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Vincent Wang

2 years ago

The pricing here is ridiculous. Think twice before coming here if you don’t have insurance for your pets. And apparently Dr Ken was very unhappy when I turned down his suggestions to do all exams and tests which add up to $1000. And he still charged $90 for 15 min checking by hands.

Sam HB

2 years ago

We just moved to Sunnyvale recently. I wanted to take Leon to see a vet for blood work and a dental exam. Dr. Sawyer wasn't available today, but another vet filled in for him. She was kind and gentle with Leon. The estimates for dental cleaning were fair. We are scheduled to come back for the dental cleaning next week. Total for today (exam, fecal, blood work, anesthesia deposit) and dental cleaning next week comes out to approximately $1k. The vet tech stated that future dental cleanings will be 50% off if we stick to a yearly follow up cleaning which is awesome because I want to keep him healthy and this will help me do that. Front desk vet techs were friendly and efficient. Barring anything that might pop up in the future, MAP gets 5 stars.

Adriana Yarleque

2 years ago

We moved up north in June and needed a good vet for our 3 very different fur babies, Roxy (Shih Tzu/Lhasa Apso - 13), Luna (Goldendoodle - 2), and Nugget (Shortybull -1.5). We made an appointment for a wellness check-up and just a few concerns for all 3. The crew was SO patient with the 3 of them and it was their first visit as a blended furmily so the energy was high. Even though it was our first visit, we were so please with the compassion and attention to each one of them. We have found our vet and we're looking forward to a long and healthy life under Murphy Avenue Pet Clinic's care.

Leona karageorge

2 years ago

This clinic and the staff meet all of the above . I felt immediately at ease in a new environment and am much impressed with Dr. Sawyers interaction with Murphy and me.

Rachel D.

2 years ago

Friendly doctor and office staff. They care so much for the animals and give top-notch care.

Linda McGahen

2 years ago

Dr. Sawyer and staff have been wonderful with care of or 3 [old] kitties!

Suiyi Fu

2 years ago

They scheduled an appointment with my cat and forgot about it. Left me waiting outside for 40 minutes. What's ironic is that after they saw my review, the are not willing to see my pet and kick me off.

Animesh Kumar ansa0972

2 years ago

Very responsive. Dr Ken Sawyer took an General Exam of my Champ (husky puppy) . Excellent services . Clear behavioral and dietary instructions and explanation of an husky . You can totally rely on Dr Ken . Loved it !

Michele Bailey

2 years ago

Top notch veterinary care! Kind and caring staff. If you want your pet to get the best one-on-one care in the area, this is the place to go.

Sierra Cocoziello

2 years ago

Ken is great! I really trust his advice for what to do with Phinney, our Newfypoo puppy. We have traveled a lot in the last few months and they have also been great in sharing his records and helping me to make sure Phinney gets what he needs regardless of where we are. I’m incredibly happy we chose Murphy Ave Pet Clinic!

David Kesting

3 years ago

This local vet manged my families cat and now manages our new puppy. Ken is very kind and the puppy always likes him. The location is convenient as it’s by downtown and the Sunnyvale train station. Vet has two entrances to isolate cats and dogs.

Douglas Dollars

3 years ago

Always professional, quick, and relevant advice. Glad to have a good Veterinary office in their area!

Elise Sias

3 years ago

We love Murphy Ave pet clinic!!! Dr Sawyer and his staff are the best. Dr Sawyer treated my cat Neptune (you can see Neptune in the mural on the side of the building!) until he was 20 years old! And now we take our sweet 7 year old Kitkat to see him. Thank you Murphy Ave!!!

Jhoselyn Garcia

3 years ago

Dr. Murphy is one of the best veterinarians I’ve ever met, he truly makes you feel comfortable in making the best decision for your pets health. I was truly amazed and happy with the fact that Dr. Murphy comes outside of the building and speaks to you through your car window just having the face-to-face conversation at a safe social distancing makes a true difference. My last couple visits to the veterinarians have been wonderful. Sapphire (my dog) recovered wonderfully from her surgery.

Kevin Lam

3 years ago

Great service, kind people that provide lovely aid. They provide great transparency in terms of what they find and are doing really well with COVID preventative measures


3 years ago

Dr. Sawyer is great, good staff, no complaints here

Lauren Principi

3 years ago

Dr. Sawyer is a great vet, really cares about animals. He's very detailed and understands concerns and will walk you through any questions you have. All of the staff are awesome as well, really friendly and happy to be there. Our dog loves going to the vet and gets excited when we pull up, even if she's there for treatments she doesn't necessarily like. Can't recommend enough!

William Rassieur

3 years ago

Took good care of our kitty.

Alex Lin

4 years ago

Dr. Sawyer is more than just my dog's vet; to my dog he's a friend to look forward to hanging out with every visit!

Ava Vellotti

4 years ago

1.0 star rating 2/7/2019 My experience with this vet's office was not good. We made an appt for our cat, but when we got to the office in the morning- the door was locked. This was a full 90 minutes after the place was supposed to open, so I was not sure what was happening. I rang the doorbell twice, and I could see a person through the window sitting at a desk and I could also hear the doorbell as I rang it but no one came. So, I wound up calling by phone and the vet himself answered and came to the door. He said it was "cute" that I did that, but I did not think this was very funny. It just went downhill from there. They tried taking my cat's temp with a rectal thermometer, which I have never seen used at a vet before, but the tech was not able to do this so both my son and myself tried to hold down my very normally sweet cat. I felt bad having to try to compress my own cat into submission. We are new to the area, however I am used to the vet's office having a modern ear thermometer which almost instantly and compassionately gives a reading. The tech ultimately gave up, so she added in the vet and they held my poor cat down for a full 15 seconds which of course traumatized her so much that she would up pooping in the corner when they let her go. I have a lot more I could detail here, but the upshot is that the vet diagnosed a bacterial and yeast infection in her ears and a respiratory condition. We paid $422 and were presented with paperwork for subsequent recommended procedures for a complete blood workup for my older cat of $800 and a tooth extraction for a minimum of $1500 and up to $2300 depending on how many teeth she needed pulled which would not be known until she was actually under anesthesia. I felt throughout that money was more important than care, especially since paperwork with additional treatments was presented to us even before the current diagnosis was given. We were not given any pricing choices or pluses/minuses as to what kind of antibiotic would be used or even what kind of ear drops, which I would really have appreciated. If you are looking for a modern vet who presents you with choices for treatment, I would recommend going somewhere else.

Diane Williams

4 years ago

Dr. Sawyer and his staff are the best. I would highly recommend them. I took my dog there from the time he was a puppy until he was almost 18 years old. Now we have a cat and I am taking him there.

grace meneses

4 years ago

Great staff great care for my dogs

kaveh seivani

4 years ago

Dr. Sawyer and MAPC staff are very kind, friendly and helpful. I found Dr.Sawyer very knowledgeable, caring and passionate. I strongly recommend MAPC if you are in this neighborhood.

Kelly Digiovanni

4 years ago

Great service. Dr. Ken Sawyer was compassionate and explained everything .

Laura Mandell

4 years ago

I was very unimpressed by Dr. Sawyer and his clinic. We were there because my cat had been vomiting hairballs more frequently than usual and also needed her annual shots. The vet tech was downright surly and had a difficult time taking my cat’s temperature rectally, which upset my cat. When I met Dr. Sawyer he was not very friendly and did a very brief examination and then left the room. The vet tech returned about 5 minutes later and presented me with an estimate for more than $800 and 10+ procedures. The tech didn’t bother to explain anything, just handed me the piece of paper. The tech left and Dr. Sawyer returned, and gave me a big frown when I questioned the necessity for $800 worth of procedures. We ended up just doing blood tests (kitty was fine, it turns out) and the bill was something like $350. I spoke to a vet friend who recommended i give my cat some OTC hairball relief medicine, which cost me $15 at Petco. Kitty stopped vomiting hairballs and now gets regular hairball medicine. This vet only cares about the $$$$ and not your pet or their humans. I will not be going back to this clinic and kitty will get her shots elsewhere.

Robin Y C

4 years ago

A good friend of mines cat just passed away due to mis diagnosis on kidney problem before a abscess was removed surgically on the 17 year old kitty also estimate given extremely higher than all other vets in the area and no in office pharmacy all needs ordered online


4 years ago

Dr. Sawyer is kind and thorough. Prices are higher here than some other places, but your money goes towards a much higher standard of care and safety, with the option to decline individual charges by line item. There are 2 steps to get in the door but there are mechanical exam tables in the rooms to lift pets from the ground.

Verónica Osuna

4 years ago

Everybody here is really nice, kind and super caring. Diego my cat loves Dr. Sawyer and all of his staff...I love them too!!!

W Minor

4 years ago

If I move out of the area; I still won’t change my vet. Helpful, honest and flawless customer service.

William Brenegar

4 years ago

Great Doctor and Staff exceptionally clean and calming atmosphere. Both pet and owner feel relaxed . And no bad or chemical smells. Elsa my pup gives it a 4 PAWs rating.

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