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Brandon Shealy

2 years ago

Great facility that seems to be run very well. The staff was mostly very knowledgeable and kind. We went there several times over the past few months looking for a puppy. We finally found the right one and made the process seamless. The first round of vaccinations, first vet visit, and microchipping was all included in the adoption price. I would absolutely recommend them.

Hope Baxter

2 years ago

My friend worked for them and a co-worker broke his finger dropping something on it. Paw works did nothing and made him up for it and deal with it on his own. Horrible company, no care whatsoever for their workers.

marcia proch

2 years ago

We adopted a dog from them and he was beautifully trained and hungry for love. We have been pleased with him and with their approach to adoption, making sure there is a good match for all concerned!! We also use the vet services they run and have found them to be warm and friendly and a good value for the cost of services!

Victor Nguyen

2 years ago

Love their cause! And they had such cute puppies up for adoption!

Melinda Smith

2 years ago

Super sweet time as a foster for paw works.

Renata Balgley

2 years ago

We spent 3 hours in the sun with a toddler just to eventually give the dog back. The process is a mess and require very long waiting times. Every step of the process takes hours and as we were just about to go home with the new dog, they asked for an additional wait time. We couldn't stay longer because we had a hungry and a tired child with us. We are angry and frustrated and don't recommend this place.

Heidi Hening

2 years ago

Wonderful, loving organization ❤ We found our new family member there 2 weeks ago, and we are in love !!

Justin Daly

2 years ago

Paw Works has made Ventura County No Kill since 2014! My favorite rescue. You guys will always have my support.

Farmer John

2 years ago

This group is awesome! They are doing their best to find homes for both puppies, and also older pets. I know that's a very uphill battle and I couldn't do it! I can't say enough good things about their work!

Keith Katz

2 years ago

A fantastic organization with people who care about getting pets adopted. When you enter their place you can see the love they have for these beautiful animals not to mention how well they take care of them. A+

Randi W

2 years ago

I adopted two dogs during covid. I of course love my fur babies. I thought people should consider this when selecting an adoption agency. One of my dogs has been sick since I got him, I've spent thousands on his health. They also falsely certified him as fixed. He is not fixed. They will only pay for the surgery if I go to their vet. Which, of course, I won't do. Why would I take him there when their original vet said he was fixed?!

Martin Romero

2 years ago

We have adopted two puppies here. The puppies are in great shape and are very loving. It's a great place to adopt, however they need to reconsider their adoption process. The adoption process is a mess and takes hours! Also, if you want to get a specific puppy you need to make sure you are there before 5AM! They really need to have a more efficient way of signing up to adopt that day. Waiting from 450am to 8am in order for them to open is dreadful. This makes the experience very unpleasant.

Lorelei Leslie

2 years ago

My little dog StellaBella just had an extensive teeth cleaning and multiple extractions. They were wise enough to spot an infection and flush her sinus and gave me drops for her nose when she came out. I can NOT say ENOUGH good things about Dr Ravenscroft. So professional. So kind. My dogs health has improved 75%. We went in for an over due teeth cleaning and came out much healthier. Her breathing has improved 80%. What a miracle. I am so grateful.

Kianna Brown

2 years ago

I am very grateful for my dog that I adopted from here about 2 weeks ago, but they really need to redo their adoption process and how they handle their dogs in the store. They are trying to save TOO many dogs at once. They are putting up to 5 BIG puppies in cages with LITLLE TO NO ROOM for them. The dog I adopted had her spay surgery 3 DAYS before being put up for adoption in the store where other dogs were standing ON TOP of her, which gave her enormous bruising. It is truly cruel to put dogs who haven't recovered from their surgery in a space with other dogs. When we got to our car with our dog and she immediately began coughing and we had to spend upwards of close to $2k to finally figure out what was wrong with her (acute pneumonia ). We only spent 10 minutes with her before accepting her into our family, before she was taken to the back. Surely she must have shown signs of coughing with the staff, before she was given back to us, but we weren't told anything. They barely have any background information about where the dogs come from as well! It was like pulling teeth trying to figure out the history of my new dog which is EXTREMELY important. Someone mentioned that they under feed their dogs, and they're probably right. I thought they had my dog in their care for at least 2 weeks, but she was eating like she had been starved. She also came with a sensitive neck due to bruising which definitely happened in their care. They also lied about her age. They advertised her as 4, but when they gave me her vet records, it said that she was 5. WHY LIE?! I'm just glad that I got my dog out of that environment and not at all what I expected from a rescue that loves their dogs

Jenna Wells

2 years ago

Seems like a great organization; however, the manager is extremely rude, judgements & disrespectful. He did not take 15 second before making a call that confused us and his staff. Ruined what could have been a great experience.

Cynthia Gstettenbauer

2 years ago

Great mission. They save many little lives. As a volunteer foster, they provide necessities for the fosters. Beware of the dragon lady at the Oaks on Saturday morning. She's vicious toward the volunteers. Makes one bit want to volunteer again. The people at the shelter in Camarillo are great with awesome hearts for the little four legged friends.

E T-Race

2 years ago

Love the constant update on their social media. But when it comes to responsiveness after adoption, not the greatest experience.


2 years ago

Had a dog at their facility in Ventura attack my service dog when let out of its cage by an employee. The owner was extremely unprofessional. Was the biggest hassle trying to ensure the dog was vaccinated and left my service dog traumatized.

T Hampton

2 years ago

The site never loaded completely. I gave up on trying after several attempts in different browsers. It could have been a bandwidth issue - everyone trying to access the site after seeing the news broadcast.

Emily Smurda

3 years ago

UPDATE: Puppy has coccidia and round worm. Still zero paperwork even though it was requested twice.... We got a very sweet pup here. We love the dog, however this place is truly something else. First off we got zero paperwork in hand or emailed about this pup, no vacc schedule nothing. If you’re planning to rescue from them, be prepared to deal with the absolute rudest employees you’ve ever met. (I am not kidding when I say this establishment has the rudest people working there of any place I have EVER been to in TO - especially Maya) I understand needing to follow covid protocols, I also feel there’s a way to talk to people in a kind and professional way. Also be prepared to literally wait 4-5 hours in the sun, and to have to purchase $150 worth of junk you can get for half the price on Amazon. Finally, at least at Shelter of Hope they interview you and find out a bunch of info to make sure their dogs are going to a good home. This place will give a dog to anyone who will spend the $600. Not a good experience at all!!!!! ZERO STARS! Just adding that every other review I have ever made has been a positive one. This is the first negative review I have ever written in my life. That should tell you something!!

Rocio Guerrero

3 years ago

Great team, so pleasent and kind. Lovely people and so friendly with dogs. Thank you so much

Linda Mac Dougall

3 years ago

Too crowded and noisy. My dog was too anxious to show any interest in other dogs. Also, they do not know the breeds of their dogs and so had no idea which animals were hypoallergenic. To me these are basics to serve the dogs and the adopters.

Brenda Gonzalez

3 years ago

I never been there, but the website had my attention and their posting in FB has my heart set on addopting a fur baby

Joel Rye

3 years ago

Great organization I got my kitty from them, nice people

Barbara Burnett

3 years ago

Vee is incredibly rude!! I will not be returning because of her attitude.

Antonio Apodaca

3 years ago

This review is based on a recent experience I had. My family adopted a dog a couple of years ago from Paw Works, so we are well aware of the organization and support its overall mission. But my latest visit left me concerned about how it is being managed through COVID. I waited in line for about an hour with my two children to look at possibly adopting a pet. After all that time, we heard several negative reactions and confusion of people to their adoption fees. This made the overall vibe very stressful and the staff person was rude to every single person. This staff person at the front made eye contact with me several times but didn't point out that I could not physically enter the building with two kids until we all made it to the front. At that point I was told the news in a very condescending way and the staff person pointed to a 8.5 by 11 sign sitting on the table next to them that I should have read before even waiting in line in the first place. It was very inconsiderate process and strange interaction. I will not be returning to Paw Works.

Leslie Horner

3 years ago

Awful place!!! We adopted a cat from them who had preexisting health issues. The lovely Christine told me if the cats " looked" fine no extra tests were performed. Well here were are 6 weeks later and our sweet Boba is gone! He had kidney and liver failure and my sister found him unresponsive. She had zero compassion. Buyers beware!!! Do not adopt from this awful placs

Tina Tenbus

3 years ago

Adopted a 9 month old dog who had been spayed 8 days prior. Took us hours and hours of waiting even though we showed up before they opened. They make you spend $150 on overpriced stuff you likely don't need if you have had a dog before, in addition to an already high adoption fee. To top it off, we discovered she had retained baby teeth (which should have been seen when she was spayed if they had done even a cursory exam on her) and had to have her anesthetized and those teeth pulled. Seems like they charge very high prices for dogs with no history and the bare minimum of care. Buyer beware. I wish I had followed my instincts and walked out.

Cheryl Yaras

3 years ago

We adopted our dog at Paw Works Thousand Oaks—and we are overall happy with this experience. Our dog is amazing and we are so happy with him. He settled in really well. I will say that (as with any big decision) you need to do your OWN homework when considering rescue/adopting. We know a lot about the breed we adopted, and so we could gauge his overall health condition and mannerisms—and approx age. Paw works could not provide us this information or our dogs backstory. It’s my opinion that an adoption center should be able to give this info and I was pretty surprised how little they knew about our dog. The staff were all super wonderful and helpful—which we appreciated. I was also surprised how easy it is to adopt an animal—there wasn’t a lot of adoption red tape, which I think is actually a bit concerning. Just a few forms and anyone willing to wait a few hours can adopt a dog. I feel like this may not be in the best interest of the animals. I understand there are many dogs, but I’d like to see them do more investigation of the animals in their care to give new prospective families a clearer picture of what the animal has been through, any behavioral concerns, dietary needs, etc. Our dog was also severely overweight and likely arrived to them in this condition, they made the note that he has lost some weight since they got him. Another staff member commented that they “use hot dogs to motivate him to move” ... this breed is stubborn but I was shocked to hear this since the breed is so sensitive— alas, he’s home with us now and he’s on a weight management program and is super duper loving. We absolutely adore him. Update— we noticed one day after a few weeks that our our dog had stitches still, this was never mentioned to us when we brought him home. The paperwork we were given said his surgery took place in October and we brought him home in December. Our vet removed them easily, but concerning that this was never mentioned or addressed by Paw works.

Sean Michael

3 years ago

Emailed Paw Works, no response, over 8 days, can't get a person with a pulse on the phone.

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