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Miri Salinas

2 years ago

If you are like me and come from SD to find a quality vet, don't come here. I called requesting an appointment to get my dog up to date on vaccines. We took my dog here back in 2018 & 2019, so I needed to get my dog up to date on her shots . So today they accommodated for the appt, but once we got there , they told me my dog's temp was "too high" and they couldn't find my dogs file. Luckily I had the shots card with me that they provided as proof. The tech basically took my dogs temp & says 'its too high" Celsius 37, 98 Fahrenheit ?!!..... Ok it was a really hot day and we had just left the dog park. The guy who helped us was more interested in giving my dog pills to lower the temp and expected me to believe that she's sick and needs bloodwork, but no shots. Trust me my dog was running around like the healthy beauty she is just hours ago! lol To my knowledge 98 is not abnormal (but OK) the tech kept insisting to give my doggie the pills and buy the Nexgard before leaving-although I told him she had just gotten it less than a month ago. I refused anything and told them I was leaving. BUT HEY I PAID 300 PESOS FOR MR TECH to push pills on my dog. I've never had such a struggle with any vet. Honestly it was just a weird bad vibe and the employees here seem to put more effort into flirting with each other than showing a bit of professionalism. Too many vets in TJ for me to deal with this nonsense- not what is used to be back in the day- never again, thanks!

Aleks Cards

3 years ago

Very bad experience here! The guy who cut my pets nails admitted to hurting her. I will never come back here and I will tell everyone I know what happened to us there.

Anonymous Dog

3 years ago

I took my dog there to get him checked out. They suggested to hospitalize him in order to keep an eye and make sure the medicine was administered correctly. Just so you know, nobody stays with your pet overnight. They keep them on a dirty cage with the IV and leave! These people don't care about your pet. I made the mistake of not reading the bad reviews it had before going.

Dean Morgan

3 years ago

Honestly all they really care about is the money... and it’s honestly the prices are outrageous I could still pay for it but they lack communication as well, I took my dogs in for just bordetella shots and without my consent they did a second physical checkup on my dogs again.. (which I thought it was A routine never thought they’d charge me for the physical when I never asked for it to be done and so they charged me double! For something I didn’t even ask for, the physical check up was already done two weeks before going in for the second shots...) they may look like a top line vet, but they’re actually a joke and just ready to take your money. And I realized they only prioritize their friends. I really wanted to go back but they also made me feel uncomfortable and unwelcome since my dogs are a high driven breed plus the Dr was afraid of them too... they just had a bad attitude and when I wanted to make small talk to break the ice they wouldn’t acknowledge me nor my dogs. Such a shame, the place and equipment looks nice, but some of the staff members and owner just lack compassion for their clients.

El Perro Andaluz Hospital Veterinario & Spa

3 years ago

Best Pet hospital and Grooming Place and Spa for your pets in Tijuana, come and get to know us..!

Hilda Padilla

3 years ago

This place is no more than a grooming place not a veterinarian clinic and much less a hospital. I took my little yorkie mix because he was throwing up and the last day didn’t want to eat. The attending ‘vet Rigo’ Castro said my dog was dehydrated and ‘needed’ to be hospitalized. Was also asked to sign a release if after 3 day’s I didn’t claim him. I balked at that and even told him I’d never do that unless the border closed. I should’ve followed my gut instinct and not left him there. After the complete lab work came up with nothing, I asked if an X-ray should be taken,theirs was broken and it was a holiday in Mexico and he said everything was closed. Another alarm, how can a medical hospital not have access to needed testing. . After 2 nights of supposedly still needed care, he continued to say ‘we need to wait and see’. I asked if he was being exercised as he was in a cage, and he said ‘no’ cause he’s on iv, I insisted as even humans get physical therapy in order to not get weak...’ no’ he said. The next morning I was told my dog had choked on his own vomit and died at 5:30 am. I was so shocked all I could ask was who was with him?! He said a ‘girl’ .. so the ‘hospital’ is unattended. DONT LEAVE YOUR PETS THERE. I spoke with Paloma the owner, who promised to investigate and personally provide a written report( I was requesting) on what happed, as well as a copy of the lab test results ...almost 3 wks later nothing has been provided. I asked for a picture proving he’d died (as I was told of an investigation being done on 2 veterinarian places where pets are being stolen and owners told their pets had died and only ashes given to owners...) she told me that was not ethical, but was asked to go pick him up- (& more charges $$$), how is being asked to pick up a dead animal ethical? Dr Sergio Romero used to be the owner and is the only reason we went there, he is an excellent veterinarian who is now head vet at Parque Morelos, a zoo in TJ.

Nishka Serrano

3 years ago

All looks no good attention. Sure, they have the prices in the front but their up high in small letters and numbers. I can definitely afford it without a doubt, but I will not tolerate being treated less in a place where they lack professionalism and deal with the owner not owning up to their mistakes, before attending to their patients and clients they should always remind the owners their services and note what they will charge you for, some people are new and won’t see the price charts immediately. That’s key always own up to mistakes don’t always blame the paying owners. Don’t forget that thanks to the customers y’all getting fed.

Omar Montes

3 years ago

Extremely disappointed of the unprofessional service I received here. After looking at their Google reviews, I thought they were going to meet all my expectations and more. The owner does a good job advertising to U.S. customers as she knows they are the ones that will generate more revenue, even charging up to 600% markup on all medications. Even if you need 6 pills, it will be cheaper to just get the whole box at the pharmacy. DO NOT BUY THEIR MEDS! TAKE YOUR PRESCRIPTION AND GET THEM AT A REGULAR PHARMACY AT A MUCH LOWER PRICE. My pet was receiving treatment somewhere else, and the veterinarian was also charging a lot of hidden fees after surgery and treatments. When I decided to get a second opinion here, I took all records with me so they can go over it. For every appointment, I had to explain myself multiple times as the records they keep do not include a written diagnosis, just medications your pet is taking. They also rotate veterinarians; it will be hard to just keep one. When I brought it up to their attention, I was told that the reason they do it is to give everyone a chance to make money. I would also question their judgment because their analysis on my pet was 100% completely different from the other veterinarians. Their ego is so elevated, they thought I was being disrespectful when I compared analysis from one vet to another. Several times it was communicated to them that it was just to ease my mind as a concerned pet owner and it was a verification of the treatment given was not going to be a waste of time and make my pet suffer. They assured me that this was never going to happen, but in the end it did. Office administration must be the worse I have seen in my life. They could not even add the most basic math additions without a calculator, mix appointments, unable to keep records, never follow-up on time for lab results, and listen to music in the lobby and not acknowledge customers. I can go for an hour on this, but you get the point. When they realized that I was not buying their medications anymore, the attitude changed, and I felt that they knew I was on to them. In Mexico, this is one of the laws of ethics that it is enforced. They cannot deny you services, but they can make your life a living hell as there is no liability or strict medical laws. Every veterinarian is entitled to make their own assumptions, even if they are completely different from one to another without any consequences. Several days later, I received a call to let me know that it was recommended for my pet to be put down. I was heart broken as I already had spent a lot of money trying to save her, to make an appointment within the next week or two to get it done. At this point, I was upset at them and decided to take my pet to another veterinarian and get the cremation done there and get a more professional diagnosis of what was really happening during all this time. When we arrived at another location, he made an examination and went through all her medical records. I explained my experience dealing with El Perro Andaluz, and he agreed with me that they prolonged her suffering to obtain more funds from us and that she needed to be put down long time ago. That her condition was not going to be something it could be cured at that point. Be careful with this place, they are overentitled veterinarians with no experience. They claim to have a group of veterinarians that specialize in different areas to better assess your pet’s condition. What is really going on is that they have unexperienced vets, and when do not know something they call the one with more education but hardly explain what is really happening to your pet. They rotate employees to give everyone a chance to make money off you, but they really do not care about your pet, but about their marketing image. I followed their instructions, medications, and put all my faith on them. This is why I am very upset! I never posed as a vet, did my own diagnosis, or VOLUNTARILY stopped going to appointments. They mixed my appointments and made it impossible to be met.

perla viera

3 years ago

Terrible place, my cat looked the same as when I brought her in. Only she had fleas, they really shouldn't label themselves as a place for exotic animals when they don't know what they are doing. The workers are rude and have a don't care atitude. Please do your research before coming here, look at the reviews, they have some bad ones. I am never coming back here again and I wish I could go back to erase this horrible experience from my cat.

Rolando Perez gonzalez

3 years ago

Best pet hospital in tijuana go visit

samuel juarez

3 years ago

I had a great experience and everybody was really helpful also all doctors are really profesional


3 years ago


old one Garcia

4 years ago

Finally found the right vet for me and my dogs I am very please!

Ana Patricia Lopez

5 years ago

This is without a doubt the best veterinarian in Tijuana. The doctor and the assistants are amazing, educated, and actually care for your pets.

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