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Jenna Wood

2 years ago

DANGEROUS!!! Update: The Banfield name does not care about you or your pets. They are a business solely focused on money. I have been unable to receive any resolution to my concerns as you cannot speak to anyone at corporate- they refuse to take complaints and give the generic "cares" email address, stating all concerns must be dealt with at a local level. It has been over 2 weeks since I last heard from anyone at Banfield and they surely do not care if my dog is even still alive, let alone ensuring she receives prompt and convenient care for their errors. Invest in Pet Insurance and stay the heck away from Banfield! - Multiple Instances Scheduling Issues where my texts and emails stated an entirely different time or day than they had me down for! - Several times we were given incomplete medications, improper number, and or attempted to charge us incorrectly. THIS LOCATION specifically is regularly not logging medications charged and dispensed on files and records. - They "QUOTE" us estimates THOUSANDS over what other Banfields actually charged us on our plan. - My dog who loves groomers, vets, and people shakes violently and pants excessively to drool when she ENTERS THIS LOCATION- and has been to her regular location and other care providers since with no reactions,only THIS location. - THEY DISPENSED 6 MONTHS OF FLEA MEDS on 9/8/21 with an EXPIRATION OF 10/21 to my 2.9lb dog!!!!! There is a REASON this, and only this location,regularly has appointmentsnext day or sane week while the others are booked up 2 months out. I will NEVER take a pet here again. Please do not bring your baby here for anything!

Samantha Pico

2 years ago

They NEVER answer their phones. Poor management. Poor staff.

Peter B

2 years ago

In my opinion, this is the worst place to bring a pet, unless you intentionally want to cause your pet harm. I have had multiple experiences with multiple dogs over multiple years. I have never had a good experience…not once. I have had multiple dogs misdiagnosed, and even one instance where I brought in my dog with puncture wounds to the abdomen, and the vet didn’t even notice them, telling me that the dog needed skin cream for his elbow. It took me ten minutes of arguing with the vet over the phone to get him to notice the puncture wounds, which is the only thing I had brought him in for. Yesterday, I brought in my dog Peanut for one thing only… a prescription for seizures. Banfield (as usual) tried to upsell unnecessary testing (that had JUST been performed), and outright refused to prescribe my elderly dog the phenobarbital he needs. Banfield is the most transparently greedy company I have ever encountered. Zero patient care and constant upselling. They predatorily prey on emotional clients to dupe them out of money. If someone doesn’t have an understanding of biology and physiology, they get duped into forking over money for nothing. Yesterday was literally an exercise in extortion. I am filing a complaint with the Attorney General and am considering suing Banfield for breach of contract. The vulture tactics they employ are unacceptable.

Sarah Gerome

2 years ago

We made an appointment a couple of weeks ago for today at noon, just for a consultation with our dog, that’s like a 10 minute long thing. They apparently tried to call us “multiple times” today for us to drop our dog off at 8:45am. We live 20-30 minutes away, so really? They would have had to call us before 8 for that to happen. So, we didn’t get the calls and showed up to our appointment. They tell us they can’t take us because they are overbooked. First off, how do you overbook? People make appointments when you have available slots. If you don’t have available slots, they can’t make appointments. Pretty simple. We won’t ever be going back to this location and we highly recommend you avoid using this vet, they will waste your time and not be accompanying, even if you have an appointment. Complete waste of time and money for gas.

Madison Rozak

2 years ago

BOTCHED SURGERY!!! I had taken my Great Dane there to have a routine gastroplexy and castration on July 19, 2021. He was scheduled with Dr. Harris, but day of surgery she was not there and they convinced me to let their other vet perform the surgery. There were many complications after the surgery (stitches comping out, bleeding, infection) and banfield would not look at him! They performed the surgery and then told me to take him to emergency vets to fix their mistakes. Nearly three months later, several visits to urgent care clinics, and thousands of dollars his incision sight has still not healed! I have taken him to two different vets for opinions and they both confirmed that the surgeon made some serious mistakes. Banfield left stitches in Walter for almost one month and used cheap internal stitches. My new vet confirmed that this should never happen. Banfield is known for giving newer veterinarian experience and exhibits awful customer service and does not care about outcome. I will also add that they had a dozen scheduling mishaps.

Diane Zamora Moonface

2 years ago

They took care of my granddoggie daughter well thumbs up ????

Lillian Richardson

2 years ago

They never answer the phone. Nor do they take complaints seriously.

Christie Abreu

2 years ago

I took my dog here because she was experiencing diarrhea and needed to be checked. We recently switched to the Westlake location, which I prefer 10000% but they did not have any last minute appointments. My dog was there for 6 hours. I get her into the car and noticed her stomach is soak in pee and she has poop all on her side. For a vet place you would think they would take the dogs out to go to the bathroom or at least clean them up if they had an accident. Nope, my dog was covered in her own pee and poop and no one could give me an explanation as to why this happened. I’ll never bring my dog back to the Thousand Oaks location. I rather go to the ER vet than to have my dog at this place.

Adriana Nelson

2 years ago

This hospital shouldn’t be open! When they tell the pet parent that they’ll receive a call shortly, expect a 2.5 hour minimum. A courtesy call would’ve been much appreciated, but that doesn’t even come to mind with the staff here. Very unprofessional in my opinion and I will be telling everyone I know that this specific hospital should be closed. I’ve never had such an issue with other Banfield locations, so it extremely upsets me to have been treated like this by a location associated to Banfield. Would’ve given 0 stars, but it’s not a possibility. If you care for or love your pet, DO NOT COME HERE.

Brandy Coyle

2 years ago

Worst experience. My pup was sick. I made an appt online and received a confirmation from Banfield. Drove over two hours for the appt and when I arrived they said I should have called. Said they would not see me and referred me to an emergency vet that was a 6 hr wait. Every other Banfield I have been to has been outstanding this one was not. He even told me that they did not show any appt for my scheduled time and still refused to see me even though I had a appt confirmation email.

Eric Schmid

2 years ago

On 3 occasions when I bothered to count the meds I bought I found they put the incorrect quantities in the bottles. Also, I realize they have to run a successful business but I don't like all the upcharges and how they keep up selling services and meds that I find out later I don't need. On another occasion I was expecting to discuss services with the vet before they were performed but they only left a VM and did the services anyway so they were unauthorized. It's eroded my trust in the staff and this business. I don't like taking my pets there anymore.

Sierra Helmuth

2 years ago

I went to this location yesterday and I had an amazing experience. The front staff was very helpful, the doctor was amazing and helped me plan future appointments for my puppy. They were very fast and efficient, my puppy came home happy as can be. They even called today to see how my pup is doing after her shots and medications. Outstanding service and we are both looking forward to the next visit!

Estelle Cervantes

2 years ago

Everytime I bring my pet in for his appointments, they take good care of him. I appreicate how they do follow-ups and show concerns for his well-being. Thank you, Bandfield.

Jeffrey Blair

2 years ago

The vets are great, but the communication system is poor. Every time we bring our dog in they ask what medication she's taking without knowing what they have given us the week before. It's as if there's no visibility about previous visits. Overall everyone is friendly, but we've been disappointed about the scheduling process and communication.

Julia Velazquez

2 years ago

I'm giving 3 starts because they were able to get me an apt so quick. That's the only good thing. They did not even get to examine my dog and still charged me the $60 exam fee to basically go over the information I gave them from a previous veterinary clinic. Wait was also horrible. 3 hrs for my dog to sit in a kennel and give no new insight or do an exam to see what's wrong. Prescription was fairly priced and the staff friendly.

Amir Besharat

3 years ago

Beyond horrified. We walked away from here nearly in tears with the way both our dog and our family was treated. In brief, our dog was dropped off and we could not be present due to COVID. It took FOUR hours for our pup to be seen and one hour to have an actual assessment and plan pit in place. Five hours later we received our dog with a lanced open wound and were given NO INSTRUCTIONS on how to manage it. No bandages. No guidance. It’s As though they wanted him to walk away with a new infection. This is an absolute embarrassment and we walked away traumatized. Do not recommend.


3 years ago

The veterinarians here are all very good they are attentive to all your pets needs and their staff are awesome I highly recommend this place

Chris Zeller

3 years ago

Dr Harris is sweet and so is entire staff.

Kiana Lynne

3 years ago

Every person I encountered from the moment I came in was extremely rude to me. If you love your pet the way you would love your child this place is the wrong place. From my experience I would not recommend to anyone.

Lisa Tapia

3 years ago

Very disappointed. I called to schedule an emergency visit for my dog, they did not answer the phone. When prompted to leave a message I did. I called at 9:30 am and it is now 12:20 pm and have not heard back. I will not recommend this Banfield office to anyone. I am very disappointed.

ray hinton jr

3 years ago

Great care for my Husky

rhonda goldsmith

3 years ago

The vetinarians have been very nice and as far as I can tell seem to be competent. However, the front staff are so inefficient and confused, at each and every visit for the past year. Lastly and most importantly, I took my dog for a teeth cleaning and they had him there from 7.30 to 4.30. NEVER AGAIN

Ruby Ortiz

3 years ago

I truly don't get this place. They have appointments for flea/tick treatment. But won't let your pet in if they have fleas or ticks...

Ruth Leon

3 years ago

Excellent location to the freeway, traffic lights, and great parking lot. But the best of all... very friendly staff!! Glad I found them! ????❤

sarah stacpoole

3 years ago

We recently moved from Seattle to LA and loved our Banfield there. They were kind, communicative, and we always had a face-to-face with an actual vet, even during covid. This one, however, butchered our dog and left him with an open wound, zero instructions for wound care, and kept him for over four hours before a vet even saw him. Yes, we understand covid makes things hard, but it doesn’t mean medical negligence is EVER okay. As a doctor and a nurse (albeit the human kind) we get things can be difficult, but this was blatant poor treatment and communication. Our dog had a warm lump that we thought might need to be looked at and possibly drained, though we didn’t see any signs of pus. The vet made a 1” incision, shaved his back, and apparently told the techs to give our dog back with no dressing or covering- just an open wound ripe for infection. Basically, a closed infection became an open one and is now a larger risk. Nothing was draining from it, it was just open, beefy and bloody. We are beyond horrified by this experience, incredibly upset, and devastated that we subjected our poor dog to this type of care.

Janice Melone

4 years ago

Great vet hospital, people are exceptionally nice. It is just very, very expensive, but I suppose all vets are

Blueberry Jamrock

4 years ago

**Aoid this place if you have an AGGRESSIVE animal. I am writing this review for others with an labeled "aggressive" animal. If you want to pay a fortune just to come here an having to come back the next day(another exam fee), with pre meds and with the only option of sedation(1,500$). IS vets who will help your aggressive pet without this being the 1st and only option. Many vets can handle aggressive behavior with no problems. I got Yoni my cat the help she needed at the Cat Dr, they were amazing with her, bill was only 250$ rather than 1,600$+. ???? not happy with the only excuse being "its stresses them out".

Chris H

4 years ago

Dr. Harris and staff are amazing. Always friendly and takes great care of our fuzzy kids.

Jennifer Wilson

4 years ago

Love that it's not inside petsmart!

Jill Rabin

4 years ago

Dr. Hoffman and his staff are great!!!!

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