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jo garcia

2 years ago

I can't say enough of the caring staff that works here.

Joe Maerkle

2 years ago

Recently brought my dog in and they really took care of him! Wasn't a long wait either

Christopher Tompkins

2 years ago

Well, it's kinda the only place to take you pet in an Emergency... problem is, they know it and charge very high prices. Kinda impersonal due to Covid, but I understand that... DEFINITELY take your pet here in an emergency.. they will do EVERYTHING in their power to help.. :)

Edgar Jaime Aguilar

2 years ago

You guys are awesome thanks !!

Larry Williams

2 years ago

Great place to know about if you have a pet emergency. Great staff and an excellent Doctor.

Paul Dawson (StrangerFings)

2 years ago

Was unable to help, just sent me to another vet because they were packed at 10pm at night

Kristian Munnikhuis

2 years ago

Terrible doctor. Told us to call poison control after we brought in our dog. We brought him in for eating chocolate, had no idea how much was too much, was asking us how much theobromine was in our chocolate. We told her it was 160 g of milk chocolate, she thought it was 160 g of theobromine and started telling us our dog was going to die, while also asking if we thought it was toxic and asked what we had googled. We DONT KNOW, THATS WHY WE BROUGHT IT TO A VET. I know vets still have to have some medical training so not understanding “160 g of substance =/= 160 g of the ingredient in it” is pretty sad. Did i mention this took 3 hours? 3 hours for our vet to ask us if we thought our dog was poisoned. when you go to a vet you hope they have some professional and academic experience that isnt found on google. Waste of time and money.

Noah Green

2 years ago

I had to take my cat here and they were very helpful and got my kittie the help she needed

Brandy Rowland-Wade

2 years ago

They helped my little man, Templeton, when no one else would. I think that says a lot.

Susan Howard

2 years ago

One minute Said to come down. Then when I get there, changed their mind and said I had an hour wait. I went elsewhere.


2 years ago

This place sucks... I took my dog because he was really sick (throwing up, diarrhea and blood in his stool) and they told me I had to wait 8 hours... They told me I would get a call back within 8 hours... 4 days later I get a call saying, we are now next to be seen... SCREW THIS EMERGENCY PET CLINIC...

Melody Young

2 years ago

HORRIBLE!! They left my beloved Mastiff Atlas sit unattended for ELEVEN HOURS!! His urine went from yellow with blood in it to STRAIGHT BLOOD, foamy red blood. And they had the audacity to give me hope with $3000 worth of tests! Maybe if you had hydrated him as soon as you admitted him & got some hydration thru his kidneys. I explained about the abrupt food change. Just putting that into google it comes up every time pancreatic complications - life threatening if not seen by a competent vet. I would never use them again nor do I recommend their services!!!

Lorena De La Huerta

2 years ago

Very friendly and hopeful thank you for your time and help with our baby

kr w

2 years ago

Had to come all the way down from Hemet to this place and they are 24 hours. Cannot go in so that was a bummer but they communicated well with what was going on via texting, phone and email while we waited in the car; I'm not a professional veterinarian so I don't know how to rate their ability.

Katie Turner

2 years ago

My cat very rapidly developed a swollen jaw, excessive drooling, and was in so much pain she could not swallow or completely close her mouth. I appreciate that they were able to give her fluids and something for the pain to keep her stable, but they are not equipped to diagnose or treat anything wrong with the head or mouth, and rather than immediately recommend my family head straight to a vet that can do that, they had us wait all day to perform x-rays on her abdomen, because they convinced themselves that drooling and refusing to eat or drink was not related to the facial swelling and extreme jaw pain. How is that logical? They completely ignored the obvious issue to go on a wild goose chase that prolonged the pain my cat is in. The x-rays predictably showed nothing of major concern in her abdomen and her labs just indicated infection and inflammation somewhere in the body, which is very clearly in her mouth/head. They sent her home after hours of holding her at their facility with a bill over $1000 (half of it being from just the unnecessary abdominal x-rays), now bleeding from her mouth, and with no copy of the labs they performed to give to a vet that can diagnose and treat her.

Jennie Freeman

2 years ago

Although it felt like it took forever, my nugget is alive because of this place. I have to thank the hole crew for saving her life with in the financial limites I had to give them. Thank you with all my heart ❤.

Jeanna Smith

2 years ago

Never can get in this place. You call, they say they at capacity, sorry. After I said a few choice words they did offer to send a vet tech out to look at my dog, for which I am grateful. This isn't the first time and same thing happened to my buddy a few weeks ago. Don't know how all the emergency vets in the valley are always full if no one can get in.

Anthony Dorado

2 years ago

The doctor and staff were very professional they kept us updated on my animal's situation and explain to us in great detail how to care for her afterwards Would recommend them without a doubt

Tom Fabek

2 years ago

This place is very, very expensive. The staff during the day flat out lies about wait times and are very unprofessional and unpleasant. Especially a girl named Desiree. As unprofessional as they come. She has a serious attitude problem. BEWARE ! 'I'd turn back if I were you.'

Thomas Felch

2 years ago

All they wanted was money they didn't help the dogs for hours even after I gave them 5700 which was more than the quote they were just in trusted in more money and knew they wouldn't survive gave them the money than 2 hrs later was told they would have never survived


2 years ago

They are always in full capacity and 8 hours Wait, so this is not emergency it’s a vet that opens 24 hours Disappointed

Shannon Restifo

2 years ago

I want to say that I am very satisfied with the care and attention my fur baby received recently. They gave me peace of mind that he was in good hands and even sent pictures of how he was doing as he was receiving oxygen. Thankful for all those that took care of him.

Rocio Lopez

2 years ago

Beware of this so called pet clinic! They are a complete joke! My dog who had a deep opened wound on her neck was taken in at 3pm, we were told that she would be out of there before 6pm, however we never got a call. So I gave them a call around 6:20pm and my dog still hadn’t had her blood drawn or x-rays done. I told them that if they were going to take any longer to take her in, to let me know, so that way I could take her to another hospital, but they said they were going to take her into surgery. I gave them some more time to finish. Hours passed and I still don’t hear from them, next thing you know I get a call at 3am saying surgery is done and I could pick up my dog. I was livid at this point! How is it possible that my dog has been there for 12hrs?! And to top it off I was not getting any updates and they were not forthcoming about how long it was actually going to take. I could have taken my dog elsewhere, but instead this hospital preferred to keep her and disregard my wishes. This place is just in it for the money! Do not waste your time by bringing your per here! Pets deserve more than what they have to offer! If you do decide to risk your pets life by bringing them here, make sure Timothy does not help you, he is so ill-disposed!

Renee Cruz-Lopez

2 years ago

My son brought our small dog Chloé to them due to an emergency, she is likely and was attacked by a large dog. Her left eye was hanging out of her socket. All they did was put a cone on her neck gave her gabapinten and told my son to fix Chloé 's eye would be between 1800 and 2300 dollars to fix the eye and that she could live a happy normal life with the one eye removed. But he was told if you can't afford the surgery put her to sleep. Wow I was shocked that they were that unsympathetic. I would never take another dog of mine there. EVER.

John Bowers

2 years ago

Brought our baby in because she was throwing up blood and had blood in her stool so 1000.00 later after x rays and supposedly blood work she is "parasite" free and didnt see anything wrong THIS MORNING SHE WOULDNT EAT AND PASSED A WORM THAT WAS OVER A INCH LONG !!!! Did anything get done for our thousand dollars

Aaron Drake

2 years ago

They were very good with my Lab that needed stitches.

Ashley Aliko

2 years ago

They are amazing! Kind, understanding, caring, and considerate. Knowledgeable. Ready to help and give guidance. They helped Lili recover from a strange eye injury. Grateful for them!

Diana Cannizzo

2 years ago

I called the clinic an hour before we got there to let them know we were coming. They told me to call when I got there and they would come out and get my cat. So I did that and they said we will be right there. An hour later and 15 minute on hold phone call and they said, " oh we'll be right there. " I'm assuming they forgot about us. Then they took my cat and 5 minutes later came out and said it would be an 8 hour wait. They knew it was 8 hours when I called them in the beginning and didn't tell me. I said no thank you please give me my cat back I'll see his regular vet in the morning, which is about when you guys would see him. She said are you sure? I asked back "are you?" They were unprofessional and scattered. I'm glad I didn't trust my animal to them. Update: My cat needs surgery to get rid of a huge abcess on his face. He has a temp of 104 and is currently at his vet who took him in immediately.

Jenee Amador

2 years ago

I hate leaving bad reviews but wanted to share the experience of this clinic today. I have sent many doggy parents here Due to word of mouth that they were less expensive than most emergency places & the staff were very caring . Sadly this is NOT the case. We brought in a very sick dog & with most vets an itemized estimate is prepared & given so that we know how much each item costs, what services are being rendered & honestly what to expect. They have refused to give an itemized estimate. We do not know what meds are being given or what procedures are being done. We do not think our dog is or will be receiving quality care. In all fairness the girls were very caring. However the young man extremely unprofessional & not a care in the world. Typical snippy ,arrogant person just collecting a paycheck. We will be taking the matter to a higher level & definately an inspection into this place will be on that list.

Juanita La Shell

2 years ago

Great Dane needed an emergency hysterectomy, she's doing great! Smooth process.

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