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Kelly Helfrich

2 years ago

We are visiting the area from British Columbia, Canada. The staff at the clinic was super friendly and Dr. Gill was so amazing! He examined the lump on our cat's neck very gently but thoroughly and offered some great advice. He has family in B.C. and he took his time chatting with us about the current situation there, even though the clinic was super busy. We spend a lot of time down here and will definitely call his clinic again if our senior kitty needs to be seen again. I would highly recommend this clinic for the excellent care and attention we received.

Jenn Pablos

2 years ago

The staff and Dr. are very kind and patient. Love how the Dr explains everything and how he interacts with our furry family member. The staff is always welcoming.


2 years ago

Been with Dr Gill for 15 years. We've had an Akita and adopted boxer/healer, each from 6-8 weeks until passing (our little guy passed last week at 15 1/2 years). The compassion of the ENTIRE staff is second to none. My grandfather was a Vet, and Dr Gill registers right up there with him - my most sincere complement, and recommendation.

Constance Wilkerson

2 years ago

My husband and met doctor Gill through a referral program that saved our family through helping us understand more while educating our children about many topic in animal kingdoms. His wife and kids are so kind CURTIS always patient with our dog marty" Corgie love attentively have treat ever now and than . By chance you need respected help with your pets doctor Gill and his family members are the best .

Scott Sperry

2 years ago

Vail Ranch Veterinary Hosp is the best vet hands down. Twice in the last 6 months they have squeezed us in when not having an appointment. The staff is kind and wonderful. The Doctors are superb. The care they show when treating our dogs is awesome. I highly recommend this vet hospital.

Jodi C

2 years ago

We love Dr. Gill, Dr. Singh and all the staff here. They have taken care of three of our pets from routine puppy care to emergency dialysis when two of our dogs contracted leptospirosis. We have always felt to be in good, kind and caring hands. We have since moved from the area and even now drive the hour and a half to stay in their care. With local vets not making time to see us, we know who to call on for help. I just wished we lived closer. Couldn’t recommend them more.

Jim Seaman

2 years ago

My eighteen year old "Min-pin"; Patsy who survived blindness for the last five years, had a stroke or two and was now in pain and crying to me to take care of her suffering. Friends of the Valley were professional and compassionate to a " T". What I wasn't sure of was handing her off to a stranger for that final Go for a Walk. The young man that came from the back for the hand off couldn't have been more reassuring. He took her in his arms and held her so gently as they went off into the sunset. I THANK YOU with all of my HEART! Jim Seaman

Lynn Ross

2 years ago

I love doctor Gill and doctor Singh it's not that easy to find empathetic Veterinarians anymore

jes davenport

2 years ago

Today was our first visit, the staff was friendly and knowledgeable and seem to really care about thier pet patients.

Cloud Obsolete

2 years ago

I am definitely coming back here. My kitty got a fox tail in his eyeball, but I didn't know until it started swelling up. I called the local area vets, but everyone is booked a week to a month out. Luckily Vale Ranch vet hospital was able to squeeze me in, my kitty was attended to and his eyeball was saved. I really can't stress how much I really appreciate their help and effort in getting the service done ASAP. Dr. Gill and his staff were amazing, very kind and explained everything even though i was a last minute case. THANK YOU!!!

Glenn Johnson

2 years ago

Always great experience. Employees seem to really enjoy their jobs. My wife and I love ur office. Bugsy also ????

John Bayus

2 years ago

Excellent service and staff was very helpful and very good ????

Kat Johnson

2 years ago

Dr. Gill is wonderful and very caring. I have every confidence in him that he will take good care of our pets. The office staff is terrific too.

mark Wilbanks

2 years ago

Dr. Gill took an emergency, stayed after hours to check my Dog Bear out. Really appreciate that kind of service, and would highly recommend Vail Ranch Vet. Awesome Service once again.

Cynthia Torres

2 years ago

Dr. Gill and his staff are #1. He provides exceptional care for all our fur babies. He's compassionate and professional. He recently provided emergency care for my employer's pets as well. We all love you. Thank you for saving our pets lives. You and your staff are GREATLY appreciated. ????????????????

DINO Hageman

2 years ago

We are forever grateful for Dr. Gil and his wonderful staff. They took such wonderful care of our dog during a bit of a risky surgery. We will always take our fur babies to Dr. Gil and the great gals that work there. Thank you all so much!!!

Leland Johnson

2 years ago

They were wonderful and very kind to my dog. Very professional to me as a dog owner.

Sandra Holland

3 years ago

It sounded like a good vet for our 17 month golden retriever to have her checked before she has her 1st litter 2/9 first they call and bump our appointment from 10:30 to 2:30 i was told yesterday 1 person in office, we arrived and find out nobody can go in, it's a new place with new people and our dogs shy so wasn't thrilled about that. After sitting in our car 45 minutes I call to see how much longer, the gal says oh yeah like they'd forgotten we were outside in 46° weather, she said oh doctor has an emergency, I say okay can you find out how long we have to wait. She comes back to the phone and said they have no idea how long it will be so you can wait or come back tomorrow, I said no thanks I'm not driving another hour each way tomorrow and hung up. Their loss we have 4 more dogs at home and they would of had the business to check our pups. Stay clear very unprofessional and unorganized.


3 years ago

Great staff and doctor. Always the best care for animals. You will pay more but the care is worth it.


3 years ago

I’ve been to Vail Ranch Vet hospital only twice since I moved nearby—both for the same thing. My dog struggles with bumpy and itchy skin, leaving her covered and blood from gnawing on herself. We have a donut cone for her and even keep a thin onesie on her to keep her from scratching but even that doesn’t stop her. On my day off from work, I got an appointment and came in to only pay $60 and be rudely spoken to. My intial visit here last October went well (probably because I agreed to picking up the her overpriced prescription meds there) but this time went horrible. Dr. Gil was flat out rude and condescending, gave me no real solution but to have the same meds prescribed. He failed to give her an appropriate examination— what the hell was the $60 for? I left extremely upset. I chose not to have the prescription filled there since it’s expensive and I’d rather have it done elsewhere. The nurse tech Zoie on the other hand was extremely knowledgeable and kind. I would have rather given her $60 herself to do the examination instead of giving my money to Dr. Gil ever again. I won’t be returning here, I don’t tolerate being belittled and Dr. Gil can kiss my *ss for having that attitude.

Viginia Ruger (GingersClassyCrystals)

3 years ago

They take good care of your animal and the prices are very reasonable. I have come here for years and will continue to do so. Highly recommend.

Tim Hoferer

3 years ago

It really bums me out to write this review... in short, VRVH very likely has too many patients. It's always very frustrating to wait an hour (plus) for your appointment when you have an anxious pet that you're trying to keep calm in a waiting room full of other anxious pets. We tolerated the long waits, though, for a number of years because we always felt Dr. Gil was worth it - he is clearly a very capable veterinarian. However, our greatest disappointments concern their handling of our dog's euthanasia as well as the return of her ashes. On January 13th, when we discovered that our beloved German Shepherd needed to be euthanized, my wife called the office, clearly distraught (it was a very sudden diagnosis and euthanasia), and she was forced to hold for what seemed like an excessive amount of time while they figured out how much it would cost to put her down and cremate her. We wrongly assumed that that would be a relatively simple, boilerplate quote. And while it was disappointing in the moment, personally, I chalked it up to our own emotion over everything happening that afternoon. Fast forward 23 days - I called them again today, February 5th, to find out when the ashes of our dog could be expected back at their office. I was asked to hang on while they checked on it. About 4 or 5 minutes later, once their phone system auto re-rang the front desk due to the prolonged wait, the same receptionist picked up the phone and said "Vail Ranch Veterinary Hospital, this is (receptionist's name), how can I help you?" I said "you put me hold several minutes ago to check on the status of my dogs ashes being returned." She said "Oh I'm sorry, things just got real busy here and..." Essentially, it was an "I forgot". Turns out, our dog had been cremated within 4 days of her being put down and her remains had been back at VRVH for likely 7-10 days or so - nobody bothered to call to tell us. And she didn't even remember that I was waiting on the phone for that answer. "We're sorry" she said. "You can come by anytime to pick them (the ashes) up." Well, I did come by - one last time today - and I picked up her ashes... and the engraved cedar box containing her ashes, along with the paw print and all documents and cards from the crematorium, had her name misspelled. We'll fix it on our own. They have a lot to work on at VRVH, in my opinion.

Stephanie S.

3 years ago

We called ahead, booked an appointment and they still had us wait several hours in the car! Seriously... Not 30 min, not one hour but several hours because they messed up and over booked. I would not be as upset it they were more transparent about it instead of telling us how it wouldn't take that long as long as we have an appointment. I see all of these good reviews and would like to give them the benefit of the doubt. But.. I'm not trusting them with my dog any more because they even weighed him incorrectly. On top of all of that they hooked us in over the phone with their first time customer pricing and didn't even apply it to us.

Sophie Wolf

3 years ago

I called for the first time on saturday morning. They took long to answer that i almost hang up. When they answered they put me on hold for almost 10mn, and when she answered back..i asked her a question and she said "let me get your information and i will call you back". She did not call me back, and i wont be waiting forever. This is the type of service they provide. I have 3 cats and they could have gotten a customer for life but no. They are not professional. I will take my bussines somewhere else.

Sandy Potter

3 years ago

You will not find a more caring and xlnt vet office anywhere! Dr. Gill is the main vet and takes his time listening to your pet's problem and after diagnosing explains everything very thoroughly so you understand how to work together with him to best treat your pet. I have 2 dogs with health issues that require extra care and he has kept them in the best of health possible. My one dog is diabetic and without his wonderful care there have been times I thought I would lose him, but Dr. Gill has a "sixth sense" and brought my little guy back to health and leading a happy life. My other dog was misdiagnosed by other vets and Dr. Gill once again pinpointed her problem and she too is back to living her best life. You will not be disappointed in his top notch staff that is so reliable and caring as well. I just wish I had found him sooner! They also do major surgeries and I have seen many great results and happy owners. You can trust that your pet will get the best care ever.

Ryan Wilkins

3 years ago

I love this place staff is so friendly and quick

Ruth Wick

3 years ago

Dr Gil is wonderful and the staff is so helpful and polite. Best veterinary clinic!

Ron Richard

3 years ago

The staff and physician were very accommodating for my dog and his health needs

andrew dalton

3 years ago

I have zero bad things to say. My pug needed an emergency c section to get two pups out that she could not push by herself.. fair pricing Compassionate professional affordable!! 10/10

Hawk - Ashes

3 years ago

They said first timer's exam is $30. We found out on the reciept that they charged us $60. We also waited over 2 HOURS past our appointment time. Watching everyone who came before, AND after us, leave. We were one of the last cars left in the parking lot. Their excuse for both problems: "Because it was a double booking." Full Review: We made a appointment the day before. 12:00PM, and they said it was a 30 dollar visit for first timers. We arrive at the time, and they have a sign that says call us when you arrive. I call and the woman on the phone changed the appointment to a double booking, and it changed to 12:30PM. WE WAITED 2 HOURS PAST OUR APPOINTMENT. Watching everyone before us leave, and the everyone who came in after us, come in and go. They seemed to accept everyone's pets right when they arrived, or they only had to wait for 10-20 minutes until their appointment. Their excuse for us was because we had a "double booking". In between 30 minutes during the wait I had to call, because I was afraid our appointment was skipped. They said because its a double booking, we had to wait longer. In our third time (in between 30 minute breaks) of checking and asking, they finally accepted us. In the end, they charged us 60 dollars for the visit alone- (not adding the antibiotics cost) And when we explained that we were told that they charge 30 for first time dogs, once again they said. "Because it was a double booking." Some of the staff seemed friendly, and the Doctor himself seemed to care a little about my dog. 30 dollars may not seem like a lot of mone to be overcharged with, but the way they did it with us ONLY FINDING OUT WE WERE CHARGED 60 ON THE RECIEPT, felt underhanded and sneaky. And it felt like the "double booking" excuse once again, (when we asked) was just only an excuse. We kept it cordrial and polite from start to end. But can't help but leave feeling like we got screwed over and our paitence was really tested. In the end, our dog did get vaccined and her foot patched up so nicely, the job was done. And I appreciate they told me how to do aftercare for my dog, however the rest of the experience was too negative and was enough for us to decide to try another vet. We recently moved to Temecula. And this was our first try at a vet in this city. I hope the others in this town wont treat us like this.

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