emergency care I’ll never go to this place.

Matt Aguilar

3 years ago

They should have recommended to us to put our dog down instead of forcing her to undergo 2 days of emergency "care" just for her to die not even 2 days later. They charged us $2800 for a 48 hr treatment plan but discharged our dog 12 hours earlier than she needed to be, but still charged us the full amount??? They jipped us. They even tried to charge us $3400 when we tried to pick her up, $600 more than originally stated when we went to drop her off. They "fix" the "little" mistakes when we asked for an itemized receipt because the charges were incorrect. Who makes $600 worth of "little" mistakes. Yeah right. They really try to give you the run around to get the most money they can out of you. They prolonged our old dog's suffering. We are honestly thinking about calling our bank and calling in the charges as fraud because when we got home, the charges were supposed to be $2551 on a receipt we received the night prior, and not $2811. Even considering to sue them. When we called a Doctor from Lap of Love, they took a look at the list of medications and wondered why they bothered to put our dog on anti-biotics she didnt need. They also questioned why VCA didnt tell us that our dog could crash and burn at her age so quickly after "treatment" and that her lungs would fill up with fluid again even after proper medication. Dr said they should have recommended euthanasia, not treatment due to her quality of life and age. Do yourselves and your pets a favor, don't go to this money hungry "hospital." They dont care about your pets health or wellbeing. Just your money. I can see from prior comments that the VCA responds to these reviews. Don't bother replying to mine or "trying to fix the issue." You guys prey on sick animals and desperate pet parents. Theres a special circle of hell for people who prolong the suffering of animals.

Matthew Cartwright

3 years ago

I just want to take a moment to say how much I appreciated everything this hospital did for my family and me during a difficult time. They took my beloved cat of 17 years in at 4am and were very prompt on giving my cat the attention he needed. Although he had to be put down due to him not being unable to be "fixed", they handled it in the most humain/professional way. During this pandemic I didn't expect to be able to say goodbye to him but they gave me a personal room and as much time as I needed to be with my buddy. Then they let me comfort him as they put him to rest for the final time. Beyond all of that the cremation package I picked up today (a week later) was beyond thoughtful and beyond expectations. They gave me a paw print on an ornament, a beautiful wooden box with his remains and secured with a lock and a heart which had his name imprinted. So from the bottom of my heart, Thank you guys so much for making this rough time for me comforting. "Snoop" is now next to my moms urn who passed earlier this year and I find comfort in them being side by side. Thank you guys for all that you do and especially during these times. -Matt Cartwright

Melissa Villegas

3 years ago

The worse hospital for pets. Do your self a and your pet a favor and don’t even bring your pet here. I took my 5 month old puppy because she wasn’t feeling well after eating grapes that my daughters gave her when I took her I was told that I will be called when they have a diagnosis for her. They call me one hour later to ask to drop off my puppy that they were ready for her ( 1 HOUR and they didn’t know she was there ????) they just said that it was a mixed up. Then they wanted to charge me $700 for a parvo test that wasn’t needed, blood work and x rays I authorized just the blood work to make sure his organs were fine and she was sent home the next day in the middle of the night she passed away ????.

mirna mouse

3 years ago

i called them first because we had a good past experience. a bit disappointed that they told me my cat who has been vomitting bile for theee days and is very lathargic was not sick enough to be seen or evaluated. we did find another clinic willing to see him.


3 years ago

i dont know if its because of covid or what, but the doctors here are just not reliable. my puppy was throwing up all day and was so lethargic. the vet took an xray to then tell me that she was just over fed and gave her an anti nausea shot and sent her home with me. This irrelevant vet visit cost me $400. He talked on the phone with me, but it just seems like he was in a major hurry, i couldnt even get a word in and i get it, its been busy, but if im paying you that much money, at least give me the decency of having a phone call where you explain what may be wrong with her and further steps to prevent it. i had to go to the emergency vet that night because her blood sugar was so low and it had nothing to do with over feeding her. what a waste of money and TIME. I wish there was some way i could sue and get my money back, ill be a practicing lawyer in less than a year, so i might try then.

Win McLaughlin

3 years ago

They were prompt, kind, and honestly charged less than I expected.

Syrissa T

3 years ago

Dr. Kim Kessler took great care of my Atlas, communicated with me before and after his procedures, recommended the best treatment, and when everything was done even gave him a BRAVERY Certificate. The staff and nurses were also wonderful and exhibited great communication. Everyone really showed a lot of compassion for my doggie. Thank you all at VCA.

karissa solis

3 years ago

Initially I was skeptical after seeing the reviews for this place but my primary vet referred me after my sick pup had diarrhea/ vomiting concerns. We checked in at 4 and they followed up quickly after with some questions. However, after waiting an hour In my car in 99 degree heat with no follow up I called to see if they could at least check in my dog because he was dehydrated due to the diarrhea. My pup was becoming agitated and I could tell he needed to use the restroom (the nurse before had told me to call back if he appeared agitated so they could get him inside). I speak to Megan and when I try to explain to her what the previous nurse suggested she rudely interrupts me and tells me their is a 20 minute wait and there’s nothing she could do about it. Her attitude was uncalled for and it resulted in us leaving without treatment. Luckily I found another hospital that was helpful and friendly.

Sandra Valenzuela

3 years ago

This place is horrible they told me my dog would be up in running around in three days they lied my dog has pass away over medicated her with morphine run my bill 900 dollars sad to say there about money not about save your pet life not a good place.

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