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a year ago

The worst experience I have ever had they canceled my puppy's surgery because I complained on yelp do not go to this place my puppy has been waiting 2 weeks I can't believe this is legal I'm seeking legal help and reporting this place to the bbb do not go here

Stephenie Tesoro

a year ago

They turn your panic into profit! I witnessed THREE PETS DIE in a span of 4 hours at this place. They kept stalling saying my girl was still undergoing "diagnostics", but when I told them to stop what they were doing and give her to me immediately, they magically produced all $900-worth of tests in minutes, most of which I'm sure were unnecessary. It felt like they were holding my pet hostage to extract as much pain AND CASH out of me as possible.

Christina Hernandez

a year ago

I had to post a positive review because I feel this place doesn’t deserve the low rating that it currently has! My beloved kitty was referred to this place by my vet after he began vomiting blood. From the jump, the staff was extremely kind and compassionate as I sent in my kitty for an overnight stay and additional testing. Unfortunately, they found cancer. I chose to do the palliative care route, and they discharged my baby in a timely manner with all his meds. We’ve been in constant contact ever since about symptom management and general advice. I want to thank Dr. Hernandez, Dr. Tucker, Angel the Vet Tech, and everyone else who’s been involved in making my fur child’s passage into the afterlife a smooth and comfortable one! Also, for the personalized service and nice facilities, the pricing is cheaper than MASH.

Kelsey Kotler

a year ago

I had an amazing experience here today! I had an appointment for an Internal Medicine consult with Dr. Chaplow. My 140lb Saint Bernard is fearful; for his safety, he wears a muzzle and utilizes tranquilizers for vet visits. The staff was understanding, compassionate, and patient with the unique needs of my pet. They allowed us to wait in a room instead of the waiting room to minimize his stress. The techs were wholly focused on creating a positive and fear-free experience for Summit and despite Summit looking like Hannibal Lecter in his muzzle, they were kind to him and gave him lots of affection. Dr. Chaplow is an incredibly knowledgeable and well-spoken veterinarian. She spent a long time talking with me and made sure all my questions were answered and to ensure I left with full understanding of what's going on with my dog. She was patient with my questions, reassuring in her assessment, and did not rush the process at all. She was thorough and detailed in the way she studied my pets records from his regular/referring veterinarian. Overall an excellent hospital with kind and competent staff. Thank you!

Soheila Saadat

a year ago

True care communication and service is terrible. I took my dog to emergency in The afternoon and did not hear anything till next day around noon I called them to get update on my dog situation. Everytime they put me on hold and did not come back. I had to call 11 times to be able to get imformed about my dog situation. Even then as the doctor was explaining in the middle an emergency came up and he had to go. This was 3 hours ago ago and I have not heard from them yet. They are very busy and take more pets than they can give service.

Molly Thompson

a year ago

Took my corgi in for canine bloat and his care team was great. Since this was a serious emergency, they took him in right away and got him the care he needed even though so many other places were booked! Receptionists were friendly, offered updates, and answered questions. Discharge instructions were very thorough, and the vet/care staff was great. He's doing much better.

Nancy Jundi

a year ago

So many issues and terrifying experiences here. Thankful my pups are okay and there are a plethora of other options within eyeliner of this place. Never going back here.

ima_ stuff

a year ago

Been here 4 hours. They can't tell what's wrong with my cat so they want to keep overnight and run diagnostics with a specialist. Wanted me to already pay $3500.00 for blanket services since they don't know what type of diagnostics they will run. Imagine paying that much for a line description of "hospitalization" and that's it. Then I decide to get a second opinion and ask for a discharge and another hour or so for giving me my cat back? And the discharge fee had more notes under that $150.00 charge than the $3500.00 estimate with a one line vague description/itemization. Seems like a money pit, preying on people's love for their pets.

Artur Harutyunyan

a year ago

My dogs paw was swallowing and infected. Because of the thanksgiving holiday all vet clinics were closed and I found this one. So I called and explained the issue. The nurse or whoever helped me over the asked to bring the dog to check but warned that the wait time is about 2 to 3 hours. It took me 30 minutes driving to get to clinic. Upon arrival the front desk employee was very rude and made a comment that I shouldn’t bring my dog because it’s not an emergency. I explained that was advised to bring in the the dog and she’s like” fine but the wait time is 6 to 8 hours”. I waited about 30 and the place didn’t look busy at all and at 5 to 6 staff workers were chilling outside. I just got upset and left the place. I wouldn’t recommend taking your pets here. It seems like they don’t care about our pet at all.

Audrey Cook

a year ago

We spent 8 hours here on a Sunday because my 2 year old dog had blood in his urine. I called 15 other emergency vets in the area and no one could take him. I was a bit hesitant because of the low rating but we had a really great experience here. They quoted us 6+ hours when I called so we knew we'd be there for a long time and planned ahead. My dog was seen after an hour and a half. The vet and all the staff were extremely friendly and kind. The waiting room is clean, inviting and has coffee, tea, water, tissues, etc. They have really clean bathrooms- it's not the worst place to have to spend 6+ hours. They gave us treatment options and helped us make an informed decision about our pet. I would definitely recommend this place. Its also conveniently located to many shops so my husband and I took a 3 hour walk around the neighborhood while we waited. Thanks to everyone at True Care. It was a nice experience in a bad situation and they took great care of us and our dog.

Claudia Palacios

a year ago

the wait is ridiculous I called saying my dog lethargic and sever pain can't even walk and the receptionist just put her as lethargic and I text them saying I see people coming after me and they taken in first they like they are emergency am like no these dogs are walking looking perfectly fine when mine isn't even moving just laying there..... I got a tech that has I don't care face African American I know its not her fault but be a little compassionate about our fur babies I dont think I'll be coming here again

fara amir

a year ago

I get here from 11A.M or earlier at this animal hospital, and it is 7:30 P.M and I still here in hospital for nothing. She is kind of ok, ... and they telling me they need 1 more hours for just writing a infection prescription,... it doesn't make sense at all. I've never ever going to come back here. Don't waist your time here. I paid 1250$... to them to do nothing useful to find out my cats problem. They just waist my time and my money. They just care about that did I have a mask all these hours or not in a big lobby that nobody is sitting here

gingi rochelle

a year ago

This is the worst vet I have ever been to. My dog was having breathing problems at 10p at night where I rushed her to True CAre Pets (They were NOT answering the phone EVER) once I got there I didn't hear her breathing anymore. The techs rushed outside after I banged on the glass door for assistance (the door is locked and need to buzzed inside). The got her out of the car and I asked was there a heartbeat (in retrospect she may have not been breathing anymore and may h ave expired already). They said she had a heart beat (they told me this by hold her, not medically checking), they rushed her in and then called for me to come to the glass door to ask if they should administer CPR (I am thinking 'of course' why else is she there). I said yes. Moments later they asked me to come inside to tell me that she doesn't have a heart beat should they still continue to try (I said yes) and they then told me that she has expired and do I want to see her. I am in disbelief, i can't believe she's dead. I said yes I want to see her, they brought her into a room for me to see her, a dr finally came to tell me that they tried and she didn't make it. He asked me if she had any issues which she didn't. I was left in the room until I came out and I asked the receptionist at the desk, "what do I owe you?" He said, "did anyone talk to you about prices, which i answered NO." He then said "then you are fine." I asked are you sure? He said wait a second to return and tell me $700.00. I gasped with "For what?" He said they tried CPR for more than 10 minutes. Then he offered if I take her (My dead dog) myself it may save me some money to have have her discarded on my own. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. They had no sensitivity, she was probably expired in my car already but no one told me and charged me $700.00 for 10 minutes of CPR. They shouldn't be in business for this kind of treatment. Please be ADVISED. THE worse experience ever for the worse situation to ever deal with your PET. They should be reported to Better Business Bureau for price gauging. I didn't have the time to research a vet while in my emergency but I hope someone reads this before they take their pet to this operation. Terrible operation.

Jennifer Patino

a year ago

Worst care! They just care about your money and not what’s best for your pet! Seriously horrible!!

Jaclyn Simon

a year ago

I just finished my appointment and wanted to post how great this place is. I’m baffled by the bad reviews. The staff was kind, efficient and fast. The doctor was excellent and diagnosed my kitty properly (it was good news). They corrected her medication and I am on my way home. My experience was great.

The Singing Stager

a year ago

These people butchered my dog.This was there Entropion surgery. Clearly wasn’t an experienced doctor. 3 weeks later we had to rush her to the Er because her eyes were worse. It turns out that the stitches WERE NOT DISSOLVABLE like they told me. This is not a real veterinarian. You have to pay them Venmo to a personal account. RUN and don’t be desperate. Your animal is worth more. Lesson learned.

Ryan Krieger

a year ago

They went above and beyond for me. My dog is at the end of her life, and they did everything they could to keep her comfortable within my budget. My experience was great


a year ago

I had to put my cat to sleep after I Paid Them $1,100 If you want your pet to get help Don’t go here! They Don’t do anything until you PAY All They Care about is $$ I got there at 1pm gave them my cat & paid them $1,100. I brought my 3 yr old male cat here for a UTI I Told Them He had with a possible blockage from crystals in his urine can be caused from dry food. I was feeding him Rachael Ray Nutrish cat food. ????????That $1,100. only covered X-rays, blood work, urinalysis. See attached bills!! I Told Them he was in pain he couldn’t pee for 2 days just dripping out. They knew he needed a catheter put in why didn’t they do that FIRST ASAP add that to first $1,100. Bill I Paid?! They never gave him any pain medication or antibiotics he suffered for more then 10 hours there! I brought my cat in at 1 PM the nurse said they were not busy that day. The doctor calls me at 5:30pm told me his bladder and kidneys were huge cuz of a partial blockage. Dr C (is terrible) trying to charge me another $4,400. to hospitalize him for kidney damage after they let him suffer & Get Worse for 10 More Hours “In Their Care”! I think they knew he was not going to survive after suffering for another another 10 hours with no medicines & they were trying to get as much money out of me as they could! I asked her to please put the catheter in my cat he’s about to pop! The lowest $ they could go was $1,300! I already paid them $1100 they were holding the catheter hostage as my cat is suffering for another 10 hours with them!! I ended up putting him to sleep!!!! ???????? They Sneak in add/charge extra $ for miscellaneous or medications to go home & miscellaneous procedures or labs $150, $300, $400, $500! Look at bottom of bills!! They hope you don’t notice that!!!!!

kirstee ryan

a year ago

They are great!! My dog had a medical emergency and they were wonderful and took her info and had us come in right away! Kept us updated. 5 star

Katja Hinds

a year ago

Waited a very long time for a diagnosis that was not correct.

Silas Bastos

a year ago

STAY AWAY FROM THIS PET HOSPITAL They simply closed the oncology department without any notice I’m still waiting on a miracle to find an oncologist that will accept an emergency patient last minute. Every oncologist in LA is booked out until next year, January or February. How can they interrupt such a cancer treatment without any notice or sending the patients to different facilities to get treatment. Your staff is rude, have no knowledge or how to talk to human beings in distress. They are irresponsible, negligent and this should be considered criminal! The manager, Lindsay is disgusting! That’s the only word use to describe her. She should not have a position that allows her to talk to patients due to her lack of humanity and common sense. The amount of stress this has caused me… I can’t slept, I can’t work, I’m living in hell because of this “hospital”. This has caused me the most severe emotional distress and it’s causing me issues due to the amount of stress.

B Brown

a year ago

D0 NOT BRING YOUR PETS HERE!!! This is by far the worst experience I've ever had in my life! A few weeks ago, my dog hurt his leg trying to jump off a table, so I brought him here. They told me 2-4 hour wait, I needed up waiting almost 8 hours. I paid $900 just for my dog to get an xray and some pain medicine just for them to tell me at the end, "they didn't know what was wrong with his leg" then they tried to pass me off to a surgeon who wanted to do surgery on my dogs leg and give him a screw, at a cost of $9000!! These people are CROOKS. At the end of the night when I finally got my dog back, he was covered in URINE, with a chip bleeding nose. The staff were also SUPER RUDE!! My dog was back fine and walking by next week without the surgery! This place is a NIGHTMARE! Please beware!

J Noble

a year ago

The vet here was so compassionate and understanding. My problem was with the receptionist being rude and giving attitude while i literally just got told my dog was dead. I will never excuse how someone can have no compassion towards someone who just lost their baby. You shouldn’t be annoyed at a patients owner for crying literally just crying. Apart from that I wasn’t even allowed inside except to say my good byes so there i was on Ventura Blvd just crying while people are walking by staring. I will never come back and I will never forgive that receptionist. Don’t get a job based on the money if you can’t even treat your customers with care. The only reason I gave 1 Star is because the doctor who treated my baby did a great job.

Junior Correa

a year ago

Great staff! Everyone was very caring and knowledgeable, especially Annabelle who paid extra attention to my pupp kept me updated at all times. Really mad me feel at ease. Highly recommend

Miriam Galli

a year ago

DO NOT BRING YOUR PET HERE IF YOU LOVE THEM! SERIOUSLY!! My dog was being treated for cancer at this place. I went there last time on Friday, Dr. Jennifer Pierro is great! She it was a life or death situation and he needed treatment ASAP! X-ray results were needed in order to start. I called the hospital today, Wednesday (5 days later because I didn’t hear from them) and I was told there was no more oncology. They didn’t communicate with the patients about eliminating the department. I was simply told to “use google” and. Find a new vet. They didn’t send the X-ray results and medical records until I begged. I spent thousands of dollars on Friday on tests and they didn’t even have the decency to call me to tell me about the results or to give me a referral. They didn’t plan or care about the other of animals lives, that they gave a death sentence to, like they did to my dog. My dog without immediate treatment has about one month to live and there’s no oncologists in LA available before January. I submitted a complaint over email informing them that their handling of the situation was going to cost my dog’s life. I received a call from them, I thought they were going to help me find an oncologist, apologize or empathize with my pain. But NO, Ms. Lindsay Lewis called to harass me and threaten to press charges against me. Falsely accusing me of saying things I didn’t, on my email. I asked if she would like to apologize for the pain and emotional damage this has caused me. She and sarcastically said, “No, I have nothing to say to you”. Mr Morgan Cavanaugh should be ashamed of the business he owns and the people that are managing it. Your carelessness and negligence dealing with lives is despicable and immoral!

Matthew Stein

a year ago

We had a really incredible experience with TrueCare and specifically Dr Lottati...we woke up one morning to find our dog lethargic and he could barely lift himself or walk. He is only 7 and a very athletic dog so this was an absolute shock so we took him to an urgent care that did all they could for him and then told us we needed to take him to a specialty hospital. They helped facilitate a transfer and Dr Lottati took over his care. She ran tests, communicated with me frequently, and walked me through the whole process what her theory was and how we would validate. After a night in the hospital, lab results came back and her theory was correct and his results were consistent with an auto immune disease. She put him on a treatment plan and my dog is nearly back to himself. He will never be the same because the auto immune disease attacked his joints causing early onset arthritis but he is happy, healthy, and back to being able to run, jump, and play with me like he used to. Couldn't have asked for better treatment and so grateful for the help and continued support we get from TrueCare

Rachel Chaires

a year ago

Posting here what I posted on yelp: When we found out our dog had cancer, we had a hard time finding an oncologist but were lucky to find Dr. Pierro and her wonderful team, who have been providing excellent care to our dog for the last couple of months. How disheartening to find out 3 days before our follow-up appointment that we should not show up as planned because the oncology department is officially closed. I got a list of new offices, and our full medical file, but now we have to start over. I was told they'd fill any Rx I needed to hold us over until an appointment with a new oncologist, but when I called the next day, they wouldn't help and told me I could find what I was looking for over the counter "at Costco or something." (Spoiler alert - not available. It's not an urgent med, but not OTC nonetheless.) My heart is broken for all the families who learned they also needed to find a new oncologist last minute. For a service so important and desperately needed, especially in the San Fernando Valley, the utter disregard for the families by giving zero time deserves zero stars. I hope I find Dr. Pierro at a new office soon - she's GREAT!

tiffany orozco

a year ago

I was hesitant to bring my kitten here but they were the only ones after calling 100 emergency care centers who would take her. The experience was great they were super nice and helpful. Above all they were super understanding and caring for baby Kala. They ended up referring me to kinder4pets which was more within my budget for surgery. In the process of healing her. Thank you so so much for all of your help ✨???? Kala and I are eternally grateful

Clay Newman

a year ago

Way too expensive to make people wait 6+ hours just to be seen

Kristen Baird-Goldman

a year ago

I never write reviews. However, BE WARNED - DO NOT take your pet here. From the front desk all the way through to the vets, the staff is completely incompetent. I had an urgent emergency, dog not breathing well, and it took them forever to finally come retrieve him from the parking lot after me calling them several times to ask why no one has taken him yet. Told me I had to fill out paperwork first, blah blah. Finally they came to get him and told me it could be 8 hours before treating him. I continued to tell them his breathing is labored and he cannot wait that long. Was told they would take his vitals and then call me. 10 mins later someone comes out and escorts us into the facility. I started to get worried. I was told he was on oxygen, but not in critical condition and I need to give them $1000 to run tests. Vet assistant also said we could go home and wait 3-4 hours before we would hear from the vet. Not even an hour later, I get a call from the treating vet telling me he has a condition with his lung and they need to do surgery and all the details. Basically telling me my dog will probably die and if I want to pay to have him resuscitated if needed. My husband calls right back because I am now in shock and when the vet finally gets on with him she tells him he passed. We then wait almost an hour to see him and say our goodbyes. No word from the vet, nothing. DO NOT TAKE YOUR PET HERE!!!!!!!!!

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